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Another Overnight in the UltraLight Backpacking Hot Tent and Hammock Hot Shelter

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Compared to traditional Hot Tent Winter Camping and Wood Stove. This was an overnight to enjoy the UltraLight Backpacking Hot Tent and Hammock Hot Shelter, using the Titanium Wood Stove from Seek Outside, after all the previous test setups. Slept directly on the snow using an Exped Downmat 7 LW - it was completely warm and comfortable. Rehydrated some Triple Berry Granola and Mac n Cheese. Cooper Backpacking Cocker Spaniel.
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Text Comments (1060)
Jacob Gearhart (9 days ago)
Where did you get your hot tent⛺ from
Vin S. (23 days ago)
Why would you bother dehydrating macaroni when it comes in a box the same size and needs to be boiled either way?
Agent kennedy (26 days ago)
Question isn’t noodle (mac n cheese) basically dehydrated when you buy if from the store why not just cook it straight from the box? I can only assume dehydrating it makes it cook a lot fast them the standard way?
Wawhiker (19 days ago)
Absolutely correct you are - yes.
Iguana Pete (4 months ago)
Dog is thinking "Who the hell is he talking to"?
Wawhiker (3 months ago)
Cooper knows we're talking to our YouTube buddies ; )
Niko Uklik (4 months ago)
Cooking show?
BADPACKER (5 months ago)
I like your blog. Inspire me to make travel vids more
Wawhiker (5 months ago)
Thanks! You are the first to ever compliment me on my blog site. Very much appreciated. Do make more of your travel vids. If nothing else, you are capturing your own memories.
Derek Phelps (5 months ago)
5:40 *goes to heat up food in metal cup* *puts metal cup directly on snow*
Wawhiker (5 months ago)
...an instant cup holder...
Susan Clay (5 months ago)
Interesting that your tent has no bottom and a stovepipe opening. I have never seen one of those.
Wawhiker (5 months ago)
Isn't though - I thought the same. The heat from the stove keeps the floorless weather and cold at bay. It also helps with venting for living space and stove. It all really does work well. (As long as the stove is burning wood to keep you warm). Appreciate you commenting and watching!
Lance McCoy (6 months ago)
What your using to keep you chimney pitched at that angel?
Wawhiker (5 months ago)
I use a flexible pipe elbow and held up with hiking poles or tree branches. Appreciate you asking and watching - thanks!
Ste Ebbo (6 months ago)
I thought this was a snuff film until 2.00
Rather B Fishing (6 months ago)
Dogs stay warm in 31°? Do they have boots? My dogs don't do well in cold weather. I need more protein to feel good.
Wawhiker (5 months ago)
@Rather B Fishing Now that's a great idea I got to try - thank you!
Rather B Fishing (5 months ago)
@Wawhiker I use masking tape and cheap duct tape for dog boots. A man who trained field dogs showed me how to make them.
Wawhiker (5 months ago)
I keep a close eye on Cooper and his paws. He does have boots, but does not like to wear them - pulls them off immediately. Thanks for your concern, commenting and watching!
Mark D'Aulerio (6 months ago)
Dumping macaroni AND cheese into the water????? I guess I am just too italian to understand.
rita jimmie (6 months ago)
I'm a new subscriber to your channel. I love camping and your hot tenting. Thanks for sharing
Wawhiker (5 months ago)
Very much appreciate you subbing Rita Jimmie. Thanks for joining us!
Norman McNeal (7 months ago)
If it was that cold? Dog would have ice on it. Good try. Many sheep believe they could live off the grid. I’m calling you on your falsehood
humpycove (7 months ago)
Nevermind..........I should have read first........:)
humpycove (7 months ago)
Thanks for the video. What is the brand and model of your stove and tent. I see the tent is MSR. Thanks again.
Wawhiker (5 months ago)
The stove is from Seek Outside. Thanks for watching and commenting!
Cindy Türpitz (7 months ago)
Nice video.greetings from germany
Wawhiker (5 months ago)
Greetings to you from the States - thanks!
Badger (7 months ago)
Try to talk slower ;-), I mean it's no use sending me half to sleep as you talk me through heating up food.
washburnbilly (8 months ago)
What tent is that? I'm looking to get into a tent that I can heat with a stove.
Johnny Virgil (8 months ago)
where's you get that reflective ground cloth under your exped? Thanks!
Wawhiker (8 months ago)
Ordered on Amazon. Your description of "reflective ground cloth" does bring up Amazon search choices. Thanks for asking and watching.
Deborah Xavier-Velez (8 months ago)
I would like to live here in an energy efficient cabin.
River R (8 months ago)
C'mon already. Great. Flooring I think for me, is imperative. No way
chris bullard (8 months ago)
Wouldn't it have been faster to just make Mac and cheese?
Jeff Baker (8 months ago)
Looks fun and cozy!
Tim Hallas (8 months ago)
One question: You go to all the trouble of carrying in a large tent and a heater, in addition to your other equipment, then you are in a 72 degree environment with snow on the floor? Why not get a tent with a floor?
Ryan Hagan (8 months ago)
Some 1 might think it's a tank an shoot back lol. Good video tho.
John Chang (8 months ago)
These videos show pretty much the same thing. Get firewood, set up tent, cook then clean up. It’s cool but in these conditions man I’d just rather rent a cabin and be way more comfy
MrAnymeansnecessary (8 months ago)
"....continue to dehydrate..." while adding steam. typical of a guy with enough money to spend on "survival" "tech" with no knowledge
MrAnymeansnecessary (8 months ago)
tpy dogs on wilderness excursion...any more bougie possible?
Jeff Baker (8 months ago)
Why so concerned? It's just a fun youtube video. Run around the block a few times.
JFS ! (8 months ago)
James Brown says 🎶🎤TOO HOT IN THE HOT TENT....MAKE ME SWEAT!!!🎵
Jeff Baker (8 months ago)
Nice. ;)
한경희 (9 months ago)
Bob Grey (9 months ago)
Probably the dumbest shit I've seen with dehydrated macaroni and cheese bro just bring the box dumbass
Jeff Baker (8 months ago)
Grrrr. Get mad over a youtube video made for fun.
Ignacio Robledo (9 months ago)
What's with all the water?
Pulgoso el peligroso (9 months ago)
Good video
tenhirankei (9 months ago)
@8:55 You're going to trust a weather forecast? It helps as a basis, but outdoors you have to prepare for the unexpected. Being totally unprepared for changes is dangerous.
Bobbie Bigg (9 months ago)
Where I cold camp in Northern Canada that little bit of Mac and cheese wouldn't last me till 2am in the morning, I would have some dried Canada Goose or Moose meat jerky and wild rice. That tent would be frozen solid on the inside from the condensation alone, I'll have to send you instruction on how to camp in -20 plus temperatures, or come on up North and I'll break you in. Cheers. Oh and our dogs sleep outside their sled dogs.
dgeorge852 (9 months ago)
What park was this?
STAGGERLEE (10 months ago)
Love your set-up! Can't beat a doggie for warmth and a good companion. I think winter is the best time to camp. You really get to see nature and there is plenty to do. How come you have snow inside and its very warm? I'm living in a shed (homeless) I insulated the walls and put a 2nd plywood wall with the insulation in between so I'm warm. I rigged up batteries and as I've never owned a TV don't need alot of power. Got stoves for hot water and food. It gets me down at times but I'm warm and safe. Going to build a coil for vaping. Peace
CaliforniaCarpenter7 (8 months ago)
It's just where you sleep. Spend your days outside and you're really just saving 800 a month, not a bad way to live.
Jeff Baker (8 months ago)
Be safe, Howard. Nice comment.
Arden Byers (10 months ago)
Carl Schmiedeke (10 months ago)
And was that condensation build up, on the inside of the tent walls & ceiling
Carl Schmiedeke (10 months ago)
Don't kniw if you aware of down filled products, but if you haven't ever watched how companies are retrieving their Down is something you need to watch , & then after watching these videos you won't ever want to buy another down filled product, ok I'll just fill you in, they take alive geese , or chickens ,& just rip their feathers right out there live bodies, to leave the now naked birds, to run off bleeding ,& freezing, the then just to die, just thought you'd like a little info on feather gatherings, I personally refuse to be part in any of that brutal animal abuse, & why in the hell do people camp in bottomless tents, but looks like fun, love the pooch, oh yeah & how in the hell can ya camp right on top of that noisey ass fast flowing water , that would if drove me nuts , obviously I hate the ocean, & all the noise it makes splashing in the shore , but that river definitely would of made me pack up ,& leave
Nia Daniels (10 months ago)
Hunker down budddy....
Yonni Yon-Tusell (10 months ago)
It takes it very good planning for all that, I imagine, I hope one day I can do it too, thank you for sharing
MindRider (10 months ago)
Wondered all the video where the hammock was, and why you didn’t have a floor ! Then finally. Amazing mat.
Guy Calabrese (10 months ago)
I don't get it - americans go camping with all the comforts of home, why? They don't even sell heated tents were I live, Sweden (Which is a very cold country) and if you wanna do the proper "outdoor" experience you just dig in to the snow and make your camp there. Oh, by the way - you might just die in your sleep if the stove is leaking...
Bob's Barn Workshop (11 months ago)
When I was a teenager (60's) my BFF and I would venture way up into the woods via snowmobile in winter, make an igloo (just square walls with branches for a roof with a plastic sheet) cut pine bows for the ground and cover that with a plastic sheet... your mat sure beats that! HA HA!
KP11520 (11 months ago)
WE? I only saw a dog!
APE X (11 months ago)
Meat and Fat Berries are for da birds
Andrew Ocean (11 months ago)
What's this? Life on shitty creek?
Gregarious Solitudinist (11 months ago)
an ultralite wood stove. oh, sure.
kenneth worde (11 months ago)
Just clification I wouldn't do it this way?! But it works?! So watch others do and choose a path!?!?!
Kenn Kid (11 months ago)
At least there'll no ticks. The woods have a lot less appeal because of them.
Woodlands North (11 months ago)
Wawhiker, curious why you have the stack out to the side of the tent and not straight up?
wamblue (1 year ago)
Mac n cheese...So...... Why not just bring the box and make it....reheat is pretty close to making it.....Then you can burn the box.... Kinda stupid
Bob Grey (9 months ago)
@kenneth worde bro you are a dumbass and don't comment if you can't understand common sense.
kenneth worde (11 months ago)
Obvious that that you have idea of the concept of space out vs weight out?! Just shut up and learn!
Flinx (1 year ago)
Hot Shelter = SONIC
Cheryl Miller (1 year ago)
What did your dog eat
Sahir Owarish (1 year ago)
Should've done better with this floor... get rid of that wet smelly dog too or perhaps just leave it at home... but what an awesome location .. wow!
Scruffybird (1 year ago)
What kind of stove is that
Lloyd Nielsen (1 year ago)
I use a nylon tent in moose hunting season. Sometimes there’s snow on the ground but we don’t have heat in the tent but we have pretty good food. Steaks pork chops and such coked outside bin on a Coleman stove temps can hit minus 10 Celsius at night
JurekPrzezdziecki (1 year ago)
did you modified this Twin Sisters MSR tent with stove jack? what is the material used as pipe secure?
JB Outdoors And More (1 year ago)
Amazing as always. Thanks again my friend . Loved it 😎 👊🏻
jcnme2020 (1 year ago)
Excellent Video Brother ! Thanks for sharing.
San Francisco Love (1 year ago)
This looks so cool, I would love to go camping with you
Adam Paul (1 year ago)
Is there bears there?
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
Yes there are bears, but they are all sleeping for the winter. Thanks for asking and watching!
봄태양TV BomSunTV (1 year ago)
I enjoyed looking around
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
We enjoyed having stop by - thank you!
Robert Collett (1 year ago)
Beta lol
Kevin Piggott (1 year ago)
Brilliant, I have an exped downmat 9 LW they are ace, I use a schnozzol bag to blow it up
moe Htown (1 year ago)
tubesockets120v (1 year ago)
That cocked spaniel wearing a backpack at the end was so cute.
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
Cooper is my little backpacking Cocker Spaniel for sure - thank you from the both of us!
Chase-N-Gunz Outdoors (1 year ago)
Enjoyed the video keep up the good work
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
Appreciate your encouragement, watching, and kind comments - thank you!
Braiytryene Gibbons (1 year ago)
That sound of that Mac-n-cheese sounds like good p***y Lol
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
Mac-n-cheese any way you make it is great comfort food - thanks for watching and commenting!
Jorge F (1 year ago)
I like the Future Why go back to the Past . EAGLE SCOUT TROOP 732 .
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
Past or future - it all about being prepared in the moment... thanks for watching and commenting!
Matt Voyer (1 year ago)
you sound like tom green
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
Haha - thanks!
oystersfearme (1 year ago)
You should take ultralight out of your title,There is nothing ultralight about this.
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
I stated in my description for the series..."compared to the traditional hot tent and wood stove" (canvas tents and steel box wood stoves)....
Ted s (1 year ago)
Talk more than my wife.....
Deborah Xavier-Velez (8 months ago)
I hate people who talk too much.
Ted s (1 year ago)
Lol was kind of ment to be funny, thanks for the reply
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
Haha! One of our first experiences with the hot tent, a bit thrilled being out there I guess. Thanks!
Ted s (1 year ago)
But very interesting
charles tavila (1 year ago)
76 degrees .. Dammm move a side .im moving in
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
Haha! You are welcome at our camp anytime my friend!
Monkey 5950 (1 year ago)
What an awesome setup
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
Thanks for the encouragement!
Shawn Springall (1 year ago)
oh man now I`m hungry ;-) the woodstove is the cats meow.
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
Much appreciated!
guy dudesky (1 year ago)
u are sponsoerized by the depresion medison that is undertested
Realist Nemophilist (1 year ago)
We have been in our tent for about 6 months now. It's crazy and cold with sub-zero temperatures but we find joy and peace while planning a sustainable build for the future!
Realist Nemophilist (1 year ago)
Wawhiker we will try. Thanks!
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
Stay warm and safe - and great success on your future build!
Phillip Tyler (1 year ago)
Where's the hammock?
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
The hammock was used in the previous video, just before this one. Thanks for watching and asking!
Scott Marsh (1 year ago)
what a great set up!  Thanks for sharing
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
Thank you Scott!
Ryan Maddry (1 year ago)
what is the point of dehydrating the Mac and cheese? isn't rehydrating it pretty much the same exact process as cooking it in the first place?
Eduardo De Dios (1 year ago)
This’s nuts
Super88 \m/ (1 year ago)
Cool dog. That’s the life brother!
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
Thank you, and a greater life to you!
Christian Greathouse (1 year ago)
And is it me or does it look like your hands are shaking like you're freezing your butt off?
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
My hands do shake from time to time, and, especially after straight shots of coffee. This shelter is actually a tarp, so it doesn't have a floor. Hope these answer it for you. Thanks for watching and asking.
Christian Greathouse (1 year ago)
Why doesn't your tent have a bottom or am I missing something?
Kpop Karen (1 year ago)
Not going to lie I thought the first few minutes of the video looked like a scene from Narnia.
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
Very kind comment - thank you!
Zz Z (1 year ago)
Be safe
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
We will, thank you!
Fred 556 (1 year ago)
Nice set up
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
Appreciate your comment and you watching!
Shabbat Man (1 year ago)
Get a girlfriend.
wobblebits (1 year ago)
I'd want a carbon monoxide monitor with me just to be sure. I know he's probably got it set up right but sleeping right next to a wood burning stove makes me nervous
Some Other Dude (8 months ago)
dmith ????? So only.... nitrogen is left? I've never heard such a thing. I think the partial pressure/gas dispersion would make it very hard for oxygen levels to get dangerously low. CO is way bigger threat I think
Some Other Dude (8 months ago)
CO poisioning by woodstove is hard to do because you usually smell wood smoke. It is more possible if the wood is consumed down to coals and embers, which can burn virtually without smoke.
Jeff Baker (8 months ago)
Unrealistic fear.
ffej kk (9 months ago)
Lack of O2 and exposure to high levels of Co2.
rav (1 year ago)
I thought the same
jeffmack57 (1 year ago)
How come you don't have to worry about carbon monoxide poisoning
Steven Brennick (1 year ago)
It is a tent!
Sam Mortakai (1 year ago)
jeffmack57 he has a vent shaft
cody lauer (1 year ago)
Quick question do you think that that tent would last the whole winter if you needed it too
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
I would not try a whole winter with this one. The material is way to thin for heavy use. Winter weather for long periods of time would not treat this tarp well. Hope this helps. Thanks for watching and asking.
James K (1 year ago)
Somebody needs a girlfriend
Vince Thomas (1 year ago)
Cool it's good to get back to nature as I think at times we take too much for granted like your central heating to just switching a light on good luck to him seems to know exactly what he is doing and got his dog for company
Wawhiker (1 year ago)
You are exactly right - just being away for a brief moment, away from a light switch indoors - on the snow, under a rain shelter, next to a river, with a wood stove for heat - a moment I'll remember for a long time. Thanks for your very understanding comments!
Engineering Reality (1 year ago)
Why is there no floor in the tent?
tenhirankei (8 months ago)
That's why you use a ground cloth larger than the floor of your shelter, so you can tuck that up along the sides of it. You are using a waterproof ground cloth or this won't work. There may also be options to this in bushcraft that keep rain and snow from getting into your shelter. If that's still not enough, I suggest a Gore-Tex bivy bag.
Kasar Daily Vlogs for you (8 months ago)
@tenhirankei don't it get a bit muddy in there and because of the heat snow melts etc and becomes soggy lol
tenhirankei (9 months ago)
I would say that it's more of a tarp than a tent. Or a very basic tent - as in walls, poles, stakes and guy lines. Floors are optional, that's why you get a separate ground cloth AKA tent floor.
Bernard Alung (11 months ago)
Butangan nimo ug salog
Bernard Alung (11 months ago)
Of course the tent is not a house, for emergency shelter only, Ginoo KO mga langit tabang, Ani naku filipino hinay ug utok naa pa diay labaw.
Frank Burns (1 year ago)
33 is positively balmy, relatively speaking. Was hoping to see what it would be like in single digits or sub-zero.
Matthew Wheaton (1 year ago)
why would you hydrate, then dehydrate, then rehydrate mac-n-cheese that already comes in the box fully dehydrated ???
Dean Garvey (1 year ago)
Felt warm with the down mat? You had a wood stove in the tent! That's not a legit test