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Carters Steam Fair At Chalkwell Park, Southend On Sea, Part 1, Thursday April 2nd 2015

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Here is the first of a couple of videos ,showing Carters Steam Fair, when it came to Southend On Sea, for Easter 2015. In this first film, we have a look at the fairground after it has arrived, and the setting up is nearly complete. We see the various classic vehicles, trailers, and rides that go to making up this unique fairground. A reminder of an age long gone, with attractions dating from the 1930s. Hope you enjoy. And look out for part 2, which will show the fair in action, both in the day and at night.
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Text Comments (15)
Katy Trueman (1 year ago)
St Giles fair in 1950 1960 rides and stalls search
MarcusTDM (4 years ago)
Nice Video. The fairground is very well presented. Everything is in pristine condition.
littlehenham (4 years ago)
Hi, thanx for watching my video. Yes, Carters is great. A unique step back in time. You may enjoy my OTHER videos too ! cheers. Richard
Johnny Dodger (4 years ago)
They normally have dodgems with all the Rock and roller stars like fats domino cliff Richard elvis Presley i think the original are being restored like the organ on the steam yachts
littlehenham (4 years ago)
OK, thanx for info. Thanx for watching my videos.
Johnny Dodger (4 years ago)
They ain't he original dodgems
littlehenham (4 years ago)
Hi, OK, did not know that. When do these date from ?
Graham Carter (4 years ago)
Nice filming, a step back in time. I must point out no relation to me, so sadly no free rides haha. Looking forward to Part 2. Thanks for sharing.
littlehenham (4 years ago)
Thanks Graham. Oh, i ll have to pay for my own rides then !!!! Ha ha. Im uploading Part 2 as i type this. Hope you enjoy. Its 20 mins of scenes that take us from day into night, giving some of the atmosphere that only the fair at night can bring. Thanx Richard.
666jockie (4 years ago)
Guess what, it's raining up here in Scotland as well. Nice footage, looking forward to seeing part 2.
littlehenham (4 years ago)
Hi, Thanks for comment. Im filming part 2 today. The weather has broken, and it is sunny today ! So hope to get some nice shots including at night, when all lit up. Cheers, Richard.
Alan Plumb (4 years ago)
Very interesting footage ,,,, the trucks and Scamells look in beautiful condition ,,,, and some interior shots amazing workmanship ,,,,,  nice watch ,,,, many thanks
littlehenham (4 years ago)
@Alan Plumb Hi Alan. Shame the weather is bad. Love Nene Valley Rly. Got a very nice Class 40 there. Cheers. Richard.
Alan Plumb (4 years ago)
@littlehenham Hi Richard ,,,, its the same up in Peterborough,,, I have been down to the Nene Valley railway only a little 0-6-0 saddle tank running ,,, drizzling on and off all day,,,, Typical Easter
littlehenham (4 years ago)
Thankyou Alan for watching. Im hoping to go back Saturday, and film the fair at night with the rides in action, and all lit up, so look out for that. At moment, it has not stopped raining really in Southend, so lets hope it stops for a while. Cheers, Richard.