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The Untold Truth Of The Dog Whisperer

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If you're new, Subscribe! → http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-Looper The story of Cesar Millan is often seen as a typical rags to riches tale about a young man from Mexico crossing the border in pursuit of the American dream. While that's more or less how things happened, the reality of Millan's eventful life is a little more complicated. While Millan became known to millions of viewers worldwide as the Dog Whisperer, his off-camera life has been anything but quiet… He was bullied for his love of dogs | 0:25 He entered the US illegally | 1:22 He found work as a dog groomer | 2:07 His reputation grew quickly | 2:50 He has been involved in a number of lawsuits | 3:26 He has been accused of animal cruelty | 4:26 He hit hard times in 2010 | 5:13 He tried to end it all | 5:59 He used his own methods to bounce back | 6:34 Read more here → http://www.looper.com/27532/untold-truth-dog-whisperer/ Old School TV https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOzaghBOlEsfcc0R4ROHASGRt02w6QNql Where Is The Cast Of Jackass Now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XvB_nggE6mA&list=PLOzaghBOlEsfcc0R4ROHASGRt02w6QNql&index=21 5 Biggest Game Show Cheaters Ever Caught https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyGEAGAYXsI&list=PLOzaghBOlEsfcc0R4ROHASGRt02w6QNql&index=14 The Untold Truth Of Pimp My Ride https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7fGd8DFcVA&list=PLOzaghBOlEsfcc0R4ROHASGRt02w6QNql&index=2 Where Is The Cast of Married With Children Now? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVySXcKYB9g&list=PLOzaghBOlEsfcc0R4ROHASGRt02w6QNql&index=18 Why Hollywood Won't Cast Sarah Michelle Gellar Anymore https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuPyqM0z0_I&list=PLOzaghBOlEsfcc0R4ROHASGRt02w6QNql&index=6 10 Actors Whose Careers Ended After Leaving Their Hit Show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=en2W9UCVfGY&list=PLOzaghBOlEsfcc0R4ROHASGRt02w6QNql&index=22 Website → http://www.looper.com/ Like us → https://facebook.com/loopermoviestv/ Instagram → https://instagram.com/looperhq/ Looper is the go-to source for the movies, TV shows and video games we all love. We're addicted to all things superhero and Star Wars, but we're not afraid to binge watch some reality TV when the mood strikes. Whether it's revealing Easter eggs and secrets hidden in your favorite films, exposing movie mistakes, highlighting the best deleted scenes, or uncovering the truth about reality TV's strangest stars, Looper has endless entertainment for the discerning YouTube viewer.
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Text Comments (3144)
Looper (1 year ago)
What other shows should we feature next?
Tory Sama (13 days ago)
+Vincent Marduk Oh yeah? You know about that or you're just another meat eater hating vegans?
simonton piland (1 month ago)
💚💚💚 *I МАSТURВА!ТЕ Т0 VIDЕ0!S 0N !МY СHАNN!ЕL! L00K!!* 🎒🎒🎒
MissDisa (1 month ago)
My cat from hell
iris paw (3 months ago)
Looper I want you to say bad things about yourself
Kate moonstone (4 months ago)
ratpatrolcobat darkshadows paytonplaces lassie the Donna Reed show petticoat junction Green acres amous ad Andy the untouchables t
WeebDisease (1 day ago)
hes a good man
birdsoup777 (1 day ago)
what an ahole
Cosmic Faeriedust (1 day ago)
Imagine someone suing you over a nickname they gave to you that you decided to use in a professional manner
1dariansdad (2 hours ago)
Things ain't worth shit until they get on TV.
Nagy Andras (2 days ago)
actually some breeds need to be exhausted with excersize before you can make them listen a bit and learn. a threadmill is a good option, and depending on the breed even then it can take some fucking long time. american stafordshire terriers for example have endurance on out of the league level, overpowered to the maximum. i once playd "pull the rope" with one of them, with the dirty trick of having the rope on my end fixed to a steel pipe, so i had to do no work. i shit you not that dog had his eyes stuck up, could not stand, but still would not let the funken rope. i think he would rather DIE from fatigue then release on his own.
1dariansdad (2 hours ago)
Sometimes the dog can become fixated on the object or task and then you lose the option of making it a training tool.
Fudge (2 days ago)
Cesar is like the version of Ash in real life
Sandyflutespot Benjichunks (2 days ago)
Wish I had a farm like his grand-father. Pretty sure I wouldn't be climbing over fences to find the American dream if I had. Rags to rich''s Yeah right!
KayUndae (3 days ago)
While I do think his intention has always been to help dogs and owners and I can respect that, if you compare his methods to other dog trainers, an example being Victoria Stilwell who uses similar methods (not as much forcefully showing dominance), it can be done without shock or choke collars. Both trainers though agree that it is usually down to the owners treating dogs like humans rather than dogs and need to make themselves the pack leader. Even so, I respect for what he’s tried to do, even if I don’t always agree with the methods he uses, he clearly has a big heart for animals.
cocosongo1 (3 days ago)
Nobel prize for Cesar Milan
Cody c (3 days ago)
Whoever bullied him for his love for dogs sym
Cynthia Carpenter (3 days ago)
Ceazar Milan for President!!! So much love and respect for this 1 in a billion!!! 100%
T Hyslop (5 days ago)
Yeah he came here ILLEGALY, therefore not an immigrant. Deport him.
john smith (5 days ago)
I feel absolutely terrible for this wonderful human. Despite being treated horribly he always strived to better himself, and his situation. He did it by good and wholesome methods which in itself shows his quality. It would have been so much easier to join a gang and turn to crime. Greedy people came after him once he put in the long hard years of work, no surprise there America. Betrayed by partners, then his wife who had learned the greediest American lesson of all; turn a man’s kids against him and take at least half of everything he earned. Had he been poor and just a single owner of a pet grooming business, we would never have heard of these outrageous law suits.
robiahq (6 days ago)
Cesar Milan..........
Mark Grochowski (6 days ago)
If he was actually abusing the dogs he wouldn't have last on TV as long. Plus song animal rights group would have had him put in jail. It's just a bunch of snowflakes overreacting and blowing it out of proportion because he doesn't do it their way.
lydia alvarez (7 days ago)
I had no idea he tried to end his life, I'm glad he is ok! Regardless of what people think of him he is human...I personally like the guy, I was able to teach myself to control my pitbull , and from what I seen on the Dog Whisper....
Im tryna get to 10 subs can yall help i post videos of my puppy shes a very rare mix rotty x malinois
Ben Singleton (8 days ago)
Watching to Support Your Channel (9 days ago)
As a dog owner and lover, this made me understan Ceasar. HE IS STILL THE DOG WHISPER. it is not easy, even vets, tech and assistant know this.
Brendy Green (10 days ago)
Hes an amazing man . We all fight a fight he did and helped so many without a voice.through all his troubled times .. God bless him
YouaresoMilotic (12 days ago)
So all his critics are white guys
Mani Moni (13 days ago)
This is no untold truth, there are comprehensive documentaries about his life ^_^
Tory Sama (13 days ago)
Well honestly, I watched all the episodes of Dog Whisperer on TV as a kid and yes he did in fact HIT AND KICK THE DOGS he was supposed to train plus they kept showing clips of abuse on his animal shelter but quite frankly, TV IS BULLSHIT. This guy has method and passion. They always undermine the ones who who bring something new to society so I really don't care what the news says. The news is full shit too anyway. I might go see him this year, he's apparently on Tour.
Honey O (15 days ago)
big up will smith
Karen Luce (16 days ago)
I absolutely LOVE Cesar and my heart/prayers go out to him for what he has gone through. I not only love his teachings they inspire ME as a person. Cesar please dont ever believe anything less than you are loved and very much appreciated. I bought his TV series and watch it any chance I can. I practice the teachings not just with my dog but all animals I believe respond to calm, balanced spirit/energy. Thank you for allowing me to learn so much from you.
Jujaspriest (18 days ago)
I LOVE that man! Let them berate him .. psssshhht animal abuse?! I would’ve stomped that dog’s ass.. what was he supposed to do with Cujo eating his hand!!? Betas always love yapping at the heels of the Alpha don’t they??
Strawberry Kiss (18 days ago)
When The Lord is for you, no one can be against you. They tried to break him..even his own wife at the time but he is better because of all of it!
sharon grove (18 days ago)
Cesar you are the best!we love you and we miss you. There have been others that have made bad choices. There are crooks in tv land!
Justin Kline (18 days ago)
This man is a remarkable human being. But haters gonna hate . . . .
Evan Vance (19 days ago)
5 million because they mentioned dog whisperer? Mark those people they are only trouble
Michael O'Donnell (19 days ago)
I, just, watched the video of Millan getting bit that you showed. He made a judgmental mistake about the dog's behavior. He put his hand towards the dog in a gesture of friendliness after the dog had indicated that it would be submissive to him. I'm sure you've watched what I, just,saw. You've inaccurately portrayed him with this! Tell us: what would you do if your hand was being destroyed by a dog you were attempting to train???
Remy Wood (20 days ago)
Glad he got here when he did. Trump would have had I.C.E. put him in the fridge! *(Sorry unwarranted political humor!) LOL!
KeilaVilchis (20 days ago)
I have a dog and I'm one of the dog wisperers
J Font (22 days ago)
Whenever you start from the bottom and work your way to the top . Start beating someone in their so called line of work. Mannnn ! Get ready their coming at Cha .
Ralph Chunksoup (23 days ago)
yup 99
Tjocolate (24 days ago)
Cesar is a great man!
Big Travis (25 days ago)
Ceaser- Do you have application for work Business owner- yes You looking for F/T or P/T? Ceaser- Do you have job application,,,,K
Big Travis (25 days ago)
He went from eating dogs in Mexico to training dogs after illegally entering the US
Chris Grieve (26 days ago)
Hee does not abuse the animals he controls them there is a difference.
The Angry Alpaca Lord (26 days ago)
There's a difference between discipline and punishment. Only a dog who knows it's place will be a happy dog. But hey people nowadays raised their dogs like their kids. Either with human baby speak or not at all. It's so sad to see what happend to him. I know how it feels to loose a life long friend. But now I'm really interested at seeing his live gig in autumn.
Rob Connors (27 days ago)
Cruelty? Go look up the Chinese Yulin dog meat festival. . You have no idea about dog cruelty. .
Darby Dupree (27 days ago)
Cesar chokes dogs down, if you watch him closely. A method as old as time for controlling an animal. It took awhile before I caught it but he does. Others say he works an animal over before the filming begins.
eiregirl74 (27 days ago)
Caesar Milan is one of the absolute best people on the planet Earth,all the haters in this video who have sued and berated him are so obviously jealous scum.
Fedi Boi (29 days ago)
People really think dogs can be babied into being good dogs. Little annoying chihuahuas are relentless, imagine trying to tame a pit or Husky.. it’s not easy. Try using “nice” ways to fix those dogs and you’re probably the person to give up on their dog and drop em off at the pound
BLAH BLAH (29 days ago)
Who's here after watching the truth untold - BTS
Vero Lucia (29 days ago)
love Cesar
Tommy Steward (1 month ago)
I've never seen a group that attracts more know-it-all idiots than the subject of dog training...oh wait, that's true for everything nowadays. The difference here is that your so-called "expertise" probably does immeasurable damage to dogs that actually could be saved. Cesar rules...he also makes mistakes like the rest of us. Congrats to those who constantly need to point that fact out. I hope you feel better about yourselves because I honestly don't know why anyone would take such pleasure in taking him down a peg. Dogs aren't people. People are people. People make mistakes. Cesar has learned from those mistakes and is a better person/trainer because of it. This is coming from someone who has a dog that was a "lost cause". I went through hell and made many, many mistakes. But you know what? I learned so much from those mistakes and now have a dog that is so much more than a pet...he changed my life. For the better. Don't listen to people who claim to know everything...they usually know very little.
Audra Welsh (1 month ago)
Literally all they did is paraphrase his book Cesar’s Way
Paul Orlando (1 month ago)
Late to the party, I’m Mexican and I’m here to propose the idea that ‘perrero’ could be a play on the word ‘herrero’ which means blacksmith. Maybe they meant to say he is a blacksmith of dogs considering the way he can mold their behavior. That’d be surprisingly poetic. Perhaps Cesar misinterpreted it but he ought to know best what it was that he experienced.
Jean Francois (1 month ago)
Haters will bring you down
Eliza Almaguer (1 month ago)
Anyone thinking he abuses or not dogs: please list the freedoms and how he fulfills them or violates them. If you do not know the freedoms you do not know the basic for assessing animal wellfare, your opinion on the matter is valid as only that, an opinion.
Cris Brackett (1 month ago)
This made me cry hearing he took what works on dogs for his own recovery. How simple yet amazingly powerful.
Ty Kline (1 month ago)
Peter Caine dog training. Said he was illegal haha I thought he was just being a dick haha
BlockMint (1 month ago)
5:59 he's wearing an Austrian football jersey
DeuceN Moos (1 month ago)
Cesar is the ONLY reason why today I can call myself a proud pack leader of my beautiful pack 🙏🏽
dennis aguilar (1 month ago)
All the people saying he’s a dog abuser clearly never got whooped as a kid.
Ruby the blob (1 month ago)
I still like ceasar only because his show helped me defend myself from a dog trying to bite me
Ōkamitama (1 month ago)
A lot of respect for Caesar Milan. His methods work. Every dog is different which means different methods of training is required!
FettuccineNoodles :-? (1 month ago)
7:04 why did that lady just attack her Rottweiler?
Vi Le (1 month ago)
Those mofo just jealous of his success and almost because of how he got here. I swear.
Richard Neer (1 month ago)
He's full of crap and he doesn't even deal with untrained dogs the dogs he deals with are already trained and behave well he's a fake
miguel a (1 month ago)
This guy came into my store and I greeted him as I would any other customer but he was rude and full of himself. Not a very nice guy just my opinion.
Tempesta Solarum (1 month ago)
Little to no knowledge of the English language, or the psychology of dogs. He is a hoax. He is a complete joke to anyone who is educated on the subject. Just a tv made personality with little to know knowledge of dogs psychology.
pmarie2003 (1 month ago)
Inhumane??? Example: I got a dog from a shelter, 85 pounds. I weigh 110 pounds. Seconds after I got him out of my truck, and on my driveway, he slammed into the end of the leash, lunging, growling, and tried to KILL a cat. Any small animal set him off. What do the Pure Positive, never say no, trainers think I should have done? Do you think I told him it was alright, and gave him some cookies? Nope. He got boot camp. Now he ignores small animals, and we can walk in the park without my shoulder being dislocated.
The F (1 month ago)
Sad story for him. I hope he’s has the right people as well as dogs for support.
Tom Homan (1 month ago)
sounds to me like LIBERAL SISSYS Just being sissys
Peace but No love (1 month ago)
Cesar Millan is the crocodile hunter Steve Irwin of dogs both respectable legends of their craft their ability to work with animals and the people that criticize them are all just haters
Moi (1 month ago)
So you call someone who uses elctric shocks and choke chains a dog treiner rathar than animal abjuser?
Nana Mussikouri (1 month ago)
He is a prick. End of the Story. Next time He wants to take his shitty life, good riddance.
Jeffrey Osborn (1 month ago)
I don't care who thinks what, I like him. At least when he crossed the border he didn't just work some min wage job he became an asset to this country. Good for you Cesar.
JS Warpaint (1 month ago)
He experienced the American Dream - which is that after you become famous and can make money people then sue you in order to get your money and are able to do so even though the suit is ridiculous in cost and has a senseless basis then when he went through a divorce and found out he was penniless he realized the other thing that happens to many in America once a person can make money the promoters of this person and others make sure they get money from this person and cheat them out of money they should get. Unfortunately he never realized or was never taught or he never verified - perhaps he trusted people to much anyway he was taken advantage of financially by others. Welcome to America. His methods work with dogs and saves many dogs lives. Some humans do not agree with his methods because they are the type of humans that only focus on the uneasiness of a situation and are never able to figure out a solution to a problem and because they cannot handle the uneasiness of situation they disagree with it but again they never ever have an answer to the problem they simply complain what someone else is doing not acknowledging any areas where the person has made improvement in the situation. my neighbor has a dog one day the dog got excited pulled her hard while on leash she fell smashed her face went to hospital so using Ceasars methods I taught her how to walk the dog in such a way that the dog does not get uncontrollable in order to do this she had to disagree with the dogs behavior some would not agree with disagreeing with the dogs behavior and correcting the dog yet they have no other solution and think it is perfectly fine for a dog to freak out and pull down their owner to the ground bouncing the side of their face off of the pavement.
Laura Castro (1 month ago)
Bull shit they just want to punish him just because he came illegally. Bottom point.
syby1112 (1 month ago)
Powerful. Got a friend that came over by himself at 10 years old in the 1970's . He' an exception not the rule..... build the wall , MAGA
Philippe Mercier-Fortin (1 month ago)
ipsurvivor (1 month ago)
The Dog Kicker
Fortyyew (1 month ago)
Notice all the ones who call his tactics inhumane are white and they don’t these are Hispanic tactics that worked and how would they khow there bad they can’t even control there Own pet
Mariya K (1 month ago)
“quicky [became] known as.. the mexican guy who could walk a pack of dogs—“ .. loll
Paul Jabagat (1 month ago)
*many hotdogs later
Andreia Nascimento (1 month ago)
Cesar Milan is amazing! Proud of our Latino!
PantsStatusZero (1 month ago)
Homeless on the street he survived off of 2 hot dogs a day...but things weren't all sunshine and rainbows for Cesar Millan.
D. F Johnson (1 month ago)
I think the so-called animal experts who are accusing Caesar of animal cruelty are in actuality just jealous of his success and fame
Debra Chittwood (1 month ago)
If my dog bit me, I'd bust his a**...a human being with ANY SENSE can't let a dig maul them up. Go Ceasar. You the Man.
Dixie Lough (1 month ago)
He is not unlike so many of us, I do not believe he could ever hurt a dog deliberately. and everything we have learned from him is useful.
Markus Patients (1 month ago)
I told my brother that the only business I'd like to run is a T-Shirt factory. Because it the only venture that carries no liability threats. 🤞
Rufus Barnabus (1 month ago)
But did he ever become a legal citizen??
Markus Patients (1 month ago)
Any other man Black or White faced with his homeless and penniless situation would have become "The Stickup Whisperer". Mexicans can do anything. That's why the border should be an open border to them. I need some things done around the house...
Mayra Saucedo (1 month ago)
7:09 when your know they take all the pizza
MLG_ freddy_56 (1 month ago)
No he's just a furry
Rossana Motta (1 month ago)
What an incredible and amazing man he is. I have so much respect for him!
pjf (1 month ago)
Where is the video of this illegal alien being arrested and sent back to his country..???
Fernando Vazquez W. (1 month ago)
“Roughly translates to” lol not even close. “Perrero” just means dog keeper. No idea where you got dirty from... 🤔
Gatcha Girl (1 month ago)
I think he is just hard on them so they learn. He is foreign originally , so maybe that’s just his way.
TheDinoNugget (1 month ago)
He’s a good human who allows dogs to have another chance rather then refusing to help the dog to become less aggressive and ending with a dog in a kill shelter. He uses choke chains? Who tf cares they wouldn’t sell choke chains if they were abusive it’s not like those collars inclose the dogs airway it’s just a quick pinch that tells the dog to stop. His methods are not cruel if you wanna hate go attack people who eat innocent dogs. Also people who sew Cesar probably just wanted an excuse to get money cause their broke asses can’t do shit.
ѕnαkєвhαвíє вєαutífulgírl (1 month ago)
He still got my boy jr
M (1 month ago)
and he is an illegal
Aurora Rospez (1 month ago)
who's the person next to Cesar 1:41?
VGLghost 42 (1 month ago)
I only know this guy because of that one episode from South Park
josejoao7 (1 month ago)
I support Cesar Millan....
Raeez Pyne (1 month ago)
So if the dog bites me I don't do anything to stop him from biting me OK cool noted!
Nickii Silvers (1 month ago)
The accusation that he subjected dogs to inhumane treatment, that's pretty hard to believe. He loves dogs so why would he be mean to them?!