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CBS Dale Earnhardt Interview

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During the pre-race for the 1997 Diehard 500 at Talladega, Ned Jarrett interviews Dale Earnhardt while Dick Bergren introduces his crew
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The Egg (2 days ago)
0:22 That wasn't the worst moment of his career, lol.
Mike Church (2 days ago)
This was his warning but how was he to know
LoganX38 (6 days ago)
Great interview
Jeff Goins (11 days ago)
Man I miss him
Unowatitdo (16 days ago)
2:22 omg an alien
Mr Horsepower (21 days ago)
Dale died doing what he loved to do...only a lucky few get to go doing what they love. Dale and the # 3 will be remembered forever.
Carol Long (27 days ago)
Your the best dale
Gerard Guitarist (28 days ago)
Sr.'s pit crew was as bad ass as he ever was... well maybe not... but damn close...
Smiling Bob (1 month ago)
A quiet man who did so much for so many others.
tAmEz ZoDiAc (1 month ago)
Anyone know the song that is played win it’s showing him winning. 3:37
Ron Allen (1 month ago)
Survives Talladega but could not survive a bumper getting messed up. He still alive. I seen him in Walmart in hickory nc. Wow what people will believe.
Gary Jarvis (1 month ago)
He may have been the intimidator on the track but he was the most gracious and generous person off the track that you’d ever meet. Not many know of all the good he did for others. He had a heart of gold and drove the car of black. NASCAR has never been the same since February 2001.
CRAZY KELLY WFO (1 month ago)
For those wondering why Dale blacked out at Darlington. Dale had a heart condition, which led to him blacking out.
Jake Hodges (1 month ago)
If you can’t beat em, wreck em.
Josh G (2 months ago)
Pearson Petty Earnhardt. The three greatest of all time.
Jeremy Strickland (2 months ago)
i was at dega to see the man come thru the middle with kenny wallace and win it i will forever be a fan of the man
David Presley (2 months ago)
I Miss You Earnhardt.
douglas69ification (3 months ago)
"Sure, to win. Cool AF
Oak Lumberjack (3 months ago)
Nascar has never been the same
Aric Snyder (3 months ago)
Ken Squire's voice puts my hair in the air
Sergio (3 months ago)
B Mann (3 months ago)
So cool. Saying he’s not the best. No ego. Just loved racing. There will never be another like him
Nicky D (3 months ago)
so overrated a blackout now a days he wouldnt be racing for weeks the shit he got away with back then now a days he wouldnt get away with it kyle busch and johnson are both better
daryl D (2 months ago)
Lol you're hilarious. Those two aren't anywhere near what Dale or Gordon were. Earnhardt raced against everyone from petty to Gordon. He raced when Nascar was racing not the parade of cars it is now.
billy (3 months ago)
How the hell would you know? Go back to playing with your trains, little boy!
Mr. B (3 months ago)
I was in Daytona for the race a few days ago (July) of the over 150k people there in attendance, I only saw 3 people wearing any clothing, hats or shirts with the #3. I was shocked and then realized that its already been 18 years since he was killed. Thinking to myself that wow,,,, people have just moved on. Then I had another thought,,,,, it's not that they've moved on from #3, these are the people that have moved on from NASCAR, because the sport has been ruined by NASCAR.
Gary L (2 months ago)
100% correct
billy (3 months ago)
Exactly! if someone had told 20 years ago that I'd quit watching NASCAR in disgust, I would have told them they were a GD lier! I haven't seen a race in over a year, mostly due to what that drunken SOB Brain France did to the sport.. but I see his replacement is going to as good as Brian was.. Doing away with the daytona 400 WTF?
Steve B (3 months ago)
“His goal...get his nozzle right in the gas tank.” 5:13
LUCKYDUCKY 62 (2 days ago)
He's the coolest crew member of any team ever. And really hot to.
N1GHTW0LF GB (3 months ago)
I don't understand how that first crash gave him a broken shoulder but the Daytona crash killed him. It's so sad. Just a real accident. R.I.P
briagadaress (3 months ago)
Sam S. (4 months ago)
Sure too win.
Hidden Secrets (4 months ago)
i bet it killed bodine to say the bad to the bone line about earnhardt. they did not like each other
billy (3 months ago)
lol, I bet he was thinking.. 'I'm going to say "Fk that motherker!" I hate all 3 of those worthless POS, with Geoff err I mean 'Geoffrey' leading the way!
R T (4 months ago)
2:13 one of the reasons why he’s the best
Eddie Dawkins (5 months ago)
Sure do miss that ole boy...#3
dks13827 (6 months ago)
Why did they replace the great announcers back in the day with dumb, stupid girls ?
ou ti (6 months ago)
Love when he says I don’t do it for the money true legend no other driver can compare to him
Ze Bunker (4 months ago)
Hahahah most drivers wrecked of all time.
Be Kind (6 months ago)
I used to say he wasn't the best. I used to say Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson were better. My mind has been kind of changing lately. He was consistently good. Facts are facts: his average finish is better than Jeff or Jimmie. Jeff and Jimmie still have more wins, but I have to give credit to Dale for always being in contention even on the day he died. The man was still going strong at almost 50 years old.
Chad Fuller (6 months ago)
The reason the 96 crash looks worse, but just broke his shoulder is because he wasn't wearing his seat belt when he died. He had loosened it. Steering column killed him.
billy (3 months ago)
@Jarrod Romanowski His belt tore in half, which in turn let his face hit the wheel. And yes, the hans device was mandated just after he died.
Jarrod Romanowski (5 months ago)
I thought he was wearing his seatbelt but just wasn't using the Hans device that drivers just recently started doing at that time?
sans (6 months ago)
"Is it worth the risk to keep on going?" "Sure, to win." - Dale Earnhardt
douglas69ification (3 months ago)
Hookshot YT (6 months ago)
emplemon brought me here
Oscar jimenez (7 months ago)
4 Months Later Dale wins the 500 in his 20th Try
Womb Raider (7 months ago)
Dale Earnhardt was indeed the best ever. And Ned Jarrett is also a great man and true gentleman.
KK85 (7 months ago)
The man was fearless, damn I miss Dale!
Brian Henkel (7 months ago)
What an amazing dude. You didn’t have to say your the best because everyone else will do it for you champ. R.I.P. Dale you were the best driver ever and even a better man. Thanks for everything Dale.
Scott Sweeney (7 months ago)
I love Dale Earnhardt
Ron Schmidt (7 months ago)
Racing has / will never be the same. No intimidator. R I p. #3
Jorge Loya (7 months ago)
More of attitude than a great driver, my favorite though. Great pit crew that's what made the difference.
30 And Hating It (3 months ago)
The pit crew won 7 championships? Please...
Alfred C (7 months ago)
Jeez that first crash they showed is legit 1,000 times worse than the one he died in
LUCKYDUCKY 62 (2 days ago)
Again, clearly not
B Mann (3 months ago)
Alfred C i guess not If he survived that one
tAmEz ZoDiAc (8 months ago)
He was going to race till his death even if he didn’t die he could never quit.
Mike Walker (8 months ago)
fucking sterling marlin caused this one just like the one that killed dale. he is a true idiot
Michael Sizemore (9 months ago)
Some folks are neck deep in student loans and will never be as successful as Dale was.
MrPorsche91730 (8 months ago)
2:23 that's a god damn alien
MrPorsche91730 (9 months ago)
@Michael Sizemore only on his face
Michael Sizemore (9 months ago)
No lip Jeff
Special Operator (10 months ago)
Hindsight is of course 20/20, but I wonder if this accident didn’t open Dales eyes at all to the fact that his adjustments to the safety gear wasn’t gonna catch up to him sooner or later??? Obviously not.
Joseph Romano (10 months ago)
Dale was the greatest nascar driver ever! His #3 was the coolest stock car! Forever the man in black!
The Puppet Of Everything (11 months ago)
The Puppet Of Everything (11 months ago)
@nathan greer He tried using reverse psychology and it didn't work. He was raised with discouraging parents and wanted his son to be just like him.
nathan greer (11 months ago)
Worst dad ever
Dive Dodge (11 months ago)
Earnhardt was a monarch athlete.
nathan greer (11 months ago)
Hmmm good at beating his first wife?!!
Regina Stewart (1 year ago)
he is missed very very much so
Regina Stewart (1 year ago)
Dale Earnhardt senior was the best race car driver that ever were
Ze Bunker (4 months ago)
Hahahhahhaa thanks for the laugh. Maybe best at wrecking other drivers.
Rick Kelley (1 year ago)
There used to be real men in NASCAR, till Tony and Jr retired. Now, its just a bunch of well-groomed, silver-spoon boys. 👎🏼
Matt Tyler (1 year ago)
Dale was a great race car driver but I love Dale for who he was out of the car things people didn't know back then about him like when he let DW Drive the number one car rice and will never be as good as when he was in the ricin so I've kind of come to terms with that it took me a long time
nathan greer (11 months ago)
Worst dad ever 🖕🏻🖕🏻
Laura Stuhler (11 months ago)
If Dale liked you, he would do anything for you. How about his best friend Michael Waltrip. You think Michael ever wins a points race without being Dale's friend and getting the NAPA deal, who lets face it was Dale Sr.'s company sponsor. Dale said jump and they said, how high. Just like with AC Delco, Bud, and Penzoil. The man in black was NASCAR and corporations knew it.
iztheillest (1 year ago)
There’s an interesting thread on Reddit saying that Dale could’ve had another blackout episode that might caused the crash that killed him
chloenkitty (1 year ago)
Damn I have tears in my eyes watching this. Those were the days. I watched a little bit after Dale died and route it for his son but NASCAR is just not the same. The 80s and 90s were some damn great racing years. I loved seeing Dale‘s pit crew team there at the end and I loved nerds interview with Dale. Dale was such a handsome man as well. Sport just isn’t as fun. It’s so corporate now and all about money. I miss these guys like Dale Earnhardt, Davey Allison, Richard Patty, who’s daddy‘s or drove and everybody learned on dirt tracks and worked on their own cars etc. The golden days of NASCAR are sadly gone.
Rocket Man (1 year ago)
Fact is he was a self serving POS and a deadbeat father.
Neal Baby (1 year ago)
Self serving professional athlete, that's a first !!!
Robert Netherton (1 year ago)
Choc is a personal friend of mine and one bad dude. I've seen the guy complain of his wrists hurting and then hold two full cans of gas with both arms outstretched curling them with his wrists .i will encourage anyone to try that one ....
billy (3 months ago)
Thats 12 gallons in each can.. at a weight of approx 81 pounds! I have been a chocolate fan since way back, hard to believe that he's coming up on his 71st birthday!
Just BT (1 year ago)
Humble Beast!
Mark Burnsworth (1 year ago)
You watch that wreck, and you think to did this NOT kill him, but the one in Daytona DID?
Laura Stuhler (11 months ago)
It's all about the angle in which you hit, the Dega crash was a spin and crash. The 2001 Daytona crash he just veered right directly into the wall. If Ken Schrader had been another 50 ft. down the track at the time Dale would still be alive because hitting Kenny would of absorbed some of the speed making his wall impact less.
High Heeled Prince (1 year ago)
The reason he survived that was the angle of impact.
Neal Baby (1 year ago)
I am glad someone understands how these wrecks work. One sudden hit in the wall dissipates energy immediately. The crashes that seem to go on forever are dissipating the energy slowly.
Marty Flaherty (1 year ago)
Dale was the greatest nascar driver ever he is the best there ever was and the best there will ever be
Rocket Man (1 month ago)
@da324 lmao! That's just what I thought.. either you're embarrassed or trying to Google the info needed. Good luck Einstein. 😆
Rocket Man (1 month ago)
@da324 Now let's see how "smart" you are. I've asked other dumbass Earnhardt fans the same questions and no one seems to know. There is one thing on any Cup, Truck, Arca and Xfinity car that requires a 10mm wrench. What is it? How are roof rails made? What's the difference between inner and outer crush panels?
Rocket Man (1 month ago)
@da324 Why didnt Dale Sr. or his mom make any effort to see his son? What kind of man would turn his back on his 16 month old son and never look back? 16 years with out a Christmas gift, Birthday present, school clothes or shoes, not even a phone call. Martha was no better, as a Grandmother she should have went above Sr. and stayed in contact with her Grandson. The truth is they were not good people. Everyone from the Kannapolis and Concord area knows the truth.
Rocket Man (1 month ago)
@da324 You sure about that? Bet I could take both of ya to school on the real Dale Earnhardt and anything to do with a racecar.
da324 (1 month ago)
@Rocket Man He's smarter than you!
douglas69ification (1 year ago)
.."Sure. To win."
Rosie W (1 year ago)
Earnhardt didn't know when to bow out and it cost him his life!!
The Greek (9 months ago)
@Jimbo Slice your a freaking idiot and and waste of life, disrespectful piece of shit
Jimbo Slice (1 year ago)
Yeah, thankfully he didn't take the life/s of anyone else. He certainly tried numerous times.
Sudsy Sutherland (1 year ago)
#43 Richard Petty was the best ever Nascar driver, i don't know how people think Dale Earnhardt Sr. Is? Yes he had 7 champiinships & 76 wins which is amazing but... Richard Petty won 7 championships & 200 wins, 200 wins!! That's a 124 more wins than Dale Earnhardt Sr. people, that is insane!
Dave Marks (2 months ago)
Petty raced 3 times a week sometimes to,dumb ass
wrldchamps04 (4 months ago)
@Devin Alden he was about to turn 50, hardly his prime... although he was going to win a few more...
Devin Alden (8 months ago)
Also Dale would prob won way more if he wasnt cut down in his prime
MyKittyPercy (9 months ago)
Ned Jarrett raced against Lee Petty and Ralph Earnhardt. He saw Richard Petty race and he saw him retire. If Ned says Dale Sr. is (or was in 1997) the best driver, who am I to argue? Winning races takes more than just a great driver. It takes good luck, good pit stops, good cars...he said Dale was the best driver, not the one that wins the most
Devin Alden (10 months ago)
I love dale sr but I also love Richard petty. Both are excellent but different eras
Christopher o neal (1 year ago)
ppl knock jr for quitting I don't think he wanted that outcome. after the wreck in Michigan he had the right to sit out of the car the rest of the year. even that wreck in dega back then coulda killed sr that was a hard lick look worse than Daytona in 2001. I guess that's why they always thought Sr was a invincible driver at heart
cswace62 Wilson (1 year ago)
It should always be of concern to any racing driver that has absorbed the impacts of any crash..just because your intact in the seat and walk away from them doesn't mean anything..the whiplashes&head trauma are the most under-diagnoised injuries
Jennie Anderson (1 year ago)
I really loved this little Documentary! Just to sit down and listen to Dale Earnhardt sr . Talking calmly and all sounds good!✨for #3
Matt Charles (1 year ago)
Dont sell yourself short aint nobody better than you
zoefaith120 (1 year ago)
When dale, Sr left us . NASCAR lost it soul and sprint for a long time.
Matt Kurtz (1 year ago)
I’ve gone until 2/3/18 before hearing audio of Earnhardt... it’s always videos of him winning and that devilish grin. But Finally thought jeez I’ve never even heard him speak. Crazy
jr ftworth (1 year ago)
The best driver ever. Back when Nascar was Nascar
nathan greer (11 months ago)
He was the worst Dad ever.....🖕🏻🖕🏻
Jesse Bochek (1 year ago)
I'm really surprised that the 96 crash wasn't the crash that killed him.
Gerard Guitarist (28 days ago)
The crash that got him was a total fluke... his car hit the wall at exactly the right angle to maximize the g force impact. Had he hit at any greater or lesser angle he most likely would have walked away as he had so many times before... RIP.
Jeffrey Kenyon (1 month ago)
It bounced off the wall, Daytona was a sudden stop.
Matt Harden (1 month ago)
Jesse Bochek had the angle of impact been slightly different it would have
NBA George (4 months ago)
Jesse Bochek it’s not always the most explosive scenes but it’s always the least expected.
M. Ael (1 year ago)
Love Ned Jarrett...
Roger Reynolds (2 years ago)
Miss you #3
Caden Converse (2 years ago)
My man! Rip my dude!😭🙏
Gregg Fridline (2 years ago)
I am sorry, but watching Dale Earnhardt SR vids, bum me out, Can't imagine being Dale Earnhardt Jr.Sr made me love Nascar and will always love it because of this guy
CRAZY KELLY WFO (2 years ago)
Eli S (2 years ago)
"pit stops under 17 seconds" Holy shit. I forgot how slow they used to be.
Jesse (2 years ago)
Those black outs are the same reason that Dale Jr is leaving the sport. If Dale Sr wouldn't have passed away so early, i bet if they examined his brain for CTE, they would have found significant damage to his brain.
tAmEz ZoDiAc (8 months ago)
They took his brain out and looked at it by no report on cte that wasn’t a part of the crash investigation I guess. They Weighed his brain and all of that but that’s all we know. We will probably never know about if he had brain damage or not.
Michael Barry (1 year ago)
Jesse any brain damage didnt kill Big E.
Rick Kleiber (2 years ago)
hi all
Rick Kleiber (2 years ago)
hi all
*DARKVOID* (2 years ago)
his last name says it all EARN HARD AND THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT HE DID!!! RIP #3
Eric Monaco (1 year ago)
Heck his Dad Ralph was known as Ironheart
Brady Baker (2 years ago)
he was a good driver
Brian Henkel (2 years ago)
He was the best ever period.
Rocket Man (1 month ago)
@tAmEz ZoDiAc You are a complete dumbass.. First of all, you need to learn how to spell a four lettered word..
tAmEz ZoDiAc (1 month ago)
Nicky D one Jimmie only one 7 championships under a broken system and didn’t take a shit car like sr and make it into a power house with no money. Jimmie was gave the best ride in nascar out of the gate dale had to work hard for it. Also dale raced when the cars were super hard to drive and they were cheeper to buy so anyone could race so it was skill that was involved not a bunch of drivers with money. So making 1985 to 1995 probably the hardest era. Anyone can say the early 2000s were the hardest era but that’s just not true at all. Kyle only has 54 wins or something. I like Kyle I think he’s a great drive but you saying that is stupid. Also everyone bumped each other back then. All dale did was bump people there was no rule even today that says other wise. You wanna know why everyone thinks dale is dirty now cause all the drivers that race now are pussies and afraid to make contact. Go back and dale didn’t wreak anymore people that waltrip, Petty, Kyle Busch, really any driver you can think of. Every drive bumps it’s racing and people try to act like that’s dirty. The only 3 kinda dirty thinks dale did was Richmond, and 2 Bristol races. But I think I the only reason he spun them is cause he was trying so hard to win he would over drive it or think he’s clear when he’s not and wreak a guy. You can tell dale is super upset at himself at Richmond and Bristol the year he wreaked Terry. Everyone can call dale dirty all they want but that was just racing back then.
Rocket Man (1 month ago)
@Jerry Ferguson Kyle busch has more nascar wins than Fale sr and Fale jr combined. Chew on that awhile.
Jerry Ferguson (2 months ago)
Richard Petty still is the best,still the KING. Dale not even close to wins,
Amazin253 (2 years ago)
I hate everyone who calls him "dale sr." lol he was just DALE
Elite Soulfly (15 days ago)
Amazin253 simmer down buckshot
william WICKS (2 years ago)
In Dale life car’s and racing was his life, Today’s young wheel holders, you never hear how they worked on they first race car. Dale was not interested in school sports. Car’s and racing was Dale passion ,he was a hands on driver/worker, His Father raised him with the understanding, on what it takes to be a winner.
daniel jones (3 years ago)
Man..... What a bad Muthr Phugr!!!!!! he was ..Just win..............if your in front of HIM... Sorry
Darrin Stark Jr. (3 years ago)
This dude was a hardass
Federal Reserve Funded Nazi Germany (6 months ago)
Darrin Stark Jr. thats why new world order nascar sacrficed him
jrftworth (2 years ago)
Nice guys finish last
Daniel Nelsen (3 years ago)
The man
Abe Schmit (3 years ago)
We miss u Dale
Rocket Man bro stfu lmao you’re just a dead beat 9-5 nobody go try and find some videos about you and your job and see how many people give a fuck lol people these days are a bunch of fucking weirdos, you probably talk shit on 9/11 videos too (not comparing his death to 9/11) but you’re definitely just a washed up bitter person that needs to get attention by bitching
Rocket Man (6 months ago)
@tlou goat sounds like you're the dumbfuck.. do a little reading hillbilly.. you may learn a couple things.
tlou goat (6 months ago)
@Rocket Man big words from a loser sitting behind a keyboard.
nathan greer (11 months ago)
Abe Schmit fuck that shit faggot
Rocket Man (1 year ago)
Edward Kesock he can't hear you dumbass..
Barry Jowers (3 years ago)
The reasons Dale went winless in 97 and only won one race in 98 before coming back in 99 to win 3 races and then winning races in 2000 and finishing second in points was of course his injuries that he had but also Richard Childress Racing had fallen far behind in its racing program. For years RCR depended on Dale Earnhardt to get the job done and he did but while he was getting the job done the technological side of the sport was passing them by. By the time Earnhardt was winning his final championship in 94 the sport had changed and RCR was like a fish out of water. In 2000 RCR had caught up on the technical side and Earnhardt was finally healthy and they showed it by winning two races and losing to Bobby LaBonte by just a mear 265 points. When the 2001 season rolled around a rejuvenated Earnhardt come to Daytona poised to win his record 8th Winston Cup Championship. Unfortunately Dale Earnhardt passed away in a last lap crash in the season opening Daytona 500 while racing for third place . Drivers Michael Waltrip and Dale Earnhardt Jr finished first and second in cars owned by Earnhardt. We will never know if Earnhardt would have won his 8th championship in 2001 or how many more he may have won before retiring. As they went into the final turn, and Dale Earnhardt could see what was happening, I believe he died a happy man.
Doyle5x (9 months ago)
Bret B His contract was to expire in 2003. He told Chris Myers in 2001 that he put 10 years on his career, but I don’t think those 10 would of been spent in NASCAR. He wanted to drive GT LeMans Endurance (he did the Rolex 24 that year) and his dream was to be a Formula 1 Driver. I definitely think he would of retired from NASCAR in 2003 and finished his driving career elsewhere.
smoke 14 (11 months ago)
@Tito Marrero And you have proof that "On the the red flag dale did not buckle his seat belt back on right"?
Laura Stuhler (11 months ago)
I'm pretty sure he wasn't going past 2003, at least not a full season. I'm sure he would've probably ran the Daytona 500 as a one off forever, given sponsors loved Dale and would probably say here's a blank check now go win Daytona for us please. Obviously in his OWN car, not RCR.
Daniel Ellingsen (1 year ago)
Barry Jowers seriously doubt he was happy to die
Barry Jowers (1 year ago)
2002 likely would have been his final year
joschi jogi (3 years ago)
Dale was NASCAR he was the best !R.I.P 3
Taylor Stickle (3 years ago)
😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀#3Dale SR nicknamed THE INTIMIDATOR
Taylor Stickle (3 years ago)
Taylor Stickle (3 years ago)
I love Dale SR ... he was my favorite driver back then... he is in a better place... I remember him... I have always been a fan of him ... even though I don't have any of his stuff..#3 forever Dale SR... he always has had a smile on his face...go #3😀Dale I miss that guy... every time he would win a race he got excited... Dale JR followed his dad's footsteps...
Elite Soulfly (15 days ago)
Spit it out. Tell me where he is at
Elite Soulfly (15 days ago)
Taylor Stickle is he in the Bahamas? You can’t just say a better place. Tell me where exactly
EricEbac22 (3 years ago)
DannyD1572, Dale blacked out at Darlington on the first lap.