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Paolo Nutini, Candy, 1-1-2017, Edinburgh.

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video by ronnie mcguigan 2017
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Text Comments (77)
Ida Williams (22 days ago)
I'm ready for that bath Paolo 💜🧘‍♀️💜
Jan Thompson (29 days ago)
Great gig. I wish Paolo would come back I miss him so much.
Dado Ferreira (1 month ago)
Stoned fuck never comes to Brazil - you got plenty of fans all over the country
Espíritu Libre (1 month ago)
I love this Song!!!!
RAIS ISLAM (1 year ago)
waiting for his album.
Janice Spyby (1 year ago)
Wats wrong with mark selby today ??
Kerry Leigh (1 year ago)
Sexiest man alive
christina maria Andersen (1 year ago)
9thchild (1 year ago)
That girl's awful singing ruined it.
Atendimento Cedro (1 year ago)
amo tudo nele,artista autentico.Vem pro BRAZIL-SAÕ PAULO.
Moreno Palmira (1 year ago)
When is he coming??
Rose Nygren (1 year ago)
Please come to WI! I'll give you sum candy!
S. R. (1 year ago)
Thank you for this great Song from Münster Germany
Linda Mckerracher (1 year ago)
He make you proud to be SCOTTISH love him xxxx
Aupa Paolo!!!!!!!!
Gillian Cain (2 years ago)
Love this man amazing voice 😘
Roy Wolf Techno DJ (2 years ago)
Amazing Talent ☝️
Angie Madden (2 years ago)
one of my favs of paolo's .. fantastic video thanks for sharing
Marilen (2 years ago)
sexy sexy Paolo Omg..
katie campbell (2 years ago)
Alena Bel (2 years ago)
Lynda Martin (2 years ago)
AmaZiNg👀👀💗 Fl☁at🎶📢💋To Y💗U Just givE Me soMe CaNd YMR 😎🎸👀WiLL🐝Th ere WaitN F💎R Y💭U💗👌
charlene moomoocat (2 years ago)
come to ireland
charlene moomoocat (2 years ago)
some voice its crazy
Claire Chance (2 years ago)
god hes so hot
ZuKay Film Productions (2 years ago)
he is from Paisley. checkout my channel to see how lovely place is Paisley
Janice (2 years ago)
Thanks for posting Ronnie. Amazing talent!
W VqzH (2 years ago)
This is beautiful 💙
stella59360 (2 years ago)
T&T 💛💙
Ross Stanley (2 years ago)
I'm a straight guy, but my God if he sang to me like that I would turn in a second!
KKLoveMusic Liodra (1 year ago)
what do U mean about straight guy ? Paolo is straight okay
Janice (2 years ago)
That made me laugh! 😁
karineekg (2 years ago)
Ross Stanley XD
Dean Cripe (2 years ago)
Brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. Beautiful!
Mimoza Huda (2 years ago)
Karla Paulson (2 years ago)
Waiting and waiting .... Amazing I hope to see him again live
Jordan McCabe (2 years ago)
Honestly does make you proud to be Scottish when I hear him.
Carole Banks (3 days ago)
Sure does!!
_Dot Connector (2 years ago)
This modafocka is beyond words and thoughts, he is :: Pure Feelings ::
Loraine M (2 years ago)
Much much 💛
francis72ify (2 years ago)
scottish italian pride..
joby2009 (1 year ago)
francis72ify r
cristina 73 (1 year ago)
francis72ify gli Italiani hanno la musica che scorre nel loro dna
Goldilocks ClyQ (2 years ago)
Holger Peper (3 years ago)
Alt bekannter Titel , aber trotzdem Klasse
Margaret Graham (3 years ago)
Go boy
mohamed khalil ayari (3 years ago)
I am working hard so i could , one day , be present live at one of his concerts ..
Rosy Sánchez (3 years ago)
Such a beautiful voice, I still can't believe he's coming Mexico! Three years waiting for this moment.
Fernanda M (2 years ago)
YA SE! te juro cuando vi que venía casi lloro! Jaja estoy super emocionada! no puedo creer que ya casiiiii! me encanta
Rosy Sánchez (2 years ago)
AzulaBlack yo me quedo con familia de allá, llego a la central.
Cesar Sanchez (2 years ago)
yo tambien quiero ir jojo
AzulaBlack (2 years ago)
Rosy Sánchez alguien llega a la central de autobuses o algo, se van a quedar en Cd de Mexico?
Anita Mitchell (3 years ago)
Paolo you MUST come back to us in Cornwall!!
Dado Ferreira (3 years ago)
Legend Paolo Nutino. Wish he comes to Brazil once...
Lee Rim (2 years ago)
he's going, look it up (:
Agata Anna Pozniak (3 years ago)
this was a 2 day event and i was lucky enough to have seen him the day before. he really is great live.
ssfly325 (3 years ago)
I love this song!!
Maulany Nabilla (3 years ago)
that 'waiting and waiting' parts always get me<3
Domagoj Jukić (3 years ago)
wish I could hear this song live ... one day
Carole Banks (3 days ago)
Me too!
Anne Mcgraw (8 months ago)
Me too!
Giorgia Fornari (2 years ago)
that will be one of the best days of your life, I promise
Francette Vigneron (3 years ago)
I'm so grateful.
sharon bilsborough (3 years ago)
Best gig I have seen in a long time. So glad I was there!  From Chesapeake VA to Edinburgh Castle. 2016/2017 :)
ijimii (3 years ago)
I was perched outside in Princes Street Gardens that night - truly, truly awesome!
Suellen Laberdia (3 years ago)
Thank you from North Carolina
_Dot Connector (2 years ago)
Suellen Laberdia Love your last name. Sounds Italian Bella Laberdia.
Christina Marines (3 years ago)
I have missed him watching live
Σωκράτης Σωφρονίσκου Αθηναίος (3 years ago)
dandirindina (3 years ago)