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Canada's New Shipping Shortcut

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Text Comments (6624)
SCREAMIN' LORD BYRON (15 hours ago)
Canada: that was an act of war! USA: what are you gonna do about it? Canada: umm... gulp... well we're willing to let it slide this time (slowly backs out of room)
Ron Kemp (19 hours ago)
You cant stop climate change no mater how much money you through away.
Rafter Rafter (1 day ago)
My neighbor had his SUV vandalize and a busted back window; He said to me" I'm glad that there's no more back window, now i can fit my lawn mower without tht glass interfering with the mower's handle!!!
Madhura Karibe (1 day ago)
Wait wait so what's up with the Suez Canal? Wasn't that, like, nationalized by Egypt?
Squsodu (1 day ago)
this video was made possible by hover did hover cause global warming and melt the ice?
Gavin N (4 days ago)
Your premise that pacific islands are going to drown because of arctic ice melting is JUST PLAIN WRONG. Arctic ice floats over the ocean, when it melts there is ZERO rise in sea level. If you want to see real life proof of this, simply fill a glass of water and then put a large ice block in it. You will see as the ice melts the glass does not overflow. Basic science.
Cameron Gregoire (7 days ago)
We don’t even have coast guard in Vancouver LOL
dj123 (8 days ago)
As the cost of living rises in developing regions manufacturing may move back to the developed regions.
Yugi Muto (9 days ago)
2:10 why not just ship too new york and then transport it by land the rest of the way?
Wayward Son (9 days ago)
It doesn't matter if the world heats up. Theres good land to move as the ice melts and technology to stay in the harsh ones that start to cook. As far as loss of life by global warming as you claim: Human life doesn't matter to governments and most people since in America alone 80,000,000 of our people have been aborted and New York says you can kill the baby after its born. Dont even talk about loss of life especially when people have to go to war for the Bankers and their global ambitions.
Johnny Walker (11 days ago)
blah blah blah climate change.... the climate has always changed and has never been constant in the entire history of the planet. deal with it.
Johnny Walker (11 days ago)
sea levels were 400ft lower at the peak of the last ice age. any additional sea level rise at this point would be completely insignificant.
pastorart1974 (11 days ago)
Man made Climate Change is a Hoax, period.
almond potato (11 days ago)
Everyone talking about how Canada could abuse this waterway if it's not made international... But, lets be honest here, Canada is waayyy too nice to do that.
Jafaws (12 days ago)
Up to 250 K deaths a year from climate change? Who comes up with this shit? Oh, and forty years ago they said all the sea Ice was going to have melted by 20 years ago, so maybe if we keep saying it is going to happen in 40 or 50 years it's finally going to happen. I guess people still believe in the coming of some Devine savior/ redeemer or prophet. We all gotta believe in something, I guess.
Jurgen Homola (12 days ago)
150,000 people die annually JUST because of medical malpractice. And people focus on 250,000 that "MIGHT" be killed annually in the 2100??? Just shows how "#FAKE" climate activists are... #WAKEUP world... You're being #brainwashed into believing all this #crap about the #FAKE #Climatechange #propaganda! #WAKEUP world! Do your own #RESEARCH before you believe the #WISEONES! Just because they wear a white coat and have the title DR or professor, does NOT MEAN they tell you the #truth. #WAKEUP world!
Crikeny (12 days ago)
We should be allowed to tax countries with a fee just like the suez and panama canal. We'll use the funds to build rescue bases in the remote north. Also on the condition ports like Vancouver, Halifax, Montreal get more cargo off loaded in their ports.
user8231238384 (13 days ago)
Cheaper products = more plastic
GamerTom (13 days ago)
2:08 Panama Canal?
Mike Stirewalt (13 days ago)
Making the point that a 13 degree rise will cost only money and a few lives, you might better point out the millions of species being destroyed by fossil fuel use and development, including the acidification of the ocean leading to reefs (the hatcheries of thousands of species of fish and other sea life) disappearing . . . not to mention the flooding of land masses, including most of southern Florida. The ocean is already acidified 30% higher than it was previously. Counting climate change in terms of dollars is patheticly shortsighted.
Elias D (16 days ago)
Won't be worth it... Mean while American capitalists be like "make more money you say? Worth the the few who die"
John Franklin (16 days ago)
“Every 1 degree in global warming in the US will result in $1.44 Billion loss to its GDP” Sounds like more Leftist Junk Science to me.
Gustavo P. (17 days ago)
When there is no longer ice in the Artic Ocean, we will be all dead because of the heat.
julie Wallis (14 days ago)
Gustavo P. It’s the *Arctic* with 2 ‘c’s!
Ronnie Civella (17 days ago)
Yeah... but the Salvation Army could kick Canada’s ass! 🤫 The US could just take it and Make America Great Again
ᚢᛁᚫᛁᚾᚷ (19 days ago)
Canada please grow some balls and screw China from using that waterway
victor bruun (19 days ago)
That was probly ASPO:s ship. Nice lil company :p
Jerry Wilson (19 days ago)
Wait till shipping companies charge 10fold to go ta Canada. They will open that water up then!
Jerry Wilson (19 days ago)
Money talks Shipping companies have money, ALOT Canada will bow the knee eventually
Josh Kusiak (20 days ago)
Canada should endorse global warming
qantasgolf (20 days ago)
climate change propaganda active here also!
Minhaj Suhon (20 days ago)
Looks like lots of island around. Canada shuld build bridges and close corridors. Or this greedy company will destroy the nature there too
meatgraffiti (21 days ago)
earth: ice caps are melting capitalists: owo whats this?
a4d3 (21 days ago)
the cause is debated? what an ignorant statement only an american can make
Harbour Dog (22 days ago)
1:01 No, there is no "debate" about the cause of the melt. It's GLOBAL WARMING.
Philip Storms (23 days ago)
Twenty times as many people die from cold as from heat each year. It seems that many lives would be saved by warming.
The Old Track Coach (24 days ago)
Dear Canada, Fuck you! -Ron Swanson
The great challenge (26 days ago)
It's cute how you buy into studies signed by Mickey Mouse (literally) and spread fear to people. But that's Canadian water. Their territory, their choice of whom goes through.
Leroy Hovatter (27 days ago)
Hypothetical future. USA says to canada we need more access to the NW passage for trade. Canada replies no thats our passage only we say who can use it. 2051 Canada says to USA help! Help! We're under attack from China! Bring all your naval power to the passage bail us out of this! You decide who will use it for now on.
Jaws10214 (27 days ago)
Wendover, I expected better from. acting all colonialist. those waterways are not already considered international waterways, and they never will be. ships can just as easily spend the extra 12 hours and go around our islands. they trek through them, and we will arrest them and send their ass home on a bus. they provide no one ocean access. shortening shipping routes should be, and IS seen as a future profit model. and if America stood to profit from such a scenario, something tells me you'd be against foreign ships floating freely through your sovereign territory too. even if we were fully developed up there, I'd still argue against it. We will allow all nations, bar the ones America has sanctions on because we don't want end up like Hauwei's CFO now do we? We WILL Be Charging Transit Fee's which will go to operational costs of patrolling our coast guard up there, some will go to the Inuit communities, and the rest will be put in a pot for the inevitable rainy day when some foreign oil tanker dumps their load of oil in our seas. If you think we should not be allowed to charge for those basic services, than we Will arrest anyone we catch, and we will go out of our way to dredge up dirt, sand and clay and start connecting those islands, cutting off access for any ships. Either Pay the Piper, or go the around our Islands.
yagami018 (28 days ago)
the numbers at the end are highly exaggerated and doesnt factor technology improvement.
Rich (29 days ago)
I wouldn't worry about this too much. I honestly do not believe that there will be anyone left in 100 years. Humans are too self destructive to allow any type of long term survival. In 200 years there will be nothing left of humans except their remains.
Serene Greene (1 month ago)
And when the cooling cycle begins again, this debate will return to the moot point its always been.
Scott McScottington (1 month ago)
Can you fuck off with he climate change BS and just stick to facts?
Thomas Kroeker (1 month ago)
The Canadian territories are inhabited by the Inuit people, who have been completely ignored in this video. It's about time they actually get to decide how to use their land, instead of government exploiting them yet again for mere economic gain.
Rexy (1 month ago)
is it just me or does the route at 3:29 looks like it could be shorter if it went through the Panama canal?
Bessie Belle (1 month ago)
Rewatching this Halloween 2019, wow Sam you sound weird back in 2017!
1Dubroller (1 month ago)
Who comes up with the fake number! Give me a back!
1Dubroller (1 month ago)
Come on sheeple! It's not going to flood! Put some ice in a glass of water and it stays the same melted, retards!
Gerard Vinet (1 month ago)
Russia is in the same predicament as Canada , Northern Europe , U.S.A. & Denmark !!!!
RedDragon2000 (1 month ago)
US be like wait for our Freedom canada ! :D
Ian R. M (1 month ago)
Ah, for just one time I would take the Northwest Passage To find the hand of Franklin reaching for the Beaufort Sea; Tracing one warm line through a land so wild and savage And make a Northwest Passage to the sea.
Bosko Coltrain (1 month ago)
Another cultist in the "Religion of Global Warming". Soon you nut jobs will have your own Bible too. Preaching the end is near, and the only way to save the world is donate trillions. Oh, wait you're already doing that.
SGAH (1 month ago)
It's almost as if it's a scientifically backed issue that requires vast amounts of funding to counter due to its unrecgonition over the past 200 years
Daniel Mckay (1 month ago)
Not going to happen bullshit
I'm Not-Tarded (1 month ago)
Again, “scientists” were wrong.
T S Mcraedy (1 month ago)
"By 2015" viewed 2019 nope it didn't happen.
Tjoeker (11 days ago)
By 2050, not 2015. The video is from 2017...
T S Mcraedy (1 month ago)
Silly Russians, spending billions upgrading their icebreaker fleet. There won't be any ice left to break. 🙄
roger white (1 month ago)
global warming is a joke
roger white (20 days ago)
@Teh Gundulf ,what was that, greta
Teh Gundulf (20 days ago)
no u
Daria Zagorskaya (1 month ago)
this got from "Canada being unfriendly" horror story to "Canada being very reasonable" to "Canada can play with your economy" very fast
Gerard Vinet (1 month ago)
It would make your economics prosper , especially if U can get to Quebec's St-Laurence river much quicker, and greet a handsome Canadian like me , Daria ?
John Smith (1 month ago)
I think the water does not rise so fast the people will drown before they can pack the car and head inland. If Florida gets submerged 99% of the people will most likely move to a different state not drown.
John Smith (1 month ago)
I lived in canada all my life and are winters are as long ,cold with deep snow just like 30 years ago. Global Warming sure can hide well in my area.
SGAH (1 month ago)
You're stupid
Island Aerial (1 month ago)
You might wants to do a little more research on the Maldives. Hint: They're NOT planning on submerging anytime soon, judging by the amount of investment going into it right now. Wonder why that is? Hmmm
Logan Leslie (1 month ago)
Canada belongs to Canada. All Canadians who believe this, stand up, and die for your country,,,,,,yeah, I thought so. Canadians are a bunch of cowards. They are willing to send their neighbour's son but not their own, nor them.
Mestre dos Magos (1 month ago)
If there's literally no ice on the Arctic, shouldn't Greenland (4:58) look smaller and... greener?
FatSonny (1 month ago)
There is definitely a Chinese dude being ordered to draw up some "ancient" maps that show this is all belongs to China and the communists.
FatSonny (21 days ago)
@Rich That is the layman's take on China, but you are wrong. China is still dominated by a Leninist, single-party state, completely authoritarian, with a surveillance and censorship system that Stalin would dream of. 40% of the Internet is blocked, all major industries are state owned, the successful private companies receive massive state subsidies and nothing in China is done without the communist party's say-so. The Chinese military swears allegiance to the Chinese communist party. China is VERY communist, they are just communists that have figured how to exploit the West. I could go on, but I will just encourage you to start looking deeper at China.
John Smith (22 days ago)
@Harbour Dog It's getting past the narrow Bering Strait between Russia and the United States coasts to get to Canada that will be the tricky part for China.
Harbour Dog (22 days ago)
Time for Canada to have naval bases and armed icebreakers in OUR north...to stop the Chinese from using OUR northwest passage....unless they pay to do so.
Rich (29 days ago)
There is nothing Communist about China today. It is the world's largest Capitalist country.
John Smith (1 month ago)
The only way China is getting to the Arctic is through their neighbour RUSSIA which never works out for the country that tries it.
BleedingRaindrops (1 month ago)
>rising sea levels from melting ice What the heck do people not understand about buoancy. Put some ice in a glass of water. Measure the level of the water. leave this glass in a room above freezing. Come back in an hour and confirm that the ice has melted but the water level hasn't changed at all. Ice displaces water based on its weight, not its volume. melting ice doesn't raise water levels
Querps (1 month ago)
South pole and Greenland are land, not water, bubs.
jay long (1 month ago)
How about US government doesn't back Canada anymore ? Think about them apples.
John Smith (1 month ago)
The US does not Back Canada because of friendship alone the US also wants no new neighbours. To America the entire North American continent is 100% under their supervision.
Research0digo (1 month ago)
8:20 watch Greenland remain the same as their computer model (cannot be real) shows the north polar ice shrinking
Leopard 2a7 main battle tank (1 month ago)
I think the NWP should be entirely controlled by Canada for a few reasons. 1: political sn military power. Canada is not known for military might, so the ability to ruin economy's in times of war or political conflict is going to greatly reduce our dependance on the us military and allies with Canada can have a say in that 2: shipping aid. With ships being charged to go through the NWP Canada can begin to afford to set up the equipment to make shipping safer and easier. When most of a country is ice, they learn how to deal with ice. 3: haven't we been nice? Can we please take a little slice of the trading cake we have yet to cut into? Is that so bad?
Carlsbad221 (1 month ago)
Man this guy gets so preach about climate change. How will we know that the 250k deaths due to climate change will happen? How will we know we will lose over 100B dollars in economic output? These numbers seem fishy
SGAH (1 month ago)
@John Smith ok but they still have to evacuate all the people, then still construct new housing as demand rose. No matter what that still costs a lot of money. This would also be happening on both coasts
John Smith (1 month ago)
@SGAH I would guess when the Polar caps melt it will be a slow gradual water rise not a flash flood where Florida is under water overnight.
SGAH (1 month ago)
@John Smith space isn't the issue, but where will the houses come from? They need to construct new homes and entirely new infrastructure
John Smith (1 month ago)
@SGAH The US is the size of China but with a billion less people so space is not a problem.
SGAH (1 month ago)
@John Smith ok great, but where will they live? Who will pay for it?
Dopey Tripod (1 month ago)
Canada can't even maintain their ONE ROAD
Mr Noncredible (1 month ago)
Wwll, that's all kinds of wrong.
John Shilling (1 month ago)
Wow! You sure present a lot of "Facts" about the future climate. It's funny that no climate scientists are saying anything about the future climate other than that it cannot be predicted. Even the United Nations panel have stated the very same thing. The only people presenting this "Future Climate" are politicians, activists, and extreme "?Ecologists?" (You even quoted the EPA) For anyone on the fence, search for and see if you can find ANY climate prediction in the last 150 years that is actually come about as predicted (or even close) Ice melt and ocean rise? Try this grade school science experiment. Fill a glass half-full of ice cubes. Then add water slowly until the glass is completely full, if not slightly above the rim. (Do to surface tension) Observe the glass while the ice melts.......!AMAZING! The water level does not rise! Ice is less dense than water. That is why it floats. As it melts it only fills the void taken up by the amount of ice below the surface. (Displacement... look that up, too) Then you might be interested in the big picture. (Probably not) When bringing loss of ice into the discussion, leaving ice increase in other parts of the world out of the discussion, then some of these predictions SEEM plausible. If it is possible to ignore the Alarmists and go read the actual data and statistics, you will see that most of the argument is pure Orwellian BS. Compare the raw data gathered by scientists to the "INTERPRETED FINDINGS" presented in the media. You might just have an "AHA! moment."
MRdoA77 (1 month ago)
Canada....that route ain't useful. US coast guard....hold my beer.
James (1 month ago)
I see you cant sleep either...
CSXRockford (1 month ago)
there is no sea level rise, and the sea ice is now growing again.
TheInfamousJosh (1 month ago)
250,000 deaths per year because of the sun monster. Have you ever heard of anyyhing so stupid.
Robert Lee (1 month ago)
Total bullshit spreading fear so we have to pay for climate change which is not true what
kukkeli (1 month ago)
suomi mainittu torilla tavataan!
Paul Gregory (1 month ago)
Antarctica is growing ...the polar bears have added to their numbers by 50%...there is NO climate emergency...they are lying to you to get your money that simple.
Paul Gregory (1 month ago)
Ocean levels have NOT increased significantly over the last 300 years ...don't hold your breath...climate change is a lie.
thejacksonles (1 month ago)
The sky is falling. The sky is falling. We will all die from global warming!!!!! Another great video ruined with your global warming whining.
B (1 month ago)
Austria, not so landlocked after all. Take that Switzerland!
Jaws10214 (1 month ago)
both your excuses, and yes that is what they are, are bullshit Wendover. the Alaska/Russia canal borders two international nations. the international waters ride the borderline. there are no international borders between our islands. the European Canals only exist to allow landlocked nations access to international waters. there are no landlocked nations up there. and we Canadians do not care about international "usefulness", the ONLY things we care about is being able to fund our coast guard, and clean up any shipping disasters like oil carriers dumping their cargo into our waters. ^^^For THESE REASONS We Will be charging ANY international ships Tariffs to navigate that route. IF you want to use either of Wendover's excuses as reasoning to force us Canadians to allow shipping through our archipelago, than these international ships can ride the border between Greenland and Canada then ride the outer coast of our archipelago islands. Going through our Islands, especially with foreign military/coast guard ships, is a breach of international law, and a cause for war.
Sir Moke (1 month ago)
9:05 those "estimates" are based on climate models less reliable than a coin toss. Done by people that admit that those scenarios are not remotely realistic. That 12° warming by 2100... I don't know who pulled it out of who's ass but that is laughable at best.
Miguel Angel (1 month ago)
They're still gonna charge you same amount or even more for your products and they will have destroyed another part of the planet
Victor Wejer (1 month ago)
Wonder why YouTube gets into politics of that scale. Sure if US will take over, instantly will increase its offshore limits to 200 miles and Canada keeps cordially much less.
Nikolla Tesla (1 month ago)
Say Cape Horn fast
DBR Liamg (1 month ago)
Not even Canadian, but I have to say that passage belongs to Canada. It's the same case as the Panama and Suez canal.
Otto Knabe (1 month ago)
Lol, talking about a shorter route from Japan to Europe and then devaluing it's worth by something that will happen anyway in a different country which is not caused by the new route. Like, do we have the option to just tell the Arctic not to melt? Didn't think so
HJ vdb (1 month ago)
They should let all the islands that are going to be under water to move and take ownership of the north pole to manage it ,it will become green over time with very rich soil fishing and oil , There is a bigger chance it will be the cause of world war 3 with all those big nations wanting ownership of it for all its rich resources .
Houssam Salmi (1 month ago)
09:33 depending on who you ask lol
Sailing Aeolus (1 month ago)
I see a future where canada has a regime change. Time for loyalist to that vile hag - the "queen" of england - to pay the piper and for their evil doings. The truth of the matter is most canadians are hard core communist, and hence the red flag.
FO Biggles (1 month ago)
Sorry US, it belongs to Canada.
Bobby Alan (1 month ago)
FO Biggles Prime Minister Black Face is a pussy and we both know it. Not only will we never pay for passage but if you keep acting tough we’ll take Alberta as well.
FO Biggles (1 month ago)
@Bobby Alan No more softwood for you! Watch your housing prices climb.
Bobby Alan (1 month ago)
FO Biggles what could Canada do about it?
wreckleskelly (1 month ago)
I was interested in your channel till you hopped on the rising sea level climate change will kill 250000 people a year tangent. C-ya!
Arakasi Acoma (1 month ago)
Relax, it's just Canada, eh! Lol! No, seriously, they need to capitulate just because they forced Bieber on us.
ReggaeEli (1 month ago)
The fact that we are considering the worlds biggest issue as a chance for companies says it all.
Joseph Nagel (1 month ago)
Crush China’s economy!!!
Carl FortniteRoblox (1 month ago)
Roald Amuldsen is on the tail of a norwegian plane!
ML DeGo (1 month ago)
Im on Canada side
I Created An Account For This (1 month ago)
Sorry, but we don't want you sailing up there. Please stay out (or pay). Thank you.
Marino (1 month ago)
Un chemin qui est très très avantageux pour beaucoup de gens, de compagnies etc...👀👍