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Local UPS driver talks about his 50 years on the job

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Not many people can say they've worked at the same place for 50 years, and if they can, not many still love it as much as they did when they started.
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Michael Kirkland (18 days ago)
Man needs to enjoy his golden years chillin,not working.
Me Too (29 days ago)
The man loves his job
LordBigot ofHateTube (1 month ago)
want a black boss, work at ups
M K (1 month ago)
He will probably get more than a mil. 401 and pension after he's done with the company
Matt C (1 month ago)
Good job
lunabird89 (2 months ago)
3 years ago I started my doorman job . I plan to punch in 32 more years . Let’s go .
Corey Jordan (3 months ago)
Congrats, on working at ups. Not, a lot of people can work that long anywhere, especially working in the transportation industry. Being a truck driver is a hard job. Its very physical work. There is a lot of things going on with that. The guy he looked up too, had it hard too. - Marty peters. Its time to retire my brother. Go enjoy life, there is more to life than working. My grandfather worked at International harvester for 30 and retired at 62. I'm retiring at 60. Got to beat the old man.
Elliott Avant (3 months ago)
Much respect... congratulations to him. I wish I could meet this gentleman.
peewee h (3 months ago)
Sir John Doe of PennsWoods (3 months ago)
Congrats to you....huge milestone. You set the pace for the rest of your race
vladimir putin (4 months ago)
Drives a big rig, that’s a lot easier that delivering packages
Sub_Second_ Life (4 months ago)
I bet his pension is $10k a month hahahahaha good for him. I’m a driver of 5 years now and it has its moments of both good and bad. He doesn’t have to run in and out 200 times a day. CDL guys have it so easy and make $40+ an hour now. Either way good for him
Danny Brockman (5 months ago)
My first day was 3 days ago I hope it pays off in the end!!!
Andy Dean Cooper (6 months ago)
That's the spirit!!! Amen brother..because all I see is bad comments from alot of current drivers...I'm used to hard work..
Typical Skateboarder (7 months ago)
I just started working for UPS, can't wait to be this happy!
AZ Niteforce (7 months ago)
Otr clowns
Romantic Donkey (7 months ago)
What most in the comments don’t seem to understand is the man is not working for the money. He is easily a millionaire a few times over in his retirement accounts. The man found his passion and continues to work because he loves what he does. We should all be so fortunate.
andy bay (7 months ago)
They paid him
Mike jones (8 months ago)
They let black people drive semi back in the 60s
jdl 68 (3 months ago)
Mike jones he didnt drive in the 60s he was a package handler he was lucky enough to get that so he worked his way up.
mike coy (8 months ago)
I am 20 year driver at ups....we have several drivers with over 50 yrs....its a joke, it's a waste of a life and it keeps a young man with a family out of that full time job! Go volunteer if you want to work more lord knows they don't need the money they are all multi millionaires!
Mathew Hastings (8 months ago)
That's a long time for being a driver, I drove big rigs for a little while and stopped becuase I didn't like it anymore. You have to be content with your situation to stay at a place for 50 years, so hats off to you.
vegjeezy17 (8 months ago)
Treat your workers right and you’ll Have an employee for a lifetime
Bruh Bruh (8 months ago)
I like this guy.
Houston Texas (9 months ago)
Still driving for UPS after 50 years? This dude should be an executive by now. I know his pension is going to be beautiful tho.
Lord Beasley (4 months ago)
Maybe he doesn't want the responsibility and stress of being an executive
Militant KANE (9 months ago)
Ashy ass fingers..lol
Daniel Saldana (9 months ago)
50 years and they didn’t promote him? He should be at the very top after all these years of hard ass work and loyalty
Thomas Daniels (2 months ago)
No way man, as a truck driver, i have had the pleasure of talking to many old school truck drivers, and none of them would take a desk job. This man has probably been offered many times to change positions.
Jimmy Meade (9 months ago)
great job !!!
jonnygotz2343 (10 months ago)
He needs to retire!
Ole Morten Jackman Fiksdal (10 months ago)
What a great guy! I'm about to start my career as a truck driver myself, and I hope to find a good company to work for.
Ole Morten Jackman Fiksdal (8 months ago)
Samy Rodriguez Thanks! I live in Norway, but even here there are a lot great companies in all types of transportation considering trucking. I really hope to get into a serious company with good people. And staying safe is surely the most important job in the job.
Samy Rodriguez (8 months ago)
It’s a great career plenty of good companies out there good luck and most important stay safe.
Andrew (11 months ago)
vikings844 (11 months ago)
I wish I was in his will! Probably a millionaire no joke!
mike coy (24 days ago)
+Kristian that at 50 years of service like the title states..and yes he had over 10 million. in the bank!
Kristian (25 days ago)
+mike coy LOL YOU WISH ....
mike coy (8 months ago)
He sure the hell is. We had a driver at our ups hub that retired at 50 and he had $10 million in his investments.
Monique West (11 months ago)
Damn hasn’t even been a year forme
Leonard F Reid (11 months ago)
I guess he never heard the term "moving up the ladder"? Ah well, If you're happy.
Naj Bull (11 months ago)
I wanna drive trucks but I'm nervous
Thomas Daniels (2 months ago)
+Samy Rodriguez i tell every new driver i come across that the nervousness goes away rather quickly but its very important to not get lax and complacent
Samy Rodriguez (8 months ago)
As a truck driver I’ll tell you this you can get over that once you start getting experience we all get nervous at the beginning go for it and good luck most important stay safe
Andrea Young (1 year ago)
Do you need a CDL to drive one of those trucks
greg ballard (11 months ago)
Andrea Young yes
Jack J (1 year ago)
Walt's a standup guy I worked with him in the sort isle remember Joe velky and Lou calavolpe
Nicholas Bloxxer (1 year ago)
UPS looks like a nice job to work at, it looks fun
Jose M Munoz (1 year ago)
One of the best friends of the Uncle Sam.
Conservative Thought (1 year ago)
Wonderful man, even though he was the only black guy on the job he didn't feel sorry for himself and start making excuses. He kept at it and had a great career.
MrMonroe77 (1 year ago)
I’m so looking forward to my interview with UPS on Monday. I swear I will do my best and be happy with what I’m doing.
Barron Ingram (1 year ago)
man i got 40 at ups freight man I'm breaking camp come november i've had all the fun i can take
Javierjr316 (1 year ago)
I will retire when I have 50 years in my company.
James Williams (1 year ago)
Good for you man, been driving for 5 years and already feel burnout, but this video is inspiring.
Collin Blubaugh (1 year ago)
Waste of a life.
steve rodriguez (2 months ago)
He’s probably the highest paid ups driver
Romantic Donkey (7 months ago)
Collin Blubaugh ... The man truly loves what he does and found happiness. I disagree; I see his as a fulfilled and rewarding life.
Samy Rodriguez (8 months ago)
Well he don’t see it that way cause that’s what he loves to do
charger master (11 months ago)
vikings844 They make decent money but 50 years you could have started your own business that's what I did as soon as I could.
charger master (11 months ago)
Collin Blubaugh True and not true but you gotta eat.
Ramon Arellano (1 year ago)
My uncle has worked at ups for a little over 30 years, 25 of them as a driver. He makes close to 100 grand a year with a high school diploma . Long hours and hustling work , but it pays off.
hi (4 months ago)
Dwill Kanf Lmfao. What do you make tough guy?? You probably sell phones at macys. UPS is a real job that provides for yourself and your family. Youre a fucking pussy.
Dwill Kanf (1 year ago)
vikings844 lol hell yea
vikings844 (1 year ago)
Dwill Kanf Yeh but 99% of the public aren't Mayweather! Ups pay second to none.
Ramon Arellano (1 year ago)
Dwill Kanf Coming from a YouTube mental midget. How cute...
Dwill Kanf (1 year ago)
giancarlo stanton You're a keyboard gangster
tom11zz884 (1 year ago)
He's a throwback to a time when the American Common man was a hardworking, dedicated breed.
R Barnhart (1 month ago)
Now we realized that companies just use you to death and spit you out when your body is broken.
Jesusjuice32 (2 months ago)
tom11zz884 now they ask for handouts and other free shit
Traxxattaxx (1 year ago)
If you guys can’t tell, his bomber jacket and his patch that says 45 on it means he hasn’t had an accident as a ups driver for 45 years. Only the elite drivers (very few) have this achievement.
Joseph Sepulveda (1 month ago)
Very few. I’m just hitting 20 years of service, but I have an accident. 😥
Nick T. (1 year ago)
Traxxattaxx that's even more impressive especially now adays that traffic is really bad.
Rookie Budget Fishing (1 year ago)
50 years he’s in the millionaire retirement group at ups
vikings844 (1 year ago)
Rookie Budget Fishing Agree! That guy is definitely a millionaire
ALPHLITE (1 year ago)
50 years? I better own some of that company wtf
charger master (11 months ago)
ALPHLITE You wont that's why you should just use the dough you make and when you can leave and have your own business.
Vinicio Guerra (1 year ago)
God bless you
Gucci._.BaconTM (1 year ago)
Roman RP (1 year ago)
A BIG different between the Europe Trucks
tonelow5 (1 year ago)
This video made me cry . This guy is awesome!!!!! He’s my hero !!!!!!!!
cartman4885 (1 year ago)
When he retires he will probably be a multi millionaire congratulations
vikings844 (1 year ago)
cartman4885 Most likely already a millionaire! Those UPS feeder drivers make serious bank brah! He is making between 110k - 165k a year depending on his run.
Mike Jensen (1 year ago)
Good man
Jan Lakič (1 year ago)
Amazing. 50 yrs is insane
matthewheathcock (1 year ago)
This guy is what makes America great 👍
Big trump (1 year ago)
Hat off to you sir. I make 115k a year only high school education working at ups. Fuck all these haters, who still live with there mom working at McDonald's.
Big trump (1 year ago)
El Guapo I'm not your mom dude.
Joseph Vanni (1 year ago)
Must be nice finding a job you love,...? I'm about to start at Fedex Freight, just hoping it will last 20! 😗
SeeTheKarma (1 year ago)
I got respect for the drivers. I see them pulling trucks in and out of the warehouse. I’ve seen nothing but great drivers!
Mark's Tech (1 year ago)
Ill bet you my left nut he has about 400k in cash from taht job.
vikings844 (1 year ago)
Marks Tech more like 3 times that amount! He makes around 130k a year. Do the math on that bra!
Lbolting005 (1 year ago)
lol, FAKE & GAY!!! I’m his coworker since 1998, he arrived at 2012, he was cleaning the toilet at 1998, didn’t even drive a truck until 2012. This is Jerome, your co-worker, I just exposed you, for the lying ass hat you are!!!
Jay T (1 year ago)
Not to many people can top that.no work ethic nowadays
BiG JuiCe (1 year ago)
Now that's a real hard dedicated working man!
801CARDLINE (1 year ago)
Should be the CEO
M K (1 month ago)
You African American??? Think before a say
The Hollanesian (4 months ago)
MrRideutah he enjoys his job and doesn't want to be a corporate hack.
Ghetto Lisa (11 months ago)
MrRideutah Driving does not equal CEO brain.
Traxxattaxx (1 year ago)
MrRideutah I think he wouldn’t take it due to his love for driving itself
Matt G (1 year ago)
This guy is a great man
dj billbill#badDJ (1 year ago)
He is happy
AwesomeMCGuy (1 year ago)
50 years with UPS that is dedication and def a sign that someone that enjoys the work they do and more so since he can say another day in paradise when he shows up for work that for sure is an sign of someone that likes their job and will strive to keep doing their best.. like me i work at starbucks i like my job there i will continue to keep working hard to serve the customer's that come in and give them what they ask for and so on so many times i have gotten high praise and good & nice comments about my good work and fast service to keep the lines moving and the customer's happy
charger master (1 year ago)
AwesomeMCGuy Not everyone who stays with a company for that long had a choice they just needed a job.
BrandonPryorMusic (1 year ago)
Good for him, not many people can say they've help one job that long.  Unfortunately UPS is a company that was ruined by the Teamsters Union who make sure to do nothing but protect the lazy man.  Makes for a hostile work environment if you're a you hard working individual.
Flexing101 (1 year ago)
Dam thats to dam long to be working. F that! Lol!!
vikings844 (1 year ago)
Flexing101 The difference between him and you is his bank account is full of money, dummy!
Romeo Quintana (1 year ago)
not worth 50 years as a driver and not owner operator
hi (4 months ago)
UPS drivers currently make almost $37 an hour. There is no such thing as a 40 hour work week as a full time driver. Expect to be at or close to 100k a year with free benefits for you and your family, 401k and retirement, and paid holidays, paid vacations, paid personal days, and paid sick days. High school diploma and a valid drivers liscnese is all that is required.
Samy Rodriguez (8 months ago)
You don’t have to be a owner operator to make money bruh don’t have a one track mind ups drivers make more than you think.
vikings844 (11 months ago)
charger master Self driving truck are way off, they still haven't figure out how they will work in the winter, self driving trucks can't deliver packages to the doors! UPS employee's have nothing to worry about! As for me, I retire from UPS next year! Ha ha ha no worries for me .
charger master (11 months ago)
5065ca Have fun while you can before UPS and Amazon replaces drivers with self driving rigs Kick scream throw all the bullsht you want at me but it's coming.
vikings844 (1 year ago)
zerome81 zerome81 Your crazy, do you have any idea how much he makes! Screw that owner operator shit!
All Things Cars (1 year ago)
Wow!!!!!!!!! I hope to stick with one job like this for 50+ years someday
All Things Cars (1 year ago)
true. automation is bad news. i wonder about lawn care. will that be automated too? it's difficult to believe it would
All Things Cars (1 year ago)
I don't think that self-driving tractor-trailers will be reliable, especially in my state. It rains like crazy where I live, snows, droughts, etc. They have another 10 to 20 years to go before figuring out how to make the robots drive in inclement weather. Someone also needs to handle the packages for the regular moving trucks or whatever you want to call them. It takes a lot of money and time to figure out how to program a robot and make it think for its self.
charger master (1 year ago)
Lincolnator with the rise of robotics i don't think many can this man is lucky he is done because self driving tractor trailers are on the way.
UnlimitedTrucking17 (1 year ago)
An attitude of gold right there and congratulations! 50 years is a HUGE accomplishment
Frank Abagnale (1 year ago)
Too stupid to know a far better life is possible. Poor guy
+Deezy from philly So you basically saying 99% of the world should struggle
+Deezy from philly you would provide your own damn service 🤣
mw driver (9 months ago)
Frank Abagnale when it comes to black people you never got that good say Wishes shows how Racist You Are
mw driver (9 months ago)
Frank Abagnale make up your mind you're dumb racist if a black man don't work you said he's lazy if you forgot if he works 50 years you said he's stupid racist make up your mind
7ViewerLogic (1 year ago)
Good for him!
Mike Kors (1 year ago)
50 years to the date !
Cole Reed (1 year ago)
Thats not an easy job either
Danny Brockman (5 months ago)
Cole Reed definitely not!!!
vikings844 (1 year ago)
MR. DreadHead359 Ups trucks are governed to go only 67 MPH! That's not exactly flying down the road brother! At 37.00 an hour I'm good with that!
Mighty Joe Young (1 year ago)
Charmander Charmander Doubles do more swerving as well as with UPS everything has to be on time no arriving late for being a trucker under them! That's why majority of them trucks be Flying down the Interstates.
Squid (1 year ago)
hes a feeder driver no manual labor but long hours
Sohaib A (1 year ago)
how so?
Joe English (1 year ago)
Today is officially 50 years
Cleate Rose (1 year ago)
50 years at anything is a huge accomplishment. God bless him.
Ghetto Lisa (11 months ago)
vikings844 I make 80k a year, thank you very much. You wish you can make as much money as me.
vikings844 (11 months ago)
Ghetto Lisa Must suck to live in poverty, you must not have a job because most companies are owned by white people
Ghetto Lisa (11 months ago)
Cleate Rose 50yrs of living is a lot better than being a slave to the white man company.
vikings844 (1 year ago)
charger master That won't happen anytime soon. By the time that happens he will be enjoying his large pension on a beach somewhere!
charger master (1 year ago)
Cleate Rose he is an example of. Hard working man. He is lucky he is done now that self driving. Semi,s are on the rise they might replace him.
Carla Head (1 year ago)
Way to go!!! God Bless You,sir.
Scott Lowell (1 year ago)
50 years! Those guys come in at 6am and go home at 7-8pm...ugh
Holy Moses (21 days ago)
+charger master You might need to learn more about trucking buddy. It's a great career as long as you are smart enough to go local or dedicated and be home every night. Youll maybe learn one day that all careers require an abundance of your time. Take it from someone who is a veteran, was welder, HVAC, mom worked in finance, fiance is an RN, brother is over an exxon mobile and more. All these people have great jobs and education and they careers took much of they time. Trucking can be a great career just not over the road trucking. That's definitely just for a quick buck or to pay for your kids college or sum.
hi (4 months ago)
Damien Knight Did you just say 75k lol. UPS drivers make almost $37 an hour currently. There is no such thing as a 40 hour work week at UPS, you work your ass off. Package car drivers gross close to 100k a year. This man is a feeder driver, hes paid hourly at $37 an hour on top of mileage. Turns to about $130k a year with overtime included. Free medical, dental, and vision all paid for %100 by the company for yourself, your spouse, and up to 4 children. Paid vacations, paid personal days, paid sick days, and paid holidays. Give me another full time job that provides you all these things that only requires a diploma and a valid drivers liscense.
Holly Byrne (4 months ago)
+vikings844 how long to work in the hub
Holly Byrne (4 months ago)
+Ashley Craven do you have to work in the hub first
Gregory Spalding (8 months ago)
+Damien Knight not really if you don't have time to spend the money why bother?
Last Lime (1 year ago)
This must be fake. No way can a black man in this racist white privilege world not have a single ticket or have been shot by cops.
crazy honkey (1 year ago)
Last Lime o Jesus Christ here we go lmao
Last Lime (1 year ago)
+Mr.Mister you're a pathetic nazi.
Mr.Mister (1 year ago)
Last Lime You're so pathetic.
Last Lime (1 year ago)
+Mr.Mister you're a moron. I was mocking the BLM retards(which you are probably one of based on your illogical reply). But good for you trying to be righteous while simultaneously making a ass of yourself. If you want to go after racists you should go protest BLM RALLYS(black KKK).
Mr.Mister (1 year ago)
Last Lime Dude, you're racist as fuck.
Michael C. (1 year ago)
Very nice sir. Would be nice if us younger guys could get a shot at buster Brown
Cruiser007 (1 year ago)
I needed to see this video because I'm often thinking of quitting my truck driving job. Thanks for posting & please pray for me.
R Barnhart (1 month ago)
+Red1Fiz Truck driver pay is pure shit. Not worth it unless you get in with a great company which are rare.
Corey Jordan (3 months ago)
How long have you been in the transportation industry? 2. How old are you? and how long have you been driving? Me: I think you should. There is more to life, than working for yourself and for others. Adding, Spend time with your family, spend time with your health, and spend time to god!.
vikings844 (4 months ago)
+Boss Don Any UPS hub or center in a town near you. You will start part time working your ass off. Stick it out,work hard, and remember the money and work there gets better and easier the longer you are there. Go for it!
Boss Don (8 months ago)
vikings844 where do I sign up or start that career ??? 😮
Jos Ron (9 months ago)
Cruiser007 I hope things get better for you but I don't blame you long hours in some cases very low pay and no life
Liquified Petroleum Gas Hauler (1 year ago)
That is awesome. Love it.
Tyler Allen (1 year ago)
Good for him. I hope to find a job that enjoyable that I'm happy to work for.
Austin F (1 year ago)
50yrs hats off to ya that's somethin to be proud of
wesley watson (4 months ago)
hahah Ryan . i like this. well said
Ryan Carson (4 months ago)
If you can't retire after 50 years fuck it light the j and give up. It's safe to say 50 plus years of being an employee is ridiculous. I just don't think like that. What's the point of being honest if I gotta work over 50 fuckin years and don't own the company? ?? That's longer than slavery in ancient Africa. Only the west would expect you to think like this. I can't wait to see what his vacation and benefits package looks like.
The Hollanesian (4 months ago)
Dwill Kanf so collecting welfare like what you're doing is better?
Ghetto Lisa (11 months ago)
Austin Ford Nah, there's a point where you need to fucking stop working and retire.
Dwill Kanf (1 year ago)
Austin Ford llab no it ain't
Cody Gaither (1 year ago)
Particles (1 year ago)
I hope they gave him stock options or something. that old man made ups a lot of money.
vikings844 (10 months ago)
Nick T. They give a company pension that you don't have to pay into that is why they don't have matching 401k and 9 weeks paid vacation. Second to none benefits
Nick T. (1 year ago)
If you work there you can buy stock in the company at a discount. Wish they had a 401k with a match though.
Wet Lettuce (1 year ago)
What if he doesn't want to retire?
Account Inactive (1 year ago)
Wow, this is awesome!
Gerardo Rios (1 year ago)
Very nice sir
Liddlenique 15 (2 years ago)
Nice 👍🏾
Greg Brady (2 years ago)