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Canada's New Shipping Shortcut

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Arthes Mendor (23 hours ago)
The U.S. doing what the U.S. does best. "This is ours. Oh and also that over there, yeah that thing you think is yours is also ours."
Isaak Schimdt (1 day ago)
5:26 it's Romania instead of Moldova, as you wrongly said.
Xaverderschnitzelfan (1 day ago)
5:30 wait... So I coulve killed the asshole on that bridge in vienna 2 years ago?
5ive5ive6ix WR (3 days ago)
symbolsandsystems (3 days ago)
Ice Age is comming
Joe (4 days ago)
Funny thing is the climate change debate Is a big joke. Climate has always changed and always will. The Earth was much warmer during the Dinosaur ages and much colder during the ice age. Neither of which had anything to do with humans. Humans could be wiped out and the climate will still change.
Mr.NaughtyPants (4 days ago)
To bad the Canadians didn't fire on the Coast Gaurd cutter. Then we'd have grounds to go to war with them and seize and annex their whole country to the US. Assemulate all of them
Richard S (5 days ago)
Try this experiment... Get a glass of water and put ice in it. What happens to the water level when the ice melts?
Bob The builder (5 days ago)
Thanos: im sorry little one... the hardest choices require the strongest wills...
Megan Jester (6 days ago)
Hmmm. No comment that the polar ice caps are increasing for the last three years.
Cypher (6 days ago)
Panama cough cough
Wayne Gabler (8 days ago)
Canada owns both shores so they can operate it like a toll road as long as they keep it open. That pays off big when Hudson Bay is declared to be for Canadian fishing boats only and then feeding the fish maxes out the profits. The part that is missing is the 3M people who would desire to live beside the trade route and the money they contribute to Canada's economy.
Leonhard Pauli (8 days ago)
Greetings from Austria 🇦🇹🇦🇹😂
Colton R. Dean (10 days ago)
This is the real reason rich people don't "believe" in climate change. Also, all that real estate in Antarctica.
my playlist of garbage (10 days ago)
The passage should be used to the Benefit of the native peoples who inhabit the region. Not the government in Ottawa.
Condor1970 (11 days ago)
This is why Canada won't be Canada for much longer. The selfish incompetence of Ottawa is a disgrace.
Róbert Balázs Lőrincz (12 days ago)
5:32 i like how he says Austria, Hungary, and so on
Matrixmix 2015 (12 days ago)
Danube has nothing to do with Moldova, you meant Romania ? Moldova was part of Romania.
Gadesht Mounigama (13 days ago)
a case of convenience versus commerce. Its Canadas, infrastructure costs money, fees are cost of doing business. Economics 101, oh during wartime, like when in the last 50 year hasnt somebody been at war ? America would never cave if it was in their sphere of influence.
Alex Evans (14 days ago)
Bet you if America had that passageway within its borders, they would declare it as their own, not international
Dave Kellar (14 days ago)
Why major waterways man made haven’t been made across continents—- who knows why they havent
Dave Kellar (14 days ago)
Maybe a small fee but should be out of our waters—- it’s law
robert moore (17 days ago)
Be sure to take pictures of the last polar bears starving to death as you drop that oil off to Japan.
Arsenico971 (19 days ago)
The melting polar ice will not rise the sea level, because it's already in the water. On the contrary, since frozen water has more volume than liquid water, it will lower it. It's the land glaciers that, when melting, fall into the ocean that can rise the sea level.
Rich Emanuel (19 days ago)
Do your research re sea level rise that's not a natural variation.
niva zero (19 days ago)
3:30 isn't the panama canal route closer?
Matei Dura (20 days ago)
My friend, take another quest on your geography lesson and knowledge. Regarding the Danube river and the countries about it its fuckin Romania, not "Moldavia". Learn more before making those kind of videos.
Techguyz1 (20 days ago)
I think the melting by 2050 is quite a stretch.
Monty Python (21 days ago)
Canada..it is the USA when we want it..War..ha Ha!
P Cerritos (21 days ago)
Fails to mention those countries that polite more than the US, due to unregulated industry this guy only talks shit without leaving his personals opinions to himself
amazing world (22 days ago)
වශී ගුරුකම් ඇත්තද https://youtu.be/G9jFSRQv8ZE
Thomas Bodi (23 days ago)
James Smith (25 days ago)
This is a lie!!! The ice is NOT less!!
Frankie Bedek (25 days ago)
The North West Passage through the Canadian archipelago isn’t a real choke point, there’s a whole ocean around Russia. And it’s surrounded by Canadian territory for hundreds of kilometres, unlike the others that a few dozen kilometres at most.
Interest in old school (27 days ago)
Blah.....blah....blah on your climate change fear mongering.....it's been happening long before we were walking upright!
allen fraser (27 days ago)
Canada doesn't have the power to control anything. It is a weak country politically and militarily and becoming weaker with the present government it has.
K. Chris Caldwell (27 days ago)
What's to happen when the _Climate Change"_ scam unwinds?!
Bran (28 days ago)
I'm looking forward to the Arctic ocean DLC coming out in 2050
richard müller (29 days ago)
12 degrees by 2100???? We are already in 2020 now and have bearly one degree since 1880.
Marcus Fenix (30 days ago)
I'm American and I say It belongs to Canada. What if China built an artificial Island up there in Canadian waters like they're doing in the Sputh China Sea and claimed it as theirs? Would the Canadian prime minister with no testicles: Justin Trudeau have the balls to tell China to go to hell? I think not. Trump would!
Marcus Fenix (30 days ago)
What happened to the ice age; what caused it? Ice melted long before man and industrial revolution. But we blame it on mankind. One Volcanic eruption expels more debris and pollution than mankind does in one hundred years. CO2 is good for trees and plants. The people who are pushing this climate change bullshit are liberal Democrats who are running every poverty stricken city filled with trash and worst polluters.
Craig Osborn (1 month ago)
Proud Deplorable (1 month ago)
F canada!
Julwiez de Ghorz (1 month ago)
Imagine if you can teleport an entire cargo ship from Japan to western europe instead of traveling north. !
Bob Brown (1 month ago)
Lake California
Isagani Jore (1 month ago)
Trash of canada .. will be damp there...
Lakshmi Karthik Bandi (1 month ago)
YOU (somehow) GOT the INDIAN MAP correct !!
TheNoobkiller3000 (1 month ago)
Agenda-driven, non-authoritative factoids at the end earned this video a dislike. 250,000 deaths a year?, really? Lol
Stalin ,exe (1 month ago)
You can't even try to say that Canada doesn't own it. The Suez and Panama canals aren't considered international waters and the NWP is almost the exact same. The other straits are international waters because it provides other countries accesses to the ocean, that isn't the case here all it is is a shortcut like the Suez and Panama canals. The man made excuse doesn't cut it either considering the infrastructure that Canada would require to effectively police the area and rescuing ships would be required to keep the area safe and commercially viable would cost more then either canal and they most certainly would. Why is it that canada would have to invest so much in something like this and not even be able to charge entrance fees?
AMAS Channel 2 (1 month ago)
Time for an update on this one, people! The ice will likely be returning before 2050, not be gone by then.
TVChannel One (1 month ago)
Russia have been quiet on climate change for five decades because warming gets them shipping routes from Arkhangelsk to Vladivostok... Similar advantage..
Feces Pieces (1 month ago)
Just take it from Canada and tell them to shut up and sit down. What are they going to do? Send a strongly worded letter? They’re a bunch of pussies.
James Bonde (1 month ago)
I live there,,, Oogluktatuk. They're building a billion dollar port in my town. Projections are, that the town will be a city of 500,000 in ten years. In fact, they are laying down beach sand at the shoreline in anticipation of a world class hotel. Also, they are heaping up enough dirt, about 1,000 feet high for a skiing complex. Keep in mind that though the North West Passage will be ice free in the summer, in the winter we will have lots of snow. It's just that sea water won't freeze. I'm taking courses on hotel management in Moosonee.
Hacksaw (1 month ago)
Ice pack is NOT melting it is very much expanding..... check out NOAA maps....
Gort (1 month ago)
Point of order: If all the arctic sea ice melts it will not raise raise sea level by one inch; that H2O is already in the ocean.
Benbunnies (1 month ago)
That would be true if it were seawater as well, but since it is freshwater which is less dense than seawater, melting will increase the water level. https://nsidc.org/news/newsroom/20050801_floatingice.html
Rem Pandel (1 month ago)
This video was objective until yougot into global warming armageddon propaganda.
Shark Fin Marketing (1 month ago)
Is there climate change-Yes! that is how we get seasons, warm in the summer and cold in the winter. Is it a world crisis-NO! The climate has been fluctuating for the last 10,000 years since the Earth was created. How many times have so called experts said we should already be dead and of course we are all still very much alive-it is all about money and power, so they use scare tactics for people who just believe whatever is spewed through media organizations. A world crisis is just BS-that doesn't mean we can't be good stewards of the Earth as Individuals, but governments and propagandist need to stay the Hell out of the conversation.
E Johnson (1 month ago)
Shark Fin Marketing - The fact that you think you know more than the experts is laughable when you imply the earth is 10000 years old. Yes, our climate fluctuates, but in cycles in the 100s of thousands, not 10000. There will be another ice age long after we're gone and this passage will be closed off again and millions of people will probably freeze to death.
TayLybb (1 month ago)
Almost a good vid till the sjw nonsense at the end.
Z4 44Z (1 month ago)
TayLybb You’re a fucking idiot.
Robert Emerson (1 month ago)
I want to first say that I love Canada and hope there's never any conflict with them and America. That being said, I sincerely doubt that Canada wants a war with America. Js
james crown (1 month ago)
wait so you mean the Earth isn't flat?
seancuthbertca (1 month ago)
Interesting how you assume Canada would restrict who can go through it. Do the owners of the Panama or Suez Canals have that power? If not, then it's a non-issue for Canada as well. As long as the relevant fees are paid to the Canadian government and our government doesn't squander the money but puts it toward military monitoring and S&R people and equipment along the passage then there's no issues.
Jr Lavallee (1 month ago)
Tou may want to research this a little more. More people have summited Mount Everest, than have crossed the North West Passage. In 2018 only 2 ships made the passage due to ice. One reason ships can make the passage easier now is satellite imaging and ice reports, helicopters, and skilled ice pilots. There are also severe restrictions on vessels entering arctic waters, including substantially reinforced hulls, waste water retention., etc.
InventorZahran 327 (1 month ago)
Tracing one warm line through a land so wild and savage, to take a Northwest Passage to the sea!
Jonathan Sheneman (1 month ago)
What’s Canada going to really do? Attack us with the snowbirds? If enough countries decide (and enough will ) then it’s going to be international waters. Canada simply doesn’t have enough resources or clout to stop this reality from happening.
vzgsxr (1 month ago)
The map at 3:29 showing the route from China, looks longer than using the Panama canal? I guess the cost of using the canal is a factor also.
Jackson C (1 month ago)
You have to realize that flat maps are planar representations of a globe. The closer you go to the poles, the lateral distance you need to circle the world decreases.
Riovanes (1 month ago)
>ctrl+f >no stan rogers Come on people
InventorZahran 327 (1 month ago)
For just one time I would take the Northwest Passage, to find the hand of Franklin reaching for the Beaufort Sea!
turtle_food (1 month ago)
Global warming what a great opertunity to make some more money am i right??? :DDD
turtle_food (1 month ago)
Erebos and Terror anyone?
Piotr Dudała (1 month ago)
Amazon River was internationalized at some point, because of india rubber trade ... Brazil opposed, but was to weak to prevent it. Let's face it, Canada, wonderfull as it is, is too small nation and economy to effectively control such vast area .... (larger than 10 more populous US). Without US support ( :D ) they will ultimately have to eat it.
sean hancock (2 months ago)
Go around, visit the Cape Of Good Hope.
sean hancock (2 months ago)
Negotiate an agreement. A fair passage fee for establishment of safety sites, icebreakers, aircraft and personnel paid to Canada would be appropriate for this one-of-a-kind shortcut. Unlike other bottlenecks to shipping and tourism on earth, the Arctic mandates special consideration, it's an unforgiving environment. Expenses can range from high to catastrophic; fees to cover said costs seem reasonable. Pissing off our neighbors to the North by rash behavior seems unreasonable. A possible negotiation point might include all Arctic border countries sharing the expense of setting up the necessary infrastructure initially then paying a smallish token fee thereafter. Russia maintains year-round passage over the top of their northern coast, they have cost figures associated with their work. Check them out?
Rimas Meleshyus (2 months ago)
Great video, many thanks
mowtow90 (2 months ago)
This is the reason why Turkey is building a channel that is going to replace the Bosfures. They are going to re-direct commerisial traffic via it (for a fee) and leave the rest to the old route.
epic weirdo (2 months ago)
at 7:52 the argument is bad because you could easily say the same for panama
4D bullshit Patroll (2 months ago)
Not going to melt
Emil (2 months ago)
"Climate change can't be worth it for some cheeper goods" It's not like we can choose or not choose climate change.
Kimberly Williams (2 months ago)
I use to be a conservative democrat and over the years I was fed up with the democrats and republicans and their constant fighting. As far as I am concerned Pelosi is a total nutcake and her attack of President Trump is illegal, wasting time and money when the United States of America has more important issues however if anyone should be impeached it should be Pelosi, Adam Schiff and his thugs who do not care about the United States of America. For your information President Trump is on the right track regarding immigration and NATO and American citizens are sick and tired of footing the bill for NATO and other political organizarions. For the record Speaker of the House Pelosi should be impeached along with the rest of her leftwing Commie Sympathizing Goons. The democrats have to respect the office of the President and work with President Trump to keep America as the worlds leader of democracy. I like President Trump and he may not be perfect however he's doeing a good job at keeping America strong and stopping China from displacing America as the worlds leading nation. For a fact China and Russia have not changed since the end of WW2 and if China and Russia had their way the United States of America would be a defeated nation. As long as the United States of America maintains it's US Navy, US Marines, US Army, US Air Force and US Coast Guard we cannot be defeated. However the Chinese must be brought to account for it's thievery and predatory theft of other nations resouces such as intenational theft of other nations fishing stocks and natural rescources. Most important China must banned from the Arctic Commision and not be allowed to navigate the Northwest Passage in Alaska and Canada period. These waters belong to the USA and Canada and if you left the Chinese in Northwest Passage they will pollute and rape the fishing stocks and try to steal land from other nations. Presently China is the only nation in the world that polluted, raped and decimated their entire fishing stocks of the entire Chinese coast. Since than the Chinese became actively engaged in the world-world piracy of poaching of international fising stocks from every small nation to weak to fight and defend their coastlines. China has become a world-wide predatory lender worse than the Mafia and Russian Loan Sharks. We must work hard to stop Chinas Island building and bribing officials of small nations in the south pacific region to steal their land. The Chinese have become the scourge of the world with their International thievery and theft of other nations natural resources!!!
Maggie Jetson (2 months ago)
Ice melting is not something we intended to do just to get the water way opens up.
SCREAMIN' LORD BYRON (2 months ago)
Canada: that was an act of war! USA: what are you gonna do about it? Canada: umm... gulp... well we're willing to let it slide this time (slowly backs out of room)
Ron Kemp (2 months ago)
You cant stop climate change no mater how much money you through away.
Rafter Rafter (2 months ago)
My neighbor had his SUV vandalize and a busted back window; He said to me" I'm glad that there's no more back window, now i can fit my lawn mower without tht glass interfering with the mower's handle!!!
Madhura Karibe (2 months ago)
Wait wait so what's up with the Suez Canal? Wasn't that, like, nationalized by Egypt?
Squsodu (2 months ago)
this video was made possible by hover did hover cause global warming and melt the ice?
Gavin N (2 months ago)
Your premise that pacific islands are going to drown because of arctic ice melting is JUST PLAIN WRONG. Arctic ice floats over the ocean, when it melts there is ZERO rise in sea level. If you want to see real life proof of this, simply fill a glass of water and then put a large ice block in it. You will see as the ice melts the glass does not overflow. Basic science.
Cameron Gregoire (2 months ago)
We don’t even have coast guard in Vancouver LOL
dj123 (2 months ago)
As the cost of living rises in developing regions manufacturing may move back to the developed regions.
Yugi Muto (2 months ago)
2:10 why not just ship too new york and then transport it by land the rest of the way?
Wayward Son (2 months ago)
It doesn't matter if the world heats up. Theres good land to move as the ice melts and technology to stay in the harsh ones that start to cook. As far as loss of life by global warming as you claim: Human life doesn't matter to governments and most people since in America alone 80,000,000 of our people have been aborted and New York says you can kill the baby after its born. Dont even talk about loss of life especially when people have to go to war for the Bankers and their global ambitions.
John Bishop (2 months ago)
blah blah blah climate change.... the climate has always changed and has never been constant in the entire history of the planet. deal with it.
John Bishop (2 months ago)
sea levels were 400ft lower at the peak of the last ice age. any additional sea level rise at this point would be completely insignificant.
pastorart1974 (2 months ago)
Man made Climate Change is a Hoax, period.
almond potato (2 months ago)
Everyone talking about how Canada could abuse this waterway if it's not made international... But, lets be honest here, Canada is waayyy too nice to do that.
Jafaws (2 months ago)
Up to 250 K deaths a year from climate change? Who comes up with this shit? Oh, and forty years ago they said all the sea Ice was going to have melted by 20 years ago, so maybe if we keep saying it is going to happen in 40 or 50 years it's finally going to happen. I guess people still believe in the coming of some Devine savior/ redeemer or prophet. We all gotta believe in something, I guess.
Jurgen Homola (1 month ago)
450,000 people die annually JUST because of medical malpractice in the US alone. And people focus on 250,000 that "MIGHT" be killed annually in the 2100??? Just shows how "#FAKE" climate activists are... #WAKEUP world... You're being #brainwashed into believing all this #crap about the #FAKE #Climatechange #propaganda! #WAKEUP world! Do your own #RESEARCH before you believe the #WISEONES! Just because they wear a white coat and have the title DR or professor, does NOT MEAN they tell you the #truth. #WAKEUP world!
Crikeny (2 months ago)
We should be allowed to tax countries with a fee just like the suez and panama canal. We'll use the funds to build rescue bases in the remote north. Also on the condition ports like Vancouver, Halifax, Montreal get more cargo off loaded in their ports.
user8231238384 (2 months ago)
Cheaper products = more plastic
GamerTom (2 months ago)
2:08 Panama Canal?
Mike Stirewalt (2 months ago)
Making the point that a 13 degree rise will cost only money and a few lives, you might better point out the millions of species being destroyed by fossil fuel use and development, including the acidification of the ocean leading to reefs (the hatcheries of thousands of species of fish and other sea life) disappearing . . . not to mention the flooding of land masses, including most of southern Florida. The ocean is already acidified 30% higher than it was previously. Counting climate change in terms of dollars is patheticly shortsighted.
Elias D (2 months ago)
Won't be worth it... Mean while American capitalists be like "make more money you say? Worth the the few who die"
John Franklin (2 months ago)
“Every 1 degree in global warming in the US will result in $1.44 Billion loss to its GDP” Sounds like more Leftist Junk Science to me.