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Here's Your Sign....

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Text Comments (312)
theicon2020 (1 year ago)
So many truckers are breaking laws in this video its hard to keep track of them all. At least one company's management will know about their driver.
Paul Richards (9 months ago)
Damm do you know what it's like driving a much heavier truck behind a liter truck which have a heavy load?? You will smoke the brakes 100℅ so this foolishness you're talking about don't make no sense. It's socks driving behind dude like this guy and you who love when other trucks is driving behind you.. I hate that I would do the same thing like those drivers but safely
R Stanhope (9 months ago)
theicon2020 ..correction, ,, Cell phone...
R Stanhope (9 months ago)
theicon2020 so many truckers breaking the law...lol. .but the worst one out of the whole bunch is the one holding the call phone...aint that right SCOTTIE
Dave Hughes Farm (1 year ago)
big damn deal.....long live outlaw trucking..
ut000bs (1 year ago)
Mark Harral, safety first. The life you save may be a cute girl's in a BMW… or the family in an SUV… or your own.
ice187dna (5 days ago)
Oh, this is the first video I watched Scottie before I got to know you better and your party peeps. Fate and Destiny :p
steve hamilton (14 days ago)
Professional 4 wheelers getting CDL drive like idiots and no common courtesy, no longer can be called "professional drivers"
Jim Smith (20 days ago)
Going down the grapevine at 35 mph you must have just got out of trucking school
Josh Jones (1 month ago)
Because there super truckers of the god damn world
john dyer (1 month ago)
Since I ride a motorcycle, I give the sign a lot, I mean really a lot to dumbass drivers in cages
Jeffry Gilbert (2 months ago)
You shoulda gone to cop school instead of truck driving school.
scottied67 (2 months ago)
Perhaps truck drivers who choose to break laws should have gone to Walmart Greeter School instead of trucking school.
Trenton Brown (3 months ago)
Truck drivers are crazy as hell they don't want to slow down there trying to make money on your stand but they're endangering people's lives by going that fast down a deep downgrade like that
Brinrin (3 months ago)
I've had truckers almost run into my bumper on my van when I slow down when coming upon backed up traffic and I hadn't even switched lanes. My dad who's best friend was a trucker taught me to not switch lanes in front of a semi unless you can see the whole front end of the truck in your rear view mirror. Also, as long as it's safe to, I try to accelerate for a bit after I get over to make sure there's enough room between the truck and I. I know that those semis handle a lot slower than my van. But some truckers terrify me by some of the tailgating they do in stop and go traffic. Don't know if you've been through Seattle, but there's some nasty bottle necks and they made some spots where people get on one side of the freeway and have to cross all the lines to get their exit. It's crazy. I'm sure that it's not the craziest city, but there's very few options to go around the city.
Michael Freeling (3 months ago)
I did not see a sign that says trucks right only.
Natsarim MGTOW (4 months ago)
on ones motorcycle . .180 kph !
Marcos Torrani (5 months ago)
One day they will meet their Ignorance in person!!
TF fan102 (5 months ago)
I clicked on this video by accident, but watched it thinking it was about Bill Engvall, but, boy was I wrong.
John Carter (5 months ago)
Momentum. A 80,000 pound truck doing 70 will generate much more kinetic energy then the same truck doing 35. And that is why your answer of over heating the brakes is correct. Once the brakes are hot they will loose effectiveness and also can cost fire. I watched a truck once catch his trailer on fire from overheated brakes. FYI - I5 Grapevine northbound.
Bugz Murphy (6 months ago)
Hard to tell exactly how fast the slope is falling with the background, hills, etc.
shakespeare fan (6 months ago)
Typical rookie non-stop experience level commentary , and video ;!!!
scottied67 (6 months ago)
Typical hater comment, truck stop diner counter expert level BS and belittlement!!!!
harley hawk (7 months ago)
if you are in that truck lane its 35mph. that's for dum cagers. if your a truck driver and think your able to do more than that, supposedly safely, then your not to be in that lane unless you want to travel 35.
harley hawk (7 months ago)
@scottied67 cvc 22406, I think trucks have to drive in designated truck lane except to pass. then they can use the immediate left ONLY. and return to designated lane. but cannot exceed posted speed for said trucks while driving in designated truck lane
scottied67 (7 months ago)
OH man don't I feel stupid I thought the 35 limit for commercial vehicles meant all commercial vehicles regardless of lane usage, well it does say Truck Use Right Lane so I'm not sure how a trucker could think it is both legal to get out of the right lane then exceed the speed limit, still confused.
harley hawk (7 months ago)
@scottied67 unless they are in that designated truck lane.
scottied67 (7 months ago)
So, if the commercial vehicle is not in the solid white line deliniated lane, they are allowed to exceed 35 regardless of the sign?
Timothy Bradek (7 months ago)
I'm glad you mentioned watching out for runaways b/c if you got rear ended and stayed alive, the DOT would most likely given you a ticket. When behind the wheel we're to know to avoid any anticipated accidents. Alert to all 360 deg. Thanks
D Springer (7 months ago)
Okay i'll stop you there with your comment at the 7:55 mark. ALL trucks are suppose to be doing 35 or less off the Vine. Now they all don't have to be in the right hand land But its spring time and i'm surprised i don't see CHiP CEO on pulling trucks over.
D Springer (7 months ago)
First sign the signs for 35mph for trucks starts back further then that
D Springer (7 months ago)
Ahh good ol North Bound I-5 on the Grapevine know that road to damn well.
Chris Bellows (7 months ago)
Why in the hell would you want to back off and lose your momentum going up the Grapevine or any Hill
scottied67 (7 months ago)
Time stamp reference?
Jason Brace (7 months ago)
Faster you go down hill the shorter distance to stop (example 80000 truck takes up to or more than an acres to legally stop safely more like the NFL stadium field). That is why heavier trucks that obey the speed limit in California of 35mph. Plus sometimes there will be a state scale open. But it's best to obey the speed limit.
D Springer (7 months ago)
NB off the Vine there is no scale Next scale depends on your route if you are going up 5 its Santa Nella on 99 its Chowchilla
Brandon Koff (7 months ago)
Oh my fucking God, when did truck drivers become such cry baby bitches. Maybe they're empty or they have (out know how to use) good jakebreaks, or they came from another part of the country where the hill is stepper and longer and just know how to drive. If you're so concerned become a fucking cop, you're already ½ way there by snitching on them
scottied67 (7 months ago)
Yeah, just let the truckers do down with their own best judgement for speed lol, they tried that and had to clean up a big crash. CHP has increased enforcement on the Grapevine due to this video showing truckers stepping out of their lane to speed down the hill.
Purple Pilled (7 months ago)
Because he said it right 80,000 pounds plus gravity is working against you it's like rolling a golf ball or a bowling down the hill with one has more mass more mass means more rolling force because of weight.
King Reef (8 months ago)
Those dumbass on cocaine
Chris C (7 months ago)
I got a ticket doing 47 in that 35 zone going Down that north bound side. Just rolling the dice.. not like a lot of the drivers just think their cool and wanta drive fast I go up-and-down that Little Hill weekly Apparently you've never drove down the grapevine With a light Load using You're Engine brake Following someone that's doing 35 miles an hour down that Hill It's not practical at times therefore if you can get down get a little faster without wearing your brakes. Drive on following someone that's doing 35 which is freaking impossible when your Hauling light... Then theirs your idiots.. cant even imagine how they got a cdl.. lol hammer down
scottied67 (8 months ago)
I agree it is impossible for a professional driver to be expected to control their equipment within the laws.
Wendy Roman (8 months ago)
80,000 pounds does not stop on a dime. If you are going downhill with that much weight behind you, it is Very hard to stop. I saw a very bad accident on that Grapevine involving a tanker truck. He was coming down too fast and lost it. Ended up going over the side. Luckily the driver survived. Scared the bejabbers out of me and my husband. 😵
Carl (8 months ago)
As an old trucker once told me, you can go up and down a mountain as many times as you want driving slow, drive too fast and you'll only do it once.
Michael Cook (8 months ago)
Driving way over the posted speed limit, especially with a heavy load, is plain nuts. Donner pass for example...you can go down it 45 mph with 30k, but with 45k, you'll NEVER STOP! Way too many incompetent drivers on the road. And the Canadian drivers totally do not care, nor do they possess a skill set. A large percentage of them are turban wearing, arrogant ASSHOLES!
Pamir Badakhshan (8 months ago)
I would keep my speed between 40-45
John Howell (8 months ago)
Because a loaded truck and trailer travelling at 70 MPH would take the length of a football field to stop. And yes it would crush your car like a beer can and keep going.
Gilbert Brewer (8 months ago)
Maybe 35 mph was only a suggestion ?
Jennifer Delay (9 months ago)
Im watching u
Paul Richards (9 months ago)
It's one thing I hate about American truck driver love it whenever other truck driving behind them make this man be a good example.. remember dude if your truck is liter than others your speed control would be much easier.. than other heavier. Trucks.
scottied67 (9 months ago)
I have to say you are being very reasonable in your commentary on this video, thank you. If you like I would like to have you look at some more of my steep grade videos in the Playlist above-- Steep Grades, a few videos of steep hills I have recorded like this video and commented as I went down those hills.
Paul Richards (9 months ago)
@scottied67 wow envy is not a good thing but I must be driving some unsafe trucks for the past 7 year's but hey if you got a truck what can go down a steep hill with a load weight 44,000 in low gear and keep the tack under 20 rpm then good for you am very happy for you but it not every trucks drive and operated the same. Any way once you're in a comfortable gear going down a hill another driver who scared of the hills will force you to up shift to higher gear this happens all the time to me and many drivers so like I said before those drivers don't want that so they eliminate slower trucks to avoid going to a gear what is higher and oops brakes got over heated because of slow scary drivers again it's impossible for all trucks to go down a hill in the same speed behind each other especially if some is empty or loaded.. just leave those drivers alone they are protecting their self from rear end slow poke
scottied67 (9 months ago)
Runaway ramps are for those drivers who went down the hill in the wrong gear and had to ride their brakes too much. Don't blame other drivers going the speed limit for other drivers trying to justify exceeding the speed limit. A professional driver can go down that hill at 35. Don't blame your company for poor equipment. You are the professional and must demand the equipment meets your safety satisfaction, it is right there in the green book and they cannot fire you for it, otherwise you can sue them for backpay.
Paul Richards (9 months ago)
@scottied67 I really wonder why they have runaway ramps?? Wait a minute isn't because the truck brakes can't handle too much pressure? Oooohhh wait you also have few trucks in front driving much slower than the speed limit? So basically you gotta slam on your brakes to avoid rear end the slowest trucks Infront of you. Meaning you have two choices smoke your brakes if you can get it to stop in time or change lanes which a smart drive would do . So basically those drivers who is passing those slow poke don't want to end up burning out there brakes to avoid driver like you and that dude.. I must say all of you drivers out there have a lot to give god thanks for because it's not every trucking company has good truck with good brakes to keep a truck that weight 80,000 pounds at 35 mph I last working for a couple companies what said the truck brakes is good. After a complain about it and guess what it's only the trailer brake pads smoke on a slight down hill. And others complain am driving at 78 mph on a 75 mph and the engine brake is barely holding and the service brakes is never mind
scottied67 (9 months ago)
How do you figure a professional driver cannot go down the hill at 35 miles per hour? Do you know it has been proven that going down 45 miles per hour and trying to stop, a truck will burn up its brakes. At 35 there is less speed to bring down to a stop so that is why the speed is 35. The faster you go the longer it takes to stop, the longer the brakes will get hotter and hotter and fade out and voila, no brakes at all. I set my gear and jake brake and never touch the foot brakes and go down at 30-35 no problems.
brysoglen (9 months ago)
maybe some trucks are not laden ....
Bossmen Stayman (9 months ago)
Some people just don’t need to be driving a big rig
Dewayne Miguel (9 months ago)
I ran that hill for years before Jake brakes and there was no escape ramp then they built it too short firs truck to use it went over the top and got killed
Daveed da sick (9 months ago)
You should get a ticket for going over 35
hal4utube (10 months ago)
My wife doesn't understand why I do the speed limit while others are flying by. I think it's for the same reason you do. It's legal and it's safer. I found out that on a two or three hour trip I would save maybe 10 or 15 minutes but it's not worth taking a chance of a ticket or and accident. I've been driving for 59 years and no accidents yet. I want to keep it that way. I remember seeing some trucks with a device on the wheel (on the hub) of the trailer that recorded the speed. At least I think that is what it was for. Do you know if that is right and if so, do they still use them? Keep safe and God bless.
R Stanhope (9 months ago)
hal4utube listen rookie.,, its used for checking mileage. .not because your tractor doesn't have one..the owner can have an exact # of how many miles that trailer has been,because there will be many different drivers hooking up to it..so now the owner knows just how much to charge (@so much per mile) your Company for the use of it.
Bill Kramer (10 months ago)
They'll learn when there using that run away ramp ones
Bella Crawford (10 months ago)
What gear should you go down a hill in. Anybody? There is a specific answer
Matthew Horne (9 months ago)
One gear lower than it took you to climb the hill
scottied67 (10 months ago)
You are putting out dangerous information when you say there is a specific gear to be in going down a steep grade.
Rick Gaida (10 months ago)
Their in a hurry to get to the fuel island to take Thierry 30 min break.
Drew L (10 months ago)
You have your forward momentum of your speed you are going, in this case 35mph. Plus you have the momentum of the 80k weight to stop, now on flat ground this is rather simple in a big rig but when you add in the additional factor of gravity that now has more of an affect on you due to your downward slope making a stop from 35mph at 80k almost double that of a flat ground stop.
Zaltic (10 months ago)
We need more drivers like you who listen to the law
H McCauley (10 months ago)
Because you are dangerous and don't care. Should not have a CDL.
Nite Owl (11 months ago)
Get a speeding ticket And watch your insurance go up. Doing so in a posted 35 truck lane will go up more, close to being reckless driving.
Daniel Kennedy (11 months ago)
A great video! Did not know we had so many unruly un safe folks!!!
John Bisset (1 year ago)
it's just common sense.. Here's your sign..
Screaming Demon (1 year ago)
I hang back in heavy traffic always looking for an escape if I need to
Screaming Demon (1 year ago)
80'000 doing 70mph down hill alot of momentum smoke brake pads or over heat drums
james campbell (1 year ago)
you doing the right thing hang back
james campbell (1 year ago)
why aren't your flashers on when drivin under 55
Chris (1 year ago)
Good to know.
scottied67 (1 year ago)
Some states that is illegal, California being one.
Jeff Kelm (1 year ago)
On this edition of Truckers Behaving Badly......... People need to slow down on this grade. Rarely do I do 35. I keep it between 25 and 30 depending on my weight. If I am empty, I will do 35.
Chuck Polhamus (1 year ago)
Just wait let me get my grandma to drive that truck down the hill for ya...
mike charette (1 year ago)
I cannot think of a better reason to go slow down hill.
Grandma Glock and its cocked (1 year ago)
Death wish going 70 mph down hill with heavy load! Your a safe driver The rest are not.
calvin ehlert (1 year ago)
I can't believe that all the trucks that went past you have never been down that pass!
OrbitFallenAngel (1 year ago)
Apparently no one can read ENGLISH...🙄 Glad that at least you know the laws and can read signs ...🚫💯🆘🆗🆙🚨🚛🛣
The Nude American (1 year ago)
I used to drive a truck well over 30 years ago, but these sections of road are the sections where they should have cops scattered like something crazy to enforce the laws of safety.
Silver Wheels (1 year ago)
Cause you can't stop 80,000 pounds of steel going 75 mph in a small amount of distance as you can going 35 mph.
Dan Tolle (1 year ago)
The only thing I will say having been down the grapevine in a truck many times is that 35mph is a little ridiculous and needs to be revisited I personally think it is a money maker for the state of california? Just my humble opinion?
D Springer (7 months ago)
You know you would think that. and i know coming off that pimple empty 35 sucks big time. But i watched one idiot trying to maintain 35 smoke his brakes riding them he had to take the runaway ramp. Dude was doing what he could to keep it at 35 he had no exhaust brakes they switch was broken bright side he didn't get to far up the ramp.
Nelson Herrera (1 year ago)
Since the invention of the radar detector they all think they can outsmart the CHP and by running in clusters, "only the first truck will be pulled over". I've heard it so many times is not funny.
Tiger313NL (1 year ago)
That's a looooong descent right there. Very interesting to see and learn, and what a beautiful view! :)
Hipolito Rodriguez (1 year ago)
You are a smart driver, I am just like you, safety first always. Keep on the good trucking
Darren Hill (1 year ago)
Wow, YOU'RE such a dick, driving safe!
Craig Hiebert (1 year ago)
I have never driven a truck, however I have a few friends & family that have. Much respect to you guys. As a driver of a passenger car, I frequent that pass at least 8 times a year. What I see more & more now is what I just saw in your video and trucks passing other trucks northbound I-5 before Tejon Pass, sometimes using up to 3 lanes. Is that even legal? I understand these guys are likely on a tight schedule, besides it being incredibly rude, it causes quite a bottleneck there, especially from Gorman on up. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
Craig Hiebert (1 year ago)
Thank you, that clarifies a lot!
scottied67 (1 year ago)
Trucks are restricted to the right lane as indicated by the solid white line which is regarded as an imaginary concrete barrier in the eyes of law enforcement; meaning any truck on the wrong side is there illegally. However, I think there is some variance for trucks which are lighter to get out there and quickly pass and get back over. Certainly not to jump all the way out 3 lanes over and pass, that is totally illegal for truckers to do in California.
Engine / Jake brakes are pretty much my brakes on steep grades and hardly ever have to touch the pedal
Chris Pancoast (1 year ago)
Driving big rigs like they are cars/trucks/etc = someone who likes to gamble. They will roll snake eyes eventually and they can only blame themselves for their injuries/death.
Donald Croswhite Travels (1 year ago)
Yep, best thing to do is the speed limit. Your truck can get away from you very fast. The faster you go the more your movements are exaggerated. Heavy loads down hill, best thing is low gears and engine brake. Your load is not worth a life.
ut000bs (1 year ago)
Look up the definition of the word 'inertia' and you'll know why you don't want to drive an 80,000 lb truck at 70 mph downhill.
G Jam (1 year ago)
As they say in NASCAR, hang back to avoid the big one
rob1958bc (1 year ago)
Try driving in my neck of the woods. BC. 6% grades all over on every route. Lots of 8%s, one dainty little grade called The Smasher (also the star of a TV show) which is 14% and then 25 miles of 6% after. So many grades that most don't even have names. You're lucky if there's two lanes, and in the winter, you're truly lucky if you see a plow. The standard road warning all over the province during winter is compressed snow with slippery sections. That means pack ice. Some sections don't see a plow all winter. Yeah, you guys have some big hills down there, but for sheer enjoyment (or terror for most of you), try driving BC.
Trucker Kat (1 year ago)
Why not go 75mph down a hill.. 1: you value your life? 2: its against the law 3: your hauling a lot of weight it will take 4 times longer/harder to stop than a car.
rob1958bc (1 year ago)
I used to deliver a maxed tridem of beer to a town called Kamloops every night. A tridem is 102,400 lbs gvw. With my ISX I'd go down in 8 direct and do 72 mph all the way down a long 6% - 8% grade to the town, and even through the town it's 6%. Mountain grades is what BC is all about.
brandon Cherry (1 year ago)
new breed drivers millenials.. dumbasses...
Lisa Smith (1 year ago)
Signs, We don’t need no stinking signs!
stephen hill (1 year ago)
Jake brake in over time,let em roll. Can't run with the big dogs,stay on the porch.
Jacob Cooper (1 year ago)
If it takes longer to travel the same distance, your brakes don't have to work as hard and don't heat up as much.
Chris Collinsworth (1 year ago)
l was hauling corn and lost my brakes on a steep grade and it ain't anything I would wish on anyone, but stupid I'd stupid !!!! Cars all around and no good place to go is a scary feeling i never want to feel again !!!! Your pedals go to the floor and oh God now what do I do ???? Bend over place your head between your legs and kiss it good bye !!!;
David Norris (1 year ago)
Depends on they’re weight. I’ve been down GV hundreds of times and rarely go 35. Never smoked brakes. All depends on your knowledge and skill level. 70! No! 45. Sure. Empty. 50-55. Like they say. You drive your truck, I’ll drive mine👍🏿 Yep. I got a 3rd lane violation going up GV. To avoid an accident no less. Cop saw. Cop didn’t care. Don’t worry so much about what others are doing. Do you 👍🏿
ffx95 (1 year ago)
I thought I was the only trucker that followed the mountain speed limits like the Bible.
TomBrenner - Canada (1 year ago)
An answer to your question,going down hill,I learned it’s called inertia forces.As I recall going down hill,your inertia forces are what’s pushing you from behind because of your total weight,truck and load.good luck safe driving.
Gary Haber (1 year ago)
Grapevine is no laughing matter when it comes to trucks. I've seen alot of speeders and brake fires in my 30 yrs of local driving a semi in SoCal....
LeRoy Morris (1 year ago)
Better safe than sorry, the job is to deliver freight safely and on time; safe comes first...Good job.
Patrick Nicholson (1 year ago)
That’s outlaw truckin. You’re just a dime holding up a dollar.
scottied67 (1 year ago)
cdllife reports CHP is cracking down on speeding truckers on the Grapevine due to too many crashes caused by speeding.
Joe Mccallum (1 year ago)
I got nailed going down empty...50 in a 35,....got me a 3 year disqualification....c.h.p don't fuckin play
Joe Mccallum (1 year ago)
scottied67 my cdl didn't get disqualified, just with that ticket on my record no insurance company would touch me,....made my personal rates sky fuckin high too
Joe Mccallum (1 year ago)
scottied67 nah it's all good that was like 6 years ago...i been back on the road for about 3 years no....i don't fuckin speed like i used to i tell ya... lesson learned...lol
scottied67 (1 year ago)
I'm sorry that happened to you. That seems like too harsh of a punishment for the crime.
SuperSaltydog77 (1 year ago)
I worked in industry for 40 years and it is true that time is money, it's also an accident waiting for all the pieces to fall into place. You are the last of a dying breed, one that uses common sense and smarts to realize that the rules do apply to all.
Grahams Off Grid Gold (1 year ago)
You do 70mph so if you have to stop you know you are going to die fast 😂🤣
Melanie Morris (1 year ago)
That's a lot of law breakers. So many ppl do not have commonsense, especially when driving. Thanks for posting handsome! Love you!
Dennis Jones (1 year ago)
It's simple follow the sign. People have so many problems following simple instructions. It 55 there , why be in a hurry?
Tom Ratliff (1 year ago)
Fancy Gap Mountain in Virginia is 65mph down hill. Must Mountain driving down hill if riding the brakes will heat them pads up and cause brake fade. Brake fade is when the brake pads get a glaze on them and prevent them from working. No friction no stop. Yes I`m a tanker driver and I do a lot of up and down mountains.
Derrick Wilson (1 year ago)
Sorry Scottie I have to side with the other drivers 35 is way to slow,I would be doing at least 45,50 but in a safe manner of course.
Kimberly lane (1 year ago)
I'll add my two-cents worth. Simplified example #1: Imagine you're on a dry level road, wearing a pair of roller blades. OK, start skating until you're going faster than a jogger. NOW STOP. No warning, nothing, but you have to stop. How long would it take to do this? Simplified example #2: Now imagine doing this again but this time you're wearing a harness that allows you to pull a loaded wagon thats 3x your weight behind you. NOW STOP. No warning, nothing, but you have to stop.The weight will continue to push even as you try to stop. How long would it take to stop? Simplified example #3: Same as #2 except this time you're going downhill and the road is icy. Same question. How long would it take to stop? A 35mph truck speed on a highway is indicative to the time it would take a truck weighing 80,000 pounds to completely stop without brake failure and without involving other vehicles on the roadway. Remember, trucks-1, passenger vehicles-0, always. Give trucks the time and room needed to stop.
Clarence Swope (1 year ago)
It don't matter if you're in the car truck motorcycle going down the mountain pass is scary as all get-out if you're doing 70 mile an hour for an example and you have to step on that brake pedal that brake is not going to be there just stopped you and all you can hope for at Jerry best at that point is that you can Governor yourself back down by using a jake brake or something along that line you learn real quick how to drive on mountain passes or you won't live to see the other side
Best explanation I can give is "Gravity is a bitch".
Andre Bell (1 year ago)
Is this in Cali? My first time there in 5 years of trucking last month and going down that grade, I was like why are all these guys blatantly speeding? Really tripped me out.
George Clinton (1 year ago)
It's physics, Potential energy. The mass of your vehicle is it's potential energy, when that mass gets put on a downward incline that potential energy turns into kinetic energy in the form of acceleration, up to the speed of a freefall at 90° down. When you're braking on a downward incline instead of stopping the trucks usual momentum (Speed×Mass+Directionality) you have to add in the amount of acceleration that is constantly being applied on a downward incline. Also the human eye gets tricked into thinking it's on a flat plane when everything around it is on the same incline, like on a mountainside. The opposite is true going uphill, you have to spend extra fuel fighting against a constant deceleration.
Michael Angelo (1 year ago)
At least you won't wreck! I can't say so much for all.the trucks that pass you!!! Keep driving safe!
Jane Suzanne Streeter (1 year ago)
Well, options and I'm guessing you're also got a truck that's governed back, too. And the 55 mph ended years ago, so yeah, you're governed way back. Don't go giving people what don't know better the idea that you're perfect. You sound brand spanking new.
Jane Suzanne Streeter (1 year ago)
Flying, and from the look of the way those trailers are axeled out, heavy. Very heavy.