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United Parcel Service Presentation

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Made for career day at my kids school. 2008
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Text Comments (36)
dfdjif (1 year ago)
The building is pure BS. It's never that clean, neat, or organized. It's complete CHAOS!!!!!!!! And in during peak season it's a BILLION times worst!!!!!!!
David Atencio (5 years ago)
hahahaha so true!
David Atencio (5 years ago)
hahahaha so true!
niggardlyways (5 years ago)
Maybe it has something to do with your lack of professionalism, also grammar.
ns2joel (5 years ago)
Lol damn everything almost looks the same.
Toni Toballa (6 years ago)
TOAB17 (6 years ago)
The worst company in the world!!!!! Fuck 9.5!!!!!
Jobei1986 (7 years ago)
Greetings from UPS Germany in Düsseldorf! Lovin it!
mitch hochhaus (7 years ago)
@SteveLamb1 haha i work at the redmond wa plant
MrWill1985 (7 years ago)
I think working at UPS is more stressful then Fed Ex since the UPS driver where I work works from start until finish. And the Fed Ex driver takes a lunch break each day. Mainly at Restaurants. I think Id rather work for UPS since I did hear UPS pays more then Fed Ex. Id sneak a lunch break during the day. Even if its just a simple stop at BK and grab a bite to eat and eat while driving.
samcyanide666 (8 years ago)
I have worked for both UPS and FedEx and I have to say I would choose FedEx over UPS any day. I have shipped well over 100 packages with each company and I had about 30 damaged with UPS and I have never had a single one damaged with FedEx, UPS blows herpes infected goats.
BTMegadeth (8 years ago)
4:27 looks like it says "tampon springs" FL
canadaSnowboarder3 (8 years ago)
to be honest man the truck is the least of your worries,
Chris Holland (9 years ago)
You've done your homework.. I'm impressed.
Jason Thompson (9 years ago)
I was a preloader and you're right... I love the pics with the package walls falling down out of the trailer as they open the door. I've had many 80 pound irregs, tires, axels, buckets of bull semen, what have you, almost fall on my head many times.
grounce (9 years ago)
I have never had any problems with any parcel carrier until I used UPS
TheRemixJunkie (9 years ago)
great package walls :D:D
jacktharippa (9 years ago)
Chema!!! I remember when I worked in smalls we sent a lot of stuff to that hub! Willow Grove and Chicago got a ton of shit too
jacktharippa (9 years ago)
That is a HUGE Hub. That must be crazy to work at what is the turnover rate for part timers???
joe (9 years ago)
fk ups, the usps needs to step up
styles950 (9 years ago)
man, i drive in atlanta. everything from a p1200 to the p500. some automatic but mostly manual. 1200 power steering, 1000 and lower none except for the 700...man, my job isn't hard, its actually fun. with the new cng slow ass motors...pass me a diesel and let me roll!!!
realss chevelle (9 years ago)
hey radstorm
realss chevelle (9 years ago)
come on be honest you stole the fucking thing Local 177
Paulpunkrocks (9 years ago)
im always amazed at how skilled of a ups driver just to park sooo close to the other trucks when in the warehouse
radstorm (9 years ago)
I been waiting nearly 4 months for these thieving pricks to give me back the money for a package they "lost"
kriegdouch (10 years ago)
huh, florida has trailer unloading outside, do they use loadstands and do they have extendos to puts the packages on, or rollers?? toldeo ohio hub has everything inside, even a drive-in mechanic garage which could probably hold 8- 13 trucks i believe
Steve Carras (10 years ago)
Yeah, some are, though, UPS ad FedEx here in southern California sitll mostly use manuals (FedEx entirely).
Brian's Kitchen (10 years ago)
Yes they do send you to a week long school. I'm from center 3050 Dist. 445 Thank you
drumbum7688 (10 years ago)
its all about CACH chicago Hub baby, PT sups unite! haha
Brian's Kitchen (10 years ago)
otto your the dumb ass they send you to school for a weeek and train you on the road for 30 working days.. thats 6 weeks fool
alexfo7o (10 years ago)
I am a handler from Montrose CO Ctr. and I love UPS 2. sum SOB in Denver screws with us once a year that happened last night. * the idiot!*
MIKE manelli (10 years ago)
that is stupid that they dont want to train to be a package car driver but yeah they want to train u for 40 days on how to pick up a package what a dum ass company it is good benefits but thatm is dum that dont want to train u to be a package car driver
bryanP2006 (10 years ago)
columbia mo!
PedroCerrano84 (10 years ago)
gateway ctr, st louis MO!
Steve Lamb (10 years ago)
What center do you work at? I work at the one in Bremerton, WA I LOVE UPS =]
Kyle Van Kooten (10 years ago)
nice job