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That Time It Rained for Two Million Years

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Viewers like you help make PBS (Thank you 😃) . Support your local PBS Member Station here: Check out our NEW POSTER: At the beginning of the Triassic Period, with the continents locked together from pole-to-pole in the supercontinent of Pangea, the world is hot, flat, and very, very dry. But then 234 million years ago, the climate suddenly changed for the wetter. Thanks as always to Nobumichi Tamura for allowing us to use his wonderful paleoart: Thanks to Franz Anthony, Julio Lacerda and Studio 252mya for their illustrations. You can find more of their work here: Julio Lacerda: Franz Anthony: Produced in collaboration with PBS Digital Studios: Want to follow Eons elsewhere on the internet? Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - References:
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Text Comments (5112)
B JW (1 hour ago)
As always great video
Joe (20 hours ago)
Great episode, but why is he always so shiny?
FluffyBadAss (22 hours ago)
Call me carnian pluvial episode because I'm going to make it rain for two million years!! 😂 [Mic drop]
Madeleine Norman (1 day ago)
You should have named it the chronicles of Carnia!!!
Zech Wilson (1 day ago)
Zech Wilson (1 day ago)
kamoro ramadhani (1 day ago)
Rain Tribulation ...
karlsie (2 days ago)
Dinosaurs: Just add water.
Yustisia Bandanira (2 days ago)
What about rain forest hole over the earth
M Ardan (2 days ago)
I am having that Hot for teacher moment. 😅
mrinalini devi (2 days ago)
You are so cute..😘😘
Robert Fernandez (2 days ago)
I mean. Ig. Techmically speaking. It *is* always raining on earth now. just in different spots at different times. Ig then you could say its always sunny. And always cloudy always night always day ect. Ect.
Kyle Tubashit (2 days ago)
2 million years. That's a long time and a lot of wet.
01 02 (3 days ago)
You know, 40 days and 40 nights doesn't sound so bad after all. Lol
SplinterCell521 (3 days ago)
Downvote because you didn't go with "Chronicles of Carnia"
Elon Baartar (3 days ago)
a giant area of volcanos erupting for 5 million years, only made global temperature to rise by 3-10 degrees, and that then caused a continuous rain of 2 million years...… and you tell me we the people is making the globe warmer today...… something don't add up here.....
John DC (2 days ago)
We are definitely making an impact on the climate though. The CO2 contents in the atmosphere has reached 415 ppm for the first time in first in millions of years.
Leonidas Tullius (3 days ago)
Just add water!
octagonocologist (3 days ago)
mezzo not metzo
Dreb Deocariza (4 days ago)
So it is true
Shrooman (4 days ago)
Ah yes another average summer.
Merveil Meok (4 days ago)
What has happened before is due to happen again. In fact, it would safe to assume that the Earth goes through cycles.
SettyGee (4 days ago)
Crazy how no one saw it yet we believe it bc of some evidence.
John DC (2 days ago)
Because... That's the purpose of evidence? Most of us haven't seen Abraham Lincoln alive but obviously we know he did exist because of evidence. It's the same with anything in the past.
Venkatesh Babu Ponnuchamy (4 days ago)
Water came to earth not because of water content of earth or generated water. It was a lucky hit of monster ice asteroids from the Saturn rings. Otherwise there would be no water on earth. Usually most places loose water in the atmosphere and the orbit around sun and evaporate. That's why chance of survival in a once in a cosmic event or a rare event of a trillion chance. Mathematics or science is okay but life is different.
Hoàng Nguyên (2 days ago)
Should we collect ice from space and use it to purify Earth ?
Cornvelious Daniel (4 days ago)
here in Scotland it never stopped
Beau Sinclair (4 days ago)
Chehovski (5 days ago)
If you look at the data scientists use to come up with all these claims, the word "baseless" comes to mind, let alone tossing it into the melting pot of an obsolete narrative.
Martin Balber (5 days ago)
My fault, i left my SUV running
nyood mono (6 days ago)
Can we have a video on the time period where the wood piled up since there were no destruents yet? Before the fungus.
Broose Waiyn (6 days ago)
Sounds like England to me
Todd Hanks (6 days ago)
Sounds like Alabama
Mikemike Hunter IV (6 days ago)
Chronicles of Carnia
liljoeytraks (6 days ago)
Mars: what happen to earth? Sun: uhh it’s just earth going through his emo phase
I wanna be Windowmaker (2 days ago)
liljoeytraks SUNNNN ITS NOT A PHASE👩🏽‍🎤👩🏽‍🎤👩🏽‍🎤ugh
metalskirmish (6 days ago)
once we teach the machines to self replicate, nothing like this will ever matter again.
okrajoe (7 days ago)
So, Seattle weather?
bebe bebe (7 days ago)
Right 2 million years
Brenda Fulkerson (7 days ago)
lives in seattle, lol
Nightpacer1 (7 days ago)
So basically England
Elber Galarja (7 days ago)
Reminds me of blade runner
kingbasebow kingbasebow (7 days ago)
The chronicles of it
Bat Man (7 days ago)
If town raining for twos million year it gonna turn into a sea that can deep 100 km
Greg Banner (6 days ago)
I hope english isn't your first language
Mark Magness (7 days ago)
Earths history is awesome
Shack Wave Productions (7 days ago)
After those 2 million years dinosaurs be like: “Mr blue sky please tell us why you had to hide soo long?”
staggering beauty , (1 day ago)
Where did we go wrong? Mr bleu you did it right but soon Comes mr night, Mr night: i Stay for 2 millions years
Markus Haahr (7 days ago)
Here in Denmark we call it Spring
Captain Obvious (7 days ago)
I bet it was caused by global warming
Terannic V3 (7 days ago)
Well a lot of carbon in the air caused by the residual heat of the lava from the north from what I'm understanding so.... yeah
Thomas JR. (7 days ago)
*You have to take all these stories about dinosaurs and the replication of what they looked like with a grain of salt. It's too much speculation based on indirect evidence, so odds that archeologists may make mistakes are huge. Think about it this way. In present day, doctors are always making statements based on studies that they always rectify later, based on a new study. Let alone the study of the far far past.*
ThatGuyBc (7 days ago)
I curse you with 2 million years of rain
XxX SadGamerPro xXx (8 days ago)
imagine how many views the chronicles of carnia couldve gotten
Bearded Jagger (8 days ago)
I see a video like this and I'm reminded that time devours everything and anyone who thinks they are so damn important now will not be remembered in a blink of geological time.
Tartineman 08 (8 days ago)
why do the spino disappear
Rolf Jander (8 days ago)
And now we are releasing enough co2 to raise the temperature that much if we don't change our ways.
phildirt3 (8 days ago)
Bonobo Jebus done it
Cvo777 (8 days ago)
Basically spring in the US midwest
Philadelphia Collins (8 days ago)
One day it started raining and it didn't quit for 2 million years
Noodle K Doodle (8 days ago)
Dinoah, you better get building that Dino ark.
Sir Embrum49 The Great Moth (8 days ago)
This very fascinating Hehe he said rock types. So fossil Pokemon can exist???
PwndaKai (8 days ago)
Me: can i go play outside Mom: after it rains Me: yay *2 million years later* Me:Dead
FinnyThePorg (3 days ago)
PwndaKai Your comment made my day
Austin Schwarz (8 days ago)
Bruh remember that time it rained for two million years earth weird
Sarthak Shinde (8 days ago)
Only lizard kids will remember
Radacious (8 days ago)
Jeez don't even remind me. Worst two million years ever.
Carlos Palafox (8 days ago)
When you remember PBS is a thing
Gigagoose - Fortnite Content (8 days ago)
Oh yea... that time, remember it like it was yesterday
Z B (8 days ago)
People in Britain: But it never stopped
Not Applicable (8 days ago)
It's worse now. 😐
Frog of Wisdom (8 days ago)
England amirite?
Mustaf Asham (8 days ago)
You mean summer in the UK?
Merciless SSJ2 (8 days ago)
How to make easy money back then: become a weather reporter
DeadManProp (8 days ago)
AKA the last 2 million years in the UK and Seattle.
Ham :3 (9 days ago)
Oh dont you mean: a normal day in England?
Mark Solarz (9 days ago)
No one have ever been able to explain the formation of the seas,.....there is no evidence of them freezing or boiling off! And rain requires atmosphere. The chicken or the egg? This is a theory. Not a proof. Remember the first dinosaur? They had the head on the wrong end! How come there are Ceolocanths?
Butterfly Lyrics (9 days ago)
The continents look like Westeros and Essos
Anthony Lawrence (9 days ago)
WHAAAAAAAAT, climate change
Lorenzo Castillo (9 days ago)
What no hipster host?? 🙌🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
The Space Of Ades (9 days ago)
I BLESS THE RAINS DOWN IN... uh... everywhere...
Truth Matters (9 days ago)
Who measured million years? idiot.
Riotalex23 (9 days ago)
I remembered that one time it rained for two million years, ah good times.
Oh yeah yeah (9 days ago)
Earth was really *WET*
STEEMi :v (9 days ago)
Weeb (me included): *click because the title is similar to "That time I got reincarnated as a slime".*
Jackson Colling (9 days ago)
We get it commenters it rains a lot where you live
Cody Lee (9 days ago)
Rain was a paid actor
RaYze dark (9 days ago)
The UK: haha noobs
NovaMG (9 days ago)
Take that Jupiter our storm is longer lived
Zheng Yang Wang (3 days ago)
But Jupiter is a long lasting cyclone while this is probably just scattered thunderstorms throughout the continent. I'm not fun at parties....
The Maniac 90876 (9 days ago)
Who else saw the title n is all like WAA
peepsdtw (9 days ago)
The crust and all mountains including K2 and the Himalayas and The Grand Canyon as well are all new really in the grand scheme of things. The age of the earth is obviously far older than we can measure physically.
Jason Sanders (9 days ago)
I'm pretty sure this dude's just making a lot of these words up.
frisco works (9 days ago)
Amazing. Now I know I have a place somewhere in the history of earth's many phases.
punkhop23 (9 days ago)
this guy is nicepeter when hes 50
K.J. G. (9 days ago)
Pretty sure the UK is still stuck in this time....
George Job (9 days ago)
Must,ve been here in the UK, still rains non stop ..... 😪☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔☔
NotTheFBI (9 days ago)
Should be named: big clout sweat
Truman Johnson (9 days ago)
This guy never blinks even once
Jameson Desjarlaise (9 days ago)
Great fiction
Eugene 10 (10 days ago)
He looks like Taylor Swift's dad
Miko S.O (10 days ago)
*Swedish summer be like*
Nighthawk7388 (10 days ago)
Earth is only 6000 yrs old
Cole Richards (10 days ago)
Forest gump
Islam Isbad (10 days ago)
Got nothing on Wales.
attack helicopter mi 28 (10 days ago)
Earth: rain for 2 million years Norway:hold ølen min (hold my beer)
Rohan Krishna (10 days ago)
You can slow down a bit... Its okay is video is a bit longer
Lillian Lupin (10 days ago)
It would not have been dumb !
KSI Pew (10 days ago)
Remember when it rained for 21million years such a great time