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The Amazing Japanese Toilet ★ ONLY in JAPAN #09 日本のハイテクトイレ

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The Amazing Japanese Toilet! The Japanese toilet is not just a toilet. It has evolved into a high-tech machine of pleasure. *It cleans itself. *It cleans you. *It's eco friendly. *It's just awesome! There are loads of options with more on the way as the technology evolves. In this episode, John and tech otaku Joseph Tame visit the TOTO showroom where they have many of their latest toilets on display. We'll take a tour and give you our report while sitting, of course! We even have a camera inside the toilet for a unique perspective! Take your toilet knowledge to the next level in this episode! Don't miss it! Only in Japan. This show has been created and produced by John Daub ( ジョン・ドーブ ). He's been living and working in Japan for over 15 years and regularly reports on a TV Show for Japan's International Channel. Casting light on quirky, funny & amazing Japanese culture in a way only seen through the eyes of a foreigner! Join us as we penetrate deep into the heart of Japan! http://waoryu.jp/only_in_japan/
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Text Comments (1333)
Neutron Pixie (13 days ago)
I'm sure someone out there has a story of how they were throwing up after a night out and got a bidet spray right to the face.
Ella Seeya (15 days ago)
Only the best♥️
Joel (19 days ago)
Me opening the fridge at 3am 5:52
flexsky1 (20 days ago)
My "TOTO Washlet" has not broken at all for 19 years. Reliability and durability are not a problem. Note, however, that after the model is manufactured, the main repair parts will not be supplied in approximately 10 years.
jajphotog77 (21 days ago)
this video is a toto waste. ;)
whydoineedaname11 (24 days ago)
This video would have been far greater without the theatrics and more technical explanations or showing more options. It's like you're trying to make a video for children.
IDA DHUHER (24 days ago)
Nothing\ (26 days ago)
I'd like to see their toilets for disabled or elderly people with mobility issues. I bet they'd have tons of really ingenious solutions.
Nothing\ (26 days ago)
I've seen Toto brand toilets in public rest rooms all over Canada. They're very common.
Swaggy Cheese 303 (1 month ago)
Who came here after watching Mumbo Jumbo?
Google User (1 month ago)
ウォシュレットは電気椅子。人類史上最大の変な発明品。日本の恥。 たしかに障碍者や高齢者が使うのは理解できるが、少なくとも健常者が使うものではない。健常者は黙ってシャワーと暖房と排水口付きの和式トイレで用を足して、そのあとシャワーを浴びた方がよほど清潔。
Naty G.C (1 month ago)
I love japon ❤️
Michal Viktorin (1 month ago)
These are not composting tolilets, so they are not that good for nature,..... But still they could be used in earthships or you could make automatized composting toilet, so some features can be used more wisely. Nevertheless it shows how materialtic japanese are....
Frequency (2 months ago)
The kid's toilets suit those guys you make the video so cringe.
Jose Acevedo (2 months ago)
Shut up and take my free trade agreement!
Nilly K (2 months ago)
What if you have a deadly diarrhea? Does it clean itself?
Earl Villaruel (2 months ago)
OneMoreStory (2 months ago)
I definetly need a japaness toilet
Timren1 (2 months ago)
That "Cooking with Dog" music :P
Avinash RD7 (2 months ago)
What happens when there is power cut when ur pooping??🤣🤣
Mr. Snake (2 months ago)
607 people doesn't like advanced toilets
zisis stip (2 months ago)
The OBLIQUE jet bidet has 3 serious disadvantages: 1. Could wet clothes. 2. Leave fecal residue, particularly if there are hemorhoids. 3. Could push dirty water to uro-genitaliae.
Zephricus (2 months ago)
How's it's defense? If it connected to the internet could it be hacked?! Imagine the news reports. "Toilet across Japan are slamming shut on their owners!"
Quinn Martone (2 months ago)
took me five years but i finally subbds love hviedO! will update when dad comes back
Chris Roberts (3 months ago)
I found this to be very great video on the toilets of Japan.
Eldana funny (3 months ago)
H Xen (3 months ago)
I remember the first night I arrived in Japan. I was so tired, I immediately went to bed. In the middle of the night I got up to go use the bathroom and when I went to flush the toilet I realized I had no freaking idea what button to press! I was too tired to figure it out, so went back to bed! In the morning, I had to read the instructions! lol It really looks like it would have an injection seat option and can launch a rocket.
Paitoon Khemapanon (3 months ago)
Thanks guys I just listen to some one went to Japan ( Thailand man ) now I saw the pictures what he talking about
FJkhushbu (4 months ago)
they wasted so much water.
The Babadook (4 months ago)
That flushing sound was awful.
Christie Schmitz (4 months ago)
My husband and I bought one of these after our stay in Tokyo last month. We love it!
DELTACX10 (4 months ago)
Seems like a waste of resources
DELTACX10 (4 months ago)
Echo friendly?
Micro Blend (4 months ago)
I own this kind of toilet, trust me your life changes.
Frederick Röders (4 months ago)
Toto makes more than classic rock music?
Matthew De Vuono (5 months ago)
Japan seems so good to be doing this but look up research whale killers and your mind will change.
David San (5 months ago)
Wow...I thought Americans were frivolous..and we are...but a toilet that is meant to mask the sound of you using the toilet? What do you think people assume you are doing in there? Could you perhaps be the only one to make this noise? Silly...
God's Child (5 months ago)
Wow! The Japanese are years ahead. I hear even their public trains are on time - to the second! Impressive
NCC17001 (5 months ago)
I used to call washlets "Captain Kirk's chair", because they have as many buttons and switches as captain James T. Kirk's command chair on the USS Enterprise ! 😂
Charles Global Elevators (5 months ago)
Why would you want to wash your hands with your own piss?
P.A.P Asmr (3 months ago)
Its not bad as washing hands with dirty water
Rem (5 months ago)
doggo toilet
L1 (5 months ago)
I feel like im toileting in the stone age now
Arisa (5 months ago)
Nice Video guys:) Im Japanese and Im proud of how Japanese toilet quality is Awesome!!!
Águila701 (6 months ago)
Haha, toilette otakus are a thing.
Starling Baez (6 months ago)
I want to see more of those "baby toilet's" I like smaller ceramics (also is Toto like the kohler of Japan?)
SpudSupreme (6 months ago)
If these toilets are so high-tech, then why haven't they made it outside of Japan? To the US, for instance?
Auna Eunie (7 months ago)
The otohime function should be in all public bathrooms...esp i can hear so much talking, making me hate using them.
Drift Kid (7 months ago)
Always English people complain about everything always winging idiots
Roger Cobb (7 months ago)
Isn’t your friend rather embarrassingly poorly dressed? Does not help the Japanese opinion of “foreigners” I would imagine.
Moviees Scenma (7 months ago)
Do the Japanese girl come with subtitles just curious.🤔
daphnie7 (7 months ago)
He couldn't find a shirt for this video?!
melvina628 (7 months ago)
So, do the water-spraying attachments get dirty because they are inside the toilet bowl, where the feces and urine are, as well?
Drake Mcfee (8 months ago)
Dear god, I'd pay good money to see these ppl have to use the outhouse on the farm i grew up on. Oh and the running water thing...yeah thats uh pretty common in prison cept you do it yourself by repeated flushing
Garden Grove (8 months ago)
That stream of water aimed at my donut looks like it might hurt.
benny savio hudson (8 months ago)
does it come with a butt hole sensor?
Penny Clarke (8 months ago)
would be great for a disabled it would clean them and dry
Akihiko Takeda (9 months ago)
Kohler have nuimi toilet better than toto
redd bone (9 months ago)
Omg a massage option ..damn
Red Bandana (9 months ago)
Japan is a retarded country
wayne1965 (9 months ago)
But it's all in Japanese.
nipi tiri (9 months ago)
5:52 Spray them in the face. Do it!
GODofGrace1 (9 months ago)
oh my gosh,i just had some funny thought about this. I saw hiro nakamura visiting a toilet like this,while ando waited outside for him.(think japanese ) ' Hiro, are you finished already' ?(notorious noises come out of the rest room, Hiro yelling 'yatta' and so on while fiddling around)' No Ando, i did not try out all of these buttons yet ! ' ' but we have to save the world ! you have a mission to keep ! ''for now, my destiny is is spending some time with this amazing spacy toilet ! let the world wait a little longer'.Ando  pulls  face while murmering...LOL.
williamo1980 (9 months ago)
Great episode! As are all. Would anyone know.. if I live in California, USA which type of bidet style toilet like these could I get for my house?
The Revengers (10 months ago)
So can you drink out of these toilets too LMAO?
Tyrone (10 months ago)
You guys aren’t odd at all...
Dorian Cleveland (10 months ago)
Did he just say echo friendly? 😂
Jesse Weller (10 months ago)
this solves the problem of which way the toilet paper goes.
DJ Izzy the Hat Kid (10 months ago)
These are also shown in the Simpsons.
Niveddhana (10 months ago)
A massager ???
Beverly Glass (10 months ago)
Why do they call a rest room a bathroom? There are no bath tubs in the rest/wash rooms. I'm just saying. 😁 - ❤ the toilets.
Chet (10 months ago)
What about using soap to wash hands in the hand basin? Wont that create fatty build up in top tank?
MsMarie0072 (11 months ago)
🤔 umm!! I think one day I want to get one for my 🏠 home... very innovative
Izzie W (11 months ago)
It's super "echo friendly" 😂😂
admin sucks (11 months ago)
My toilet should be ashamed.
bozo the clown (11 months ago)
but what if sumthin goes wrong with all the little gizmos. the toilet wont work = ULTIMATE NIGHTMARE!!!!
bozo the clown (11 months ago)
Deckards toilet
ÚLFHÉÐNAR (11 months ago)
saving water? ................um where does everyone think the water goes?............space? mars or the black hole ?!!!!! NO!!!!! we have a "water cycle" ffs
Akassh Vijay (11 months ago)
Japan can never come anywhere close to America in Technology
Inventor - Roblox (11 months ago)
Well it reduced water but not electricity
AHDcool (11 months ago)
1:44 "Ohaio sensi" The way these toilets greet their masters, lol
Nikunj garg (11 months ago)
Y bnda overacting bhut krta h
Eric Oxford (11 months ago)
I'm sitting on one as I type this. That sprayer has a laser on it and hits you in the chitlin muscle every time! I have to get one for home.
VeRsaCEoN ThEflOOR (1 year ago)
I was a girl i could !asturbate on that butt washer
Ella Dubrin (1 year ago)
Tom Bowers (1 year ago)
“Toto” pronounced in Spanish....not so polite. Brand Names gone wrong...
Cheng Zhi Yang (1 year ago)
6:15 when you never see a high-tech toilet bowl in your life... XD
Thanos (1 year ago)
What if the power went off and you don't have toilet paper? How will you wipe?
Tactical Soda (1 year ago)
Tow Mator watched this video and ptsd kicked in
Sterben (1 year ago)
ill stick with my good old fashion toilet that i can still flush even with no power.
0 (1 year ago)
Toilets comes from different shapes and sizes
Leny Schoenmaker (1 year ago)
I also have those kinds of toilets (Netherlands)
Voice of Reason (1 year ago)
dream toilet!
LCDestroysU Logan (1 year ago)
Produced by John Dab XD
D Sa (1 year ago)
Seriously I want to import one of these if I can't buy it here...
René Biedermann (1 year ago)
Is a wery nice!
Mr Sausage (1 year ago)
the toilet + sink is the best one ...
チハ (1 year ago)
PH CERT (1 year ago)
what has my life come to, watching two dudes, enjoying taking videos, of different toilet features, in another country... and I watched the whole thing too. smh...
PH CERT (1 year ago)
... guess I'll go check out the sewage system video next. LOL!!!
vindicator05 (1 year ago)
They made a culture of crap. I'd like to test this!!
Andrie Alinsangao (1 year ago)