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Most Shocking USPS/FedEx/UPS Delivery Fails 2014

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USPS, UPS, FedEx worst employees. Throwing packages, breaking items, and crashing their trucks. http://theREFUEL.com
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Big Slappy (2 hours ago)
4:11 fucking idiot..
Michael Jaconski (22 hours ago)
I work at UPS and sometimes packages need to be thrown into trucks in order to save some time because things get overly hectic, however anything that I know is fragile must be dealt with extreme care
Demonchild84 (8 days ago)
USPS doesn't have to leave their truck
Youn Youn (11 days ago)
ومأكثر هذا نوع من البشر في جميع ميادين العمل أعتقد بأنهم مرضى نفسيا
Death Awaits (11 days ago)
I have had drivers do stuff like this and there response is oh well do you know how hard it is to deliver mail all day its just so stress full and my feet hurt and I'm thinking to my self well that's your job what did you think you would be getting paid to sit on your ass all day works not supposed be fun last I checked when did the mail delivery services become a bunch of cry baby bitches and why do people like this have diplomatic immunity almost you call and complain and nothing happens they just get a slap on the wrist and get to do it all over again the next day I dont care if they work for the government stuff like this should not be tolerated its completely unprofessional immature and theres just no excuse and they wonder why Amazon and other places are starting up there own delivery service this is why you know companies have to refund the buyer when packages go missing or get damaged Amazon is just one of the few places that said fuck this we will just deliver it our selves
Blebleble Blablabla (18 days ago)
Pierdoleni frustraci.
Hawgrydr B (23 days ago)
Every one of these lazy douchebags should have been fired immediately after the supervisors saw these videos!
Lunchbiz (23 days ago)
Do none of these employees wear uniforms?
Lobetec (1 month ago)
So this is why the package i delivered was damaged... I had to pay the client $100 to fix it.
Breezy Mods (1 month ago)
If it doesn’t have red fragile tape its an invitation too go postal.
Peter Petraitis (1 month ago)
Neegahs, and I'm not talking color of skin here! Low lives.
Peter Petraitis (1 month ago)
It's a fact that mail men are among the lowest intelligence of all sorts.
Angel Han (1 month ago)
Peter Petraitis that’s actually a disgusting remark to make. Looks like a fact that you’re among the lowest intelligence of all sorts. Oooooooops
racingrb (1 month ago)
2:25 not too bad. She went close to the steps. Yes, still a toss.
Chrome Firefox (2 months ago)
Fat ass americans can't be even bothered to knock on doors
Vin Denap (2 months ago)
Always a bunch of crying ups drivers commenting on these videos trying to convince everyone this isn't how it is yet we're watching it
Cableguy818 (2 months ago)
Geez, can these people get any fatter?
Cableguy818 (2 months ago)
As an avid eBayer for a living this actually makes me deathly sick. It’s 100% the reason I have to lose money buying insurance on every package.
Gordon Schnick (19 days ago)
Makes me paranoid. Until IT'S in my hand I have no idea what's happening.
I am not whining I am complaining. (2 months ago)
I had a very long dispute with USPS when I had to argue that them delivering a ripped up square of cardboard with a label on it was not a successful delivery of my GTX 295.
Ryan Anthony (3 months ago)
Some people just record and laugh like in the begging.. do something about it then
Boroco Barner (3 months ago)
Fuck you for this music🖕
Dilun Wu (3 months ago)
who is stupid enought to buy somthing from fedex?
british people yellow teeth (3 months ago)
2:20 drove on the lawn....bruh im dead
Lillyheart Warrior (3 months ago)
Gosh, it can break inside the box, who knows whats inside it! What a stulid man
Steve Elliott (3 months ago)
If life went a little differently, this could be any of us.
BliX (3 months ago)
I love how the song is called "Doin' it Right" xD
Chef Shipwreck-5897 (3 months ago)
Jim NORRIS (3 months ago)
When will someone make a video of going up them an asking what the hell,just to hear their reply An postal workers get payed High Waged
Penny Budget (3 months ago)
Just uploaded a video of my ups driver playing basketball with my package... check it out.
Roma Taliona (4 months ago)
This is the type of music that pops in my head when I'm having a fever dream.
Pkarchpray16 (4 months ago)
You think them tossing a few packages in a truvk is bad.... should see how they get hurled around the offices behind closed doors.
Soozie Cue (4 months ago)
Note to delivery drivers: too lazy to do your job? Go apply for welfare, assholes.
Florin (4 months ago)
This is unacceptable. I'd fire each and every one of these workers.
Odd Person (4 months ago)
A lot of these were fat (white) people
Kyle Boughter (4 months ago)
I hope all of these employees got fired.
SnowDirt (4 months ago)
Yikes, looks like most of these are CCA’s 😬
Tech Point (4 months ago)
The head of USPS is totally disconnected from the people's need. Please, let's kill the snake by its head. Learn more about the issue and sign up my petition today to remove from her place the current USPS Postmaster General. http://chng.it/ZLDtwmGWct
Bryce 0612 (5 months ago)
"All you had to do was deliver the DAMN package, CJ!"
Zach Wachs (5 months ago)
Before i got my CDL i was a FedEX ground driver and i had to deal with bitchy customers all the time. This type of work is hard and you can get frustrated especially when people can't put the correct address in when they order. Anyway now that I'm a professional truck driver i have little to no contact with people and that's how i like it.
J Nightengale (5 months ago)
Seen it. UPS does that here in colorado
CVY (5 months ago)
4:08 that's just Ace Ventura
pizzal0v3r110718 (5 months ago)
No wonder my phone was broken
Aaron reid (5 months ago)
I’m watching this and I just ordered AirPods
Coeur De Melon (5 months ago)
In France I have never seen a UPS delivery like this
Edward Prawdzik (5 months ago)
Why cosmic music for this video?
XERO 死 (5 months ago)
Me throughout the video: *FIRE THEM*
7249xxl (6 months ago)
Ups story time: Waiting for a package al day long, to receive a notification im not home. The depot is 20 mins away from where i live. At 16:40 an attempt was made. At 16:45 my package was returned to the depot. (warp speed) No note in the mail nothing. 1650 i spoke to a representative and requested for the package to be delivered today (fri 31-5). Note:(i work in IT service so i know how annoying it can be if customers are pricks so i genuinely remain calm and reassure the person im speaking with im not angry with them but more at the 'situation' ). Representative pretty much told my: to bad. But without question noted that the drivers messed up. I asked if actions are gona be taken against said driver and if i will receive my package by Saturday to which they respond with a no. No reason or good explanation just a sour no. I tought well lets change the delivery day and maybe pay a extra 20 for next day but it requires me to use a certain code only visible on the note i didnt receive. Now i have to wait till Monday for my package to arrive. Somehow this really required me to let of some steam. (calm type of person never really pissed of at anything) For some reason the lack of sympathy and extraordinary display of incompetence just tilted me. I simply cannot understand how a company like this exists. Now i know they don't mess up that often(let's be fair) but still. If something happens the customer is usually screwed with no future lessons learned. I've seen local delivery company's with an absolute 0 f* up policy against their drivers. You mess up like this your out. If a delivery was forgotten count on the driver having to drive back and finish the delivery. I doubt I'll ever have ups consumer delivery ever unless no other options are available. TL;DR Ups is literally life. You anticipate just to get fucked and when you try to reach out they just shrug. Once you've received whag youve been expecting it either has a sour undertone or is broken.
JerichoCasio (6 months ago)
I bet at parties they are like "I don't even get paid a living wage". A work ethic like that you are lucky to be paid at all.
sadako24 (6 months ago)
They're not doing it right
JB Gaming (6 months ago)
Now I know why my RAGE 2 Collector's Edition, that I paid $127 for, came tore up in the mail.
Matthew Baquero (7 months ago)
I am sure that the packages are able to or already do endure more harsh treatment, however, to be doing that in the eye of the public is not good.
FireAlArmdude92 enthus (7 months ago)
Haha FedEx ground shipment for sure..haha
Andrew Hoback (7 months ago)
Lol I'm here from gus of rooster teeth
shavone suthal (7 months ago)
Sorry I left the package on the roof.🤣
Willysmb44 (7 months ago)
Wow, I must admit I've never seen anything like this happen in person, the UPS drivers around where I live seem to do a good job, but clearly it happens, because here you see it! I have gotten dinged up packages in the past, I guess some might have been in these trucks!
Boogs114 (7 months ago)
At 4:22, this is clearly in manhattan... i dont fault them for tossing unless it says fragile on it, thats why all pkgs should be properly packed.
Honey Butter (7 months ago)
This is why I shop in person...
Josh S-TV (7 months ago)
Susan Flynn (7 months ago)
You guys should try to pick up and deliver. It’s changed to crazy. Nobody shops anymore.
Patricia Revere (7 months ago)
He needed to be fired. He must not need the money. All of these ### holes needs to be fired. They are costing a lot of businesses money for returned merchandise.
Terreance Leake (7 months ago)
that shitbuitt ! why all box drop of broken be trouble do right way do not drop and broken of box !! shit ! that man get old man ago old shit ! of face hair nose ! anything all driver ! why of poff off ! of SAC ! time and zip code ! that saff get trouble go be kickout of JOB poof ! butter way do pick up box hold of SAC ! and leave on dark or some any here not on top of build can't do that do think wrong person !! of way of person story man !
Nathan 556 (8 months ago)
4:10 I died
Eddy Newton (8 months ago)
If'n the fat girl in the pink shirt would walk a little bit more......she'd be a little more thinner
Douglas Allen (8 months ago)
all mail carriers should be required to wear body cams.
sjaxemaster11 (8 months ago)
Mail men and women are very disturbed individuals
The177Hunter (8 months ago)
Second guy-if i knew my mail man was like this i would put out a bunch of boxes like they did, but make them all reasonably light, then in one of thw last ones have like a 40lb brick of lead or something.
Darlene Kellogg (8 months ago)
those rude workers should all be fired they are lazy and really don't like their jobs. at least they don't have to physically carry packages up a street walking .
Dilun Wu (8 months ago)
arent people going to sued them? they have proof on camera
rf200774 (8 months ago)
UPS-what can brown break for you today?
people loving person (8 months ago)
Amado Leon (8 months ago)
lazy mother fuckers
Amado Leon (8 months ago)
Darrel Dixon (8 months ago)
These people suck, don't for a second think they represent all of us. I'm a FedEx driver and my crew does not do this type shit. Nor the Postal service in my area. I know them and they care.
Glenn Fulcher (8 months ago)
The thing that most people don’t realize is your packages are being treated much worse than this in the hub. If you didn’t pack it good enough to withstand being tossed and dropped it is NOT ready for UPS or Fedex or USPS. If your item shows up broken it is very unlikely the carrier’s fault. Most of the abuse happens in the hubs.
Anita Lea (8 months ago)
Fire these fucks!
felix valentin (8 months ago)
The reason they throw it is because of the schedule of deliveries and pickups they have to do in such a short amount of time...they could get a fine for being late with pickups and that is taken out of the paycheck unfortunately....that if you had to do it you would do the same and it depends on the package because the smaller ones can fly through the air no problem but the bigger ones no...they will make more dents and destroy other packages....it also depends how you throw it, hard or soft....regular customers think they gonna mess up the boxes right away just because they throw it.....box placement in the truck is also important when you run the vehicle.
Teresa marie Juncker Colbert (8 months ago)
OMG ...now I see why so many of our packages arrive damaged . I get subscription boxes . Allot of times the company we purchase from gets the blame and they have to replace these products.. obviously it's the carriers... And when it's continuously...it's most likely their regular carrier
juliadennehy (8 months ago)
US Postal Service SUCKS. Everything ALWAYS late or mis-delivered. *** HATE THE USPS ***
David James (8 months ago)
You can’t tell the mailman from a thug walking down the street
Scott M Sykes (8 months ago)
Every last one of these morons names should be plastered all over the world so they NEVER HOLD A JOB AGAIN!
DemocratsArePoo (8 months ago)
Government workers.... never feel bad for them.
roadwarior374248 (8 months ago)
Hope they got fucking fired. Fucking lazy mother fuckers. If there coworkers did that to there thinks at there home they would be crying about it. Hope it happens to all of them.
outpost64 (8 months ago)
Hold your children tight and pack your boxes tighter. 😆
Adam Haralson (8 months ago)
As a carrier for the post office, this legitimately pisses me off.
PowerHouse Gaming (8 months ago)
Now to be fair, you CAN lightly toss those big bags into trucks/containers as shown in the UPS Driver video at the 5:00 mark; the bags are extremely durable and absorb a bit of the shock, and the boxes within the bag are usually small and non-fragile. But tossing/throwing individual packages? BIG mistake.
On One productions (9 months ago)
🤔I don’t see nothing wrong with this🤣🤭🤫
Logan Carlsbad (9 months ago)
Anyone in the comment section who is a fellow delivery man or woman (UPS man here). I guarantee the stresses that made these people come to these dumb deliveries where from their superiors breathing down their necks. Or maybe thats just my center haha. Other than that these guys are just being ignorant. This job is only as stressful as you let it be, when I'm heavy I take it in stride and just tell myself I'm getting paid a lot more that day, going fast not taking all your break is what gets you all those stops!! So just remember your digging your own grave. REST EASY FOLKS WE AREN'T ALL CARELESS LIKE THESE DRIVERS.
hondavteksir (9 months ago)
the funny part is what goes on at the warehouses is 10x worse lol.
Ricardo G2 (9 months ago)
I worked for Fed ex ground & trust me they dont give a damn about yalls packages. They throw them & if they get ripped apart they dont care they will still send them
wayne derby (9 months ago)
Edwin TNT (9 months ago)
Can't blame them....They need done it fast why? People espect their mail reach them as soon as possible
Brian Groven (9 months ago)
I am a USPS package carrier. I have NEVER thrown someone’s package. I treat EVERY package with care & respect & place it either in the mailbox or I will walk it to the door & carefully set it down & then ring the doorbell. All these drivers should be fired. This is completely unacceptable. Even if they are running behind, having a bad day, hate their job, whatever. Even if that’s how it’s handled at the annex. I am a customer also & would never want my package treated like this. As far as uniforms, only the city carriers are required to wear & given an allowance to buy uniforms. Rural carriers are not required, given no allowance, & have strict limitations about what we can wear & buy (I can buy & wear official hats but not the shirts or pants. I might be able to buy a jacket, but they are very expensive & I have to pay out-of-pocket.) Personally, I would much rather be dressed in full uniform & look professional.
The Video Game Freak !!! (9 months ago)
Like seriously people like this do not need to work for ups fed ex or USPS if they don't like their fucking job then they don't need to be there to work
Brian The Explorer (9 months ago)
I can’t wait till drones replace you and you get laid off delivery guys, because you obviously don’t take your jobs seriously.
Postofficejoe (9 months ago)
Reminds me of Jim Carey in Pet Detective ...
Oscars Mama (9 months ago)
Hope everyone of these idiots got fired
Jim (9 months ago)
Lazy slobs. They make enough to do it right.
Unboxing4fun Zheng (9 months ago)
luckily the items that i order online are not fragile and not glass
Two Cents * (9 months ago)
Need to bubble wrap this guys attitude so that these packages can get handled properly.
oEx0duSo (9 months ago)
The semi clip.. How do we know that that box was Fedex? I hardly doubt it would've still been there holding on before getting onto the interstate.
Ytram Ketsozs (9 months ago)
I'm an ex postal worker they over push and over burden routes on purpose. Keep adding on when new residents add houses. Just push push push most a-hole union jerks play the game and force the PO to cut their routes with greviances so they can work 4 hours a day and get paid for 8, what a load of crap! The poor CCA'S are getting hammered 6 and 7 days a week 60 plus and more hours a week, sure the pay check is nice but they are so beat they can barely see straight! No wonder they throw parcels and dont give a s%^t! If the workers were treated right maybe they would be nicer with delivering their items. ups I feel for you too I worked on routes crossing paths with the UPS drivers and when Im going home at 730 at night they are still out delivering parcels! They love it getting time and a half and double time??? Its all about the bottom line!!!!! most work for the lesser amount of money! Don't get me started with Amazcrap