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Text Comments (272047)
shane (1 year ago)
Hope you guys enjoy this extra long extra twisted episode. What theories do YOU believe? also check out my brothers new conspiracy channel here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLQQFZKmGa8&feature=youtu.be
I Choked On Spaghetti Benton (3 days ago)
I’m the 500th comment
XHoogieXMysterX (2 months ago)
when Elon musk launched the car into space.. Where are all the stars??
Feathered Dragon (2 months ago)
Y e s
Crystal Woolfolk (3 months ago)
Moon landing= Hollywood 🇺🇸🎥🎬 production..
Gacha Carly (3 months ago)
Forever Unicorns (8 minutes ago)
Shane could legit make me believe i'm a potato
Royale high (20 minutes ago)
Who else is watching Cuz he hasn't posted in a long time Btw I'm a small youtuber trying to grow you could help me out if you want btw no pressure also pls no hate
blue silver (22 minutes ago)
so clearly laurel no one: Donald trump: i hear CoNfeFy
miep miep (48 minutes ago)
The problem with the kpop industry is that basically everyone knows what's going on behind the scenes. But we don't know on what scales, is it happening to everyone? And ofc all it is true but when (ex) kpop idols talk about it they play it off as if it's not that bad.
OxygenNeedle (50 minutes ago)
I’m still offended by the fact that I am 15 years old and cannot hear the 18000hz thing
grace holland (1 hour ago)
I'm twelve and I didn't hear it, and I heard laurel
Masquerade Ball (2 hours ago)
I was sitting with my dog while watching the pitch thing and she started glancing around in a confused manner.
Einsteinsbox Justin Newton (2 hours ago)
Kristen Beaton (4 hours ago)
Man ur bro should be on more lol. He basically just said everything I've been saying for the last 5 years .
•-•Rosey Honey•-• (6 hours ago)
Im 11 years old and I cant hear the sound that hurts their ear Is it only me? Only me? Ok
Scrubs Shit Show (6 hours ago)
omg shane im totes disap[pints how can u say jif jeffrey woulndt be happy sad face
•-•Rosey Honey•-• (6 hours ago)
Shane:*Posted another Conspiracy Theory* Me:Nah!.. Me again:*Sees BTS* Me again²:*TAP!* Like this if you did this too😆
Harris Baldon (6 hours ago)
vovo qaqu
NinA BAninA (7 hours ago)
Well... Firmament is from latin which means sky... So God made the sky. That makes sense... I think that term was just poorly used. Now people use that as an excuse to say we live on a flat piece of rock Edit: have done LSD and can confirm this world is DEFINITELY not what we think. Haven't tried DMT, but weed will expand your mind too. Also, not condoning drug use, but, think for yourselves and do research BEFORE taking amy mind altering drug
Delta Dawn (8 hours ago)
🤯🤯🤯 The Pancake Earth part: More than Brilliant!!! Your brother definitely got you beat. That was intense! And rather convincing... given the evidence 🤔
Kayla Jean (8 hours ago)
Lowkey•Cat (8 hours ago)
Wait I’m rewatching dis and it’s 2019 people be sayin Antartica is melting and if there ice is our earths wall den they’ll melt to!. But I’m a round earth believer so it’s fine...or is it?
Malicious Nails (10 hours ago)
IF the earth is “flat,” then why is the moon round? 🤔
dandeliondunmer (12 hours ago)
I kinda believe the dna one low-key even though it's also very far fetched
Turtle Corn (14 hours ago)
Im twelve and can’t hear that high pitched sound
Yourboiyazzy 5 (15 hours ago)
I didn’t hear the high pitched sound in the beginning....I’m 13...apparently I’m old 😐
0silly0sally0 (15 hours ago)
Wow 😳
Christian Gomez (16 hours ago)
cherry i guess (16 hours ago)
You just don't watch Shane. You go on a 3 day straight binging marathon and then stop watching for 5 months.
Dexter Caughy (16 hours ago)
I can’t hear that and I am 12
ROBLOX GIRL (18 hours ago)
I’m 11 and have old ears
{Natalia Carranza} (18 hours ago)
Its been a year and I still hear yanny
Mackenzie Gress (18 hours ago)
There is science behind why people can't see the curvature of the Earth from land level, which I won't go into because you can just Google it. However like Shane's brother said, I don't believe the Earth is flat but I understand the reasoning and ideology behind it because psychedelic drugs are definitely illegal because people in power don't want free thinkers and those illegal substances that have science backed to prove it doesn't harm your brain, are the number one thing to open up your mind.
cocoa chu (18 hours ago)
I can't hear it, and I'm 10- I heard some whispering though
bgamer 209 (18 hours ago)
What's this from 14:39
HI Studios (19 hours ago)
if the earth was a flat circle you could still see a curve from a plane if the earth was a globe you could still see a curve from a plane if the earth was a flat square you could still see a corner from a plane
Bright (19 hours ago)
shane could make me believe im a brick wall and i would be happy about it too.
Pelican (20 hours ago)
... I can’t hear the sounds and I’m 12 😰
Meowz3r (20 hours ago)
I literally can’t read lips as I also have a hard time reading facial expressions so I go off of tone. The Bah and Fah only sounded like Bah to me each time 🤷🏼‍♀️
Cassifrass YT (21 hours ago)
Serenety Stevenson (21 hours ago)
I’m 16 and can’t hear anything
JessRyePlayz (21 hours ago)
I could hear bar anyway instead of far
Charlie Bwr (22 hours ago)
I miss these videos. Idk whatever he feels about them now or whatever happened but id be cool if he was still doing one of these once a month
Bryte Eyez (23 hours ago)
The theory of record labels putting the tones on those under their 20's can her to persuade them to like their music or persuade young adults to buy their products reminds me of the movie "Josie and the Pussy Cats" https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0236348/fullcredits
Shelby Lewis (23 hours ago)
I'm 11 i can't here it
ok ?! (1 day ago)
Then why if the earth is flat when a ship comes up I see the sailing first? The earth isn't flat
Your daily cup of Milo (1 day ago)
Shane's brother needs his own YouTube channel!!
Samoa Spots (1 day ago)
*wonders why I couldn’t hear the young ear noise* Oh wait...I watch music at 100%...yeah nvm.
Maelyn Monett (1 day ago)
On my school we never talk about Antarctica And when i ask something my teacher dont know anything about Antarctica cause we never learn about it
Taeya Jordans (1 day ago)
When I was watching the flat earth part I refreshed my YouTube page and the first suggestion was a flat earth video
blue berry (1 day ago)
Damn Australia what an island that's right I basically live on an island it's amazing! XD
gemify (1 day ago)
I see dna i click..
Izzy G (1 day ago)
Officially unstanning because of how you pronounce Gif Not seriously I'm buying ur merch and pallete asap but still
Ameya Rampal (1 day ago)
I’m convinced the earth is flat😩
Doroteja Nikolic (1 day ago)
That’s it. I’m spitting into a cup and putting it in the freezer
Katie Malfoy (1 day ago)
I don't hear the gif things
Turtle Corn (1 day ago)
You said jif instead of gif
开晶 (1 day ago)
Krystal and her sister have anemia.
king angellion (1 day ago)
I hated high frequency music, and I'm 11
Nayely Garcia (1 day ago)
Is see bts I click
nostxlgia (1 day ago)
this was the last REAL normal video shane posted.
Zara Hoffman (1 day ago)
But... I've been to South Africa and I saw the curve of the Earth...
ルイズLouise (1 day ago)
Kim Fieldsmiller (1 day ago)
earth sry
Kim Fieldsmiller (1 day ago)
what if the moon is a cube because it fits the therory
Xxmarinalozanoxx (1 day ago)
Who else thought of green needle when it said say brainstorm😂✋🏼
mariana lmao (1 day ago)
my best friend-"im a flat earther" me- "ARE YOU DUMB?" me after watching shanes vid- "IM A FLAT EARTHER! FIGHT ME!
Rat Chimken (1 day ago)
This made me a flat Earther
Queen Norrii (1 day ago)
I'm opened to the idea 😁🤔
Chlewey (1 day ago)
The high frequency sound part is crazy. I watched this about half a year ago and could hear the high pitched noise. I cant hear it anymore...
Pp pianorchid 9 (1 day ago)
The middle low key trash change my mind
mikrokosmos (1 day ago)
Am I the only one that was happy because it’s Shane but also got even happier every time I saw BTS?
HHG of Antioch (1 day ago)
That was the most undercover Christian kinda shit I've ever seen. Hakuna Matata mufukkas. Love your neighbor.
Okonkwo, The Great (1 day ago)
33:05 this must be the leader of the Gucci Gang
HHG of Antioch (1 day ago)
Have you ever done Nikki Manaj's voice is actually Jay-Z? Cos that one is by far my favorite conspiracy theory.
Icky Toaster (1 day ago)
He says theory as if it dosen't mean fact
Annie Poo (1 day ago)
I'm twelve and I cant hear the high pitched sound...
Queen Norrii (1 day ago)
Bruh I'm thirteen and I hear it
Timber Anderson (1 day ago)
Am I the only person more scared of the inserted tid bits than the actual theory?
Angharad Ceridwen (1 day ago)
I’m so glad I struggle to hear high pitched noises, I’m good at hear low pitch tho and I prefer low pitch.
Jesus Bolaños (1 day ago)
The 23 and me made me happy not scared or angry
Mia Richeal (1 day ago)
Shane: *talks about serious topics of how celebrities are trapped* Also shane: *Edits in clips of Jumanji and Its gonna be me*
Liv's World (1 day ago)
I asked my friend if they could hear the sound and they were freaked out... I can't hear it...
namjoon'sforehead (1 day ago)
And the K-Pop Industry is really ridiculous. It’s really fucked up. Some company’s require ABSURD things. OMG F(x)! R.I.P SULLI!
jeongin said im baby (1 day ago)
*Moral of the story: stan bts*
Awesome Person (1 day ago)
I miss these videos
Queen Norrii (1 day ago)
Same brah same
namjoon'sforehead (1 day ago)
i heard laurel then i heard yanny twice. i rewound the video and the same thing happened. theories? science?
-quxill_ 0- (1 day ago)
Dude I'm going buy a Nokia and save my brain and my life god....!!!
BTSBANGTAN (1 day ago)
This world makes no sense.
Lauren McLemore (1 day ago)
Umm I’m 11 years old and I couldn’t hear it
Jade Benge (1 day ago)
I'm sorry shane, your brother has a different daddy.
JinNamYoongiHosekTaeJminKookie BTS (1 day ago)
BTS please stay safe 😭
Shrimp Queen (1 day ago)
I heard laurel and not the ring...I’m 10
Alysha Roy (1 day ago)
Ok so this is just my responses and beliefs compared to the flat earth theory argument part of the video. The reason there are no full images of the earth is probs because it’s so freaking huge (I’m not an expert) The photoshopping of the earth is so we can have access to a full global map for public access. It’s for your convenience The theories that are mentioned DO have lots of proof (Big Bang theory ect.) The Antarctica barrier and not being able to go there is for your safety. It’s dangerous to go there so that’s why when you do your ministered. A mistake in flight plans does happen and can cause major flight paths changes. That’s why crashed planes are hard to find cause they go off track majority of the time causing a track. No scycadelic drugs is because it’s dangerous. People die from it, a lot. Also medicines that are prescribed and can kill you are accidental human error (which is bad, I’m not saying it’s fine) but it’s more regulated than growing a plant that can get you killed because it messes with you. Again the earth is huge so to see a curve would take far more distance off the surface. I believe with the media controlling and influencing people and Not wanting people to think for themselves. The reason when you google flat earth theory it calls it crazy if you believe it is BECAUSE THERES MORE EVIDENCE AGAINST IT THAN FOR IT!!! Also sheep are dumb, I believe we are a lot like sheep in the way we follow the things media says and influences but we aren’t dumb like sheep. We found out the information today because of our curiosity, because of our need to learn more to get off the fence of the earth. Think of early scientists as conspiracy theorists. They didn’t want to believe the earth was flat, they through it was a lie. They then proved it wrong and were shunned and called crazy. Sound familiar? But oh how the tables have turned NoW tHe EaRtH mUsT bE fLaT bEcAuSe ThEy’Rje LyInG tO uS. There is more evidence against then for. What more is there to say. Also side tangent. HOW CAN THE EARTH BE FLAT AND EVERYTHING ELSE BE ROUND!!!!! WHY WOULD THEY WASTE SO MUCH MONEY FOR CONTROL WHEN SPENDING THE SAME AMOUNT COULD DO IT FOR REALE WITH THE SAME AFFECT!!!! Sorry this is long but I have thoughts and this is the internet. I just don’t understand how people believe this but I don’t have like a hate for the people that do believe it, so don’t come for me!
Isabella Whiten (1 day ago)
What if Area 51 is the edge of the earth? I haven’t seen the whole thing yet so if they mention it 😂
Corey Wood (1 day ago)
I have watched this video like 10 times😂😂
hi hello (1 day ago)
who else hears only bah??
V.Allie (1 day ago)
Blackbear eyyy
BTSff Y/NTaekook (2 days ago)
Dom (2 days ago)
How did I miss this video?? Also; I'm going to have nightmares tonight
Jessica Creel (2 days ago)
Okay I just played the middle for my 10 month old, and he went nuts! Like he was way more excited about that song than our usual play list.. hmmm
mrbenzedriine (2 days ago)
12:59 hello blurryface I see you
Manasi Devakumar (2 days ago)
Astrophysicists: toh me kya job chod du?
Ivan Anderson (2 days ago)
This is cool!
Yohana Maateeva (2 days ago)
I'd rather shane teaching me stuff in school cause i know that he will actually teach me something real and interesting and keep me in class for more than 45 mins
_*_ Michaela _*_ (2 days ago)
I thought for sure the Post Malone one was going to be about his mysterious dog shaped mustache.