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Chicago's Coolest Historical Spots | National Geographic

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This vibrant city of art, culture, and industry is also a treasure trove of storied sites. Make time to check out some of Chicago’s coolest historical spots. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe #NationalGeographic #Chicago #Travel About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta Read "Weekend Itinerary for the Explorer in Chicago" https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/destinations/north-america/united-states/illinois/chicago/windy-city-itinerary-what-to-do-weekend/ Chicago's Coolest Historical Spots | National Geographic https://youtu.be/ZtE-gockUN8 National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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Text Comments (119)
Alfredo Alcantar (26 days ago)
I missed Chicago
Haya Khan (4 months ago)
Chicago is very expensive city...
Veselka (5 months ago)
Maria Callas like Madame Butterfly in Chicago. Greek artist of music
ramakrishna devarakonda (5 months ago)
Iwant to go there in one time in my life
Thomas Barr (5 months ago)
Went to Chicago open ait. Went to unos. Went to navy pier. That was the whole day
Khadijah Muhammad (5 months ago)
I am from Chicago.
Najib El Maghraoui (5 months ago)
Like Napoleón
Patrick Peprah (5 months ago)
Moving here in June 🕺🏿🕺🏿
Emily Worel (5 months ago)
The 103rd floor SWAYS??! up to 6 in.! I'm scared.
Emily Worel (3 months ago)
@jadefalcon001 I think I remember hearing that in school, Maybe I'll be able to face that fear one day now, Thanks!
jadefalcon001 (3 months ago)
That's a *good* thing. If the building didn't flex with those forces the materials would have to absorb that energy instead, which would lead to more stress and fatigue over time. Buildings moving in response to forces on them is a very good thing, when they do so within design parameters.
hoosierhiver (5 months ago)
No mention of Fort Dearborn?
Michael Bray (5 months ago)
2:15 I think you mean "Western" hemisphere
sarah d (5 months ago)
"Walnut Room" in the Sears Tower was AWESOME!!!!
moviemagic (5 months ago)
sarah d the original is at the Macy’s in State St. :)
bulls on parade (5 months ago)
Zachary 8782 (5 months ago)
Truly a beautiful city
Aamir Kothia (5 months ago)
On ma way. Is it safe for muslim tourists. Sort of fear islamophobia. Kinda just been visiting morroco, egypt and turkey.
moviemagic (5 months ago)
We stand for Peace you’ll be alright. Just avoid the South Side.
Ademir Ferreira (5 months ago)
Cidade sensacional
Lavesh Patel (5 months ago)
I only love US........
Art Curious (5 months ago)
Chicago has a lot of good qualities but it’s a Midwest city with an egregious number of homicides and is choking under the weight of decades old corrupt politics. The bells and whistles do nothing but reinforce the city’s lack of cultural relevance and sense of identity within the American fabric. Boston is the true “second city” and after that LA and Las Vegas. Chicago could reinvent itself by electing a Republican mayor, lowering taxes, solving the crime problems, building new and affordable apartments, and rerouting its traffic away from the shore line. The competition among cities is becoming fierce and gimmicks like the bean and endless tourist attractions simply reinforce the idea that people just come and go, that Chicago is a city without a soul.
Conner Hendrick (5 months ago)
There's many points you made that are easy to disagree with but it is clear that you are clueless about politics. No republican would ever lower taxes on those who actually need tax cuts, and by that I mean the middle class and the poor. Educate yourself
Aamyr Dybala (5 months ago)
Wow❤ visiting next year
mech5 fab (5 months ago)
No one except for people who were told (local newscasters) refer to the Sears Tower as the Willis Tower. No matter how much someone spends to rename, it will always be the Sears Tower to anyone who lives in Chicago.
Car_enthuzust_for_life on ig (5 months ago)
i was in Chicago last summer i went in or drove by all these places
Córdova ,S William. (5 months ago)
Bless up Chicago ! Greetings A&E peace and respect for you great job 🍀 cheech and chong things are tough all over -80 😵😷
Lifeguard (5 months ago)
Chicago > New York
bulls on parade (5 months ago)
Bwahahaha Chitcago is not even close to being as cool as NY and i lived in both
Joyal kurian (5 months ago)
in crimes. Ultimately both are democrat colonies.
O G Choirboi (5 months ago)
All that toast and no jelly...0:02
Teri Scallon (5 months ago)
I love Chicago!
CatcherOfBass (5 months ago)
Chicago has a lot to offer and a lot of cool neighborhoods to explore. It’s best to be seen on foot. But if you’re by the lake then I recommend renting a bike.
Tyler (5 months ago)
Its only fun in the summer. Take it from a local
Noirfifre Noirfifre (5 months ago)
Every city/country should have a Historical Map Tour! So cool!
Rain Man (5 months ago)
I hope to check out these spots in 2019. Thank you
Supreme Reader (5 months ago)
What about the Chicago art museum downtown, the jewelry shops, or some of the great restaurants around Hyde Park? Come on Nat. Geo. You could have done a lot better.
smruti ranjan Nayak (5 months ago)
Nice video 👍
The Ghost Warrior (5 months ago)
Diaride 4 (5 months ago)
So that's where Michael Bay corrupted so many building.
TheRoblox Makers (5 months ago)
I have OCD and I don’t wanna make the likes uneven so I’m not liking or disliking.
Ben Larsen (5 months ago)
It is a lovely spot to visit, great history.
panfriedd (5 months ago)
it's only a couple hundred years old, what history is that again
MATEÓ EDM (5 months ago)
Beautiful city 💜
Ivory (5 months ago)
Looks better than I thought
M H (5 months ago)
But Chicago's shoreline is eroding badly. Need effective steps.
Jayyy667 (5 months ago)
A city enriched by "diversity".
J Cee (5 months ago)
For those spreading the propaganda about Chicago crime rate..it's Not even in the top 20 for over all crime.... Chicago like any major city does have crime but don't believe the negative about it... before you travel anywhere do the research.. Google is available 24/7/365 ☺️ ... Chicago ♥️
Jayyy667 (5 months ago)
*smacks lips*
bACe in Yo fACe! (5 months ago)
the sears tower. also known as.. uh nope.
PUBGM-WAR KING (1 month ago)
Willis Tower
Merci Sierra (5 months ago)
🐇Love my City 💖🌃💖
caegb (5 months ago)
A fantastic city to visit👌🏿
Raul JR Lara (5 months ago)
Where's the history of the hood lol
Bamm Boozoled (5 months ago)
Just don't go to the South side!
Brianna (5 months ago)
Well, you can visit Bronzeville and Hyde Park. Maybe Evergreen and Beverly. Other than that, stay away from the South Side for leisure.
Nic Andrews (5 months ago)
@Bookie99 Clearly these people have NEVER been to Chicago are are scared by what they "heard" the South Side is beautiful. So much culture and so much to see.
Bookie99 (5 months ago)
You ever been to Bridgeport? Canaryville? Pilsen? Chinatown? Mt. Greenwood? It's obvious you haven't. The Southside of the City is a huge place with bad areas and decent areas. Don't @ me bout this boss, I know you've seen a Vice documentary and got it all figured out
Joyal kurian (5 months ago)
@Bookie99 Are you living in mars? South side is the killing field. It is the democrat colony.
Bamm Boozoled (5 months ago)
Bookie99 my mom and little sister were killed by those saveges in the south side 😠
Tarek Bania (5 months ago)
beautiful city see you soon.
smithereeeeens (5 months ago)
Hey, i'm visiting Chicago now! Thanks for the tips, NatGeo! 🤓
Granola77 (5 months ago)
Oof. It's better when it's warmer. But hope you enjoy anyway.
GDPanda (5 months ago)
Thank you for not mentioning the bean
One Weird YouTube Name (4 months ago)
How historic is that?
Robert Potesta II (5 months ago)
GDPanda *Cloud Gate
CHILL FROST (5 months ago)
*I'll have my day off there..* -Ferris Bueller Mode
β Aquarii (5 months ago)
Wonderful 👍
قناة أسماء بحسي (5 months ago)
Good vidéo .
dusty rose (5 months ago)
today is my birthday, can I request some likes from u!?
Joyal kurian (5 months ago)
But unfortunately it is the most dangerous, violent city in the USA. That is also a fact. Chicago administration is a total failure.
jadefalcon001 (3 months ago)
[ citation needed ]
bulls on parade (5 months ago)
Shitcago is horrible...NY is best
Joyal kurian (5 months ago)
@Nihlus Kriyk Really? which city of the size of Chicago has the same rate of violent crimes? Please enlighten me? Are you comparing with some remote town with Chicago city? This is what happens when you get your facts from CNN and New york times.
Nihlus Kriyk (5 months ago)
The fear mongering propaganda really got to you. There's dozens upon dozens of cities and suburbs with higher violent crime rates in the US than Chicago. None of which are even located in the same state.
ShadowWarrior114 (5 months ago)
You forgot the historic parts of South side
Music Champion (5 months ago)
N j
Mike Ebersole (5 months ago)
No way no how! I value my life!
theylied1776 (5 months ago)
I love the Museum of Science and Industry.
Car_enthuzust_for_life on ig (5 months ago)
i spent all day there its massive
Lobo López (5 months ago)
It also has enough crime to keep travellers away for years...
jadefalcon001 (3 months ago)
@yc L Compared to most Asian cities, most American *everything* is "more disorderly." You're not describing a problem. You're describing cultural differences. Experiencing those differences is often one of the goals of traveling in the first place.
Lobo López (5 months ago)
@deziking if you just look at my first reply you will see that indeed I don't live anywhere close.
deziking (5 months ago)
This guy just spreading bad information. Prob dont even live near there.
Granola77 (5 months ago)
All the areas mentioned here are safe anyway
Granola77 (5 months ago)
The media misrepresents it so badly. It's only bad in a few neighborhoods in the South and West sides. There is nothing of significance there in those neighborhoods so tourists would never even find themselves there in the first place.
Mama (5 months ago)
I ❤️ Chicago ...
Mahinda Githaiga (5 months ago)
I would like to visit Chicago
bulls on parade (5 months ago)
@mech5 fab and ive lived in both as well..in Downtown Chicago on Ontario by Navy Pier for 3 yrs and NY hands downs spanks Shitcago 😁😁😁😁😂
mech5 fab (5 months ago)
bulls on parade New York would cringe at the thought of being called "way better". I've lived in both, I disagree.
Mahinda Githaiga (5 months ago)
@Eduardo Rodriguez thanks hopefully the opportunity will come
bulls on parade (5 months ago)
Chicago is cute but NY is way better
Nic Andrews (5 months ago)
There are 3 different Chicago's most tourist just stick to downtown.
Komal Soni (5 months ago)
Elise Bryanné (5 months ago)
This is just the downtown part. You really have to get into the city to feel the culture.
NekoWinters (5 months ago)
@Thucydides shame the gov won't smarten up and just legalize weed, tax it and use the money for things like the boys and girls club so kids won't only have gangstas as role models in the poor areas, stop the gangs from recruiting the next generation
jonathan stupid cheese spaghetti (5 months ago)
Thucydides (5 months ago)
@NekoWinters all you have to do is mention the word "crime" and gun lunatics come running.
NekoWinters (5 months ago)
@Dogifish its almost like all that gun control bs like the city banning handguns totally didnt convince the gangs and scumbags to not commit anymore crimes and turn in all their weapons.
Dogifish (5 months ago)
And crime. In 2016, Chicago had recorded more homicides and shooting victims than New York City and Los Angeles combined. Chicago isn''t safe for tourist at all.
Taslim Chaudhary (5 months ago)
Superb 🇮🇳
Maj w Ogrodzie Staszek (5 months ago)
Super !!!
LEGEND CUBER (5 months ago)
Μανωλης Μαρκουλης FISHING HUNTER (5 months ago)
Owen G. (5 months ago)
Nice scene and history OwenG lab rat ❤️🇯🇲
Rheinz Repol (5 months ago)
Owen G. (5 months ago)
BikeisLife you need a cookie