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Most Shocking USPS/FedEx/UPS Delivery Fails 2014

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USPS, UPS, FedEx worst employees. Throwing packages, breaking items, and crashing their trucks. http://theREFUEL.com
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misscheer4eva (6 days ago)
Used to have a gate at my old house and ups used to throw my box over and once I found the cd on the ground out of the box. They are careless and unprofessional.
leota baca (9 days ago)
Good job usps and fed ex hope your boss sees this and mant customers
Arthur Bradley (10 days ago)
Anastasia E. (10 days ago)
I work for the USPS and would never treat someone's packages in these ways. The clip of the guy's truck backing itself up in circles was actually shown during our training. I've been living in fear of that ever since. Mostly there's  heavy use of the parking brake, so luckily, my truck has never decided to drive itself anywhere. But just like anyone, these people were probably under a very strict time limit, paired with annoyance and/or anger. A lot of regular carriers are required to get their jobs done within a certain amount of hours. We actually get an extreme amount of mail and packages every once in a while. I have read on message boards that some of them really get hassled by management to get things done in that amount of time, no matter how impossible that limit is to meet. I'm sure other package carriers face the same problems. I promise I'll never boot any of your packages onto the roof.
Bobby Paluga (12 days ago)
3:10 Of course the truck wasn't moving when the lard Ass was inside, the frame was bending under the weight. Lard ass steps out, truck goes like a shot. Lard ass tries to catch up running a 20 yard dash. But now Lard Ass is exhausted, as the truck loops no chance in hell Lard Ass can catch it in one, now two and finally three passes crushing the side of the maroon sedan. Please call an ambulance for Lard Ass postal working, who can't get fired no matter what he does, great Union, stupid government.
Bobby Paluga (12 days ago)
Why are postal workers so fat and Lazy U-N-I-O-N
DashCam UK (12 days ago)
lazy fat
ZnatsCubing (12 days ago)
2:29 dang she shook the truck, how much McDonald has she ate this month?
XCMGaming (13 days ago)
5 years at fedex, this is actually "nothing" you should see how your packages are treated in the sorting centers
Cesar Bautista (14 days ago)
i work for amazon for about a year... we started with 150 packages a day... right we got to deliver 250 packages a day... we come in at 7 am we load our own vans and we get to our route at 830... amazon gives us till 6pm.... anybody know how much ups delivers? i would like too work for them since i think im reallyngood at my job
Doomzdayxx (15 days ago)
some of these videos aren't bad. When i have light packages that are obviously non-fragile I'll toss them too. On the other hand some of these people were obviously having bad days and/or are lazy
truth betold (17 days ago)
heres the things. didnt YOU sign up for the job knowing what it entailed? dont be mad at anyone but yourself? if you want to throw shit around go be a GARBAGEMAN
Aj Gutirrez (19 days ago)
They are so fucking stoped
Que Onda Canal (21 days ago)
A Mexican would be gentle and efficient with your mail, but these assholes get mad when Mexicans take over their jobs.
Que Onda Canal (21 days ago)
Don't mess with the mail man.
rafael torres jr (22 days ago)
fat and lazy
Darth Bacon (22 days ago)
LOL the fat girl in pink!! AWESOME!!! FIRED!!
Markus Neulaniemi (23 days ago)
Imagine, so many good people unemployed, and these clowns have (or had) a job..
Victoria K (25 days ago)
i hope these lazy bastards lost their jobs
threeof hardts (28 days ago)
I hate the USPS with every fiber of my being.
Tehotan Mooshuf (28 days ago)
That's why I don't buy online...and get the needed stuff only from regional markets where I can drivere there o.O
chrtistinanelson29 (1 month ago)
As a postal employee, these make me cringe. I've never delivered packages like this and never will.
Alex Bartunek (1 month ago)
The best part is when the post office crams a box or bag in a mailbox!
Kali (1 month ago)
Wow These ppl don't give a rat's ass lol
Harley Cespedes (1 month ago)
is so upset, how this man plays with people's money.
jake topper (1 month ago)
don't use music next time
Lisa DeRolf (1 month ago)
fedex sucks, i live in williston fla ,my package made it to ocala fla 32 miles away, stayed for over 24hrs, then went to orlando fla over 165 miles away, and is still there, you'er company sucks.
Ricky (1 month ago)
u know that ur a bitch and don't give a shit when u throw a package in front of the owner
Michael Barbarelli (1 month ago)
I've never seen a better argument for robots replacing human jobs.
Comrade (1 month ago)
2:51 what a fucking retard
santos moreno (1 month ago)
I hope all of this people have been fired.
Raffaro (1 month ago)
Funny shit!  As long as it's not your shit!
Michael G (1 month ago)
and some are just hoping to find a job....look like a good job to me
Liv v (1 month ago)
The thing i don't understand is that these people CHOSE to be in the job. Why apply if you know youre going to not do it right dont people have some morals?
picrob2000 (1 month ago)
I take it that these drivers consider boxes labeled "fragile" contain Italian imports.
miss Delphine (1 month ago)
they should get fired
ninerfan 52 (1 month ago)
every employee is this video is a lazy fat cholesterol collecting piece of human waste!
Mark the polok (1 month ago)
its always a fat fucking hog. fit delivery people usually are better about handling my thick package.
Mark the polok (1 month ago)
its always a fat fucking hog. fit delivery people usually are better about handling my thick package.
Mark the polok (1 month ago)
fat black bitch couldnt move more than a foot. smh
C. Lassard (1 month ago)
These people really hate their jobs! Mr. O'boyle not gonna be happy.
reesysleather (1 month ago)
the real fail is the shitty music you chose
Russell McCain (1 month ago)
Why would they just throw all the boxes in the truck at random? Doesn't that just make their job harder when trying to find each box to deliver along their route?
Jeff Robinson (1 month ago)
OH dear that's what happens when you make someone work for a living cant you just leave them alone on welfare sitting on a beach some where
superbrighteye (1 month ago)
No wonder so many internal harddrive orders are D.O.A.(Amazon reviews)
Bobette Jennett (1 month ago)
I am shocked by seeing this
Roger Paul (1 month ago)
if you don't like your job give it to some one that need it and will work a hell of a lot better go home get welfare after a couple of month later when you need a job maybe you will think twice doing stuff like this and the one that do good work wont be reflected on people like these.
true american (1 month ago)
They should be fired!
true american (1 month ago)
These jackasses give everyone a bad name
William Chin (1 month ago)
Orders model plane (ups and USPS in charge of delivering it) 1. It was one day late 2. It was broken!
ShadowofLight1987 (1 month ago)
Achso kommen die Pakete aufs Dach!!!
Rachel Lovelace (1 month ago)
people are assholes. Every one of those idiots deserve jail time and never get to have a job again. How fuckin lazy can they be to just chuck the boxes into the truck like that? The dick from FedEx who threw a TV over the fence needs to be beaten seven shades of shit, what an asshole. I noticed some weren't even wearing uniforms nd fat as fuck sloppy looking douche bags omg.
jimmy perkins (1 month ago)
crap music
Jerry Kerry (1 month ago)
If you think that's bad, be glad you don't see what happens at the facilities
j coker (1 month ago)
the song is ridiculous. i was looking to laugh at the morons, but, the words to the song are NO relevance to the videos. we'll be doing it right, everybody will be dancing? ugh.
Nakita siren (1 month ago)
I hope every one of them got fired, and payed for any broken merchandise while being mishandled like that.
Bella Paley (1 month ago)
And I'm just sitting here wondering they are getting employed instead of me, but I know why. I was so slow and careful that they fired me, true story.
tawsif yasin (2 months ago)
why they are doing this? they must be fucked off
Buzz Aldreen (2 months ago)
people doing their jobs with passion... truely
dennis n (2 months ago)
And remember. No animals were hurt in this film. Nor were they fired.
Taylor The Wolf (2 months ago)
I swear, delivery people can be fucking retarded
Baily DenhHouten (2 months ago)
fire these bastards
JOEYP1970 (2 months ago)
OMG LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL 2:52 -3:45 I pissed myself laughin so hard!!!!! HAHAHAHA That sorry sob got ran over by his own truck lololol
dogpetdog (2 months ago)
4:10 holy shit are you serious
Sparky Junior (2 months ago)
niggers smh
Jacob Amoss (2 months ago)
Amazing how lazy and disrespectful people are
tackless (2 months ago)
I have known at least 12 guys who worked for UPS and not one came close to retirement with the company. The put so much pressure and over work all of thier help. It's a shit outfit to work for.
Musa Manneh (2 months ago)
at 1:41 is good shot.
TheEdisse (2 months ago)
at least it's mostly rich people and their stupid grandeur entrances that piss off the mail delivery people and paid the price.
YT_Adrian (2 months ago)
i bought a switch hope this wont happen to me
Okami Girl (2 months ago)
More like Failman
Water Bottle (2 months ago)
Guessing that transport driver was either drunk or high?
rock kaka (2 months ago)
Stop them from the work for lifetime
Tengaryu (2 months ago)
What a bunch of fools. Their job is too good for them. They should be picking up poop instead. A UPS man threw my parcel, with a 3DS XL that was just sent back from repair (I didn't cause it, btw). I don't care if there was bubble wrap. You don't throw a customer's parcel. How'd they like it if I threw a package with a PC monitor in it, or an XBOX One in it.
CaptainJJz (2 months ago)
What is wrong with the first one? Those USPS packages get thrown around a lot more then that. Hence the reason they have a shit ton of bubble wrap
WDC (3 months ago)
when your 950Ti is getting shipped by UPS and your worried as fuck
Richard New (3 months ago)
Every one of these employees Should be fired
FULL RETARD (3 months ago)
So the boxes are filled with at least 50% of air and so is the truck. HOW DUMB ARE YOU AMERICANS REALLY????? I mean, Sweden, who would believe that! SWEDEN!
Amithrius (3 months ago)
Today I got my new gtx 1070 delivered by fedex and it was in 23 pieces.
BLAQ BEAUTY (3 months ago)
pkgs get thrown anyway especially when they are being sorted by clerks reason he's throwing em.. this is nothing
Turtlewhisperer 11 (3 months ago)
Thank god my packages are taken care of by my streets very nice delivery guy
Brett Hoxie (3 months ago)
LOL this is nothing compared to how people's stuff gets handled in the facility. I've seen packages get kicked, chucked torn apart, and dropped like trash on an every day basis. You people truly have no idea how bad it is behind the scenes. Your stuff is NOT handled with care
distortedkid123 (3 months ago)
4:10 Someone's graphics card performance is going to be way over the roof.
Johnny Michaels (3 months ago)
I hope they reported this aholes and got fired.Are they responsible for delivering opened packages? What were they looking for a bomb or something? Paranoid smucks lucky to have a job.
Atanas Tripzter (3 months ago)
Many of those werent bad. Like the last guy throwing the packages in the truck was not bad. You can see he tried to pack them neatly but is out of room so hes tossing them to the top. I lost it at the lady in the pink driving on the lawn though.
Yo Muddahh (3 months ago)
When you work at FedEx and are way worse than this
1sonyzz (3 months ago)
should be fired instantly without going back to work on any post service
Donna Peroche (3 months ago)
must be hard to throw microwaves and TVs
916nene (3 months ago)
Those are lazy mail people , my mail man is awesome But yes some are assholes once I received a broken phone thanks to them throwing it at my door
Abalam Anderson (3 months ago)
*Just...wow. I seriously hope that all these workers we're fired because like seriously? I depend on USPS, FedEx and UPS and now, I'm leary to still be a customer for them. I'll give my money to someone else. So sad.. I fucking HATE PEOPLE! I FUCKING HATE PEOPLE!*
nirvgorilla (3 months ago)
I knew I recognized Panda Bear in the background music. This is Animal Collective.
Scott Worden (3 months ago)
Haymar (3 months ago)
I burst out laughing the first one 😂😂
Alan Elizarraras (3 months ago)
I did at the 4th
Ryan Dortch (3 months ago)
4:52 how do you know there wasn't another driver in their catching, there where two Hans carts
Random Blitz (3 months ago)
Imagine when there's no customer cameras in their sort facilities!
DawnBreaker (3 months ago)
Whenever I order something online, I always watch this.
RJ Cooper (3 months ago)
It would actually be less work to handle the packages as stacks.
johnnieace45 (3 months ago)
this is the precedent Obama had created everybody is jealous that their friends are on disability while they're having to deliver packages