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Thanks Dale UPS commercial

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The UPS commercial where DJ finally races the truck, then hangs up the key for the final time...Sniff!!
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William Grantham (1 year ago)
Thanks William Grantham!!!!!
William Grantham (1 year ago)
Survivrs (3 years ago)
I still cry when I watch this. I was watching when he got his final victory at Talladega. It was the only time I saw him win. He will always be my favorite.
Survivrs (5 years ago)
Hey, I cried! I cry every time I watch it although it's not as much as it was that first year. Then when they did the "Thanks Dale" with the papers in the stands before his last race I absolutely bawled!!! I miss those hilarious UPS commercials.
Survivrs (5 years ago)
I actually was watching him win his last race at Talledega in 2005. My husband was asleep (worked 3rd shift) and I went in and just started jumping up and down on the bed that Dale had won. I'm so lucky he didn't backhand me, lol I had never seen DJ win any of his other races because I was a little slow getting into NASCAR. My husband was the one who got me into it and I chose DJ as my favorite right away because of who he pie!!!! AMERICAN MADE.
MrCountryredneckboy (5 years ago)
i kinda teared up during this been a dale fan since i was 5 years old they brought in younger more cocky drivers who were just in the sport for the money but dale just loved to race and thats what racing is about not for the money but for the glory ask any local track racer
James Ellison (7 years ago)
You ain't leavin' without a race Dale!" "You guys want a race, you got one!" LOL He was a great racer,& I'm glad he hasn't completely left NASCAR.
bsebll552 (9 years ago)
its not just you, he really does
lpsrt (9 years ago)
Yep :D lol
justin jus (9 years ago)
i notic that also.. (spelling) :)
lpsrt (9 years ago)
man almost makes you wanna cry. It looks at the end of the video that he is going to cry, i dont know if thats just me but thats what it looks like.
Tret64 (9 years ago)
agreed Dale is a class act and a inspiration to us all
qwerty2700 (9 years ago)
aww :( sad i miss DJ