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Canada's New Shipping Shortcut

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Text Comments (6337)
Bob Cutty (2 hours ago)
As a Canadian we need to maintain our environmental standards, container ships use dirty fuels, they’d have to buy new Tesla ships
SwordQuake2 (9 hours ago)
How does sea ice raise the sea level? Do you even think?
Jonathan W (9 hours ago)
NOT an international waterway,
jutubaeh (16 hours ago)
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jutubaeh (16 hours ago)
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Robert Miller (17 hours ago)
Cents per Kilowatt hour in Australia?
Kevin Whittingham (1 day ago)
All your numbers are nonsence
BJ700 (2 days ago)
@ 7:56 Oh yea! level the playing field for IP theft.
Silverio Rebelo (2 days ago)
so much lying about global warming - the arctit region is warming up for specific reasons, that have nothing to do with a supposed global process of warming - which doesn't exist, except in the propaganda of the NWO
David Ryder (2 days ago)
"This has the ability to slash shipping prices across the world. This means cheaper products." No, no it doesn't. It means higher profits for the originating companies. Companies haven't been interested in passing savings down to their consumers in decades.
Meme Machine (2 days ago)
Come on, let Canada do something. Just this one time. Every us citizen hates canada for some reason and i don't get it. Just let Canada be.
Russ Gallagher (3 days ago)
I honestly can't see how the "Northwest Passage" is an improvement over the new, bigger PANAMA CANAL for trade from China to the US East Coast.
Clark Gable (3 days ago)
Over 90 % of the 37 million Canadians live within 100 miles of their border with America... It's just too cold....& btw The passage could freeze over again....
Jack Rabbit (3 days ago)
Oh, yeah, the U.S. does not have access to the Ocean!!!
Plainsman1300 (4 days ago)
If i recall correctly, Canada crossed the NW Passage in 1947 long before global warming became a cult.
Chungus Khan (4 days ago)
Really big brain take at 8:52, Japan can ship right over the north pole if there's no ice! Yeah except all the ports will be under water by then. Dummy.
Peter Colledge (4 days ago)
Historically, I think John Rae of the Orkneys should be mentioned in this film.
William Cox (4 days ago)
Liked and shared. I even stayed for the ad.
Stacie45 (5 days ago)
The Canadian Navy is a bunch of drunks. If anyone invades their territorial waters they wake up from their hangover and complain about it a couple weeks later.
dozu888 (5 days ago)
good video, except the EPA global warming BS.
Dee Swint (5 days ago)
I remember China was digging a CANAL in Nicaragua. What happened with that $50 Billion dollar project?
Dee Swint (5 days ago)
So the real agenda to WARM the earth is to create a more ideal shipping route for cargo. Clever Imperialist Capitalist at it again.
lock n load (5 days ago)
What a crock!!! By 2050 when the GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM is in full effect many feet of ice will have all of Canada helmed in on all 3 sides. The St Laurence seaway will be a long skating ring as will all the great lakes!! But you global warming hoaxers won't starve...... you'll have plenty of CROW TO EAT!!!!!!!
John Smith (5 days ago)
I was born and live in Canada , when is the winters going to warm up ? They sure do not seem to be to me.
American556 (6 days ago)
It's international waters because.. Trudeau.
John Smith (5 days ago)
He is gone Oct 21st.
john miller (6 days ago)
99% of scientists agree,, up from 97% (a study by a cartoonist) Especially if anyone that disagrees is fired
TheSib (7 days ago)
“The Arctic ice is melting. There’s no question about that.” Liar liar, pants on fire.
Noschool100 (1 day ago)
https://climate.nasa.gov/vital-signs/arctic-sea-ice/ https://climate.nasa.gov/system/internal_resources/details/original/1270_minimum_extents_and_area_north_SBA_reg_20171001_2_.txt it's quite a world where stating facts makes you a liar
Theolich (7 days ago)
Part of reason behind the president's folly of buying Greenland.
Bardo (7 days ago)
That’s not legally a international waterway, it’s more like the suez or Panama canals. Also that’s a massive economic boost for Canada, and the USA is trying to take advantage of their ally. That’s very disrespectful of two nations who’ve been allied since the early 1900s.
infinitecanadian (8 days ago)
If China is bitching about ships going through the South China Sea because the South China Sea 'belonged to China in ancient times', they have no right to make demands about the Northwest Passage which travels through Canadian territory.
infinitecanadian (5 days ago)
@John Smith They think that they can just boss everyone around.
John Smith (5 days ago)
Especially when China is no where near the Arctic.
Death B. Grapes (8 days ago)
I've heard of Saguenay
Ooygin Jardl (9 days ago)
I doesn’t the US make their own stuff?
Ricky boy (9 days ago)
canadian waters :)
allan pulp (9 days ago)
well it did not open this year
Tony Michaud (9 days ago)
Who wants to buy Chinese garbage anyway?
Doug Mcdonell (9 days ago)
In order to aid development and have a northerly seaport Canada could extend the rail line from Churchill Manitoba to Nunavut and Ellesmere Island. Of course Canada would be happy to open the bridges for ships on request. Or for countries that don't like to ask permission they could take the route (8:50) north of Greenland which doesn't cross Canadian territory.
Beach Boy (9 days ago)
Unfinished business of the American War of Independence? Lol
Sailing Aeolus (9 days ago)
My thought process is that the United States of America (an eternal thought in the mind of God) should invade Canada. Time for a regime change. We the people should have dealt with those "loyalist" back in 1776. Time to finish the job.
Sailing Aeolus (9 days ago)
@Doug Mcdonell Even more of a reason to invade - Canada owes us war reparations.
Doug Mcdonell (9 days ago)
The US did deal with Canada in 1814 when the Capitol building and the White House burnt down.
jaredvillhelm2002 (10 days ago)
Wendover Productions You mean 10% of the GDP? Otherwise our GDP would be ~160 Trillon...
Woodshop Squared (11 days ago)
China is considering adding it to their 9 dash line
kelly larson (11 days ago)
Remember were talking about Canadians they would want help ships through and just ask you to pay there kindness forward.
J W (11 days ago)
Great place to send "refugees"
Anarchon (11 days ago)
There is no man made global warming, there is only global warming, deal with it, the world is constantly changing and its idiotic to try to calculate losses from those changes. How many millions of dollars did the horse industry lose when cars were made commercially available? And who cares.
Noschool100 (1 day ago)
no duh, the climate changes, the point is what is causing it to change.
Flavius Nita (12 days ago)
5:30. Moldova? Are You nuts?
BoxLid (12 days ago)
If China can claim the south china sea, I guess Canada gets to claim the NW passage. RIP China lol
unisonsports3 (12 days ago)
yes it melts, but then it refreezes, and back and forth, like a heart beat.
unisonsports3 (11 days ago)
@Gimi I understand it, but do not think it is a problem.
Gimi (11 days ago)
Yeah, and at some point it's gone, because it doesn't refreeze to the size from last winter.. and every year it going to be smaller and smaller. I hope you understand now the problem. Greetings from switzerland :)
CGmike11 (12 days ago)
Canada is our Ally, we work together, no need to fight. Canadian and US Coast Guard is the best in the world. So much nonsense about war...
Griffin Tubridy (12 days ago)
What I took away from this is that Canada is being a douche-bag
felixantoinetremblay (12 days ago)
How is it different than the Panama and Suez Canal?
Doug Mcdonell (9 days ago)
Because this is just a short cut, the alternate route that doesn't go through Canada is at 8:50.
Hays Clark (12 days ago)
"Ironically, Global Warming is opening a route that is better for the environment", is a rather misleading statement. While the route is more efficient, it is definitely NOT better for the environment. The area is one of the last virtually pristine areas on the planet and there is major concern over everything from invasive species, the inability to respond to oil spills as well as the short season to potentially clean up any issues, as well as the introduction of tons of sulfur heavy air pollution. Not to mention huge concerns over the potential impact on the PNW fisheries.
Stefan Chiriacopol (12 days ago)
It is not Moldova. It is Romania!!
Andy harpist (12 days ago)
I agree! But how much money do I send ...and to whom...so that Rotorua doesn't disappear due to rising Pacific sea levels?
Nikolas Gaudreault (13 days ago)
@7:35 Canada mostly territories up north, not provinces( some part of the province of Québec) . It's not the same . The term is being misused.
Curtis (13 days ago)
When AB-Sask-MB leave Canada, we will have instant ocean access through Churchill. Suck it BC-QC-Trudeau
Noah Lear (13 days ago)
7:30 "northern provinces" they're territories not provinces
Patrick Houtman (13 days ago)
Your stipulation that by 2100 the US will be losing $1.2 trillion per year in economic activity, supposes that unlike the last 250 years of our existence,, we fail to adapt to conditions both environmental and political. But like all environmental videos, there has to be a certain level of fear that you are trying to incite not working on me though.
maria jose cruzat (13 days ago)
They have been talking about this new passage since the early 1990s and not much has happened yet. Are you saying it's all about to explode?
j (13 days ago)
The arctic ice is not melting. Climate change is a Bolshevik scam to destroy western civilization
j (9 days ago)
@Doug Mcdonell The northwest passage predates the Bolshevik scam
Doug Mcdonell (9 days ago)
Ya, no ships have made the trip, they snuck them though Panama at night.
Darth Cookie (10 days ago)
j those damn Bolsheviks! Lenin is laughing in his grave as we speak
Kermit Hezmuth (13 days ago)
The atmosphere is carbon starved and the sea and land ice of the Arctic and Antarctic have melted before.
Allen Atkins (13 days ago)
Actually, 250,000 deaths sound pretty cheap.
Aoru (14 days ago)
When its suits USA own purposes, USA will make an excuse for it to be convenient. Typical Americans. Face it that area is Canadian property. People pay to pass Suez built by the US, make it free then US can complain. Modern day America is like the 1939's of Nazi Germany. Just want to claim and steal.
Wesley Bickel (14 days ago)
Can't predict weather accurately 2 weeks out, but expect us believe there's going to be no ice. What does it matter if we're supposed to be dead in 12 years anyway?
worddunlap (14 days ago)
China declares all water touches China and all oceans belong to China....
Chad B (14 days ago)
Capitalists like climate change.
Darth Cookie (10 days ago)
Chad B are you an ancom?
James Ryzlot (14 days ago)
It is STUPID to ignore that melting of North Pole ice does NOT influence sea level - zero / nada. JR
Doug Mcdonell (9 days ago)
Moot point, melting South Pole ice and Greenland ice is from exactly the same cause and they do raise sea level.
Michael Miljour (14 days ago)
James Ryzlot you are one dumb fuck,,, keep watching Fox News and keep your head stuck up your ass
Cheeseatingjunglista (14 days ago)
Global warming bad, m'kay? This is sponsored by a company that uses vast amount of power. mostly made in the USA using fossil fuels. Mixed message bruv, have a little think eh?
FreeStyleKid777 (14 days ago)
It's Romania, not Moldova...in the Danube section. Jesus...
Nico Pasanen (14 days ago)
Pori mainittu!
BoldWittyName (15 days ago)
Canada most certainly should not have to foot the bill for safe passage. Profiting or otherwise restricting... That's a different story.
Tommy Tunes (15 days ago)
Dumbass, 30 years us enough time for 25000 people to move to higher ground,, provided it will happen
One Individual (15 days ago)
and it just may freeze up again...................................
6 6 (15 days ago)
Climate bla bla. I don't care if the tards extinct themselves after I'm dead. Don't care now.
Don Juan (15 days ago)
The Ice Age will be here soon.
thejudgehasjudged (15 days ago)
250,000 deaths a year from "global warming." Abortionist says "Hold my Beer"
buzzkillean (16 days ago)
It's called LonDon not LonNon you fucking dweeb. Blow your fucking nose, grow up and learn how to speak.
joseph procella (16 days ago)
Rutexas (16 days ago)
Awesome, now we get all the crap from China, one week earlier.
TrueFaith94 (10 days ago)
And you'll buy it
David Schofield (16 days ago)
Melting arctic sea ice does not change sea level.
Tubmaster 5000 (13 days ago)
David Schofield I don't think anyone said it did. Melting sea ice is indicative of a warming clinate, not rising sea level. The melting ice that would cause rising sea levels are the land-based ice caps, principally those of Greenland and Antarctica.
Just an ordinary man (17 days ago)
How is the last piece regarding cost per change in degrees calculated??? U.S. is very diverse in climate from NY and Texas!
psychiatry is eugenics (17 days ago)
The meek shall inherit the earth , after Europeans succeed in exterminating each other .
psychiatry is eugenics (17 days ago)
dam Canadians
RailFanning & Stuff (18 days ago)
SORRY to break it to you but the NWP is the QUEENS LAND contracted by the English crown's common wealth to be Governed by Canada. The USA will never be able to force it as an international shipping rout the problem is England will veto anything regarding it at the UN security council as they have a permanent seat ! It is a pipe dream. XD
Darth Cookie (10 days ago)
RailFanning & Stuff I mean we could always invade Canada and take Ottawa, then invade the British Isles and capture London, and force them to vote our way lmfao.
Jean Genibrel (18 days ago)
How is (supposed) 250,000 yearly deaths a cost to the northwest Passage??
Phi (18 days ago)
"Canada's New Shipping Shortcut" Nope not in the foreseeable future. The Russians who are much more savvy about the Arctic than we have ever been, used their latest ice breaker and didn't make it. It was stranded for several weeks until a rescue ship reached them and broke them out. They made it home safe. From reading the comments below, you folk need to get out more. The Arctic is gaining ice as it cycles through the seasons.
Gottenhimfella (16 days ago)
Ahem - wrong passage, bud. NE, not NW. And it's the Antarctic which is gaining ice. The Arctic is in collapse, ice-wise. But feel free to keep making stuff up; I'm sure it keeps you occupied.
Dominique Charriere (18 days ago)
The Maldives will disappear in the 2000s... Read in the 90s. Well, the Maldives are still there... And I still not fly to work every morning in a flying car.
Logan Leslie (18 days ago)
Let me say this as simply as possible,,, Canada, owns, Canada. When the United States allows ALL Canadians free passage at any time, unchecked, to pass through their country to get to Mexico.Perhaps Canada will talk to the USA about reciprocity. Until then,,,,well,,,you know what I'm going to say,,,,Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.
Logan Leslie (9 days ago)
@Darth Cookie Americans think they own everything. What they don't own, they bomb. Canada will never acknowledge any country who claims Canada does not own the Nothwest Passage.
Darth Cookie (10 days ago)
Logan Leslie there’s a pretty big difference between a large waterway and dry land owned by a country. American ships already pass through Canada via the St. Lawrence from the Great Lakes yet I don’t see you getting your panties in a bunch over that
dave Davidh (18 days ago)
If China can claim the sea of Japan I don,t see the problem with Canada controlling its inland waterways.
Jeff J (20 days ago)
“250k (estimated) deaths due to climate change surely isn’t worth it”?! 1.25 million people actually die in road accidents each year; even after billions is spent on ways to mitigate those deaths.So obviously you have concluded that we should immediately ban all cars? Thanks for the great insight on cost / benefit analysis, Wendover
Mick West (20 days ago)
Your Model on Global Warming is so Wrong - Do More Research - Remove this Tripe from the Net
Daniel Filippus (20 days ago)
0:58 Wait, the artic is melting?
Nathan (20 days ago)
Ok ill give you that global warming is a real problem but near the end of the video you pin it on the us which is retarded not only because the us makes up a fraction of global carbon emissions but also attempting to fight climate change today would be economic suicide you should be quiet before you look like an idiot and keep the politics to yourself
I Em Hoo I Iz (20 days ago)
This is bullshit.
stu chambo (20 days ago)
Melting sea ice will not race sea levels.
A Nobody (21 days ago)
We need to manifest our destiny in Canada and Greenland
ChanmailleMan (21 days ago)
Rocks and Oil (21 days ago)
Dream on...babbling nonsense. Ice is not melting increased last year and not even as low as it was 100 years ago...and Arctic ice won't raise the oceans. It is already in balance. Only Antarctic ice can raise the oceans
Doug Mcdonell (9 days ago)
Arctic sea ice won't raise the oceans but the 2,850,000 cubic km of Greenland ice is in the arctic and melting that would raise the ocean lots.
TheGreatSeraphim (21 days ago)
I dont see how it can be considered international waters. All examples that were listed were examples of a country being blocked access completely to the oceans and it was the sole path to a location. NW passage is not a sole route to the pacific or Atlantic
david death (21 days ago)
Doug Mcdonell (9 days ago)
They wouldn't get to burn down the White House this time!
Sean Kundu (9 days ago)
@Darth Cookie less. Canada is like you annoying baby sister. if they bug u you can CRUSH THEM AND TURN THEM INTO ATOMS.
Darth Cookie (10 days ago)
david death the Canadians will be singing the Star Spangled banner in half an hour lmfao
geo (21 days ago)
the arctic ice melting wouldn't cause rising sea levels because its floating ice. the only melting ice that would effect sea levels would be land ice
Doug Mcdonell (9 days ago)
Most of the arctic ice is in Greenland.
Tom Mallard (21 days ago)
The heat gained in the 2007 retreat of seaice was 95,000-Twh, closing all steam plants 250Mwh and larger is a one-time save of 36,000-Twh, 2-1/2 times less. The heat gained is no longer released in fall, the ice is near a game-over bluewater event. Chopping up the Arctic seaice for shipping is a Death Certificate for economic survival.
Border Collie (21 days ago)
Really boring.......and so out of date.......ho hum.....fuck the lefties.