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Where Did A Million Chinese Millionaires Come From?

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The Ka-Ching Dynasty! - China. From communism to capitalism, a new generation of very young, very rich people have emerged, but where did they come from? Subscribe to journeyman for daily uploads: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=journeymanpictures The economic transformation of China has been electrifying. But with Europe teetering and the US plodding, can the biggest tiger of all keep on roaring? China's super-rich certainly think they can. Outside a private Beijing nightclub Porsches, Maseratis and Ferraris compete for space. Inside the club is packed with the children of China's super-rich enjoying a 'palace' themed party. China now has almost a million millionaires, six hundred billionaires, and the numbers keep growing at a staggering rate. As a reporter for the Hurun Report rich-list points out, they are a force to be reckoned with: "certainly we need to be aware of and understand this group." Even more striking is the bravado of China's super-rich, who feel that they can keep going from strength to strength. "I met an entrepreneur last week who said that if all goes to plan, in ten years time his business will be ten times the size it is now". The focus is certainly on quick growth. Current projections say that in ten years time half the world's billionaires will come from China. While there are warnings signs that the economic woes of Europe and the US will hit China, China's super-rich don't seem concerned. For some the hope is that the Chinese market will pick up the slack. For others, who have only known the good times, anything else is unthinkable: "if I have any spare money I buy sports cars." Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/journeymanpictures Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/JourneymanNews https://twitter.com/JourneymanVOD Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/journeymanpictures For downloads and more information visit: http://www.journeyman.tv/film/3523 ABC Australia - Ref. 5412 Journeyman Pictures is your independent source for the world's most powerful films, exploring the burning issues of today. We represent stories from the world's top producers, with brand new content coming in all the time. On our channel you'll find outstanding and controversial journalism covering any global subject you can imagine wanting to know about.
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Apple Tree (1 day ago)
I'm very interested with the persons, Grand's Zhang Yue, and the lady who runs restaurant. Has Grand turned to the world No.1? Does the lady still own her business? Apparently all their wealth are based on sand.
Bryce Clark (3 days ago)
They’ve also been committing rampant fraud and defrauding US investors by selling them silly stock for shell companies.
Flyboy _Maverick (4 days ago)
China has the wold's worst safety record, so i won't stay in that hotel
DukeOfRecica (5 days ago)
Wow.. what a night life for young Chinese millionaires 😂😂
Ksea Winner (5 days ago)
From workers that work for them that got to see their families only once or twice a year. What a life?
Maxidu Huan (5 days ago)
@ first i thought they cant be that rich with them iphone 5 then i checkt the date lmao
Kono Dutch (5 days ago)
How much of that was stolen from my family?
Mark Tamang (7 days ago)
Look for made in china products around you, from there they came.
Thomas Choi (8 days ago)
The haves and the have nots........a recipe for disaster.......riots
First Last (9 days ago)
Crazy rich asians is based on this
bert wesler (11 days ago)
They've got another 30 years to go; they'll be in the gutter or jumping from rooftops wonder where all the money went. No one has ever rented a room that stupid hotel in the middle of absolutely NOWHERE!
bert wesler (11 days ago)
This didn't age well. China is now swirling the toilet bowl of life. Bye-bye China. It wasn't nice knowing you!
Adnan Binsaleh (11 days ago)
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SerchSource (12 days ago)
Mostly government officials because they owned most of the country's land and property and all their extended families...those that have no connections...good luck!! In a CON-MUNIST country like China, you have to be in the circle in order to be part of it...
Damian Chavez (12 days ago)
They wont last a 5.0 earthquake
Ryan Paragados (12 days ago)
the most wicked of all evil ate chinese communist!!!
Fouad M (12 days ago)
What happened to the communist ideals, looks like a communist country with Capitalist laws for the Chosen ones
Veron Sunshine (12 days ago)
This are the 3% of Elites worldwide (USA, China, Russia..) ,who has become fast incredible rich, while the majority of the World population get poorer. They have formed tax heavans, they don't pay taxes, that would be needed for civil services. They have have plunder Nations, destroyed farmland, caused War.,killed animals and civilians, only to become more rich. They want oil, gaz, minerals, water, farmland and cheap workers, without any rights etc. for their production and to plunder the last resources of our World. They always have argued, that "they have been choosen "to rule over others!" They have taken over the "free market", the stoxx,- they have the power over the Financial sector. The destruction of our Earth went on by those Superrich. They ignore the Climate Change, Human Rights or democracies, poors, working people, and they will not stop in destructing our World, as all lifes in the oceans, the wildlife, the last rainforests and other Nations people, if the International Union is not stoping them! They have no responsibility or natural human instict any more, lost for their greed in power, money, gold, diamands, Real Estates....
symun buuntw (14 days ago)
Hongkong is poor country
Jim M (20 days ago)
Interesting documentary, when you have people paying more for drink that costs more than the average wage of a factory worker you have a recipe for revolution. History will repeat when the 1 billion poor see the opulent excesses that reek of the worst parts of imperial China. All that's needed is another Mao....worrying times ahead. A billion hungry souls.
Ahman Ahm (22 days ago)
sweetdrreemz (23 days ago)
Try saying "millions of Chinese millionaires making many millions", 7 times fast. lol.
Rajendran Ramasundram (23 days ago)
Devath Bhandary (26 days ago)
*Capitalism disguised as Communalism*
gary wiggett (28 days ago)
Chinese come from China you fool /////////
Shane Lee (29 days ago)
From food, service and gold...
Rick Field (1 month ago)
A million dollars is no longer a lot of money.
Nancy Hobson (1 month ago)
From a hand in the State pocket like some Russian regional politicians?
MintythecatIsABeast (1 month ago)
But you can't buy class
Jamie Wright (1 month ago)
Because they copy everything have no ideas of there own copycats in all
Johnny Crack (1 month ago)
U have to make the officials happy or you’re fucked even if you’re rich thats China
tejones35 (1 month ago)
lol Vancouver and Toronto are already screwed....
jsR! (1 month ago)
Animal Farm is such a bitch
James Sohn (2 months ago)
From capitalism
Natalia Livonof (2 months ago)
It is all the Chinese corrupt leader of the Communist Party, all the children and all the grandchildren of the rich, all come from their own parents who are members of the party, they all are fucked.You do not see any ordinary Chinese here, they are all someone who can cheat and deceive within state, municipality, customs etc.There are other poor Chinese who have to work in a dirty environment, with lung dust, so that they could become rich here.,there is not one of them here who has had an honest job ever.
Kasnar F Burns (3 months ago)
It's interesting how these very wealthy people have contingency plans if things go bust -- fly out of the country on their private jets. That's why I tend to think elites in ANY country -- especially those acquiring international assets -- don't have much loyalty or patriotism to the country they currently call home!!
Rass Bombo (3 months ago)
A million Chinese in Canada alone are close to being worth a million, another million in Australia, several million in the USA, every house owner in Hong Kong in middle class and above areas are also millionaires, the same can be said in most of the major cities in China.
Mike Ma (3 months ago)
This is hirlarious your saying a million millionaires came from the backs of poor Chinese, do you forget that in America slavery was legal. At any company the employee makes one dollar the owner makes 100, is this something new to you?
Bitota Nkongolo (3 months ago)
This video is not even really answering the question in the title.
Bitota Nkongolo (3 months ago)
Why are Chinese building ghost cities?
Seraph 37 (3 months ago)
This was actually pretty depressing to watch for some reason. I think two lines puts it all in perspective; “I’m a multimillionaire. I just entered middle class.” And “Everything we build the government takes over.” If I was Chinese id leave the country too.
Straight Whitemale (3 months ago)
They the Chinese elite installed a socialist government which enslaved the Chinese people. They sold the forced cheap slave labor to rich capitalists. If the American people aren’t careful it will happen to them. The Socialist have made major inroads already
mark jones (3 months ago)
How can a person become a millionaire in a communist country , crooked dealings and we don't need them here.
luis bito (3 months ago)
lot poor people live china has no food is table people has lot no think help human poor big corporation is no care is reason everone fight piece cake
Tony Yao (3 months ago)
Capitalism worked the same in everywhere in the world—ask J D Rockefeller
cameron taylor (3 months ago)
Tony Yao welcome to human clone manufacturing plant called ‘planet earth’ ... the entire world is falling deeper, and deeper into intellectual fantasy of civilization which is abusing and destroying nature and people around you... our minds are a reflection of a parasitic consciousness like a WASP! There’s nothing to be proud of if your just copying something that already exist.. it’s a FAKE!
Outdoors Bushman (3 months ago)
China is still Communist owned & run, zero human rights, zero right to own firearms, zero freedom of religion, speak against the State and you are still thrown into Chinese gulags. Never forget, stop buying their poorly made crap and they become poor. Ban them from owning RE in the West.
Razor E (3 months ago)
Whilst other countries panic... Us Pakistanis can't stop smiling.., I hope alot more chinese become million/billionnaires.. and turn the cpec, karachi, and neighboring lands near the big trade link into super dubai, rich and flourishing land. Why should we have to travel to western land for a better life.. we should make our country so great and safe that the western world have no choice but to visit us instead.... *Even our poorest people should have a decent enough standard of living that they have free education and health care, cheap living areas with ample space for families to live happily and in a safe environment* .
Denise Hitchens (3 months ago)
From the west U N. Caleb gave them everything on silver plate and India is next at our expense.
Drone Drop (3 months ago)
Denise Hitchens we Asians will rule over your pawg asses.
zuriel (3 months ago)
Well, they haven't got long to go before the absolute crash.  It will be in 2028.  Then it's all over.  Google it.
Джина Mrs Frogzilla (3 months ago)
WTF were those musical ride on toys with hideous fake tellytubby faces? IDK if they are meant for adults or kids cos they look massive. The women look so miserable as they trundle around on them. Ridiculous, there’s no way the western world would buy those freaky things
Джина Mrs Frogzilla (3 months ago)
I thought Peking was the capital of China? As for the chap with the 2-week hotel saying personal wealth means nothing to his family; I don’t believe him. I don’t believe any Chinaman who says that! As for the property in China; soon there will be an almighty boom, for I have seen video after video showing scores of tower blocks as empty as the day they were completed. Also bare shopping centres which have never sold anything. Those properties are now showing signs of weathering and dereliction including some with severe structural problems. There is only so long the owner/developer can be out of pocket having built these places and yet be receiving no income from them and I believe within the next decade, swathes of high rises, never having been inhabited will simply be demolished. The way the arrogance of many Chinese have ridden roughshod over other countries...and they’re still doing it under the pretence of helping other countries out, makes them deserving of the bottom dropping right out of their economy. I get cross that China can dump its crap all over the USA, Australia and England yet pay zero delivery costs. I refer to websites such as Wish whose delivery costs are paid by the country their tat is being delivered to. This was started when China was a poor country so as to help them but they’re so used to it that when the USA mentioned stopping the subsidy, the Chinese were very angry. People think they’re paying for the delivery on Wish especially when it says an item is free, gullible suckers believe it and pay a few quid for postage. The app called Joom is rather more transparent; it sells the same tat for approximately the same price but it’s all listed as the cost for goods with delivery listed as £0. I want these companies to have their postage/delivery subsidies ended. China proves it can stand on its own two feet and doesn’t need outside help. After a video I saw from Australia of the Chinese destroying a coral reef around a tropical 🏝 Island with clear seas, white sands and palm trees, I was mortified hence I feel almost a hatred towards these developers and hope their country goes severely tits up and the countryside where these towers are will one day return to farmland where the men can do an HONEST days work.
Loyal Citizen Of Zamunda (3 months ago)
I respect the Taxi guy's hustle. The rest are somewhat questionable, but to each their own...
SSDom Smith (3 months ago)
I wish you the best .
Larry Wilson (3 months ago)
They all are in that special group. They are high in the party to get the treatment Just go to the universities and you'll see their kids there. Just the University of Illinois has so many. Driving cars that are so expensive that very few Americans can. Rentals more that likely but, try to rent a $350,000 car!
fritschen maier (3 months ago)
They all came from their mothers whomb
Cookie 7 (3 months ago)
Rich and the poor can have the same fate in china may die of lungs pollution.rich people must do something for the good of their health and country men who works for them.
Life Coaching (3 months ago)
1 percent of the population owns 99 percent of the world's wealth = not sustainable over time. Surely will collapse = the rate humanity is destroying the planet will destroy the humanity soon.
Life Coaching (3 months ago)
Keep stealing western ideas = millionaires. Stupid western people love that other countries steal their patents and intellectual property that's why stupid American went there in a countries where their is no rule and democracy. Also American and European are dumb and lazy. That's another reason Asian counties will become the richest. There is no place for dumb people who complain too much and do not work hard.
billytheweasel (3 months ago)
...They breed them in abandoned US factories dummy.
Gene Bulag (3 months ago)
They came from corruption.
Collino Kelly-Cachay (3 months ago)
Wake up, World of HUMANS! the Psychopaths are winning BIG if you don't RE-Educate yourselves to the REAL reality!!!!!!!!!! They fear us but it is only a matter of SHORT TIME before they WIN the war over us 7 Bs. They are fearmongers. Fear = False Expectations Appearing Real.
Collino Kelly-Cachay (3 months ago)
WHERE DID THEY COME FROM?????? They have always been here on Earth. Ancient bloodlines. Well, their progeny. Ancient Aris-Pharistocracies that disappeared about 300 or 500 years ago. Sean Hross, Channels Giureh and Chatzefratz calls, "The Enemy Within." The criminals who rape our wealth giving us funny money, money from thin air, DEBT PAPER. There are a measly 3, count'em, three nations left on planet Flat Earth, that have NOT fallen to RedShield and RockyFellers' Bankster Frauds. Also, the same Club of Paedophiles and Cannibals THAT (NOT WHO) regularly send us slaves to fight their Clan Wars for them. De-population scams that we slaves just eat up like Big Macs and King Burgers (LIES called "False Flags." Research that one... since time immemorial. Wars are BLOOD SACRIFICES, and THEY roll on the floor laughing at us BECAUSE we are all such CLUELESS MORONS!!!!!!!
Perris D. Gold (4 months ago)
La union china-africa va a crear los nuevos mil millonarios... da igual q la familia britanica meta a una negra n la familia... el "norte" aka Africa, no olvida. Viva china y viva Africa.
Helga Gaines (4 months ago)
Correction , I meant millions.
Helga Gaines (4 months ago)
Billion of Chines living BIG on the BACK 'S of their slave labor COUNTRY men... Beware of your commie leaders ; If we're stop buying your junk..and your economy go's bad... their won't asked question 's but take what does not not belong to them. So, at the end justice is served. I think the best way is a FREE DEMOCRACY, capitalism and a responsible humble Leadership and thoughtful CITIZENS.
taegukgi78 (4 months ago)
they became rich from unfair trade
John Warren (4 months ago)
They got rich by destroying America all of America's industry went to China all of America's money went to China the US government gave billions if not trillions of dollars to China to keep them from making war like always it's in the American she gets screwed in the ass
Eduardo Lomocso (4 months ago)
I believe this happens everywhere in the world. But you be thankful because these rich Chinese kids are spending their money in the US, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Pakistan, and practices around the world. Chinese should be taking care of when they invest in your country because they give you their income. But don't think they are naive? No, when they go back to their country they also copy your urban town design. They can bring Eifel Tower in their back yard, and even putting London town to their village! They also design better Android phones than the US.
Conrad Wolf (4 months ago)
China will never be more than a poor country. Their rich will never reach more than 1.5% of the population, whereas in the West the rich (those with assets over US$100,000) stand at over 8%. The people in China lack education and culture. Personal hygiene is horrible, belief in superstitions and outdated traditional ideas is widespread, corruption is rampant, while ethics, moral standards and personal and business principles are close to non-existent. These people would sell their souls for $100. To them, money is god and all the other things in life mean nothing. They are a sad, pathetic race, and they are trying to convince themselves (and the world) the just because they have some money now, they should be considered important. They, unfortunately, forget that money doesn't buy you class, style, or a brain. Their per capita GDP is low, they are great at stealing other people's ideas but horrible at innovation, they are even worse when it comes to management, and their political and business leaders will never learn to respect their people/workers, unless a deadly revolution forces them to acknowledge the need for that. The Overseas Chinese are the worst of them all - they think they are better than their countrymen because they have left and 'made it' in the West, however all they have is some money. They get no respect from Westerners, are finding it hard to get employment because people see them as brainwashed idiots who are extremely unreliable and untrustworthy, and they are mostly segregated from the mainstream society, living in their own communities and working for Chinese companies (mostly in services - restaurants, cleaning, landscaping, retail). When you hear about students and sugar daddies in the US and Canada - 70% of the girls are from mainland China. Hookers by birth, they have no moral scruples and will sell their pussies for $50. The best thing about them is that they are total cowards. Their government bullies them to horrible extents and they just take it, and if you're a business owner in the West and need some cheap laborers you'll make lots of money by employing Chinese coolies. They take any abuse you put upon them and will do anything for the meager pay you offer them. The world truly never has seen a more pathetic nation.
mashnjo8271 (4 months ago)
Can black people go in that club ?
Ahmad Awad (4 months ago)
China has faced growing international opprobrium for what it says are vocational training centers in Xinjiang, a vast region bordering central Asia that is home to millions of ethnic minority Muslims. Beijing has said the measures are needed to stem the threat of Islamist extremism. The governor of Xinjiang, Shohrat Zakir, said on Tuesday that China is running boarding schools not concentration camps or re-education camps in the remote region. Adrian Zenz, an independent German researcher, said that his new estimate was based on satellite images, public spending on detention facilities and witness accounts of overcrowded facilities and missing family members. “Although it is speculative it seems appropriate to estimate that up to 1.5 million ethnic minorities - equivalent to just under 1 in 6 adult members of a predominantly Muslim minority group in Xinjiang - are or have been interned in any of these detention, internment and re-education facilities, excluding formal prisons,” Zenz said at an event organized by the U.S. mission in Geneva, home of United Nations human rights bodies.
w surfer (4 months ago)
Make sure those kids don't buy their way into government power position.
MyTaniwha (4 months ago)
They come from Communist Red Dog General's and Imperialist Council Money
the tessellater (4 months ago)
Let us be clear here - Capitalism is PREMEDITATED EXPLOITATION. To set up a business, the first question is always "How much profit can we make?" "Investment" - so often lauded as a good thing to be 'attracted' - but no-one invests unless there are long term profits to be made, or short term capital gains. Again, exploitation.
Godess Kali (4 months ago)
Dick Head (4 months ago)
the heroin trade is very lucrative
Wisepersonsay (4 months ago)
China No More. Fake America China version. Both ridiculous and bound to perish.
Dulcelina Cabral (4 months ago)
Why can't all the fealty rich take a poor neighborhood and rebuild it so the neighborhood don't prosper and get out of poverty, build hotels,fancy Restaurant,office space then the poor can work for their own neighborhoods. If they all did this we wouldn't have so much crime,poor people commit crimes because they are poor, they want to eat just like everyone else There shouldn't be no reason why people are starving to death. With all the food we have, and waste it we shouldn't be hungry. I'm poor but I still feed the poor, I help elderly people running errands for them Clean their house, I grocery shop for them also I believe in helping others I don't get paid for none of it. They just give me knowledge and wisdom, every now and then they give me small tokens of appreciation. Like bouquets of flowers Movie tickets Quilts, gloves hats Home made pickled foods I love to help people , I do all this and I suffered traumatic brain injury 4 months ago, at rehab recouparating now.😢
Joe User (3 months ago)
@dulcelina You can deny it forever but the saying "Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime" will always be true. Too bad people like you and alot of other people really think taking money from successfull people will make the poor middle class. Until the poor stop whining and actually bust their hump learn a skill, they will be poor. When you say why i don't pay them 15/hr., ask yourself from the employer side- Would you pay some guy 15/hr wash your clothes or cook etc??
Lenny Online (4 months ago)
Ka-Ching Dynasty ! LMAO!!
nayinayi1 (4 months ago)
If they are millionaires unjustly - that will backfire sooner or later...
Alvin (4 months ago)
Look at the amount of jealous white trash over here. Lmao. Useless fucks
Pauls Real Estate Investing (4 months ago)
Nixon, that's where
Muk Bang (4 months ago)
Well done to the taxi driver guy
Annemarie May (5 months ago)
No matter how much money these types have and flaunt it will never alter who and what they are. They would never be acceptable to me. But their other poor but modest humble people are fine. Applies to all such coloured and white folk, too. It is not about race or even having wealth or being poor, neither of which is a crime or can necessarily be helped. It is about how such people are which I find offensive and objectionable. I would never wish to visit where they are, nor ever invite them to where I am. I would never wish to have them as friends or to ever associate with them in any way eg work with/for them, interact with them in daily life etc. They are simply irrelevant to my life and values etc. So I pay them no mind.
Tector Gorch (5 months ago)
From Capitalism, not Communism. That's for sure.
Jacqueline O'Connor (5 months ago)
Manhatan of Beijin? that means that they are planning to control the world's economy......
Jus Livin (5 months ago)
Westerners have the impression only them should have wealth, why do yall think so inferior? I suppose its yall governments, who taught you to think this way, by presenting every nation outside the west as shit holes, now that the cameras are running, the shit holes are not shit holes as you know shit holes to be, hmmm when the fox could not get the grapes he said they were sour!! LMBAO
Maximus Prime (5 months ago)
Who cares... on the path there on. They won't rule the world, because there ain't gonna be a habitable planet to live on lol. They use old world techniques to develop and that's why China is a sewer. And will be inhabitable.
Jhay Bee (5 months ago)
America and the West will no longer rule the world because you got problems. The fact that your government is extremely corrupt, children being hungry, the rich getting richer, Flint, Michigan still has poisoned water, your unfunded liabilities is hundreds of Trillions, and a lousy president. If the next financial crisis hits the dollar (it will), I will stand to be richer. Like $100 million+. Hahahahahaha. And when it is all said and done, America will be like Africa. A desolate wasteland. So yes, vote for Trump, vote for your politicians, obey your corporate masters, and most importantly, All Hail the Federal Reserve!!!!!
wilken antoine (6 months ago)
Brake time cigarettes brake. Emotional brake ect they passing us stop hating.
wilken antoine (6 months ago)
I feel like a lot of jealous people, no other should do good, this people work hard. Study hard.
Joe Todd (6 months ago)
Tony Ronald (6 months ago)
Quick build..quick fall. There have been many filmed cases of Chinese buildings collapsing, following over. Look at the deteriorating condition of Chinese buildings after a few years!!
philiphai qing (6 months ago)
So many green eyed jealous envious commentators here . The people who work hard + smart to become rich deserve the rewards . Instead of complaining + being jealous, people should be motivated by these rich Chinese, to work harder and smarter .  China is now only communism by name, but is in fact a capitalist country combined with socialism
Jacob Lewis (6 months ago)
I love you beautiful Chinese women!
william louie (6 months ago)
You can not be rich with out the help of others. Because wealth has to come from somewhere, usually off of the poor.
Ho chi min (6 months ago)
If they are rich why don't put their money in their bloody China and not buying properties in Sydney, Melbourne, Vancouver, L.A. San Franciso and Seatle, Fuck China and their disgusting people
jrukawa11 (6 months ago)
they won't rule, just buy. They main question is, why the white man role as a servant?
Ir. Djonny Simarmata Msc (6 months ago)
Tere will be ww3
boxlessthinking (6 months ago)
people getting rich off the backs of their countrymen. Because they don't pay normal workers anything. You want to see a real class war wait until the population of China figures that out.
Clifford Keni (6 months ago)
WTF, isn't obvious that they came from china? LoL.
Tarz Thomas (6 months ago)
I NEED HELP , I wish a Millionaire would help me out just to get started, if not With Money Than Spend some Time with me and Give me some guidance, i want to start a small Business, i grew up poor , ive made plenty of Mistakes as well but when your poor you have no where to turn when u make Mistakes or start a business and it fails and you have to regroup and try again, i have some good ideas but no way to start financially, money is a tool and when you dont have that tool its really tough So i just wish some millionaires especially ones that know for fact they have more than they will ever need and they will die with piles of money Would help someone like me just to Get started If your reading this and your a millionaire send me a message i want to start a business and if you help me start you can be part owner of the business, i have the knowledge from working in the industry i want to start a business in i did it for 20 years im 40 , i just do not have the Capital or Credit, or family with any means.
Magz Sara (6 months ago)
Read Think and Get Rich by Napoleon Hill....... you'll be rich in no time. Also hit up the Law of Attraction here on youtube.. Good luck..