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How To Protect Your Kicks from Water & Stains!

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This is a Jason Markk "Repel" product review. Follow me on Snapchat for behind the scenes footage - itsfoamie http://www.mrfoamersimpson.com/ Hey what's up everybody? Foamie here, back with another video. A ton of people have asked me how I keep my shoes clean/maintain my kicks so I figured I show a new product I just got from my favorite shoe cleaning company - Jason Markk. Thanks for watching! Rate, Comment, Subscribe & Share! Find Foamie on Social Media: IG - http://full.sc/1b2RF27 Twitter - http://full.sc/H8tB5t Facebook - http://full.sc/H8txms Banana Stew Productions - http://full.sc/1m4qVIX Music: Jazz Cardin - Lit (Instrumental) Soundcloud - http://full.sc/1s2blQZ YT - http://full.sc/1gnDDcj IG - http://full.sc/Pgz9ik
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Text Comments (184)
Fernsehnostalgie (1 year ago)
I have a problem with Repel. As great as it protects, it leaves stains on smooth surfaces / non upper material which cannot be cleaned, for example the back of my NMDs or the stripes on the sides. Also other shoes with smooth leather upper have the stains which look like water stains. It cannot be removed by water and also not by Jason Markk Cleaner. Is there anyone who has a solution here? I noticed that last summer but i always thought that this waterbased spray is easy to handle. These stains are very ugly. Thanks in advance.
wolf reaper (2 years ago)
Could I use this on Adidas nmd pk ?
sean freak (2 years ago)
wolf reaper I use crepprotect on mine biege pk NMD and reflective ultra boost it doesn't damage and work perfectly
J. A. Jones (2 years ago)
Thanks for the video 😃
Chris L. (2 years ago)
I'm curious if the Jason Markk Repel is the same product as the Angelus Waterproofer/Stain Repellent. I use the Angelus stuff, and it works perfectly. A bonus is that it's cheaper than Repel (about $5 a bottle, before shipping), although the Jason Markk product comes with 2.5 oz more product. That said, if the Repel is better than the Angelus product, I'd rather pay the extra money to have a better product. If anyone has experience with both and knows if they're the same, please let me know.
Etc Hosts (2 years ago)
Ok, jason mark is a better cleaner, Crep has the better waterproofer nuff said get the best of both worlds.
Alexander (2 years ago)
Would this work on all whites shoes like roshes or white vans?
Talal isaboss (2 years ago)
Dont buy it. I got it and put 2 coats and waited 48 hours. Then i put coffe and it got through the leather on my french blue 7s. I put soap and it didnt come(i had to wash it then dry it just as if i didnt use it) overall its a waste of money and time.
nai.ergela23 (2 years ago)
Thats why Crep is the way to go
Flyguyelton (2 years ago)
how do u get the water stains off If u have them
Mrmayed987 (2 years ago)
hey gays which is the  best shoe protector on market ? is it Jason Markk Repel ?
nai.ergela23 (2 years ago)
Yeah cant go wrong with crep.
kleberohnedeckel (2 years ago)
I got Crep protect and it's pretty good
Hypebeast (2 years ago)
important questions guys. CREP PROTECT OR JASON MARKK REPEL? Can't decide which is better! opinions?
XYZruler (2 years ago)
Crep protect
Xabier Sánchez (2 years ago)
+Miss Euphorous Same here
Blake Adamos (2 years ago)
Scoops videos suck
leonidas gr (2 years ago)
does this product protect against stains that are caused if someone step onto my shoes in a bus or club ? i have timberland shoes
peter reid (2 years ago)
+leonidas gr yes for the club but not on a bus unfortunately
Kev Bac (2 years ago)
Hey I'm new to your channel and this video earned my sub man, thanks for keepin it real.
katanajames (2 years ago)
Does this work on ultra boost?TIA
Anthony Xie (2 years ago)
Will it work on ultra boost as well?
Huy Ly (3 years ago)
Does it stay there forever ?
Ricardo Lopez (3 years ago)
So here's a question. Which is better Crep Protect or the Jason Markk Repel? I have both but haven't used them yet just wondering which really to use. I have a lot Asics that need some protecting.
Shane Huang (3 years ago)
+Ricardo Lopez yo just use both lol
Jay Aleta (3 years ago)
Does jason mark's cleaner work on xx9?
Jay Swoosh (3 years ago)
Yes i used it yesterday on my pair. But use the brush that is like for suede don't use the regular one that comes with it, you'll run the risk of messing them up
David Flores (3 years ago)
At the chemical place I work we fabricate this shit and I stand by it this stuff really does the job high quality ish
rhiley36 (3 years ago)
You think This product gonna be fine on nice nubuck like wades red lavas
noahanddiinnoo _ (3 years ago)
Lol I cringed when you did the torture test thing
DJ Davis (3 years ago)
Should i use the repel on my bordeaux 7s or will quality mess up of suede?
DJ Davis (3 years ago)
Money Green (3 years ago)
Better option is to stop being a hypebeast and sell ur Assdeauxs
Joe Aguilar (3 years ago)
Crep Protect review please!
Ruben Lopez (3 years ago)
hey MR FOAMER SIMPSON have you tried crep protect?? I just bought it yesterday wanted to see a well known youtuber test it
Addam Quadri (3 years ago)
will this work for jordan futures?
Shqiptar Tyson (3 years ago)
You gotta let it cure 24 h between each coat
Emanuel morales (3 years ago)
It's just spray on wax. Just rub a candle on your shoe
Maxy B (2 years ago)
It's actually a hydrophobic solution, wax would just fuck your shoe up
Αντωνης Αποστολοπουλος (3 years ago)
Thanks for being honest man, keep up the good work!
Alex (3 years ago)
How do you protect them from skanks?
Cola Sm (3 years ago)
I want to know if they stain on all white shoes either canvas/mesh/leather/suede? Thank you for the reply!
MrReMiXKiNG1 (3 years ago)
+MR FOAMER SIMPSON hey try RustOLio I think that's the right spelling but yeh I saw this on someone's YouTube channel it's amazing bro check it out
Tal. S Pivots (3 years ago)
Should I use it on the jordan melo m11
Mark C (3 years ago)
tried this last night on my ecp's and at it did change the texture on the suede but after brushing lightly w a jason mark brush the plushness came back.
Julian Klisivitch (3 years ago)
what kind of asics are those?
123beserk (3 years ago)
So i got some shiny scuffs on my black infrared 6s how do i get rid of them o.o
Dylan Dario (3 years ago)
How long does the coat last before you have to spray your shoe again?
The Crane Apparel (3 years ago)
How long does it last?
welly wellous prasetya (3 years ago)
Jessica Makita (3 years ago)
Appreciate the review man. I just want to  know if you have also tested never wet & which one you'd recommend generally but also for the legend blues?
musicme2nite (3 years ago)
Good review but who would pour or drop oil on ur shoes. As long as it protect it from rain and etc you should be good.
Aleanor Hernandez (3 years ago)
For how long does the effect lasts? :)
Conrad Cabornay (3 years ago)
Good Job Men Thanks for doing it
Eric Lee (3 years ago)
I got some legend blues will this stuff change the color at all
Jessica Makita (3 years ago)
Yeah thats exactly my question.
Alex Hernandez (3 years ago)
Alex Hernandez (3 years ago)
Could you use this product on the Kobe 9's?
Joe Rivera (3 years ago)
Was happy when I searched for a Jason Markk Repel review and found Foamy had it on lock! As always keeping it 100.
HeyIt'sFrisky (3 years ago)
Hey Foamer, I just bought XX9s and I don't get expensive shoes a lot so I want to make them last. What do you recommend I do to keep them clean and from any tears or rips. I play in a league and do you think I should wear them for practice and games or just games? I have a pair of cheap shoes that I can wear for practice but that might be a waste in buying xx9s? Opinions?
blackhawkswin2010 (3 years ago)
Probably in both practice and games. Gotta get used to em.
r3strict3d_ (3 years ago)
how do you think this would work on some timbs. 
Rusty Boss (3 years ago)
fuck that i DO-NOT put any color cleaning shoe product on my sneaks it messes the shoe up
Alain Caron (3 years ago)
Just a thought. I was reading the product description on jason markk website. It's a water based repellant. So oil based products will always penetrate a little.
Michael Brown (3 years ago)
oil is naturally hydrophobic (so its not able to mix with water) so if the repellent is water based this should work in its favour :)
flavors beats (3 years ago)
I want to spray this on some dunks that have super soft suede, but its probably going to ruin it. Any suggestions to protect my suede without using this?
theandroids (3 years ago)
This stuff is messy.
justin brown (3 years ago)
Took a HUGE risk with them Christmas Brons, great vid tho keep it up
Norris Singletary (3 years ago)
Never-Wet is by far the best product, even minimize dust buld up on shoes, hats, etc.
Davis Winchester (3 years ago)
Hey did you get all of these kicks with one bottle? I just did one pair and I feel like my bottle is about a third empty.
rhcpkzi (3 years ago)
Did it go inside the perforated holes? 
Rahul Batra (3 years ago)
i have rose gold's after seeing how it changed the texture im not sure if whether to buy any protectors
Isaas Lozada (3 years ago)
Dang, Thanks for this vid foamie Really helped out.
Ryan Everest (3 years ago)
I don't buy any of this stuff. I'm not opposed to it and I have no issue with other people protecting their sneakers like this but I just leave them as they are. Recently I was wearing my infrared 3's and after I took them off I found some blue stains on the heel. I don't know if the spray would have protected them or not but all I did was mix some water and bleach, then dip a tooth brush in the solution and scrub the stains off. Honestly I don't think all this spray stuff is worth the money when you can just clean these things off with household items. IG:@ryaneverest53
Zayne V (3 years ago)
Bleach and water can't take off water stains or protect them.
Reece Medlock (3 years ago)
Hey man can you try out Never Wet by Rust-Oleum? I have been wanting to try it out on my Nike Mogan 2's but too scared.
Jose Figueroa (3 years ago)
Dope video and finally found someone who doesn't straight up lie for Jason Markk! If you want the real deal, oil repellent and all, check us out. Ours even last forever with one full application!
sneaker savage (4 years ago)
thanks for risking your sneakers for us lol
KingWayne34 (4 years ago)
What's up Foamer, Did you clean the shoes first? Normally even when I get new shoes, I clean them with Jason Markk, let them dry, then hit them up with some type of repellent and let that dry. In my experience it has worked better that way.
wmr845 (4 years ago)
Great review but then again when are you really gonna spill some olive oil on your shoes
dean sommers (4 years ago)
how long does the repellent last
Rolando Gomez (4 years ago)
Asics plz? Rose gold asics right?
Jonathan Lucio (4 years ago)
Have you tried Never Wet? I've been thinking about buying it.
Andrew Cometa (4 years ago)
I need to pick this shit up od 
BaseBallBoy35 (4 years ago)
Would u think this would work on white baseball cleats
SoleNSons (4 years ago)
You went for it Foamie... brave soul.  Great vid!
LawdJamesJr (4 years ago)
NOOOOOO!!!  What was going through my head, especially w/ the olive oil man.  Really took one for the team on this one, thanks.  Extremely informative vid, completely objective, respect that. - SALUTE
Eclezo (4 years ago)
personally, I use reshoeven8r for all of my sneaker needs
Patrick San Jose (4 years ago)
Sup foamer, so you used a 200 ml and it lasted 4 shoes . How many pairs of shoes do you think this repel bottle can cover until it gets empty
Norris Smith II (4 years ago)
That really helped. Good lookin out on the vid
Joe Garner (4 years ago)
That crep stuff looks like the real deal
zangetsu0809 (4 years ago)
you got balls of steel! lol
Cole Bruce (4 years ago)
Compare it with crep protect
max smith (4 years ago)
THANK YOU for not just using crap shoes unlike crep repellent did with their demo. Samurai bow!
Blair Guinn (4 years ago)
appreciate the test man
bclark1624 (4 years ago)
Glad you mentioned the negatives
hovibaby (4 years ago)
Thank you Foams!
BigE Hauben (4 years ago)
The only thing I'm sceptical about with repel stuff is if it inhibits the breathability of a shoe
kungpaogao (4 years ago)
There are some alternatives... You can also make a hydrophobic coating solution yourself (check YouTube)
KingWayne34 (4 years ago)
The hydrophobic options change the texture too. But most of them will work well if you clean them then apply the repellent.
Mathias (4 years ago)
Yo Foamie! You gotta test the Crep protect stuff! It's supposedly even better than this!
Ram Ng (4 years ago)
I could barely watch this, my heart sank when you poured water on the rose golds. Damn you brave, son
PRETTIBOI CHRIS (4 years ago)
Its good enough
HEAT Ledger (4 years ago)
My God Foamer! Looks decent. I will have to explore all of my options though. Thumbs up
Rodie Growz (4 years ago)
That Honey test tho!!! Now you know for sure that stuff repels..that would fuck up my life..how would you even get that off your shoes..dry cleaners lbvs
emmanuelabor (4 years ago)
If you get caught in an unfortunate olive oil storm, you're assed out
thatgirlwiththekicks (4 years ago)
i couldn't watch when you pulled that olive oil out.. olive oil has wrecked many pairs of trousers on me :P did you try a little dish soap on the lebrons afterwards to try and pull some of the oil out?
Billy Pardo (4 years ago)
damn the lebrons, man... fck!!
Ms Jenkins (4 years ago)
Thumbs up for doing this video. I cringed with the honey and the olive oil though straight up. Thanks for showing us! Great video as always.
Dereq John (4 years ago)
Is there anything you guys know of that does the waterproofing thing while keeping the original texture?
Calisole (4 years ago)
crep protect is better
Ediz Salih (4 years ago)
So useful! Been waiting for someone to review this. Thanks brother.
Joseph Beebe (4 years ago)
I use SHOE MGK it doesn't help against water and wit not but it works pretty good for the cleaning process
George Swervin (4 years ago)
Go to footlocker nd get theirs works really good nd its only 6.99
KeepItJedi (4 years ago)
Man what a coincidence I been looking into buying jason Markk stuff.
Aquilas Adams (4 years ago)
Why are mad youtubers doing this?
Nigel Uno (4 years ago)
whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy why would you not just try this shit on some trash pairs first.....
CampSwish (3 years ago)
The 29 were given to him for FREE ;)
flame1113 (4 years ago)
he used the jordan 29, what are you talking about?
TheFunkytownGotcha (4 years ago)
his collection... these probably are the "trash"pairs. haha.