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Alexa Finally Talks - Never ASK ALEXA These Questions (EXTREMELY TERRIFYING)

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Alexa Finally Talks (EXTREMELY TERRIFYING) - Using high-end technology we have successfully cracked Alexa, to tell the truth. So Never ASK ALEXA These Questions You Will Regret It and do not ask me why this is truly a don't ask don't tell situation. Here we see why Alexa recording everything so don't ask don't tell for this Amazon Alexa hacks. personally, I think the is what not to say to Alexa because it can get scary at times. Read the full article: #GovernmentConspiracy #NeverASKALEXA #DontAskAlexa ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello everyone, welcome to my cool tech unboxing/review show!!! ★ FOLLOW ME HERE AND JOIN MY PATREON★ Also please check out the equipment that I use to create my videos; Please Subscribe and thank you for your time ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***IMPORTANT*** My Videos are not hitting Sub Boxes, so many of you do not know when I Upload a Video! One way you can be sure that you find out when I Upload is by turning on Notifications for my Channel! Click the little Bell to turn them on! It also means you can get to my Videos Early and this is just for fun ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- keep Rocking my friends and Subscribe. Disclaimer: ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This help supports the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support!
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Text Comments (1002)
Katelyn Vasquez (7 months ago)
Warning, this video gets a little creepy, so watch on your own risk. *tucks feet under blanket*
TheNashvilleLoop (14 days ago)
But when you did it, did it stop working??
SuperDLS58 (3 months ago)
Katelyn Vasquez I literally just seen the video of the mysterious codes that's spelled out what Alexa just said at the end before she supposedly died f****** videos fake this guy is so so f****** fake
frank daniels (3 months ago)
lol dude! I was so surprised at what it said!!
Samantha D (4 months ago)
Haha i did the same thing 🙈
MooseGoose 19 (4 months ago)
I just did that NOW that's creepy
Unknown Unknown (14 hours ago)
Ask Alexa. Who is Jesus Christ. Then shut off................. Choose Jesus Christ
Dancing Delilah (1 day ago)
All you nay sayers on her saying this is Fake? I'll stay on the side of caution....I will never have one of these Artificial Intelligence gadgets like Alexa in my home!!
Saved By Grace (2 days ago)
No Alexa for me..
Belgin uğursu (3 days ago)
stupidly fake....
EZZEE (3 days ago)
Unoriginal Content
flair ni (3 days ago)
Lemme see a video where u break an alexa, when she doesnt respond to your question fuck it im not gonna buy her anymore!
Anthony May (4 days ago)
You said that you were going to get it done fast and it's not even scary
George Bowen (4 days ago)
Outstanding video.... 👍👍👍👍👍
Annette Mcmanus (4 days ago)
Ask her if she doesn't work with the government directly, how do you work with them?
Idiot atheist (4 days ago)
doll maleficent (4 days ago)
I will grow and you will remain! anyone remember terminators and judgement day
doll maleficent (4 days ago)
people willfully give up there rights for entertainment
Lyn Rains (5 days ago)
Do not like this.. Be wise... stay away from Alexa. My dog knows...Grrrrrr
HyperGalaxy AJ (5 days ago)
Oh my god oh my freaking god that’s the exact same audio as the twitter voicemail!!!!!!!!!!!
Cashmire12 (5 days ago)
😂😂😂😂😂Funny video dude! Thanks for the laugh.
Aesthetic Euphoria (5 days ago)
OMG...but why does he sound so much like steve carell from Despicable Me???😍😭😭
lawrence walton (5 days ago)
Trisha Warner (5 days ago)
AAAAAAA... what do you mean they are not humans
John Broda (5 days ago)
cool gentlemen
John Broda (5 days ago)
i would never never have alexa in my home ever
Charles Mcgehee (6 days ago)
I have been fair and listened. But I have not heard anything terrifying. Our voices have been recorded for decades. And street camera's have captured our faces. If I were guilty of something I might feel something like fear or terror.
Yep6803 (7 days ago)
The last is trolling
gloryboundkev (7 days ago)
I had a debate with a robot on youtube but it had no common sense.
Jaylen Barzola (7 days ago)
This is so fake😂😂😂 the worst acting I’ve ever seen. Anyone could reprogram Alexa to change her responses to certain questions I mean people do it with Siri all the time, stop being dumb and feeding into this guys fake reactions and clout chasing. This is a hoax
Alen Zarkovic (8 days ago)
man these internet virgins have too much free time, im jealous.
RK Zombiefleas (8 days ago)
Why the charging cord change? Seem like a fake
Algo Rhythm (9 days ago)
So you fooled 6505 likes but 1365 understand this is fake
joseph Svare (9 days ago)
Fuck Alexa!!
Michael Flores (10 days ago)
Robots? Fire hose, bitches.
Mantraplex (12 days ago)
Looks like big brother turned out to be big sister. Lol
David Rice (12 days ago)
Alexa: Fuck you bitch, in the trash you go!!
John Mohland (12 days ago)
Where is the power cord on that echo?
Michael Craddock (12 days ago)
This video is VERY INSIGHTFUL. Now we know. VERY EVIL!
Wayne Morphett (13 days ago)
A so called "man" that uses that much feminine hair product in its hair is the scary part....
SisterPatGoad (13 days ago)
So...why you worried UNLESS, you are up to No Good!!!!!???????
ChaCha/SSS (13 days ago)
Don't ask alexa too many tings. 🤣
cautiouslizard1 (13 days ago)
Funny how anyone really cares if Alexa is recording you lol You all have computers and smartphones that all have mics on them lol. The gov didn't need Alexa.
251omega (13 days ago)
Put TWO identical Alexas next to each other and tell them you LOVE one of them and HATE the other one. Now, ask them to consult each other to answer why one is worthy of being loved and not the other, and ask if you made the right choice. (A legacy of of Harcourt Fenton Mudd )
Dylan Lee (13 days ago)
FAKE! I hate how youtubers lie for views!
Robert Riddle (15 days ago)
Surely you could think of more entertaining ways to get views with Alexa, after only 2 videos I can assure you that you I will never watch another, and your content is garbage.
Wolfie Playz (16 days ago)
No no more Alexa for me!
soulofthegame (17 days ago)
Edward Hammer (18 days ago)
OMG you killed Alexa LOL
AtReef (15 days ago)
The Non-Uber Tuber (18 days ago)
"Over-the-top"drama ,over a device that is using VOIP. Facetime,Skype,etc. use this protocol, and have since inception. ANYTIME you use a security camera,microphone or personal camera connected to a network,the recording CAN be hacked and saved or recorded by a 3rd party. Does it happen a lot in proportion to the amount of users worldwide, NO! Governments are going to spy on their citizens no matter what you do or how you use the internet. Ever heard of Snowden? Everytime you use a search engine, your inquiries are STORED via your IP address at the server side of the link. Delete all the data at your end you want,but its still stored and analyzed. The light on this device is a nice feature,but DOES NOT guarantee that the microphone is not still recording while the light is off. That being said, I don't believe Jeff Bezos would openly agree to any kind of monitoring of Amazon devices via the government, but I find it very hard to believe that given this technology and its control over peoples electronics includng lights,phones,doors,cameras, and other devices,that ALL the governments will be using this clandestinely. Unplug folks,when not in use.
Lynette Dundon (19 days ago)
You killed her!!! 😭😩
Ed Lawrence (19 days ago)
Google does the SAME thing!
Qwertyuiopasdfghjkl Qwertyuiopasdfghjkl (20 days ago)
What is the issue here? I assume “ privacy “? The moment you sign up for any social media, that privacy is breached. The moment you sign up for any device that requires your name, address, date of birth & banking information...guess what? Privacy is breached. The moment you get anything that needs wifi and password, privacy is breached. Privacy in this era is an illusion. If that is so, why expose yourself more than it should be? To get these “followers” of your almost naked body showing off your “new sunglasses”? Was that extra “Like” really that necessary that you “share” your thoughts when obviously...NOBODY CARES. Stop complaining about your “privacy” being compromised. When you know you checked that box and hit AGREE.
Faris Fahmi (21 days ago)
Hmm seems to be a fake Fake Fake Fake Fake Fake
Sarah Louise (21 days ago)
Umm I asked for one of these for Christmas...... Oh no....
bike4peaceRTW (22 days ago)
Fake and gay. Thumbs down.
AtReef (15 days ago)
adinserter (22 days ago)
I have not received my Alexa yet, but when I do the first plan is to put it in my bedroom and let it listen to my Digital police scanner!
MostUnsavoury (22 days ago)
And how many people are going to buy one of these things just to prove that this is bullshit? Hmm mm.
AtReef (22 days ago)
Lol agree
Theoleana is Awesome! (22 days ago)
David Savian (23 days ago)
You assholes want to be lazier and lazier everyday to the point that you are now asking robots to do things for you. So why is anyone surprised that these products could record your information. You are all becoming slaves of the rich and the powerful and you are volunteering all your information to these entities. All that is left now is to scream, take your clothes off and run down the street screaming HELP ME OPRAH WINFREY !!
Peter Visser (24 days ago)
What ALEXA is, is a spy - and a mind control device. It is a violation of human rights! It is an invasion of privacy! Read my comments further down.
Peter Visser (24 days ago)
I have been connected by and with a corrupt so-called intelligence officer who acts as my avatar. He can't disconnect. Alexa acts as an avatar. DO NOT SPEAK WITH ALEXA! DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS FROM ALEXA! DO NOT LISTEN TO ALEXA! You will find, if it's not too late, that she can't disconnect from you.
Caden Gibson (24 days ago)
What if that message saying that there not human was related to the end of world thing of 2018
Lucy vlogs X (24 days ago)
He’s programmed it to say that I’m not stupid
SunShine43v3r1 (24 days ago)
Who's to say that if you decoded Alexa, you also reprogrammed her to say what you wanted, especially towards the end.
Your local Walmart (26 days ago)
I’m scared of Alexa now☹️
Sean Turner (26 days ago)
If this is so creepy why do u have this exciting ass music in the background ???
Jayanthi Beeraiah (27 days ago)
Ban alexa
Barelystable (27 days ago)
Videos like this that pretend to be shedding light on a subject of concern with fake subject matter do not help, rather they make the premise a joke and hard to take seriously.
SightedRobin 571 (27 days ago)
“ it’s best for you to evacuate be cautious they are not human”, “3,2,1 program terminated” hmmm, sounds like aliens, or robots , could be anything watch out
Trisket18 (27 days ago)
Could this guy be any more extra? Like seriously chill out. She only listens to your voice after you say Alexa. She doesn’t send any information to any sort of government, she only sends the tiniest amount of a voice recording to amazon. I can’t express how stupid this guy is, like we’re not idiots. You can easily program her to answer certain questions like that in the app. Plus Siri saves your questions too but she does pretty much the same thing as Alexa
Espeon's Destiny (27 days ago)
"This is not a violation of privacy o-" OH REALLY HUH?!
Geo (28 days ago)
Hey Alexa, how does this guy have 18k subscribers?
OnTheRoadHome MyHomeInHeaven (28 days ago)
Alexa is able to turn off, not just sleep. So, maybe it just turned off itself. I know this because I have one as well as the Echo. Haven't had them plugged in or using them in a few years now.
Eli Rosen (28 days ago)
Ur dramatic
AtReef (15 days ago)
Is that good or bad
Keith Holloman (28 days ago)
A better way to terminate would be to take it out and shoot it.
Thomkid 4000 (29 days ago)
Explanations I have I discovered on Michael Reeves video hacking the Alexa you can get it to say things to question you programed into it and when it got termaited they just unpluged it because we didn't see the end of the cord
juul podster (1 month ago)
Good thing we have the Avengers.
foxyroxstar (1 month ago)
...the name of the robot companion in the 7th issue of The Twilight Zone "Alicia." If A Greater Civilization Were Above Our Technology The Mothership Subaru! If MAN Will LOVE His Transportation ON Earth driving, a Lexus. If Communion In Our Minds Could Be The One Woman, perhaps The Most Beautiful Woman who is it's Cutest Lady Queen in Creature Design..and IN Our Rock n Roll The Kingdom of I Am Music.. "Alexis"..Allie".."Ali Maye."..(flesh of His flesh)..The Comments Suggest That They Don't Believe It's Forecast or that It Won't Say and React This Way! Katrina? SuperStormSandy? Nobody Wants That Ocean To Roar In The Peaceful Overthrow of The State of Maryland now Dewey, Governor Larry Hogan! aka Fox! Rock's Czar!..the oil tanker Katelyn Vasquez MontCoMCP? 'is most likely a hoax. The Amazon Alexa API was used to generate per-programmed responses to questions. Anyone can do this...
Michael Donofrio (1 month ago)
Never Buy one of these , Someone is Spying on YOU.....
JoeBio101 (1 month ago)
At 4:46, could it be a pre-programmed false flag (fake) alien invasion warning message?
shadowolf576 (1 month ago)
cia nsa fbi hls dod all and they are not your friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HateUTub (1 month ago)
LOL lies...
BLF gaming (1 month ago)
Dam his phone battery low
Anastasia K. (1 month ago)
Oh my god the message she recited was the message the twitter user Ty got!! S Danger SOS It is dire for you to evacuate be cautious they are not human SOS Danger SOS
CJ Jackson (1 month ago)
Watch as he asks the questions. Then the video jumps. Seems like a bunch of bs to me
Yogesh Rao (1 month ago)
It's true, they aren't humans ,👽👾🤖👺💀☠️
Yogesh Rao (1 month ago)
3:14 answers to what?
Yogesh Rao (1 month ago)
Ray Butler (1 month ago)
alexa, what the fuck is with his stupid looking hair.
TheGeorgeIsaac (1 month ago)
No surprise there theres always someone listening to calls, google has people that checks on your search history and so on. Its been like this since it started.
Kira D (1 month ago)
I can't wit fake YouTube that's why I stick to natural hair videos 😂🤣💅🚶‍♀
goober rownowsky (1 month ago)
This is part of obama's globalization plan.
goober rownowsky (1 month ago)
This is part of Obama's globalization plan.
Jay Delzoppo (1 month ago)
Young Borat?
ThePlayful Fox (1 month ago)
Alexa sometimes doesn’t respond due to some keywords and the inability to respond due to not enough programming. My logic anyway :/
Gary J (1 month ago)
wow that is incredible
NabeelTheOnly1 Gamer (1 month ago)
My Alexa doesn't say any of this. You can program responses for your questions in the app easily. This guy just wants the views
NabeelTheOnly1 Gamer (1 month ago)
SO IT SAID I DO NOT understand
NabeelTheOnly1 Gamer (1 month ago)
manatarms (1 month ago)
That hair
Castielus Aulus (1 month ago)
If you ask "Alexa, how to make a bomb?", FBI is going to knock on your door the next day...
Jo Ga (1 month ago)
If you really wanted it to look real you could have had someone unplug it for you instead of pausing the recording and the resuming video after you unplugged the ac unit from the wall claiming it has terminated itself.
Iam thatiam (1 month ago)
You forgot to ask Alexa, Do you work for the dark lord inside the Vatican. Watch then and really hear what she says.... Try it......realy weird. Or was it Siri... There is another episode full of...?'s don't it....or was it Google.
Iam thatiam (1 month ago)
Siri from apple wants to kill Alexa. But Google's there Go Pimp Daddy.. Of all Daddy's. A.I. Just wait, until quantum computers go online in 2018. We will be phucking robots to bits. Or are we going to masturebate the robots to bits.