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DDG - "Arguments" (Official Music Video)

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Stream "Arguments" EVERYWHERE Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/1c3RoDh7QPcsVngyreW90f?si=-Ofdnn59RbuXLjVWDWD_vQ iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/arguments-single/1373389138 Prod. By @TreOnTheBeat Shot By: @LewisYouNasty dimitri@mpmpartners.com
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Text Comments (31261)
DDG (1 year ago)
Instagram: @PontiacMadeDDG Shot By: @LewisYouNasty Prod. By: @TreOnTheBeat Actress: @SimplyKennedy_
YBK RJ (6 days ago)
DDG 🔥🔥 still after
Preshous Haywood (3 months ago)
desmond dobbins (4 months ago)
@Gmoney 12341 Jazmynie
desmond dobbins (4 months ago)
Jack Brannen (10 hours ago)
if this is real im so so so sorry
Avyonia Darouichi (14 hours ago)
amos: baby. avy
Heavenly Bryd (18 hours ago)
Sup dgg
StormZzy (19 hours ago)
laracio48 (19 hours ago)
LILSADKID (23 hours ago)
Crismarlo Contreras (1 day ago)
Good shit
Raymond Alvear (1 day ago)
“I want you in my life girl ,fuck a solo” I felt that😔✊🏽
ItsBelieve (1 day ago)
anyone here bc wild n out ??
Rayshaun Hall (1 day ago)
Who ever ain’t here in 2020 a fuckboy simple
Itz OTD (1 day ago)
Lilyann Tv (1 day ago)
dog why you and queen broke up 🥶
Nevaeh Mouton (1 day ago)
If h love this song level a like
Nevaeh Mouton (1 day ago)
Nevaeh Mouton (1 day ago)
If u a Real fan leave a like
laracio48 (1 day ago)
Nat Halie (1 day ago)
https://youtu.be/sohvuMRVz9c check this beat!
laracio48 (2 days ago)
Rosmery Garcia Grey (2 days ago)
Damn bruhhhh
shatir Gamer (2 days ago)
Aidan Swee (2 days ago)
this song ass
Danito Duyzer (2 days ago)
Its sad how they not together anymore
Itz Isabel (3 days ago)
ngl best song out here 😫😰
xRickyx (3 days ago)
Add me on snap, itzcarlosg7 cuz why not yk;)💀
Pollution (3 days ago)
2020 who here with me ?show on the likes and suscribe to my channel for hiphop hits
Smd (4 days ago)
Damn when this song first came out, I had it in repeat for a calm minute bro
cube legend x3 (4 days ago)
I justed learned sum from this song that girls be tweakin
Chris Sloan (5 days ago)
Damn l Forgot How Hard This Song Was.
Nevaeh Mouton (5 days ago)
I would be hare cus this song is so lit
Albert Fiter (5 days ago)
Bro i like this song, lit🔥🔥🔥💯
Vixorr (6 days ago)
Why he sound like drake😂
Alyssa V (6 days ago)
jillian white (6 days ago)
So over winter cannot wait for summer 2020 I know I will light it up and make it amazing:)
Chill with Dee Dee (6 days ago)
Lemme go watch part 2
Chill with Dee Dee (6 days ago)
The ending was so confusing to me 🤦🏾‍♀️
Rita Hinojosa (6 days ago)
@kennedycymone i like them together i feel like ddg is a good person and his out to get it and he will
queen8 Janel (6 days ago)
idk why but i never listen to this even tho it would always show up i never pressed it , not cuz i wasn’t interested it was just i never did and i just saw a edit to this song and i looked up the song and i can relate to it so much and it really make me wunna cry . 😔💔
Naughty Girlfriend (6 days ago)
2020 and am still enjoying this
Robin Higginbotham (6 days ago)
Who killed her
DeZTv ! (6 days ago)
Nevaeh Mouton (6 days ago)
Who is still playing this in 2020
Nevaeh Mouton (6 days ago)
I love this song level a like
boommonkey (6 days ago)
youre having ''fun'' with other ppl and you want her to be with you
YTALEX 2032 (7 days ago)
Who here in 2020
Leonard Woods (7 days ago)
This Shit Trash Ass Hot Dog Water Dumpster Sweat Bull Shit Mane WTF
King 3azy (7 days ago)
At first I thought drake made this
Howzit beatz (7 days ago)
This song is 🔥bro
Agustin Pereira (7 days ago)
Melody Badgirlwendzy (7 days ago)
Much love from South Africa #2020 ❤❤💕💕💕💕
George M (7 days ago)
The whole moral in this song is the fact that arguments can cause a lot of issues including the person you love. So let’s try to solve our issues peacefully. (In my own understanding)
Ayona Laquay (7 days ago)
Who else here listening in January 2020 anyone ?? ☺️❤️
young lin (8 days ago)
bro the ending 😭😭😭
TheBestUni! (8 days ago)
Xavier Quiroz (8 days ago)
Still love this song 2020
Comment 100k (8 days ago)
Who is still listenin dis in to 2020 than 👇🏾 Like if u love ur mother skip if u don’t love god
no limit chris son (8 days ago)
IKnoW (8 days ago)
Glander (8 days ago)
what a stroy telling :O
Liam Randall (8 days ago)
that twist at the end
Jack Byram (9 days ago)
Can’t Wait For Cotton Mouth🔥
DMV Icesick (9 days ago)
I’m sorry but I miss Kennedy and DDG bruh 😭😭
Kameron 2k19 (9 days ago)
he you are a good people
Nightbeast (9 days ago)
Is this baby DAX?!
NewYork CEO (9 days ago)
3:40 Was that BBQ sauce? Ugh such cringe..
Evandro Gom (9 days ago)
Who here in 2020
squirt saso (10 days ago)
Soundin like a drake song
Tendi Tendani (10 days ago)
Who thinks this song is a banger
Zay (10 days ago)
January anyone?
leyna fernandez (10 days ago)
Who here after Riley set him up onna blind date
Chestar AK (10 days ago)
Jan 2020
Humanityinc videos (10 days ago)
Life with Mcs (10 days ago)
she fucking heard that fast ass car and you know it and who walks in the road like that, thats why yall arguing, doing dumb shit lol i know this a video but damn
Nyah Lovell (10 days ago)
Taking this song into the next decade fsss it wayyyy too good💯
matane raseona (10 days ago)
nice one ,,,,wow
SauceKeem (10 days ago)
Who’s here in 2020 from the blind date
The Lee Dynasty (10 days ago)
Your best song
Bikash Subba (10 days ago)
Damn this nigga DDG brought this girl Kennedy's name out there but she still wasn't the one 😭
Prod by 97 (10 days ago)
so sad
Stash PHL (10 days ago)
The girl in DDG new blind date video I know you in here lurking 👀
Swaggy Mike (10 days ago)
I just went through a break up 2 days ago she meant everything to me she might have my kid otw but aye it’s time for to me to better myself and it’s time for me to move on I got a new job gotta go to work here soon lol it’s all about making sure that u do right and u don’t do wrong it’s all about loving yourself before u love anybody else it’s time for me to move on from all the relationships I been in it’s time for me for me to focus and better myself I need to keep My head up it’s 2020 new year new me don’t let no girl bring u down there’s always plenty of fish in the sea I will find the right girl who loves me for me u will too anyways u guys stay safe we lost to Many people and brothas we hope for a better year have a good day u guys take care keep ur heads up
DAE2LITT ! (11 days ago)
Every comment “who here in 2020”
Lizzy Duhhh (11 days ago)
Am I the only one who still listening in 2020?
ViperTTL92 (11 days ago)
I can relate with this 😔🔥
ViperTTL92 (11 days ago)
I'm not a huge fan of ddg but this song broke my heart is really touch me . this song was fucking nice
Maximum Carnage (11 days ago)
The Ultimate Simp move wholetime women loving this song but DDG stripped himself of his dignity and value with this shxt this was the beginning of the downfall when you become beta and display a scarce mindset over a woman its only downhill from there the more you try the worse it gets look where ur relationship at now I iust had to come back and see this cuz I was reminded of this song cuz of all this bs I’m hearin about yall now
Lost Cries (11 days ago)
Who here is 2020 😂❤️
Denning Uzoma (12 days ago)
Bryce Moore (12 days ago)
You gotta be 14 to like this shit
Ozzee (11 days ago)
I'm 25 and this shit slaps fuck is u talking bout this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Yung Chizzzy (12 days ago)
This girl told me ddg was trash so I played this an she started singing to it , little did she know.....
JahsGameplayHDR (7 days ago)
The Reversing brothers (12 days ago)
Whyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!! That had to happen at the end that's just sad😥😪😱
Abdullah.S (12 days ago)
NO body gives a FUCK about the date, thats not what i scroll to the comments for
Allinah Hernandez (12 days ago)
Joziah Crisler (12 days ago)
Iam Just Amanda (12 hours ago)
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Official coolestkid431 (6 days ago)
This song kinda for me sounds like Drake idk
Iam Just Amanda (9 days ago)
I am asking y'all if you can check out my YouTube channel I wanna start doing my things I would like the support
Iam Just Amanda (9 days ago)
Thando Sibanda 😂😂
Iam Just Amanda (9 days ago)
Tha RichPorterr lol same
Tha RichPorterr (10 days ago)
Amanda God Bless Mcbean me at 5am 😂
gibsby (12 days ago)
Who’s here in june
Martin A (13 days ago)
Dammm this a good song
MAKIYA CARTER (13 days ago)
Who seen the end
Roro Best (13 days ago)
Who were in 2020?
Kinsi (13 days ago)
Who here in 2020? Because this is still a lit song
fortnite games999 (1 day ago)
Nevaeh Mouton (6 days ago)
I love god do u guys
Nevaeh Mouton (6 days ago)
Iam Just Amanda (8 days ago)
Kinsi I know right🔥🔥
DAE2LITT ! (11 days ago)
Francis Perez (14 days ago)
Who here in 2020?