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Worst Effort Plays in Sports Compilation

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Some of the worst effort plays in sports. Mostly from basketball, baseball, and football, because those are the sports where you see the most lack of effort. Patreon: Discord: Twitter: Instagram: Business Email: Outro Song: Sean Paul- No Lie (BVRNOUT Remix) (All rights go to ESPN, Fox, CBS, Universal Music Group, the NFL, NBA, NCAA & its broadcasters. I do not own the music and the footage used in this video. No copyright infringement intended. For entertainment purposes only)
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Text Comments (6043)
Sanford News (5 hours ago)
If you watch 74 and 73 o lineman at 3:07 they’re also not jumping in it’s not all Newton’s fault
OneMore Thing (5 hours ago)
This isn't no Effort, It's how sports and vegas fix things
Proud American (6 hours ago)
It makes you sick when you realize how much money these guys are paid.
Konkey Dong (7 hours ago)
Of course most of the clips are from hand egg. Such a shit sport
Joe Blow (10 hours ago)
Violenza Fantastica (14 hours ago)
That single play cost Carolina a Super Bowl victory.
Peyton Aubin (16 hours ago)
What the hell was Upton upset about? I'm surprised Longoria was the only one to say anything
Sungho Yoon (16 hours ago)
fishingdude321 (18 hours ago)
NBA is a joke of a professional sport
samuel rader (22 hours ago)
those players need to get better the sports that they play
Ya Land (23 hours ago)
That's how you know Harden won MVP out of sorrow.
TheKibbleKrew (1 day ago)
football is for nerds
amanita333 (1 day ago)
american sprots are so damn primitive :D its funny.... exept for basketball i guess
Kaden D (1 day ago)
2:20 I'm no football expert but why are we talking about Evens what about number 22?
Umfufu Adegoba (1 day ago)
Africans hate American blacks
Ric T (1 day ago)
Nijar Morgan is such an arrogant ass
Atheist Dingo (1 day ago)
if the ball was a watermelon theyd sure play harder
kingchris20 (1 day ago)
that last play was unbelievable. Head's up play man!
Barrier Boy (1 day ago)
hey bj, where were all those fast twitch muscles when you were in the outfield?
Barrier Boy (1 day ago)
why would anyone watch nba? i'd rather wash out my garbage cans
SpinelliBoyz TV (1 day ago)
Cam newton decided not to dive in the pile. That’s a million dollar arm right there. Diving for that ball would have been retarded.
D Lynch (1 day ago)
None of these were hockey.
Matthew Sanchez (1 day ago)
I didn't fully get the baseball video, the dude jogging to the ball is who we're talking about right, not the black one?
coylio33ify (1 day ago)
If I was a quarterback I'd do what Cutler did too because the wildcat is stupid af
Mighty Mitch (1 day ago)
Don't think the Rams/Saints game was lack of effort. Even the Rams players thought it went out of the endzone.
batti591 (2 days ago)
Nominating Yaya Toure's "pressing" against Real Madrid in the 2016 Champions League semi-final
Tarik Foreman Sr. (2 days ago)
they can't beat da warriors with that defense
smilncynic (2 days ago)
I truly enjoyed this video, but I don't feel like clicking the like button.
LoL League of Legends (2 days ago)
Mac Guffin (2 days ago)
Gee, notice the common thread?
cjtopspin (2 days ago)
Awwww...Upton doesn't like being called on his laziness....
Shawn Gifford (2 days ago)
How games are fix sometimes..
Mountaindew (2 days ago)
6:07 you can’t fault Lebron James for that
Mountaindew (2 days ago)
Upton ran, maybe not fast enough but some of these just seem to be splitting hairs
iPooKaePoo (2 days ago)
That first guy had to much of an ego
Drew John (2 days ago)
When are Americans gunna realize how fkn stupid, slow and boring their football is...I understand the game, but ffs, its SHIT compared to other countries football that's for damn sure...
Blacknight 1 (2 days ago)
“There are two things you can control, your attitude and your effort” - literally every coach ever
False Start Ifedi (2 days ago)
NBA is a joke.
Random Grove Street Thug #4 (2 days ago)
The linebacker is exactly why we did so many up downs when I played.
Henry Thein (2 days ago)
What’s everyone’s favorite sports moment? Mine was when Michael Jordan hit a homerun to win the Super Bowl against the Pittsburgh Penguins after trailing by 2 pins
R T (2 days ago)
That what happens when you hire Africans prone to aggressive outbursts
yellowveedub (2 days ago)
All these overpaid so-called pros. Take notice football, baseball and basketball. No hockey, why? Hockey players don't give up
José Vivas (2 days ago)
Qellogz (2 days ago)
Only in Murica I guess...
antonio Williams (3 days ago)
On the first video he thought it went over the wall off his glove..
Jamie Bushby (3 days ago)
american sports shouldn't even exist banter sports lol
Jon Hohensee (3 days ago)
Lebron What a leader.
Jaleel James 803 (3 days ago)
lazy people😂
Jon Hohensee (3 days ago)
Jull3 (3 days ago)
Hockey > Basketball > Football aka gayball
Chezburger (3 days ago)
How bout Soccer and Hockey
Hadouken Hadouken (3 days ago)
@00:01 (Openings footage), just want to clarify unlike football baseball is very technical and margin for error is slim. You cannot play with your emotions and expect to bale out with your athleticism.
Gainz R Us Fitness (3 days ago)
Keep in mind that all of the players are Millionaires
IKR Mhm (3 days ago)
One thing i dont like about baseball,when they dont try running fast to first.Mays well do what that guy did.That was comical.Pay these guys how much to lollygag? And I have to watch more of Lebron,thats funny shit.
Chris Christian (3 days ago)
Are they paid for to do nothing?
OnlyGoodSHHH (3 days ago)
honestly...I thought I'd be laughing....but I'm finding myself more pissed off than anything! some of these lazy asses are being paid MILLIONS, as if they are Gods amongst mere mortals. Maaaaan, F---- these people.
Abusive Father (3 days ago)
*Trust me I would allah akbar that stupid fucking baseball across the field*
Dan Haren (3 days ago)
Shanahan's eyes at 4:49 could stare thru your soul
Mr. Wubby (4 days ago)
I don't like football, colts even more, but technically if they on purposely don't touch him and he thinks they did they could have picked up a fumble
justinmccabe19 (4 days ago)
you cant blame jay cutler there, like come on man.
KITT171 (4 days ago)
I like when it makes the audio go back to the defaults, what I always have happen. In Horizon 3 too. Settings don't like actually saving for good in these I've noticed unlike the legion of computer games I have played by now. It's amusing. I get this too though hahaha.
hiredmercenary (4 days ago)
Black men being lazy? What???? This has to be something new and caused by DONALD TRUMP BEING ELECTED!!!
Papa Wuise (4 days ago)
3:28 I miss when ajai used to play for my city college football team
ian logan (4 days ago)
The bengals one on bell wasn't a lack of effort, but more so avoiding a tick tack call for a late hit by the refs.. I don't blame him
bijou bijoux (4 days ago)
Fix was in against the panthers no doubt
bijou bijoux (4 days ago)
first one was fixed
Jared Brick (4 days ago)
This was funny, but also annoying. You guys are getting payed a lot more than the average person, at least put in an effort
Terepeta Sprite (4 days ago)
me in P.E.
Tyvan Hardy (4 days ago)
2:11 God damnit I dropped the controller
Fennec Besixdouze (4 days ago)
Dude, come on: Nyjer didn't know the ball was still in the park. He thought he had tipped it out of the park with his glove.
Highlight Heaven (4 days ago)
so he should throw his glove down like a baby? lol ok
DownSouth Ninja (4 days ago)
football players,basketball players,baseball players payed millions,for a shit weak game,beating their girlfriends,murdering people...united states marines,here's a few thousand fuck you and hope you don't die.MURICA
Zeph Gonzalez (4 days ago)
For more sports content you should check out buehler sports talk
The Grasseater (4 days ago)
James's is soooo tiiired.
ba ab (4 days ago)
I thought about commenting, but it took too much effort.
Fender Guitars (5 days ago)
Morgan said he thought the ball went over the fence ,...but ,'s always a great idea to check for sure,.. lol
Jesus Christ (5 days ago)
2:19 that was kinda gay
Ryan H. (5 days ago)
Oh look, all American sports, shock.
mel bias (5 days ago)
i wish the managers had the guts! to remove a player when they [pulled that crap. i wish billy martin was around just ask Reggie Jackson about not hustling.
mel bias (5 days ago)
thats whyi dont watch sports anymore the last 15 years have been a disgrace plus i am tired of watching blowouts in basketball and football in the layoffs what a joke.
Guy Tar (5 days ago)
Manny Ramirez's defense defines this category
W. Dearth (5 days ago)
And you wonder why everyone thinks the NBA is f'n rigged.
W. Dearth (5 days ago)
Let me guess, all black guys? lol Don't dare get in their face for dogging it, they don't like it.
J J (5 days ago)
Vick would make everyone look they were giving a lack of effort, every game! You can make a long dedicated video on Harden and Cutler. Two of the worst hacks I've ever seen!!!
Dawn Witmer (5 days ago)
Take a F'n knee! LMFAO!
Dawn Witmer (5 days ago)
These players MUST be Democrats! LMFAO!
Dog-Shit Sniffer (5 days ago)
Every other clip could be Robinson cano running the bases
Cyberbob (5 days ago)
Harden was paid to fail for gamblers.
katie lewis (5 days ago)
Not one NHL highlight on here........wonder why?
Spencer Reynolds (5 days ago)
So many lazy players. And some who get pissed when called out for their lack of trying.
Johan (5 days ago)
Mmmurican handball sucks balls
Deklan T Smith (5 days ago)
Ugh this should be the worst effort plays in AMERICAN sports compilation. There's no real English football in here.
Bamboozel96 (5 days ago)
Fine them.for bieng lazy I bet they shape up
michael flores (5 days ago)
Coincidence a certain demographic was mostly featured in this clip?
QuentinDude (6 days ago)
the cocaine wasn't good those nights so they didn't have the energy
peter okeefe (6 days ago)
This is why I dont watch sports much anymore..with the high salaries not related to performance and zero team loyalty because of turnover in teams I just dont see a competition anymore. People like Mike Ditka,Phil Simms. Pete Rose and Walt Frazier must be wondering what the HELL happened to a work ethic?
MastaMonkey (6 days ago)
So a little history and a reality check....Most sports are rigged and the players get the big bucks to shut their mouths and do what they're told. In the case of this video, let the other team win.
Jeffery Woods (6 days ago)
This is just horable
Reuben Smith (6 days ago)
The cam newton play was a career move ha
Vincent Martinez (6 days ago)
6:50 Playoffs?!?
M Zach (6 days ago)
Jordan Evans was high