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Most Shocking USPS/FedEx/UPS Delivery Fails 2014

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USPS, UPS, FedEx worst employees. Throwing packages, breaking items, and crashing their trucks. http://theREFUEL.com
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Tobbots (5 hours ago)
FedEx is the worst.
Beelzebubba (20 hours ago)
Let the Mexicans have these jobs. It is clear that all of the others don't care about, or want the job.
Charles Gates (2 days ago)
USPS left my package on the sidewalk instead of leaving by the door. And it was raining. Lazy.
cdude100 (2 days ago)
Should be titled people are ungrateful and pathtec for the job they have which a car with a fuel card is provided and paid over 17 dollars an hour
TenzoG (2 days ago)
Imagine buying your new RTX 2080 ti just to have sent broken because of these guys?
Nguyen Timothy (3 days ago)
Postal workers only want deliver mails but people keep sending packages.
Peanut Colada (4 days ago)
Funny thing is this is completely normal. Get something broken in the mail maybe shouldn't have order that 200 lb treadmill cuz I I'm sure that someone was pissed having to haul that thing inside the delivery truck
SoulsOfWolves (5 days ago)
These mail people deserve to be fired, and probably worse. I think the worst are the USPS workers that treat mail like this. I mean, what if you have something important coming in the mail, like a social security card or driver's license, and the driver just throws it into a bush or something? Or what if it is medication or something that could mean life or death for someone? I've even heard of lazy workers dumping mail in the dumpster and other similar stories. Gee, I wonder how many people have actually died or have gotten fired for not getting the documents they needed. I think treating mail like this should be punishable with prison time and fines and even harsher sentences if they cause somebody to die.
william kechkaylo (5 days ago)
fragile handle with care lol
john carcamo (5 days ago)
SMH. Disgraceful!
wolves layer (6 days ago)
Fire all of them
Rick J (6 days ago)
The only reason people throw packages is because they suck at their jobs and as human beings. I was a UPS driver and never had to run or throw packages. I learned my route and got to meet many super nice people. Take care of your customers, do your job, and things will be fine.
FRIEZA SAMA (6 days ago)
This is normal
Micheal Scott (7 days ago)
Try just toss in the truck! How do they even finish their route?
Carlos G gold mine picker (7 days ago)
Yes built the wall and keep your jobs
Daniel Howie, Sr. (7 days ago)
That last dude was a driver helper. The driver was sitting in the seat. Driver helpers don't give a crap!
Life of a Mom (7 days ago)
...and I hear working for the post office is a really good job.
Michael Vechnak (7 days ago)
It's a good thing I don't have this kind of attitude towards my job! I'm an airplane mechanic. What's really scary is a lot of mechanics won't fly!
Michael Vechnak (7 days ago)
Now we know why they don't like to be filmed!
MOHAMMAD JO (8 days ago)
you dont like your jobs quit assholes
Michael Baker (8 days ago)
correction paper boys
Michael Baker (8 days ago)
they all must of started out as mail boys
2025 (8 days ago)
pricelessclips (8 days ago)
I hope all of this worker are already fired by this well known companies. Delivery drivers should have a psychiatric evaluation on a monthly basis. You can't continue working if you fail your test. Yes they hate their job...
Billy Jack (8 days ago)
The one at 2:51 is my favorite. I thought he made it in the first time it went around.
j lucas (9 days ago)
Americans are doomed, no class. George Washingtons horse would kick them in the teeth, if they have any left . I worked for UPS as a driver, if u didn't kiss ass of managers they made u feel unwanted. They dont call them Uuups for nothing. It's the easiest job in the world for 90% of the year and when Christmas time comes they cry for help but dont want help cause it interferes with their overtime. Probably same with the competition. Also u may notice how they treat packages at expensive homes, very jealous angry people.
Ankstuh H (9 days ago)
I worked for the USPS and it was a great and easy job. I was a Rural Carrier with a huge route. I dont understand the "stress" everyone says is involved with the job.
Jason Swartz (9 days ago)
All the people In this video should lose their jobs
avgrim77 (9 days ago)
Damn, no wonder why my shit is always broken!
avgrim77 (9 days ago)
One time USPS left my package on top of my mailbox out on the main road. Lucky I left my house and saw it before a thief picked it up.
Dennis Marsden (9 days ago)
At least they received the parcel, when l sent a parcel containing chocolate from Switzerland to Hong Kong as a gift it didn't arrive. l knew it was a mistake putting the contents on the delivery slip. Now some fat Asian thief is even fatter!
R Alan (9 days ago)
Shit music... Why??????
Pample Moose (9 days ago)
These people are absolutely pathetic. Not only should they be fired but, arrested and charged with damage to property. People need to make it known, if your packages are handled this way, make sure this will be the drivers LAST delivery of any kind, EVER! Wink, wink! The law says you have a right to protect your person and property with enough force to stop the perpetrator, FOR EVER! LOL!
dan lee (10 days ago)
I ordered a chandelier now it's a shatteredlier
Lorne Johnson (10 days ago)
It's the union way That's called Union craftsmanship sucks
Ale Orsa (11 days ago)
why this people does not look for a construction job? dirt and concrete requires this type of attitude.
Nate Dampier (11 days ago)
They are all lazy weasels and only care about themselves.
Dj Roly G. (11 days ago)
Hope everyone on this video got fired! Fucking ridiculous these people make good money with benefits! Fucking assholes!
Luca Guida (11 days ago)
Fat people
Flat Foot (12 days ago)
Gee, why does the post office get such a bad rap??!! It's a mystery.
beverly ledbetter (12 days ago)
I wouldn't think that postal carriers would do that in neighborhoods like these! I know that I have a lot of problems with my carriers, but I live in the city--which should be no excuse! If these people don't want the jobs, please give them to someone else.
m tint (12 days ago)
Paul Smith (13 days ago)
It is puzzling why no one from FEDEX, UPS, or USPS doesn't comment on whether or not this is accepted behavior or what you can do if you see it.
Phil Jamie Ross (13 days ago)
this is crazy costing there employers and us money
Glynda Blackledge (13 days ago)
These people must not want there job, delivers doing this to the packages. People can show these video's all they want but people do respect there jobs, everyone don't do this. I've never seen UPS loading up trucks like that man did, I seen the trucks backed up to a belt that brings the packages down to where the trucks are loaded.
Hop'n To Be Wheat Not A Tare (13 days ago)
And on average they get paid 25 dollars an hour to handle with care.
Mickey Cohwin (14 days ago)
There to big and lazy to move there big ass out of the seat
Ass Wumu (14 days ago)
Did people really expect the mailman to pamper a package that should be packed to withstand everything I have watched
Think (15 days ago)
Bekins movers--same thing -- a bunch for RUDE, ILLITERATE ASSHOLES
weaktech (15 days ago)
2:30 "Hard working Americans" - edit: actually this is a video about how Americans have pride in their work : )
Chantall Avalos (15 days ago)
I guess they can also work serving food at a prison... gets handled the same way
Owens Rayfeilds (16 days ago)
bums workers,,,lazy idiots...criminals,,democrats...they cry when have no jobs,,,f...k them have no job,,eat dirt.....
Shel Ski (16 days ago)
Every one of these people should be fired, unbelievable!!!! Either do the job right or don't do it at all!!! The parents of these people had to be the worst they taught their kids how to be lazy pieces of s***!!!!!!
Stanford Walker (16 days ago)
want better delivery? pay more.
Keto - Walk - Get Fit (16 days ago)
And disrespectful
Keto - Walk - Get Fit (16 days ago)
Rob Richardson (17 days ago)
These people should have trump tell them YOUR FIRED!!!
web1187 (17 days ago)
what a asshole I mean common none of em even that heavy...
Kevin Jackson (17 days ago)
I see nothing wrong here
Franco Lucien (17 days ago)
I hope everyone of them gets fired. Except for that poor guy who got run over by his truck... that's just an accident... careless accident, but accident nonetheless, and accidents happen all the time.
oilhammer04 (17 days ago)
This kind of conduct has accelerate in the last few years. America needs Christ again.
razztazz (16 days ago)
Amen to that!
t4705mb6 (17 days ago)
2:24 This is why she's morbidly obese in the first place. She doesn't give a shit and she's lazy.
Sincere One (17 days ago)
Fat bitch drove all on their lawn!!😂🤣😂
David Ferrier (18 days ago)
Think this is bad, imagine behind the scenes. I worked for the usps for a short time and what I saw and actually did due to being short staffed and having to rush was pretty pathetic. It's a job I wouldnt do for twice the pay. I used to wonder before I worked at the usps why so much stuff I ordered got damaged. Now I'm surprised that more wasnt damaged. But, i rarely ever order anything online now. Even tho so much is cheaper online. Best thing that ever happened for local businesses as I'm back to shopping local after dealing with the usps. Too much greed and corruption in upper management.
Christo Azaeris (19 days ago)
The guy who delivered the TV was an idiot lmao
Cossette O'Donnell (19 days ago)
Haha if you think it's bad they drop or toss your package a couple feet you should see how we handle your packages in the warehouse.... LMFAO.this is nothing.. we're literally told to just throw the packages sometimes when they need a trailer to leave at the second boxes start pouring in.... Get over. it.
Polite Cat (19 days ago)
the first guy wasnt so bad.. he likely saw the person coming out to get the stuff so he just placed it on the floor for her to take them..he didnt do it that rough
Aaron Peterson (20 days ago)
I’m a mail carrier and this kind of shit pisses me off we work crazy long hours we’re out in 100 degree heat and snow but I at least take pride in my job and this crap is why no one respects the postal service I’m flat out disgusted
Shad Palatino (20 days ago)
That's what you get when UPS works the drivers 12-14 hours a day 6 days a week for 4 months straight
Shadow Worlds (20 days ago)
I hope the head people of these companies sees this. Cams are every where now and they tell the story.
David T (21 days ago)
I bet all these people would be pissed if they're shit was handled like that. Every one of these guys should be fired. And I hope we're
Daniel Muha (21 days ago)
That’s the postal service for you
Rayden Vaughan Montes (21 days ago)
I work at UPS and do just about everything but driving. Some of these clips are not okay and I don't defend them, but here are some facts I know based on experience: 1. Cardboard boxes are WAY more durable and protective than people think 2. Just about every package, no matter how big or small, is subject to multiple tosses or drops 3. There is a very rare chance your package may be damaged in the shipping process but it can happen. 4. Seeing how each package can/will be treated, it amazes the how many purchases have been to delievered to me and was broken and unusable - ONE. 5. It is extremely difficult to handle each package with care with the time expectations and work load given. 6. Some drivers have it really rough some days for many different reasons (number of stops or packages, terrible or new truck loader, late start) most of which are out of their control Any questions or comments please reply!
Lankster Price (21 days ago)
other then driving on the lawn.. nothing looks out of place... if you dont think they chuck boxs.. they have been doing that for 30+ years...
Dave Chivell gardner (22 days ago)
how many ex employees have found themselves on this video?
NotToday! (22 days ago)
I think it's a shame that these UNGRATEFUL ppl have such a good job and treat it like it's such a horrible job. When ppl like I have made 1 mistake over 15 yrs ago and can't get a decent job due to one mistake. And here these fuckers are ....ugh if I could only have a chance at such an amazing job. I would be grateful as heck.
steve henrichs (23 days ago)
tlangelo (23 days ago)
@ 4:11 I like it
June Osborne (23 days ago)
Lazy mail people!! Worked there. That’s not how you handle packages. They should be fired!!
Susan Kay (23 days ago)
I especially loved the USPS, "Drop-kicked -onto-the-roof" Delivery! These people Effing *H8 their jobs*!! And every single one of them deserves to be F_I_R_E_D!!
SLAM BOY (24 days ago)
Where do they get their employees ? Mental health hospital?
mike hunt (24 days ago)
In all fairness of some UPS and Fedex. During busy holidays they have 2 people. I seen this at my shop where a UPS will pick up and throw packages to another person who does stack them.
ROBERT PARRISH (24 days ago)
Did you see how fat that bitch was that drove through the people’s yard? All that lard she’s packing has made her lazy. And no uniform. On top of that people just don’t give a shit anymore. They don’t take pride in themselves much less their work.
Susan Kay (23 days ago)
I was actually pleasantly surprised to see she had perfected her, "I_don't_give_a_sh#t" toss, with some accuracy, to actually score a hit on the porch! 😃👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Wow!! 😘😉 Then, I realized she was backing_off_the_fricking SIDEWALK!!!😳😝🙉😠😵😫😱 😤Bey-otch!!😡 😵Lard a##!!👹 👊🏼✊🏼👊🏼✊🏼👊🏼✊🏼👊🏼✊🏼👊🏼
Wa3ypx (24 days ago)
Dare be yo damn packages!
Dena Redford (24 days ago)
I live in Northern California and have had mail and packages stole . Right out of the post office .
Dena Redford (24 days ago)
This is one of the reason they say they don’t make enough money ,insurance claims .
Tony O'Donnell (24 days ago)
I worked for r.e.a. in the 60s ups in the 70s that b.s. about everybody throwing packages is something later lazy generations need to claim along As part of a lazy generation. ......your great grandaddy would have no problem defeating you in anything but a video game. Wah! Get a real job get off the tit be like grandad a little.
Tony O'Donnell (24 days ago)
A job opportunity over insuring exspensive crystal .is it possible 1millenial feeding another?
Derek Ebesu Jr (25 days ago)
All losers, maybe if they hustled when they were young instead of fucking around. They might be doing what they enjoy instead of delivering our crap.
Craige Deane Watkins (25 days ago)
Very disrespectful people's! ! Hope they got the boot
Billy Bob (25 days ago)
Boxes from UPS, crushed Or they make a square box round. When I order I always, tell then do NOT ship UPS.
helen zapata (25 days ago)
they are lazy and do not like their job!!!!!
jelaniasim (25 days ago)
This is so so very sad. these people get paid good and this is how they treat other people's stuff.
Mass Lass (25 days ago)
Is your package late? You better check your roof.
Mass Lass (25 days ago)
I'm just glad these fools don't work at a nuclear power plant let's all be thankful for that.
Rondo Mcglone (26 days ago)
mute n enjoy
Spencer Ntow (26 days ago)
Some one should send me the title of the song , I love it
ann Early (26 days ago)
You want your packages fast do you know how how much time it takes to walk up stairs, ring a bell wait for you to come to door. Think about it they 25 packages and take them 10 min. Let’s say they had do 10 out of 25 that’s over and hour. And stop delivering at 8:00
Daniel Kaz (26 days ago)
All this jackass should suspended from job
powerman5000ca (26 days ago)
Cunts come in all shapes and sizes
Timothy Sandfort (26 days ago)
I'm a mailman and this gave me ligma