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UPS Faces a Local Worker Shortage

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As baby boomers retire and online shopping surges, UPS is trying to find enough local workers to meet the demand. The UPS worker shortage is not an anomaly. It’s affecting Minnesota businesses throughout a variety of industries. It’s estimated 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 nationwide each day. For a company like UPS, with daily deliveries, the need to find workers is urgent. On this day, more than 200 drivers will deliver a total of about 65,000 packages throughout the northwest metro. Some drivers will make 200 stops in a day. “When you think package delivery, you see a professional UPS driver that gets out of a truck and brings you a package with a smile everyday, but there’s an immense amount of work that goes into that,” says Ken Baker, UPS Lakeshore Business Manager in Maple Grove. Navigating amid the day’s weather conditions is one of the main topics at the daily morning safety meeting, where safe driving is the top priority. At this facility, UPS honors drivers with 25 years of service and zero crashes by putting their names on the wall. UPS wants workers like that. “We still have a 20 driver shortage right now, and we’re looking for 20 really solid candidates that are ready to take that step,” says Baker. Between now and September, UPS will work to make those new hires as it gears up for the busy holiday season later in the year. Amid UPS Worker Shortage, Company Offers Attractive Compensation Package UPS Human Resources Supervisor Kate Kane says UPS is currently hiring full-time drivers. Not long ago, UPS primarily hired part-time drivers who had to work their way up to reach full-time. “I think the best thing about jobs at UPS is that you can make a really incredible living and have a pension and amazing benefits, and you don’t have to have an education to get them,” says Kane. New full-time drivers start at $18.75 an hour plus weekly overtime. By year four, drivers make more than $36 dollars an hour plus weekly overtime. “You’re really talking about a $100,000 a year job,” says Baker of drivers at the four year mark and beyond. UPS Faces Challenges Competing for Workers UPS knows it’s battling for workers amid a culture of celebrity. It’s one of many challenges facing workplaces in an era of Amazon, Apple and Google. “In the modern world, people view jobs from the perspective of how glamorous they are. The next generation was raised on social media. They were raised on technology and companies such as Apple and Google,” says Baker. UPS needs men and women who can recognize a good opportunity. “We make the world work. We move the products that everybody makes. That’s a great job to have,” says Baker. A UPS driver hiring fair will take place this Saturday, June 9, in Maple Grove. It runs from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the UPS facility located at 8501 Valley Forge Lane. Alexandra Renslo, reporting http://www.ccxmedia.org Learn about our mobile app - http://bit.ly/ccxmedia http://twitter.com/ccxsports http://twitter.com/ccxnews https://www.facebook.com/ccxmedia.org/ CCX Media is on Comcast xfinity and CenturyLink prism in the Northwest Suburbs of Minneapolis and includes the cities Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Crystal, Golden Valley, Maple Grove, New Hope, Osseo, Plymouth and Robbinsdale.
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Text Comments (67)
out of the loop (3 months ago)
They need to make it easier to be hire ..
SoberRS (3 months ago)
In Minnesota... Ya becuase who the hell says "hey you wanna move to Minnasota?" Lol the people there were born there. Gettings more people will be difficult.
JonDoh (3 months ago)
I work as a loader. I think the company would be better off if they tipped the trucks end-up and dumped the belts straight into the back. We don't have time to care. We barely pause for haz-mats. You can forget about "this end up" or "fragile" lol. We just throw boxes as fast as we can and still get buried. Don't ship anything you really care about with UPS.
Martin Hernandez (4 months ago)
I drive for FedEx ground and this place is trash. Is UPS really a bad place to work?. Did she say you don't have to work your way up and just apply for driver?
Brad Boisvert (3 months ago)
I did And got hired been with the company driving ever since I went for what i wanted and they were like you wanna work inside at all first I said no thanks!
Andrew Graves (4 months ago)
Ups did it to there self how! about pay the workers the amount they should get..... never did the driver part but did do loader and unload the most important job of ups
pale horse (5 months ago)
Wow I've heard and read more negative than positive reviews regarding UPS.. if you're about to work in a warehouse you know there's going to be physical work. Nonetheless, more and more people are shopping online. More stores are closing
WrongIslandCheapskates (3 months ago)
For me at least it's the mental abuse, supervisors being allowed to speak however they want (go ahead and file a grievance and there goes your full time driving opportunity) and hard work being rewarded with harder work, which is the exact opposite of what my parents taught me to believe.
H3rBCantKill (6 months ago)
because the company treats its employees like garbage. no one can afford to work 5-10 years part-time to then maybe get the bid to drive than to be put on a relief driver for another 5 years before ever getting a full-time diving job let alone how many people they DQ. this is the reality of the situation that cases no one wanting to work for this company.
Aten Akehnaton (7 months ago)
The problem isn't that the job isn't glamorous it's that it's a miserable place to work. The pay is great, but it doesn't mean much since your life become the job. When driving is what you do 9 to 9 Monday through Friday, plus Saturdays during peak with more hours, you realize there's more to life than money. They pay that well because they have too and they will treat you like livestock. Did those drivers look happy in the video? That's the best footage they could muster up. Drivers are absolutely miserable, they're paid well, but they aint happy.
John Mendoza (7 months ago)
In this day and age working for a company like this nevermind😐😑.
EnduroPlus (7 months ago)
its a shame their struggling but no one today wants to put in hard work yet they complain for more pay.
14fisherman (7 months ago)
This video makes me laugh because it doesn’t look like that and real life you get tired like shit
Pack 11 (8 months ago)
ChainsGoldMask (8 months ago)
All the workers are treated like the equipment they use, run them till they break.
Kyle Ritz (5 months ago)
Scumbags. The union dues out of the helper checks who they will get rid of the moment the holidays end is what made me never want to associate myself with them again. Thanks for the free uniform though.
honeybun33 (6 months ago)
Yeah it's not worth it. I tried it as a driver's helper during peak season and they will try to squeeze every ounce of labor out of you for 8.50/hr. It wasn't worth it .
Fernando Maldonado (8 months ago)
Do yourself a a favor and look elsewhere. Management has zero respect and care for their drivers and loaders. The buck doesn’t stop with leadership, it’s stops at the hourly that has no real control of the daily operations. There are much better options out there. Forget ups.
T B (9 months ago)
Ups is a terrible company!they treat their drivers like crap
14fisherman (7 months ago)
That ture Pre-loader and drivers that not. Worth it
Luis Castillo (9 months ago)
UPS is a tough job they don't care about their employees. You are basically a number a machine working long hours, and lifting heavy boxes. I was a former driver.
ayuana bradford (9 months ago)
Luis Castillo They do sorta of I get tuition reimbursement, $13 an hour
Furious Ghost (10 months ago)
They don't pay the loader's and unloading which is the most important part of the business. These people work in hot trucks with no air, just a fan blowing. These people stack thousands of boxes for a little over $10.00 a hour.
WrongIslandCheapskates (3 months ago)
@EnduroPlus Yeah in my hub 20 years senority at least to get one of those jobs, overnights. On top of that they don't make as much as the drivers until they get "red circle" which could take another 10 so by the time you make it you're ready to drop dead which I unfortunately have literally seen happen.
EnduroPlus (7 months ago)
theres 30 an hour loaders
Nick T. (9 months ago)
I think delivering is the most important job, warehouse jobs should be better paid though. Job is too hard for what they get paid.
xgx841 (10 months ago)
I'm glad to know that as baby boomers retire UPS is taking care of the new UPS management people and hourly employees just as well if not better. Increased technology and overall skill set is higher than the prior baby boomers. Some struggle to keep up with tech. advances and rely on new UPSers. That's why I'm glad UPS takes care of its new/current management people without giving them more responsibility and security does not look to fire them because they have no union. UPS is a great company to work for.
Hager z (10 months ago)
Your reward for hard work is more hard work. If ups treated there employees like humans the new hired people might just stay. It's all about the numbers.
SoberRS (3 months ago)
More work but more money closer to retirement(which most companies dont have) ofcourse you have full benefits dont even need an education and you can make 13dollars at the bottom to 38dollars an hour with over time at a long term drivers position. Or join management less pay more stress less labor you dont have to work at ups..
WrongIslandCheapskates (3 months ago)
Thank you!
sly1x (11 months ago)
I left UPS because it takes to long to become a full-time driver. Worse the company is allowed to hire off the street drivers too. If you want to drive feeders...just forget about that goal. Those old farts may never retire. Be smart and stay in school...
Michael Y Kwon (3 months ago)
@Brad Boisvert i got hired sep before peak too and our center almost had a layoff but ppl didnt mind going home so been working ever since. hired off the street too
Brad Boisvert (3 months ago)
Not necessarily true I came in off the street worked peak season as a driver was laid off came back in April and was hired as a fulltime driver and a few of my buddies with less than 5years in went into feeders
Michael Y Kwon (5 months ago)
@Huevo Duro702 sick welcome to the new tax bracket bro
Huevo Duro702 (5 months ago)
@Michael Y Kwon it is 4 years September of this year it'll be my third year, so in 2020 I'll get my top rate
Michael Y Kwon (5 months ago)
@Huevo Duro702 I thought its 4 yrs
cdude100 (11 months ago)
I turn in the application I get no call. Seems like there doing just fine.
International Oppa (8 months ago)
No call? Maybe because your writing abilities are atrocious?
Furious Ghost (10 months ago)
God on your side then
Steve Urbach (1 year ago)
I was a Xmas Peak driver. I would come in and my load would be in the aisle, blocking many Package cars until I tossed it in fast. Forget sorting by shelf.
Hei Hei (1 year ago)
If this new contract passes, the off-the-street hires are going to be screwed.
Chloe Price (1 year ago)
Yeah 100 a week in a warehouse for 8 years then maybe you'll get a driving job
Garmoo 99 (2 months ago)
8 years to make 100,000 a year is a good deal. Considering people already do that then they have to pay back college loans. At least you got paid for your 8 years of "school"
mikey huerta (6 months ago)
Bro Waiting list in Cali just dropped down to 4 years I just became a driver
14fisherman (7 months ago)
Suburban Waste (10 months ago)
Michael Y Kwon it will be around 40 dollars top pay by the end of the contract depending on what region u live in. Starting pay im assuming is being bumped from 18.75 to 21. With a 5 year progressionz
Michael Y Kwon (10 months ago)
What's top pay for 18.75 start wage? Also I read in contract 21 next to a crossed out 18.75, anyone know if that means higher starting wage?
metalica77 metalica (1 year ago)
18$ for the hard worker and 100k for wearing suit and set in the office FUCK THAT !!!
HUMAN BEING (1 year ago)
....yeeeaaa naaahhh its slavery
ayuana bradford (9 months ago)
HUMAN BEING depends are where u work
Scott Haberer (1 year ago)
Ya weekly over time. It's daily ot. 2hrs a day to 3hrs to be exact
Adastra 812 (2 months ago)
doesn't that go against your scratch time?
kseries1981 (1 year ago)
"Methodically" load the trucks. Yeah, right....
Ezvu (5 months ago)
fr lol at fedex its not methodical at all. half the time drivers are doing both the driving job as well as the loading job because we have to rearrange things that are often misloaded to wrong work areas shelves etc.
luis h (1 year ago)
Victor Alvarez (1 year ago)
Luis Herrera Back