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How To Get Free Food From McDonalds

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What happens when you ask for tacos at McDonalds... "Oh dude they're swapping toys up in here... I love it." Do not attempt to recreate or reenact.
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Text Comments (2186)
Jizz Monster (2 years ago)
They patched that on the 1.5 update
Philadelphia Fly Eagles Fly (2 years ago)
technically is not stealing because it was handed to him
PFlaunchpad - MUSIC (2 years ago)
Wow, that's just crazy
FrankieTheDude (2 years ago)
is the straw in here?
chloe (2 years ago)
imagine being this bored lmfao
RTPK (2 years ago)
Sickass foos
Glitch (2 years ago)
Lol....that's fucking genius...
Carlito cloutsalez (2 years ago)
Wtf are thosee!! @2:47
Welsh Whale (2 years ago)
Later that day he got McDonalditus very deadly......
mowin4cash (2 years ago)
Probably will vote Bernie Sanders
GhostFace Gaming (2 years ago)
Dammmm........ Daniel
Ryan Vern (2 years ago)
Old trick really old guys, it's easier if you ask for only water they don't register it
Roscoe Coltrain (2 years ago)
Clever...so I guess we've just witnessed the training of a couple of the next generation America's Most Wanted honoree's
Suprem e (2 years ago)
You guys are that fucking hungry y😑
Jersey Piney (2 years ago)
Don't try this. Just the fact that the it's the guy behind themes food and they'll ask what he ordered and once they realize it was those kids they'll check the cameras unless you're lucky lol
RareSound (2 years ago)
thats fuckin hurtin lmfaoo
FaZe Neegaroo (2 years ago)
I Need To Try This
zuwwuz (2 years ago)
i would defenitly do this idk why people disliked it it was funny
Bobby Babson jr (2 years ago)
That food is going to kill you in the end anyway .
Spencer J (2 years ago)
How to get free diabetes
FaZe Bengii (2 years ago)
this video makes me laugh because when the guy behind them goes to the window to get his food he ain't gonna have any😂😂😂
Ilovedogs (2 years ago)
why did i watch this i don't even like mcdonalds
adriana_ (2 years ago)
Now all the orders were probably jacked up
Anthony Arcuri (2 years ago)
Wow can't afford a $5 meal.
BlazerBattle66 (2 years ago)
Ben G (2 years ago)
One reason I do not use the Drive thru.
Echo tech (2 years ago)
Also this is whybmcdonalds stopped the double Window thing you gotta pay and wait at the same window
Vapryx (2 years ago)
So this is why I always get the wrong order
Melissa Gemini (2 years ago)
Michael Cooper (2 years ago)
That's fuuuuucked up bro😂
Fantage Flower (2 years ago)
download the McDonald app you can get any sandwich on the menu for free 💀 and just keep making new account free sandwiches for days
「Moonman」 (2 years ago)
Can someone explain what they did?
iBagelz (2 years ago)
I would totally do that ...but I would feel so guilty
Noah Andrew (2 years ago)
Aw dood I got a fat burger
Syed Salim (2 years ago)
There is a reason why people now pay and get food at one window.
Wesley Pierce (2 years ago)
I once stole. But it was just your girl
Frank 94 (2 years ago)
if I was the car behind tbh I would be pissed😂😂😂
Daniel G (2 years ago)
So savage 😂
U238 (2 years ago)
I would feel horrible after doing that. 😓
David Ivy (2 years ago)
Fat muthafuckas😂
Isaias Garcia (2 years ago)
Sorry but that was patched on the 2.5 update.
Miss Dolo (2 years ago)
Payeton Hayes (2 years ago)
That was awsome
Joseph Ferguson (2 years ago)
Luckiie Dude (2 years ago)
I walked in and waiting by the counter and got free food. A baby could do it.
Jennifer Gonzalez (2 years ago)
Lisa Blackhall (2 years ago)
sick bu t I bet someone done that to me once
Warren G. (2 years ago)
Looks like by the size of you. You should have got a salad TUBBY!
BigDogGaming (2 years ago)
AD DP (2 years ago)
m16alex1 (2 years ago)
Mula 2K (2 years ago)
Clever, but at the same time you cant afford mcdonalds? 👀
Sheldon Cooper (2 years ago)
Anthony Ruiz (2 years ago)
hahahahhaa cool
Alex Firetruck (2 years ago)
Leilani G (2 years ago)
wow that's smart but then again a real bad thing to do
trew news (2 years ago)
steal away. the guy behind you will end up getting his stuff. mcdonalds earn way to much they don't give a fuck about you. steal all you can. fuk corporations. mcdonalds don't have a clean history of doing the right thing or paying taxes. they owe you a burger if anything.
christopher williams (2 years ago)
MG Gaming (2 years ago)
yall thugs
Venom Snake121 (2 years ago)
Really that's called theft
Spookydog Hub (2 years ago)
screw u so know I know who took my food
Spookydog Hub (2 years ago)
screw u
Hero0617 (2 years ago)
ČuzTadyTomáš (2 years ago)
Lema Ahmad (2 years ago)
thats just mest up
Zetzy (2 years ago)
lmao legends
J.P. Noone (2 years ago)
Stupid geniuses.
Scollazo166 (2 years ago)
We just got your face on camera 😲
phillup aboulle (2 years ago)
That's the meaning of "paying it forward" lmfao!!!
Bethany Bailey (2 years ago)
awesome but, i would pay :)
thetruth (2 years ago)
it's funny lol I don't care what anybody says ..when they were kids they did dumb shit also....so stop being hypocrites lol
AyyoShyGurlTv (2 years ago)
I fucking laughed my ass off, idgaf this shit was funny!👌😂
Olly 03 (2 years ago)
They obviously gave it to the other customer again
Poppet teppoP (2 years ago)
get receipt from bins then call them saying they forgot stuff or cold meal. then drive threw with receipt.
Loreena Kromis (2 years ago)
you guys are jerks you shouldn't be steeling you should be setting an exaple I'm just a kid and I came upon this but I'm not dumb like you two and not gonna do that in life. You think before you do.
Ummila (2 years ago)
o my gog genius
Rio Pope (2 years ago)
I agree
NXTG3N3RATION _m8 (2 years ago)
Hahaha lol
Carparazzi (2 years ago)
That a legitimate crime 😁😁 and its public to ppl
Tom Lee (2 years ago)
Well done you stole like $4
StayHigh_On_Extracts710 (2 years ago)
That's crazy yoo!!😆😆😆 lol😂 I need to do some shit like that
Jaycob Salsedo (2 years ago)
That's a good way to get FREE FOOD
AJ Y (2 years ago)
rofl douchebags 👍some good shit right👌🏻fucking there✔️ fan fucking tastic boys
xPOVI (2 years ago)
white people stealing? wtf
Der GucciKing :D (2 years ago)
fuck yooooooooooo
Toni (2 years ago)
stealing junk food? i won't even eat that shit for free.
Yousuf i027 (2 years ago)
Brabus 76 (2 years ago)
mediocre food
Chris (2 years ago)
really is it worth going to jail over a double quarter pounder meal they forgot you toy also
Yatziry Masen (2 years ago)
MickyMicky Mike (2 years ago)
won't work if they tell you to pull up to the 1st window where you pay and get the food at the same window.
Ross Brunskill (2 years ago)
Bloody brilliant.fuck those bougoise suits at McDildo,this is the price you pay for hiring ignorant serfs and hoarding your riches to where you cant even pay them enough to live.
enri4134 (2 years ago)
This guy's face looks like an open-faced McRib without the sauce.... Nice haircut.
tyler jensen (2 years ago)
not cool
tyler jensen (2 years ago)
not cool
Billy Brandt (2 years ago)
That's not nice
brocolli_killer (2 years ago)
Wow! So your what a douche looks like, who knew!
tutuca (2 years ago)
Maybe it was setup and the guy behind him was his friend
Dexter Hartman (2 years ago)
You're a plank 😂😂
Dargonsyler101 (2 years ago)
did you guys go back and pay for it
Juliette Haasbroek (2 years ago)
Why would assholes steal food from McDonalds if their food are disgusting?