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Swift Swift Two

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3 hours edited down to 7 minutes. Another comedy video captured completely by dash cam footage and by accident. It is true we have all had tandems that wont slide but this guy was not even trying to get the pins to move. He would pull the lever twice and not even see if the pins released. WISH I HAD BEEN THERE!
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Johns Does (3 hours ago)
Just asking are they going be paving that spot and thats why he's packing it down ?
irish Robbie Madden (2 months ago)
How does that company get insurance!!!
James Lemon (2 months ago)
Is like an mexican fiesta Jack instead of laughing why you didn't offer to help. LOL
Cory McDermott (2 months ago)
This is why we sit so long at shippers/recievers. They make them wait, so in turn they do it to us.
Peter Northrup (2 months ago)
I get out and look all the time. So what? But this guy is funny. I dont get it. A straight back?
Yukon Jack (3 months ago)
Holy crap what’s this guy doing
Francisco gerardo Ulloa lozano (3 months ago)
Pa q se lo sueltan si no le sabe
Dick Fraser (3 months ago)
How did he pass a drivers test.
Dick Fraser (3 months ago)
I saw a trucker on one of Jacks explorations inside shipping and receiving places. Can't believe he was able to get inside or out. Large and in charge!!!
Frank Conrad (4 months ago)
Wow almost 30 minutes to back in. Got the biggest laugh at the end. As one of his fellow swift guy drove past. LOL
Joe Tallon (4 months ago)
silverado765 (4 months ago)
I wonder how many overtime hours this guy gets in a week?
E E (5 months ago)
Is Swift trying to slide trailer wheels back ?
warlock040269 (5 months ago)
the first one is not a swift driver, it is one of the independents that buy up swift loads when they can't do them. They might get paid twice what the driver would but they are always twice as bad a driver. Most of them are the ones from Mexico that were not to travel farther than 100 miles into the USA. Yet I have found a few that made it all the way to a swift yard when I worked there in Nebraska. They could not read English and said they had been in the states for 5 months driving on Mexican license for swift. A dispatcher got a hold of their number and thought they were company drivers and had yet to give them anything going back towards Mexico.
Robert Drake (5 months ago)
Nobody’s in the camera truck, yet the angle of the camera changed...
David Goldsmith (5 months ago)
if i was team driving with him he wud be dead
Brian Beard (6 months ago)
Who taught this guy how to drive? Ray Charles? Steve Wonder? The moron didn't realize his pins were jammed?? The clueless is strong with this one...
Darrell Wright (6 months ago)
No drivers in camera truck but i did play the same 1 minute video over and over! I did think indiana jack was a pro now i just think he's AHOLE !!!🖕
me m (6 months ago)
pause at :21 NOT EVEN A SWIFT TRUCK. swift leases out older equipment they no longer use until it is sold out of fleet. so that is not even a swift driver.
Sam Judd (7 months ago)
It's a good thing the drivers for all other companies were experts from day one.
Tanking Trucker (7 months ago)
Love the music I felt like I was in the circus or watching a clown at the circus. Swift first in Crash
BeKind (7 months ago)
Too funny
Halfadozen1221 (7 months ago)
I'm just wondering why He keeps getting out.
Florida Man (7 months ago)
Could possibly be a trailer behind him that he's trying not to back into. Or sliding his tandems one or the other.
band geek 379 (7 months ago)
Mike Becket (8 months ago)
Ahh swift ...as when finished "parking" go to back and see how badly you did, then remove pants and run away as fast as you can so as to not let anyone recognize you, thus the pants truck .. and it.works almost all the time at unless you left you're keys and wallet in youre pants ...then surprise!!!!
David488013 (8 months ago)
And I ask how the hell did this driver get a CDL. Ho that right they will give them to any one I guess ha ha .
Sharon Mount (8 months ago)
Makes me never want to be a trucker seeing how much arrogance there is and ending up on YouTube. Where's the good ol' days when people spend more time looking out for others rather than making fun of them. Idk just my feeling watching this
Cory McDermott (2 months ago)
The point is, this "driver" couldn't back a trailer 130' in a straight line. Literally a 1 minute task. Then, he couldn't understand that the trailer tandems were ALREADY locked in the correct position, but got that screwed up too. He should not be operating that truck. Yes, we all have a funky day, where we make mistakes and need to regroup. But this is the worst.
Pablo Ramirez de Arellano (8 months ago)
Sheeeeeeeshhhh, thats painful!
Teardrop Perkinz (8 months ago)
People hate on Swift alot, but I can tell you we never sit waiting to get a load we always Rollin, never stop. My bills get paid and I got money to spend. I provide well for my family driving for Swift, they take care of me just fine.
Ed (8 months ago)
Always wondered who Trailer Swift was...
Taron Holt (9 months ago)
He was trying to unlock his tandems, this is happens sometimes, it got nothing to do with if you can drive or not
Terry Roberts (9 months ago)
Just because they drive like that don't mean I don't I drive like that I got more than 10 years experience on the road I'm damn sure ain't no f****** rookie I probably Drive better then you do so quit making videos of these people and make stupid videos of you a******
Metalmachine467 (9 months ago)
I know what happened The lines and dock kept moving lol At the place I work if a driver was taking that long they would come out and tell them just to drop it so the yard jockey could do it . They don’t learn nothing that way
Wild Dingo (9 months ago)
Roses are red violets are blue Kwiff is schizophrenic and Swift is to. Ha Ha Ha .
Rayson Racette (9 months ago)
That driver was not trained. I really feel sorry for the guy. This is clearly how POOR Swift's training is. To think they are traveling down the road 80,000lbs. Is absolutely frightening. I tell everyone...You see a Swift truck...Stay away from them and give them a lot of space...they're extremely dangerous.
Mike Becket (9 months ago)
.............and no chickens we're injured in the filming of this documentary. Perhaps a few ants and one snail but a ghost of the first swift driver to attempt to park here is still, to this day trying to actually park 43 years and still no go..........yet note ,that attempt did not set any records. For swift ..ah first in class ...of its own run away run away fast and don't look back
Para-Taco (9 months ago)
Ha ha ha ha ha!
About horses (9 months ago)
cybersoil100 (9 months ago)
Jack, what brand of camera setup do you have? Thanks.
indianajacktrucker (9 months ago)
Canon D200, GoPro and Samsung Note.
Tim Monroe (9 months ago)
I just can't believe that these idiots are allowed to drive on the highways. Absolutely amazing!
James s (9 months ago)
Very hard to watch...lol...definitely has no business out there if you can’t straight back...just saying
Michael Gray (9 months ago)
Damon Davis (9 months ago)
Hey I used to work for Swift never had a issue Indiana Jack
Mike Becket (9 months ago)
Swift it's what's for breakfast. Ooops swift it's what's wrong with the world.....Ahh it's just wrong,......hmm Ahh it's my first day..... I'm only six years old but my dad has direaha , Im ah ugh hmm like really drunk and dont tell anyone. ...cause sh hmm we ahh I'm like you know drinking stuff sh ehatever dude...what an day like is it msn or girl dude.we cool ues dog you got bit go in on Amman..a ehen do we like est around here eiw that stuff is ah strong uou got it....!
Robby_ Soc (9 months ago)
Don’t need slide tandem to back straight I mean just follow yellow lines with all that room lmfao
Paul Henderson (9 months ago)
I woke up one night just intime to jump up and grab the horn my mirror was already into my door luckily just pushed it back out .. Driver was mad I honked at him and I offered to back his truck in for him and all was good
Mike Becket (10 months ago)
Vic J L (10 months ago)
This haters acting like they came out off there mommas vagina with a CDL hanging off their asses already.
Marion Mitchell (10 months ago)
Swift is renowned for their best in class antics, but US Xpress is grooming the next generation of professional drivers. Check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol-6sum13Dk
Live Simple (10 months ago)
Paul Paulk (10 months ago)
It was funny he looked like a penguin walking
Rollin Dub (10 months ago)
The music just kills me- you know swift means sure wish I had a fast truck lmao
Edwin Bitsoe (10 months ago)
Piss on sliding the Stupid Tandems,Dock and Drop the Trailer, Already..........( Whse Mgr.)!!!!!!!!!!
Z (10 months ago)
typical Swift driver head up a**
Kevin Lemcom (10 months ago)
Every day is an adventure https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=tt%20fan%20group&epa=SEARCH_BOX
Sean Hurley (10 months ago)
And he probably has a fast swift truck owner operator... Scary
David Summerlin (10 months ago)
Instead of sitting on your ass you could have helped him. Truckers in the old days helped each other out. This new breed of truckers are a bunch of losers
Dwight Arnold (10 months ago)
No wonder they call Swift transport see what I f***** up today
Dwight Arnold (10 months ago)
I meant to say pull your head out of your ass and learn how to park a trailer
Dwight Arnold (10 months ago)
Pull your head out of your ears and figure from the beginning how to back your trailer
Will It Fizz! (11 months ago)
All you mother fuckers where new at one time shut up, your the downfall of the trucking industry
Casey Stewart (11 months ago)
Clearly the guy who posted this video is someone who got bullied in school and now it's his turn to bully the new guy. It would be so much better out on the road if drivers would just have a little respect for one another
Tommy Myers (11 months ago)
How does he have a Cdl? 🤦‍♂️
Robert Sparkes (11 months ago)
Helping one another is Biblical...Just saying.
indianajacktrucker (11 months ago)
Amen brother! Just Sayin.
Steve Hobbs (1 year ago)
If they can't back IT up then, like that veteran driver said (I am also a veteran driver, 38 years on the road)how safe are they going down the highway???
Steve Hobbs (1 year ago)
That's just too funny
Steve Hobbs (1 year ago)
If you owned these trucks would you put a dumb ass like that drive your $70,000 Truck!!!??
Jana Shultz (1 year ago)
Jezzzzz I got tired watching this
jl Highfield (1 year ago)
He was just checking the u-joints
Mario Gonzales (1 year ago)
Goes to show you how stupid some truck drivers are
Misael Cruz (1 year ago)
You would think is swift but he is not a swift driver, the trailer must be an old trailer that used to be owned by swift.
Cory McDermott (2 months ago)
Lease/purchase driver, or a SWIFT contractor. Still gets paid by SWIFT....
Michael G (1 year ago)
Who train's Swift driver's to back in a trailer?
john1cheree (1 year ago)
I wonder how he ever pasted his drive test.!.
Mike Becket (1 year ago)
I'd hate to ask but what is in back of him a wild elephant with ctonic explosive diarhea or a rabid mouse
Joshua Neal (1 year ago)
What would be hilarious is if the driver backed into the wrong dock,door
Damnit Bobby (1 year ago)
Oh, I'm sorry, did I break your concentration? - Samuel L. Jackson
jose Montouy (1 year ago)
LMAO i had to speed up my the video in addition to yours.
Jeff Dean (1 year ago)
I have not backed a truck sense I was in the army in the 70s and I could do a better job drunk and stoned. How the hell do these guys get a license.
FB I (1 year ago)
Wtf kind of tittle is this
M g Reynolds (1 year ago)
Stupid shit
Finding our niRVana (1 year ago)
OMG ! That was a freaking brutal 7:00 minutes.
Kevin Kennedy (1 year ago)
A lot of people that work for swift aren’t the most experienced maybe you should cut them a break and maybe help them oh rather than ridicule them everyone has to start somewhere.. everyone has their ugly moments no matter what they do for a living...
Allen Trexler (1 year ago)
It makes me wonder how some people get licenses. If you want someone who knows how to drive let me know. LOL
Vanya Kouveli (1 year ago)
Locking pin fail...not driver's failure. He's stubborn trying to adjust tandems ti the rear...We can see tandems would not slide...it's upsetting
Johnny (5 months ago)
@Vanya Kouveli probably didn't pull the trailer brake.
Trucker Tee (1 year ago)
I see Metropolitan and JB Hunt trailers , also two bottom feeding companies.
JC Boom (5 months ago)
Did ya'll ever see any PAM trucks? Their yard entrance stated "Safest Drivers in the World". I had to drive past their yard to get to work and nearly got hit daily by a truck. They went bankrupt. But I saw a truck smoking badly on I-10 in Texas about 4 years ago and thought "that looks like a PAM" and it was! Before JB Hunt there were lots of smaller trucking companies in the Springdale , AR area: Central Sales, Jay Smith, Schmeiding, Taylor Bros, T.J.Neff, E.L Reddish, Midwest Transport and Jones Truck Lines was the largest. Willis Shaw is still at Elm Springs.
HoTRiT _ (1 year ago)
King Julien (1 year ago)
poor Swift 😭😞😂
Retro MouseX (1 year ago)
Swift trucks are. nice, but the drivers gotta go. Those guys need more training before they get on the road. I hate to say it but the drivers has given Swift a blackeye.
Robert Redmond (1 year ago)
Lol that's a swift traylor. But that is not a swift tractor that is some off brand company
Frank Dinis (1 year ago)
Worse driver's ever
Don Kellough (1 year ago)
POP s (1 year ago)
Making me dizzy
joracer1 (1 year ago)
He knows he's in log book violation, right.
Ray Burow (1 year ago)
"Start from the beginning"??? He didn't start far enough back!!!
randy kline (1 year ago)
Good choice of music,sad part is,it will be playing inside my brain all dam night long
Derrick B (1 year ago)
So it wasn’t a Swift driver. Do they get dumb just hooked up to the trailer?
R Sum (1 year ago)
Golda.... Quality service it says on his truck! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ya think he might have bought himself a hammer and some spray graphite shortly after??? Naaa... Probably not. 🤣🤣🤣 Say hello to the new breed! 👍👍👍
Rene Figueroa (1 year ago)
same company that cant train new guys well wants to help change the laws to their favor by accelerating the release of driverless trucks by making hair follicle test fmcsa approved its scary just thinking of the driver shortage it will create and how fast they will go running to big brother for government funding to get these trucks on the road.
Moneymaking Castle (1 year ago)
Im sorry but as a otr driver ive notice that most black people cant drive for shit
Everythang Texas (1 year ago)
So their owner operators can't back up either WTH... They are horrible!!!