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Sebastian Vettel likes to mess and joke with Mercedes Drivers

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Every chance he gets Vettel likes to mess, joke and troll with Mercedes drivers Hamilton and Rosberg. It seems Vettel and Hamilton get along well, but Vettel and Rosberg not so much. All clips are from the 2015 F1 Season. What a funny guy!
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Sandile Ncube (2 days ago)
I not a vettel fan but 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Max Gameson (4 days ago)
Tbf Nico was a dick there.
Kiwi_91 (9 days ago)
Lewis and Nico grinning because their car is fast. but everyone else is thinking "lucky cunts have no competition". or in other words "getting easy championships and wins"
I see nothing wrong with Stalin (12 days ago)
It Vettel is the coolest dude on the track. I hope I can get to meet him. But I think he tries to passive aggressively annoy the Mercedes drivers.
Mark Summers (13 days ago)
Nico furberg.. mr personality..no, Bad World Champion...just.
MrNoFaces (20 days ago)
Its interesting how Seb look back in the days when he know, he cant win the title, to now. :D
Rick Bloemers (24 days ago)
Vettel changed a lot in my opinion, now Max & Ricciardo are the funny guys
bizarroeddie1 (1 month ago)
Rosberg came out as silly here. He was all showboating about his car, he wished Ferrari was closer etc. The very next race Vettel won and put them to shame. Hamilton at least kept quiet, so it didn't look as bad for him.
Matt Bort (1 month ago)
what vettel said at 1:29?
Urszula Gromadzka (1 month ago)
Vete bete Era hitlera I zlodzieja arabz. Hite
thaiger17 (1 month ago)
I don't know, but raising the right arm @2:12 as a German....We had that once before, didn't turn out well :(
James Tarver (1 month ago)
How times have changed
fastpace101 (1 month ago)
Hamilton today... Ferrari was too fast..
Lukim (2 months ago)
I think Rosberg had a very very serious attitude towards F1 and his career but now that he's out of F1 and really doing well on platforms like YouTube, he seems to be a lot more idk bubbly and even down to earth. It's good to see now, but clips like these I just think he was very serious and dedicated, Iguess trying not to let anything mess with his head or something
Too Lazy to make a normal name (2 months ago)
And my friends say germans have no humor ;D
Mechanic Mason (2 months ago)
Seb has a great sense of humor lol
verhekkie (2 months ago)
Vettel could be a cool cousin that visits you every few months, and then you have a cool time
KAD10895 (2 months ago)
Rosberg is way too serious
Mike F (2 months ago)
Hamilton and Rosberg need to get a sense of fucking humour
Luxeee (2 months ago)
2:07 the hand telling him to stop hahaha
Syed Majid Ahmed (2 months ago)
Nice .....
Atish Dhargalkar (2 months ago)
Clearly Hamiltons having a good time in between those two after the tensions on the track🤣
Chipo Mumbi (2 months ago)
Nico Rosbeg was such a douche!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i like him now his vlogs are cool. lol Lewis is still the man tho... Seb is a good sport nowadays.
makenja makenja (2 months ago)
i'm Lewis fan and didn't know Vettel was so funny and goofy,no wonder he is rival and friends with Lewis at the same time too...nice video 😂😂😂
Chipwood (2 months ago)
Nico called it
Cesar Alba Valverde (2 months ago)
Never realized how much Nico hates Seb!!!
steve ash (2 months ago)
Seb so funny love it
TheGregouze35 (3 months ago)
Actually VETTEL is smart AF. He alway believe in himself and in FERRARI, he said " I'm happy " cause he know that is time to win is coming. That what happens today! Also he played with those guys because he knows that they were to crash and if you remember just after he said ." maybe you can take both oh you out and I can go through ... They did... Just the race after... And that never stop after that like in Austria. Well done Seb.
vvvartic1 (3 months ago)
After watching this video im starting to doubt if Vettel is really a German
Brown Pants (3 months ago)
hammy very happy make a many millions, kimi follow close to schumcher steps as seen on podium, vettel very hungry like that time he race with that torro rosso, who are them guys. Very hungry 2018 season, who knows maybe a suprise championship win by that dutchie or aussie fella who knows. Maybe even the Kimi get his 2nd championship. very hunger drivers
arelort lec (3 months ago)
Mercedes amg = great team and very uncharismatic.
joetri10 (3 months ago)
I love Checo. So damn giddy to be there he's just trying to nervously laugh himself to be part of the banter.
Ketogenic Dragon (3 months ago)
Would be nice to have Vettel and Ricciardo for Ferrari and share the championship wins somehow like Mercedes did lol
Jason Voorhees (3 months ago)
Vettel's a fun person outside racing while being a beast during racing.
LegendarySnipez 7000 (4 months ago)
2:05-2:10 Lmao
Neuer349 (4 months ago)
U cant dislike this guy
drivingkato (4 months ago)
1:06 lol out of the blue
Nx Doyle (4 months ago)
"I don't know what the question was, sorry, I wasn't listening" makes Lewis sound like a cunt.
Themightycaptain (4 months ago)
"So should I take both of you out so I can win the race yes? No? "
Ratko Milutinovic (4 months ago)
The funnyest for is That Rosberg was only one time in the midle 🤣😂😁
Marc (4 months ago)
Rosberg was such a clown...
Takumi Fujiwara (4 months ago)
Le blue flag
დათვლას (4 months ago)
სებასტიან ოღრაში
OsmanLiban (5 months ago)
All these new school racers are good for is funny press conferences. They couldn’t tie the shoelaces if Schumacher, Senna, Prost or Mansell when it comes to racing!
Andrea Roll (5 months ago)
you can't go more german than vettel, every time he makes a joke he has to say "i'm joking" cause nobody gets it.
Leonardo Taccola (5 months ago)
Vettel is a prick
Fraser 29 (5 months ago)
It’s funny that Vettel won in Malaysia
Marjan B (5 months ago)
That year was so full of tension between Lewis and Rosberg. They both didn't like some jokes
tzd1310 (5 months ago)
He's kind of an awkward dude. But he's funny. I like him.
Simbayoyo 12 (5 months ago)
Vettel is so nice and friendly when he doesn't have a chance at winning
Dyg Fauziah Abg Abdullah (4 months ago)
now he leading chmpionship n favor 2018
David (5 months ago)
There is so much tension in these press conferences that when a driver makes a joke, even if it's funny, it just falls completely flat.
Vincenzo Dangelo (5 months ago)
typisch nederlanders, niet je juicht voor je team maar voor de driver en ook nog alleen maar omdat hij nederlands is Het gaat alleen maar om hun oogappeltje max, in deze sport is de veiligheid ook belangrijk voor de coureurs om je heen maar daar denken ze natuurlijk niet aan. Geen enkele vraag dat de nederlanders doen ging over de sport alleen puur propoganda voor max, zo ignorant. Wat een kutvolk.
Reuben Charles (6 months ago)
Rosberg couldn't handle a joke.
KeineAngst Tobias (6 months ago)
3 Years later...
Lucky Apple (6 months ago)
Zwei deutscher die englisch sprechen. Na ja, das ist ein guter Anfang.
Matt P (6 months ago)
Seems like not many people liked Rosberg. Seems like Lewis and Sebastian will retire, be great friends, and just laugh about their time in F1
shikore22 (6 months ago)
Nico brought so much competition in f1 Mercedes made Ferrari look like a joke with Lewis and Nico dominating podiums
Dyg Fauziah Abg Abdullah (4 months ago)
with best car..
RobM (6 months ago)
2:13 why is that guy shoving Vettels arm back down?
RobM (6 months ago)
At least Rosberg says he thinks about the show , that showed he did care about the sport before he quit
Leo Hurley (6 months ago)
Vettel's funny, Rosberg's just a cunt
Raj Mehmi (6 months ago)
Great guy 👊🏾
Alex Clark-Thompson (6 months ago)
I imagine he was there with that clip in the Mercedes garage in Malaysia
Rich Smith (6 months ago)
Sebastian Vettel is one of those prize *inserted name here*
Forever Purple N Gold (6 months ago)
Seb was stone faced when he was at Red Bull, I like him like this
Hans Van der Broek (6 months ago)
I hate Vettel in the car, but I like him outside of it
Martin Arvidsson (6 months ago)
Rosberg is cringe all the time
Architectural Works (6 months ago)
Vettel n rosberg are long siblings...german bastards shall i say...lewis da best !
Fajar (6 months ago)
Ferrari have a two ice driver.. the Iceman and the Ice Breaker
MagicAyrtonforever (6 months ago)
Honestly.. With the way Vettel drives no one wants him close to them. The guy has serious issues!!
Saad Emran (6 months ago)
The last one cracked me lol hahahaha....
Shift Edge (8 months ago)
vettel is sympatic men :D i like him <3 #nohomo :D
Toro Loco (9 months ago)
Are those snap backs specially designed for lewis?
FTAC S. (9 months ago)
chrcoluk (9 months ago)
wish these conferences got aired. Much better than the dribble on the podium.
-ßЯҢ- Commando (10 months ago)
Vettel has the best sense of humor in F1
die ene aziaat (10 months ago)
Tbh vettel is the most likeable guy in f1
The KN (10 months ago)
I like vettel i don t like Hamilton
Cristiano Ronaldo (10 months ago)
Is it bad that I like vettel and Hamilton ?
syed Iqbal (10 months ago)
I wish Vettel team up with Nico!!!!awesome team!!!
HeHoZy (10 months ago)
I LOVE the current line-up of F1 drivers. They seem to get along quite well and they're hysterically funny.
Brett Miller (10 months ago)
I'm a Mercedes guy but Vettel is hilarious!
Fred Swetnam (10 months ago)
2:01 - **LOL** ...nasty! :D
Darshit Patel (10 months ago)
The last one was funny as hell😂😂😂
TnT Gaming (11 months ago)
I got a couple of things from this 1. Vettel and Hamilton are pretty funny together 2. Rosberg is a dick
Baleur (11 months ago)
Fuckin Vettel :')
Ben Mason (11 months ago)
Nico has the personality of a wet paper bag.
Max (11 months ago)
Germans can't take banter haha
Fred Swetnam (10 months ago)
Who said that? Jewish-American Hollywood propaganda?!
Fikitupper (11 months ago)
Vettel has a shitty sense of humour. It's no wonder that Nico retired. I bet he felt like he had no friends there.
Miguel Baptista (11 months ago)
Wow, Vettel is the only normal person there, I had no idea the others were real stuck up pricks.
NotADronePilot (11 months ago)
Nicole saltberg
My Corvette Life (11 months ago)
You couldn't even cut the tension between Nico and Ham with a Seb joke.
INTENSITY (11 months ago)
Must have been pretty lonely being the only non Mercedes driver on the podium for 3 years
striker161 (11 months ago)
Rosberg is such a bimbo
Oliver Soto (11 months ago)
1:58 poor Perez. Always the third wheel :P
Pavel Tikhonov (11 months ago)
Vettel is such a troll lmao
Nico Meier (1 year ago)
Reality points for Vettel - Bottas is talking political correct crap.
Kennis Palacios (1 year ago)
Sebastián siempre poniendo el toque de alegría en cada rueda de prensa.!
Mike Liu (1 year ago)
Rosberg can't take a joke
Tommy San (1 year ago)
Sebastian Vettel likes to squeeze Verstappen...
Luca J (1 year ago)
Never warmed to Rosberg, he seems very mechanical, almost an extension of the Mercedes engine.
isa sarmiento (6 months ago)
lol :D