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Happy Holidays from the JukinVideo Vault

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The holidays are upon us and we are celebrating with a festive compilation filled with gift giving, gift receiving, Christmas tree fails and joy! Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year from everyone here at JukinVideo! Watch Next: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-FIglqLVZY&list=PLz9JxPpKRG-QOsK5iRkxkJicbxYXPQnPe&index=4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSPqV9mTeJ0 SUBSCRIBE for awesome videos every day!: http://bit.ly/JukinVideo Submit your video here: http://bit.ly/3-submit-here LIKE us on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoFB FOLLOW us on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoTwitter Short vids on INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoInstagram Shorter vids on VINE: http://bit.ly/JukinVideoVine JukinVideo is the leading viral video community channel dedicated to showcasing the hottest UGC videos from across the web. We love videos and find the best ones to share with you here, from fail videos to ice bucket challenges, and soccer tricks to a baby reacting to Katy Perry's Dark Horse. The JukinVideo team scours the web 24/7 to find the latest trends and hottest videos. Subscribe to see them first! To license any of the videos shown on JukinVideo, visit Jukin Media at http://jukinmedia.com/licensing
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Text Comments (114)
Jannik Mayer (20 days ago)
Solve enter give lesson wind subtle display allow.
Krieger 2015 (25 days ago)
dat ass... nose?
gramole (26 days ago)
why is there a video of a guy shaping trees that obviously aren't Christmas trees at 1:13
Finn Weichert (27 days ago)
frohe Weihnachten jukinvideo
Ahhh (28 days ago)
Merry Christmas anyone who reads this
GoGamerz GnO (28 days ago)
0:40 a dogs lifeless carcass
suǝʇʇıʞ ǝƃɹoƃ (28 days ago)
I think the one with the dog as a present was a fail because his parents named him Billy JK
TheCoolStuffHD (28 days ago)
3:53 Lmao that dude on the right doesn't know how to run.
Krucek (28 days ago)
For the love all that is all mighty, dont buy a dog as christmas presents....
comcfi (28 days ago)
Some actually took time out of their day to paint a ass on their nose.
Moonz (28 days ago)
the nose twerk thing is 100% C R I N G E
Stigma Sucks (28 days ago)
All I want for Christmas is the sound back for the outro clip...
old player (28 days ago)
the fast guy at the end jajajajajjajaa
thedarknessfalls21 (28 days ago)
I'm screaming at the Santa on the hover board 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
john papple (28 days ago)
Look at how that cuck at the end is sprinting like a retarded duck cuck.
mindbreaker 99 (28 days ago)
i can't find a joke about this so let's make one 1:40 :D
Bryan Pena (29 days ago)
yo I need to get that inflated Santa with the eye for 80
CHIPNEY (29 days ago)
wtf is "happy holidays" lmao 😂 it's supposed to be merry christmas and happy new year
Uber Pancakes (29 days ago)
Anyone know the name of the video with the dogs pulling the boy on the sled?
Captain Colorado (29 days ago)
3:22 - just like me. Ive got that the past couple xmas
Thiago Pimenta (29 days ago)
0:58 In that Santa we trust.
Jannik Mayer (29 days ago)
Dominate novel governor gdfnwqd championship generation assault affect seven.
tobortine (29 days ago)
0:57 is just beautiful.
ajaaniajaa (29 days ago)
00:42 what is that, a dead dog?
Chewy (29 days ago)
Santa with the deaf girls Wins the Internet today
Blondcrafter (29 days ago)
That puppy in the box, SOOOOOOO COOOOOOOTE
mogadishusneeze (29 days ago)
Grant Jones (29 days ago)
Lol the Santa in the hoverboard kills me each time. So funny
Justin Stojanoski-pearson (29 days ago)
I asked many times to be respectful and take me off of the outro. Please do it or I will take leagle action. Merry Christmas
Justin Stojanoski-pearson (28 days ago)
Spence _ that's me in the outro on the zip line and I asked many times to take it down
Spence _ (29 days ago)
Justin Stojanoski-pearson what?
David Sue (29 days ago)
0:26 Next Christmas, little Billy gets gender reassignment therapy.
Tullock (29 days ago)
I don't want to see Rich people getting cars. Dislik.
Alex T (28 days ago)
Tullock It was probably their dad's dream car or his first car and held lots of memories. It's not like the Bel-Air costs 1 million dollars.
Tullock (29 days ago)
Grant Jones Whatever. I bet that guy owned it once before.
Grant Jones (29 days ago)
Are you kidding? It's obviously the dudes dream car. They've probably been saving for years to get it for him. Fuck outta here, nobody wants you here.
PinK UnIcOrN (29 days ago)
0.50 omg !!
AlphaWolf3D (29 days ago)
I came for the pug sled...i wanst disappointed c:
Miguel Angel Ramírez Jaramillo (29 days ago)
Jukin Video, please put captions on your videos, for my friends who doesn't speak english will be more enjoyable to watch it.
Josh Jones Freelance (29 days ago)
Notif Squad, where you at?
Decepticon Astrotrain (29 days ago)
Merry Christmas Oh I'm sorry, did I offend you?
Kevin H.A (28 days ago)
Decepticon Astrotrain (29 days ago)
Feminazi Ha! I'm sure you wish it did, bud.
Feminazi (Spank) (29 days ago)
Infinite Astrotrain there is no god did that offend you?
IIIDoctor_EIII (29 days ago)
That's modern society for you...
MES HQuality (29 days ago)
1:03 So beautiful:)
Marshal Jim Duncan (29 days ago)
Bob the amazing cow (29 days ago)
2:53 That looks like the house from Modern family
alex knight (29 days ago)
it'd be kinda funny if (now that everyone has gotten used to no sound outro) they cranked the volume at the end.
Nur der SVW! (29 days ago)
Why is that Arsenal Kid on place 3 and not 4?!
ForzaTyler (29 days ago)
Merry Christmas to everyone at Junkin Videos, thanks for a great year!
Moto Buddy (29 days ago)
Why are they opening gifts prematurely? Ya supposed to open them on christmas morning
Jordan Larson (29 days ago)
The signing santa is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Andrew Newman (29 days ago)
Marry Christmas*!#
danzoil (29 days ago)
Merry Christmas, faggots.
Roei AM (29 days ago)
Diego M-A Marry Mada fuckin Christmas
Diego M-A (29 days ago)
Merry Christmas piece of shit
Marie Hofer (29 days ago)
When you still have school tomorrow
WaVe Replayz (29 days ago)
WaVe Replayz (29 days ago)
Yeasty Flaps holy fuck the video is working now
Yeasty Flaps (29 days ago)
RAPS Superior well at least you can still comment
Rob X Tiger (29 days ago)
Wow, i really like this moment, 0:56 because I'm a deaf too. It's cool to see them doing sign language :D
Kakarot (29 days ago)
2:37 - I'd get the kids the hell away from that santa lol.
Crystal_Costello (29 days ago)
0:36 It's DEAD!
susi2 Susi2 (29 days ago)
Happy holidays too. :)
Willian Heymowski (29 days ago)
0:56 just made my day ! Somebody have the link for the whole video ? please !
Willian Heymowski (29 days ago)
Found it.
ZxXxTimeBombxXxZ (29 days ago)
me too kid fucking love a1
Derp Da Derp (29 days ago)
Why do I get notifications from this channel I've never even subscribed
Ryan Hewson (29 days ago)
3:34 Christmas is cancelled kids. :(
Bennet Funk (29 days ago)
Happy holidays everyone! Stay as you are! Hope you had an awesome year! :)
ProGamer “ProGamerPL” PL (29 days ago)
AngryGrandpa get the same car!
Fortinator95 (29 days ago)
Philipp lohse (29 days ago)
Mike Morris (29 days ago)
That moment you realize zero fucks are given about all the outro complaints.
pa pt (29 days ago)
Mike Morris te amo, mi amor
Labrini Balta (29 days ago)
Mike Morris ur profile doe...
DigitaIBot (29 days ago)
I dont think you should give animals as a present.
Dubious (29 days ago)
I think its ok if you "give" it to your kids, but also take in mind that you most likely gonna get a lot of the responsibility yourself
Enticing Earlobe (29 days ago)
that third kid is a fucking queer
Leo Tapp (29 days ago)
Merry Christmas everyone!
rafael massobrio (29 days ago)
Jackson Treece (29 days ago)
Who else saw the dude sprinting at the end?😂
Mr. White (29 days ago)
That dude running in the end just don't want to miss a single chance to impress and fhritp :D
Leon Endjer (29 days ago)
like for christmast
Zeppish (29 days ago)
Dat run doe😂 3:47
TheCoolStuffHD (28 days ago)
White knight haha
DA FUNKY STONER (29 days ago)
Zeppish Dammm you I was bout to say that instead I'll just like your comment that shit was funny ass fuck
Dominik Jabłoński (29 days ago)
happy holidays too jukinvideo!!! 💟
Tatán Rodríguez (29 days ago)
00:55 that Santa Made my day, sooo cute
Spectra “Spectra123” Helioticity (27 days ago)
I am fuckin' glad that Santa knew sign language.
Daniel Jr (29 days ago)
larry is real Hell yeah
arts of andi (29 days ago)
thank you jukin have great holidays too 🙏
Danny Sweeney (29 days ago)
2:53 The look on the guy on the back's face is priceless.
Danny Sweeney (29 days ago)
+Shark Boy343ya Hi there.
Shark Boy343ya (29 days ago)
GTA5 Showcases (29 days ago)
0:35 when u get car Parts for christmas
DrRusian (29 days ago)
Angry Grand Pa also get a same car
DA FUNKY STONER (29 days ago)
DrRusian yeah he already crashed it lmao
ProGamer “ProGamerPL” PL (29 days ago)
DrRusian yeah!
Mercer Luniewski (29 days ago)
MineLord567 (29 days ago)
1:40 Santa be trippin'
StreetHooliganZ (29 days ago)
happy holidays jukinvideo ^-^
William Finney (29 days ago)
Javier Alberto Galindo Parra (29 days ago)
VaTel (29 days ago)
301st view oh wait you dont care
jorge lara (29 days ago)
el video comienza en el min. 00:00
lollipop_ d_ (29 days ago)
heyyyyy 6th of 1.000.000
Wolla Boys (29 days ago)
14 like
Game Over (29 days ago)
Lindsay H (29 days ago)
So early!
Acatec Artwork艾 (29 days ago)
already one hater ... tss
Ben carmon (29 days ago)
Pato HD (29 days ago)
primer comentario
Blake (29 days ago)
Rick Meijer (29 days ago)