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Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 28 More Actors' Accents | WIRED

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Dialect coach Erik Singer once again analyzes the accents of some of Hollywood's biggest names. How accurate were their accents, really? Check out more from Erik here: http://www.eriksinger.com/ Still haven’t subscribed to WIRED on YouTube? ►► http://wrd.cm/15fP7B7 ABOUT WIRED WIRED is where tomorrow is realized. Through thought-provoking stories and videos, WIRED explores the future of business, innovation, and culture. Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 28 More Actors' Accents | WIRED
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Text Comments (7692)
Luke Gard (2 hours ago)
This is a deep cut ... Nobody's Baby - Gary Oldman's accent. I think it's pretty solid?
Julio Cesar (2 hours ago)
which one does he talk about Tatiana Maslany?
Jaime (4 hours ago)
I was wondering if you were going to do a new zealand one, I feel like people always have a hard time doing it
Donovan (11 hours ago)
Why am I so attracted to him rn
September2004 (12 hours ago)
23:34 I've always said that my favorite part of Highlander is the fact that the Egyptian-born Spaniard (played by Sean Connery) has more of Scottish accent than the *actual* Highlander.
Gigi W (14 hours ago)
Good god is this guy is hot!
Hortência Lopes (14 hours ago)
I'm in love
TheClockworkSolution (17 hours ago)
I'm not saying her performance wasn't good or how the real person actually talked, but I've lived in the Northwest my whole life, and I don't think I've ever hear anyone that sounds like that. I don't know, it could be because I live in the city, and she's supposed to be more redneck but huh...
nehemiah hall (19 hours ago)
nobody can do a Baltimore accent and there r two versions. the white and black one. white people say Balmor, black people say bawdamor
Totally a white president (19 hours ago)
he is hot
Mariah Critchelow (19 hours ago)
You should do a break down of all American states accents!!!
Curtis Jones (22 hours ago)
Matthew Rhys' performance in The Americans is unreal
Jay Tee (1 day ago)
We need to see Erik do his all the accents he knows in a paragraph haha
Kiko Patcho (1 day ago)
I know I havent watched all the episodes but I hope to see more judgements on Hawaiian/Polynesian accents
Filius Filthiest (1 day ago)
Brits and Aussies can easily pull off western accents.
Meadow Kroeger (1 day ago)
WHERES THE CANADIAN!!! Leaving us out ya HOZERS!!!
Ruby-Anne Whitfield (1 day ago)
Australian is the hardest
sebastian byhre (1 day ago)
Keep 'em comin
Julianna D (1 day ago)
do michigan!!!
Sam Vimes (1 day ago)
These videos are just the best. I really hope you bring Erik back for more.
Emily Bergevin (1 day ago)
nobody ever does hawaiin english accents.
Maria (1 day ago)
If actors try to talk engish with a Dutch accent it will always sound like german or russian. They never pulled it of haha. Great video
Abby Rose (1 day ago)
Do KJ Apa’s American accent in riverdale please!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I love these videos so much
Anna Bee (1 day ago)
He puts my Boston accent right in my face and the accuracy is crazy!😂😂
DeluxeTux5249 (1 day ago)
Didn't know that the Texas accent had the retroflexed consonants or that Vietnamese had the /ɓ/ Guess you learn something new everyday
jhsrt985 (2 days ago)
Can u do Australian vs british. They actually have alot in common. Don't they mate...see what I did there lol was it British or Ausie
Tức Thuỷ (2 days ago)
As a Vietnamese I like how he analyzes the accent cuz people may said that her accent is racist or stereotypes but this is actually how my friend and some of my relatives speak English. Many people i guess haven’t heard a Vietnamese speak English so they’ll find the accent very strange and they’ll think its very stereotypes. So kudos to him.
Tanny McKnight (2 days ago)
Bro you look EXACTLY like Andrew Lincoln
Axolotl Watcholotl (2 days ago)
Yay Australia gets love
Dugger (2 days ago)
SOUTHERN Ireland 😂
Akasha Corion (2 days ago)
Killing eve.
Summer Garcia (2 days ago)
Please do KJ Apa’s American accent in the show riverdale? - no one here probably watches that show but I was watching it the other day and I felt his New Zealand accent kind of comes out a lot when he’s speaking
Esther Gichuki (2 days ago)
Do Cody Fern’s American accent in American horror story
AutumnFell (2 days ago)
I live in Washington and I honestly can't hear it. But then again I was born in California, but raised in Washington so I can't really say
1516yamilez (2 days ago)
Nini (2 days ago)
can you please critique al pacino’s golden columbian accent in scarface (sarcasm)
Danielle Hall (2 days ago)
Queens accent !!
Tracie Brekke (2 days ago)
I'm curious about the Canadian accent. Not that Hollywood does any Canadian accents other than cliche east coast or newfie ones.
Marina Herrman (2 days ago)
I always forget that we in Missouri technically have an accent
Holland (2 days ago)
"Did he try? I'm not sure." OOOOOOOOOOH
Scody cody (2 days ago)
So....the Walking Dead is in North Georgia (At least at first) not Kentucky.
Boss Man Shiba (2 days ago)
i would pay to see him break down the michigan accent in Coraline
nothing human (2 days ago)
Omg Kates Aussie accent tho
Psychic Unicorn (2 days ago)
I want to hear a Brasilian accent! 🇧🇷
Levio4life (2 days ago)
GCT10/31/1990 (2 days ago)
Why do you keep saying "American English"? America is a country that doesn't currently have a official language... It's just English
Jelly Fish26 (2 days ago)
I was really surprised they went over my Missouri accent. Its such a random accent to pick.
Dancemillyrose (2 days ago)
Ay chileee
Ája Domonique (2 days ago)
Idris elba doing a Brooklyn accent
yeppeun seonyeoyeo (2 days ago)
Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Moss were not even trying to make it sound realistic lol
Kae (2 days ago)
I describe the austrailian accent and the british accent warm and cold, based on the weatherish? its like an aussie has like a warmer and louder and more... in a way warmer accent? and i think a british person has a colder an more quiet accent but its really strong.
Maalik Rahim (2 days ago)
this is dope I like it!!! sub? 🤨
Chloe Huggins (3 days ago)
You should do the accents on killing eve that girl killed it! Pun intended!
KomaKazi (3 days ago)
can i study this in college? this is so interesting to me omggg.
Skyla Robin (3 days ago)
When you are Russian born American but NEVER had Russian accent when talking in English and the other way around But Jennifer Lawrence doesn't really sound like she is Russian but pretty good for her first try
Evan johnson (3 days ago)
For Highlander I think they deliberately made the accent vague because the character has been alive for 500 years living all over the world trying to blend in it makes sense his accent is very muddled
DEV (3 days ago)
Hm... верю.
Unicorn Magic (3 days ago)
I'm Australian and devs accent sounds perfect
Kaya Denver (3 days ago)
Jennifer Lawrence was way too bad!!!
Mide Fatanmi (3 days ago)
Ok, this is amazing!
Chelsea Moore (3 days ago)
loving the aussie love !!
Santiago Perez (3 days ago)
This guy is amazing!
M Making (3 days ago)
The host is so hot.. Does anyone have his instagram?
SocietyNeedsToCrumble (18 hours ago)
Dyani Armijo-Sinnett (3 days ago)
this guy is so smart
carden james (3 days ago)
As somebody who lives in east Texas... Our accent in larger cities has changed so much it sounds more like the example he gave for california now. The people out in the country do speak like that usually though sooo.
AsherRay Palomares (3 days ago)
Mannn I kinda wish he analyzed some Hawaiian Pidgin accents
Chelsea Hunter (3 days ago)
Andrew Lincoln’s accent is the best of all time
Isabela Ramos (3 days ago)
I love this video
Iain Kerr (3 days ago)
Jeff is a certified Texan. We accept him here and his accent.
Oscar (3 days ago)
he’s so attractive ?? I don’t even know half the stuff he’s talking about and I’m still watching ??
Geni anthea (3 days ago)
This is actual science 🔬
rattata (3 days ago)
Do Florida!!
Nichole Alexandra (3 days ago)
Texas has soooo many accents like you have the east west ect, then you also have a level of how country they sound lol im born and raised south east texas and some people cant even tell unless i get mad or drunk lol not like the movies show
Spider Bob (3 days ago)
He’s so excited by accents lol it’s so cute
Karen Lam (3 days ago)
Yo man what aboot Canada??
Sasha Feria (3 days ago)
I just binged this series and we need more
émilie jolie (3 days ago)
Not to be dramatic but I cry at night thinking about how talented benedict cumberbatch is
Meekle58 (3 days ago)
As a Linguistics student, I absolutely adore these videos. Keep them coming!
N T (3 days ago)
The way he explained Spanish and Italian accents was so....hot
Nicolyt91 (3 days ago)
What about Brazilian accent ?
LilDuck (3 days ago)
Raise up lights sounds like “razor blades” with an Aussy accent. That’s all I got
Gil (3 days ago)
Gal gadot should’ve been here
chickenlittle (4 days ago)
part of me would love to hear his opinion of my accent... but part of me would be entirely too embarrassed of my redneck-chipmunk sounding speech 😂😂😂
Kate Seto (4 days ago)
If I wanted to learn more on accents and dialect differences centered on English as the spoken language, where would I go? How would I learn more? I’m a writer, so writing accents has always been something intriguing and before I wanted to write I wanted to be an actor but I lacked natural talent. I would like to learn more all the same.
rhiannenlmao (4 days ago)
I was so glad Andrew Lincolns accent is very good bc I always thought so but no actual basis for this lmao
A C (4 days ago)
My southern accent is so boring compared with other dialects/accents. I’ve even been told I have a decent newscaster voice with little to no accent at times, but British, Australian, Irish English accents are something I’d love to learn properly.
Slightly Creative (4 days ago)
what do you do for a living *im an accent expert*
Im lost in ur sound (4 days ago)
Do it on iranian accent
_MOMO_ (4 days ago)
To see Australian accents is making me feel loved :,)
Amy Utting (4 days ago)
I would love to see some more focus on New Zealand accent! It's so interesting to hear about things that I naturally do.
kaitlynn pearson (4 days ago)
none if this made sense to me, it was still really entertaining
Letícia Chagas (4 days ago)
So nice!
Daniela Valdez (4 days ago)
I want Erik to choke me with his beautiful white caucasian hands
L M (4 days ago)
Please do Evan Peter on American horror story of Hotel 😢😢😢
Boa De Cocoa (4 days ago)
Loove Yar vitya's
nikkicole54321 (4 days ago)
Did he try? 😂😂
Cheyenne Crawford (4 days ago)
Love how that’s not how we all sound in Texas😂
Lo En (4 days ago)
I'm german and I can do accents very well since I can imitate the sounds without problems. It's just something I was interested in for a long time and I really love the power of language and expression.
Cory Goodman (4 days ago)
Was waiting for Erik Singer to come back
IcarusDaily (4 days ago)
I think for the American Accent (Get Out), he might've been better using AAVE, especially bc Kaluuya is a Brit, so African American Vernacular English isn't native for him (but AAVE also varies across the states/areas, Philly v DC Metro, for example)