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Twin Coach Vintage Truck from Helms Bakery

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This rare Twin Coach delivery truck from the Helms Bakery of Southern California was discovered and rescued by the Olson family of Port Orchard, Washington. Learn the story of this truck and the history of home delivery, starting from the horse drawn wagon days through the nostalgic heyday of the Helms Bakery empire. Sponsored by Olsons' Gaskets www.olsonsgaskets.com and Pulse Protects, the safer braking technology, ww.pulseprotects.com. Produced by North Woods Productions, Gig Harbor, WA www.northwoodsproductions.com
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Text Comments (10)
Wylliam Clayton (2 months ago)
I was doing some research on a memory of this institution of the Helmsman aka Helms Bakery. You confirmed my memory. Thanks
NorthWoodsVideo (2 months ago)
Glad you found it useful and entertaining.
Tom Brazil (9 months ago)
Is the Helms Bakery DIVCO Truck for sale? In 1949, Terry was the driver on Harvard Blvd. Los Angeles, CA.
microbusss (10 months ago)
kool I always did like Divco trucks & do want one someday this is a cool truck I wonder how many are left
The Vacuum tube junky (1 year ago)
Iam really curious about the Helmans truck whistle. What did it look like and was is powered by Air, vacuum or electric???. I am gonna guess it was operated by a vacuum line from the engine
Chuck Haynes (1 year ago)
Every Tuesday was lemon filled donuts.
Vstar Cruiser (2 years ago)
Big thanks from Southern Cal on the restoration, I will always associate that horn sound with a glazed donut..a 4 year olds memory in Redondo Beach., Cal 1963
Jon MacDonald (1 year ago)
Vstar Cruiser is it True you guys forced all the Black folks to have to swim at Manhattan Beach back then???
trainroomgary (4 years ago)
Great history. Thanks for sharing this information. • Cheers from Michigan
NorthWoodsVideo (3 years ago)
You bet!