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Ups drivers make this

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#Maynardsview #MaynardsSquad #StopscreamingMaynard Package handlers and new hires I hope this maybe a incentive for you to become a Ups driver one day and live the life you deserve. Donate Here https://www.paypal.me/ilovemaynard Ask questions - askmaynardsview@gmail.com
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joe cairo (3 months ago)
I’ll break this down to anyone who is interested on the new contract this is drivers hourly rate Start $21 hr $31.50 hr OT 1 year $23 hr $34.5 hr OT 2 years $24 hr $36 hr OT 3 years $28.75 hr $43.125 hr OT 4 years TOP RATE!!!
Brad Boisvert (8 days ago)
@Whatever Works no problem
Whatever Works (8 days ago)
@Brad Boisvert Thank you
Brad Boisvert (8 days ago)
@Whatever Works just shy of $41 it's $40.53 an hr.
Whatever Works (8 days ago)
whats top rate
dave Mancini (29 days ago)
@innHD yes we do but we work our asses off for it and we put up with a ton of shit for it so we earn it !!! Anyone that doesn't think so come give it a try and see how you do !!!!
moneymike77p (8 days ago)
Hes right ya know took about 2yrs and 10 months
Texas Patriot (10 days ago)
I dont think double time exist at my center
Texas Patriot (10 days ago)
I get 31.44 with the new contract. been with ups for just under 2 years and full time for 11 months.
Texas Patriot (10 days ago)
Can you stop yelling
lombardo141 (10 days ago)
He is yelling because he wants you listen up. It’s urgency people. 🤷‍♂️
raekwonyaeyo (12 days ago)
In Canada top rate is $30.94.😐😐😡😡
Ryan Meixner (18 days ago)
Why are you shouting?
LethalWeaponGaming Mesa (20 days ago)
Awesome, love the energy too hahah.
Maynard's View (19 days ago)
Thank you and if you subscribed thanks very much join us fri night at 6pm mst for live feeds
kid table (21 days ago)
Maynard's View (13 days ago)
Why are you so angry?
Fernando Gutierrez (22 days ago)
As a combo, never had to worry about money 😁
Mr. StarOfTruth (23 days ago)
im about to create a company that will put UPS out of business..
Paul Dangelo (23 days ago)
This guy needs to chill. Ya it's good money but your life revolves around the job iam use to working long hours. But when you never know when you are getting off and you can't plan anything after work it gets old Fast !!
darold zink (24 days ago)
Pipe down ! No ups driver acts like you ! You on drugs ???
Marcus Medrano (23 days ago)
jake z (26 days ago)
Scream louder I CAN'T HEAR YOU
Jim Lahey (26 days ago)
damn bro why u yelling
Oink Johnson (28 days ago)
Preach brother
Jared Anderson (1 month ago)
PSA: What our Target brand Jim Cramer forgot to mention is that to become a package car driver you have to put in some serious time loading or unloading freight trucks before you go anywhere at UPS. You'll make 14 an hour which is decent as a starting wage, and after a year you'll have benefits they pay 80 percent of a medical bill. Nice... they'll beat you into the dirt and I guarantee if you're weak of mind or body you won't last long enough to write your name on the bulletin board wait list. Maybe the loading gods smile upon you and may your walls always be locked in. AMEN.
Stay Solid (1 month ago)
I love being a driver pay is nice work is hard. We earn every dime of it
Newdals (1 month ago)
Body calm down with all that screaming and shit what's the matter with you UPS drivers make Bank they are also the hardest working group of men and women that I've ever worked alongside of and I'm proud of that they deserve what they get and more you didn't talk about anything about how the supervisors will turn around and try to fight you every fucking chance they get. You in an article 58 when it should be an article 7 so on and so forth it's not all sunshine and rainbows
big earl (1 month ago)
Lay off the coke dude
Carlos Martinez (1 month ago)
My brother works feeder at UPS Grande Vista in Los Angeles. 10 years ago when my dad had dementia, my brother and his wife had my dad sign over all of his properties to themselves. My kids and I are about to become homeless because my brother and his wife took out a $350,000 loan on this house and never paid it back. My father bought this home in 1957 and this home was intended to be sold after his death and the funds distributed to my sister and brothers, and myself. New owner says that we have until June 6, 2019, to get out.
Karen Collins (1 month ago)
When do they get paid double time?
Willreal (1 month ago)
i live in LA , u aint making $250K a year then its Joe Average
Brent Doege (1 month ago)
Whoa dude!! How much blow do you do!!???
Zachary Bornhoft (1 month ago)
That hourly pay will now be above $40 now that the new contract has finally been ratified
Russ Abrahams (1 month ago)
I work for UPS Canada as a full time package car driver. Our contract is up in 2020. We do not make anywhere close to $36 and change yet top rate. I am already talking to my wife about getting a Costco membership. Pay off house and not be like the other drivers who cannot manage their money and be broke like everyone else.
Elizabeth Hamilton (1 month ago)
Ouch! My ears! Informative but loud video. ;-)
Jesse Buchanan (1 month ago)
The Twin Hill uniforms irritate my skin.... and 37 bucks an hour ain't enuff, 50 would be better
alejandro loredo (1 month ago)
Hey numb nuts... ITS PART TIME WORKKKKK!!!!!!! That’s the problem these morons expect to raise a family doing part time work....give me a break.
Richard Castromayor (29 days ago)
thats why part-timers only work for the good benefits while balancing 2-3 jobs
Lit Pablo (1 month ago)
How do I apply once I get my cdl?
Jesusjuice32 (1 month ago)
Chris Calamari thats not true. People here in nyc apply to be drivers and thats it. I was a package handler aswell but there is no real order. If the job is available you apply
Chris Calamari (1 month ago)
Lit Pablo don’t need a cdl. You have to start off in the warehouse though. Like he said you have to be patient. I was in the warehouse for a year and a half before I became a driver but I know people who waited 7 years.
Hei Hei (2 months ago)
Weekly paychecks are down at my center since the whole "no overtime" push started back in the fall of 2018.
Alex sheffler (2 months ago)
i love this video but find it funny when the parts he should be yelling at he doesn't get louder
Javier Chauca (2 months ago)
can you become a driver after working 40 days (seniority) as a part time package handelr? or do you have to wait a year?
Tray39 (23 days ago)
sign every bid sheet u see!!!
TheSmokingReviewer (2 months ago)
Depends on job availability
Seth Sword (2 months ago)
What about cover driving though?
Tray39 (23 days ago)
part time cover driver (even tho he gets 40hr/wk ) makes 85% of the topout
Me Sm (1 month ago)
Supermandtm23 (2 months ago)
Just use your inside voice, ya know...we can all hear you
Jared Anderson (1 month ago)
He worked in a UPS hub for years before driving. He's half deaf.
Fredrick Jackson (1 month ago)
I wish people knew what an indoor voice is! It's like they've completely forgotten about it
VI MO (2 months ago)
Lmao you're awesome
SoberRS (2 months ago)
Drivers in my area in california start around 28/hr getting up to 38/hr then every year the damr basic raise you get (plus 1-2hrs overtime). People in my hub can be a driver within 3-5years. Ive been trying ti get into ups for a few months since i did seasonal helper. Im starting as a loader tomorrow got late shift. I may go for driving or stick with management or supervior if i like it
Tray39 (23 days ago)
Dont go into supervision!!!! they font make shit and are treated worse than shit!!!!
JAYFAM85 (2 months ago)
Management or supervisor??? Yikes! Don’t do it..... Ask a supervisor that once was a driver if he regrets making that change... LIVE BETTER WORK UNION!!!!! Facts!
SoberRS (2 months ago)
Every hub is different. I know a guy who was in the warehouse for 10years then started full time. But you can b a cover (kinda like a full timer same pay but shity routs) some guys in my area becone drivers after 3-5years
John Simon (2 months ago)
TruckerHalfpinr Johnson (2 months ago)
Thanks for the video
J eff Patchell (2 months ago)
Great pay but you'll never see your wife and kids. I've been with UPS for 20yrs and I decided to stay part-time. The divorce rate for driver's is 75%. Is that $36 an hour worth it? NO
tookiemex (1 month ago)
Y’all some bitches...more money for me then, I don’t mind that OT after 8 hours. Cha Ching!
Gonzalo Castro (2 months ago)
J eff Patchell that is part of the reason why I stopped working for ups .. 10years has my own route .. but I missed tons of family events - kids school events .. family is more important. Plus my wife makes her money also being a nurse.
Antoine-Félix Bannon (2 months ago)
Here in Canada we are at 14.20$/hour for package car driver for UPS
dave Mancini (29 days ago)
Omg that sucks bro !!! Move to the U.S.
michael Evape (2 months ago)
Quiet down
Sky CloudStudios (2 months ago)
Horrible example big mouth. A normal work week doesn’t include double time and two days of paid holiday.
D (2 months ago)
Even without those hours he’s still making over 2k..that’s a lot of money for 1 week
Cheivy Slim (2 months ago)
You make working for Ups annoying.....with your loud mouth, just talk and not scream 😂😂😂😂
Cheivy Slim (2 months ago)
Can you do less yelling damn😂😂😂
Zara Evander (3 months ago)
I couldn't hear him.
sr166 (3 months ago)
What’s the pro and cons & pay rate on becoming a cover driver for UPS? Been there 2years and they want to see if I want to take up on that part time position!
Me Sm (1 month ago)
You start pay at 30.77 and if you qualify 30 days and then go full time you stay at 30.77 instead of starting at 21.
Mike Bittinger (3 months ago)
The dislikes are probably from FedEx ground FedEx Express in the postal workers
Richard Castromayor (29 days ago)
especially theyre contractors
flafla fluehie (3 months ago)
I currently drive out of Philly during peak season and working Black Friday which is triple time including holiday pay. I never brought home $2,000 and we make 36 and change an hour. They're cutting back on production bonus absolutely trying to eliminate overtime they want 8 hours. The union doesn't recognize production bonus doesn't fight for our overtime because of telematic numbers telling them we're running over our dispatch which wasn't supposed to be disciplinary when it first was introduced. And they didn't even institute article 22 guys yet theyr going to take more hours from us after the supplements across the country pass.
JohnDoeGlo Gloku (3 months ago)
I got a serious question . I am part time preloaded and I drive everyday. I drove air everyday and drive ground here and there and get paid 30.779 but when I drive air I get paid 13.50. The past Two weeks I’ve been working preload then driving ground .. when I go full time , will my pay rate go all the way down to 18? Fyi they haven’t even let me do my 30 day packet yet and they let me cover a full route twice . And I did go to school for a Tcd driver which is a full week
JohnDoeGlo Gloku (2 months ago)
JAYFAM85 oh I’m not gonna quit , been there since I was 18 now I’m barely 22 . Still going strong , but preload sucks ... I work from 4 am and get off at 9, then put the Browns on and have to be off the clock at 5pm due to time limit
JAYFAM85 (2 months ago)
JohnDoeGlo Gloku Be patient! Don’t quit! It’s worth the wait!!!! Good luck. WORK UNION LIVE BETTER..... Facts!
JohnDoeGlo Gloku (2 months ago)
JAYFAM85 you think I’ll have a chance? Been pt driving for a year now
JohnDoeGlo Gloku (2 months ago)
JAYFAM85 today the bid list went up for full time today , so I signed it .
JAYFAM85 (2 months ago)
You gotta be a FULL TIME driver... no disrespect. They are a bunch of young preloaders that air drive after preload hours and deliver ground as well. All hours work for that day are TOP PAY. These kids love it. But there’s no future in that. You have to be FULL TIME!!!
Norman Cross (3 months ago)
Hey. In the new agreement. How long till i get my benefits as a package handler
Maynard's View (3 months ago)
it all depends where you live I have heard a yr, 90 days and 30days
coocoo money (3 months ago)
Come on man! With the lies! That check is only once a year!!!
Maynard's View (3 months ago)
theres no lies watch the whole video then comment
Rado K (3 months ago)
M Cordova (3 months ago)
Great video man!!! I been a package handler for about 4 months I was losing motivation with the sh*t pay working 2 jobs but you reminded me why I still get up at 1am. Keep up the good work
JAYFAM85 (2 months ago)
Yo! It’s way faster to go driving now. The company is just growing and growing. For now 2jobs will have to do. But the wait is sure worth it.... Don’t give up. Don’t quit... be patient. #BROWNPAPERBAG WORK UNION LIVE BETTER
Maynard's View (3 months ago)
Thank you for the love
Jon RD (3 months ago)
Is that true when a Driver makes 100k, 30,000k goes straight to Taxes so Drivers overall take home 70,000 dollars?
Jon RD (2 months ago)
@cristian ruiz i really want to be a UPS driver for Life
cristian ruiz (3 months ago)
Jon RD true brother I myself don’t want to be a driver forever but for now and hopefully open up a whole bunch of businesses
Jon RD (3 months ago)
@cristian ruiz i believe you but other states charges different amount of Taxes
cristian ruiz (3 months ago)
Not true bro I’m a driver you take home 115000 after taxes here in Rhode Island and if you don’t believe me then it’s on you
Brad Boisvert (3 months ago)
Depends on hours you work usually take home $1300-1500 a week obviously more if you go in on your day off
Radio Astro (3 months ago)
Hey,hey.? Im having an issue with getting paid for my holidays since September last year till now..I'd been working for 28 months at u.p.s.!! My manger is a Steeler Fan like me,so I asked to view my checking studs through their system and we seen that it was added to my checking stud but in my checking stud shows just my regular hours,not my holidays...I filed grievance and still waiting to get paid for that;it's been 15 days...my Union knows about it cause my manager said to file grievance..
Radio Astro (3 months ago)
Now,i been asking for my vacations pay,for 2 weeks I believe I get..plus my labor hours as well to top off with my vacations pay...again they put it in the system 2 weeks ago and it shows its been approved but whenever pay day comes around,no kind of vacation pay on my checking stud but the computer says it's been approved...they personally messaged the headquarters and now I wait to see if it's on this week's pay..im just gonna file grievance if it's not..im not the only one with this issue,my friends at work saying the same thing...it's 40 hours im entitled to for vacation pay...
outpost64 (3 months ago)
"All the milkshakes!!"
Jonathan Steele (3 months ago)
Good luck being patient and waiting, I've seen qualified veteran employees and management get denied package car, meanwhile they hired some kids off the street because they can start them at the bottom of the pay scale. Total BS. All that money makes most people who work there greedy pricks. The rest are pissed off abused peons. I quit after 16 years, and I was a supervisor for 12 of those years. They are loosing their pension funding in a couple years too. It will only be 401k, last I heard. If your making the big bucks I'd stick it out and save it all up, otherwise find a job you can be happy and healthy working. Yeah sure the benefits are great, because your going to be in and out of the hospital your entire career. If the stress doesn't kill you first, I've seen that personally happen to managers too. You might make a ton of money, but you will pay for it.
Tray39 (23 days ago)
bullcrap! ALL FULL TIME UNION JOBS ARE FILLED FROM SENIORITY! Management... they get fkd! They hire 1 outside hire for every 5 inside to full full time, mgt counts as outside hire
Jonathan Steele (29 days ago)
@dave Mancini me too, even after being terminated from the system.
dave Mancini (29 days ago)
Jonathan Steele the only people at UPS that are stressed is management if your in the union the only way your going to lose your job is if you fight or you steal !!!! Other than that I've seen people get there jobs back
monkey monkey man (3 months ago)
Come on bro, let's be for real here. Your pay stub shows you worked 68 1/2 hours that week... totally D.O.T Violation... you can only work ( Drive) 60 hours a week. Department of Transportation regulations.
Mark Markem (2 months ago)
Ups and all LTL and big companies like it work on the 8 day 70 hour clock.... dumbass..
STORMCamper (3 months ago)
Look up DOT HOS 8 day 70hr rule...I’m currently still on the 70hr week and have worked many 70hr weeks back to back...
bill hyman (3 months ago)
16 hours was holiday pay
LS1 Corvette Fan (3 months ago)
Do you even work for UPS?
Allen king (3 months ago)
Dont believe him that false even in holiday season we dont get paid that much
bingo player (1 month ago)
You are wrong..
Zachary Bornhoft (3 months ago)
Being a UPS driver was the best albeit most stressful at times job ever. Loved it until they let me go after I got into an accident while still inside my 30 days in a record setting snow storm in my area
xavier ortega (3 months ago)
Are you a driver?
kiki Stew (3 months ago)
No UPS driver makes that much and I know that for a fact cause I have family working for UPS as delivery driver and they never get that much. FYI they have been working there for over 10 years. Dont go around putting things out there u dont know of! Get ur shit right. The only thing UPS drivers get are injury (back n knee) n stress from Mangement n customers.
Mark Markem (2 months ago)
Your dumb if you really think that... the contract is literally online and employees will tell you... top rate at small pack package car is 36.34 currently for freight top is 28.65... dumbass
kiki Stew (3 months ago)
@Maynard's View where is the lie
Maynard's View (3 months ago)
You are wrong and this is my friend who works for ups
Brandon (3 months ago)
The only bad things about being a driver 1. No beards 2. Everybody know more about our pockets then us
Brad Boisvert (3 months ago)
@Devin Williams man I wanna get into feeders asap package blows
Devin Williams (3 months ago)
I got a beard and I'm in feeders. 😎
Bryan Krane (3 months ago)
Lol...we went from nobody having beards to around 30 in few months...new guy came into feeder had a beard.. passed out a copy of his letter for other drivers to take to doctor
Jeffrey Young (3 months ago)
Brandon get a waiver to keep your beard. They can’t mess with you if it’s on file.
110% America Loving PATRIOT (3 months ago)
That's misleading cause that's only gonna happen during that week of Thanksgiving where everyone is forced to come in. We do have feeder drivers that make that much or more every week cause of mileage pay but pkg car 3100 every week nope ain't gonna happen.
110% America Loving PATRIOT (3 months ago)
@Maynard's View at 3:34 you said imagine making 3,100 a week. Bottom like is they aren't gonna make $3,100 a week cause they aren't gonna get double time every week all year long. I do like your point of managing your money cause I was there in my first marriage. Made $136,000 and was living paycheck to paycheck and was always stressed thinking what if I dont get my 12 hours. It's not like that anymore and never will be. I tell people to live within their means and have at least 6months of money in the bank cause you never know what uncle buster will fire you for! And if you do get fired whatever you do dont freaking lie to them. I swear the C.I muther fukn A ain't got shit on ups about finding out what the real down low was! That's coming from a 30 year gut that's been fired 5 times and always got my job back with a little spanky spank but have seen guys get fired once and come out of their hearing looking like pinocchio and never worked another day for big brown.
Greg Noble (3 months ago)
Remember you can only work 60 hours due to dot.. unless you are inside the building (not driving)and go over the 60 hour mark
Maynard's View (3 months ago)
It isnt misleading cause if ypu watch the video from start to finish i explain that
Vegashot Boi (3 months ago)
This guy doesn’t even work for ups 😕
Vegashot Boi (2 months ago)
LUX✨ i fw Maynard 💯
LUX✨ (2 months ago)
Put some respect on Maynard’s Name!!!
Rick Rodz (3 months ago)
But he worked for a long time .
Jon Davis (3 months ago)
Its great pay,but our bodies pay for it.
Paul Dangelo (23 days ago)
I only did the job for 4 months was running bonus last 2 months I quit for a number of reasons. And very hard on body if you got a lot of business. I saw two guys in that time that had been driving 10 plus years have to quit because there bodies could not take the abuse anymore.
dave Mancini (29 days ago)
Your so right about that Jon Davis at least the people that work you wouldn't believe how many lazy fuckers there are at UPS and I'm not a racial person but there are a few black people there that use they're race when they get in trouble so of course whatever they got in trouble for is swept under the rug !!!!
Karen Collins (1 month ago)
That’s why ups pays comprehensive medical coverage lol
desertamyk (2 months ago)
desertamyk (2 months ago)
19 years served so far in Wisconsin
Brandon Lang (3 months ago)
Been doing preload for a year and it’s not worth the money. BUT. I know I’m becoming a driver soon. And I’ve been working TWO PART TIME JOBS five days a week for a year for the extra financial support to get me by until I can rake in that REAL UPS MONEY. If you want something, you work your ass off for it. You earn it. And a good attitude on the job does goes a long way....but hey, just my experience!
JAYFAM85 (2 months ago)
WORK UNION LIVE BETTER!!! It’s worth the wait. Don’t give up! Don’t quit! Be patient! Good luck!!!
Jesse B (3 months ago)
Brandon, you have your future on the right path. Great job buddy 👏
Titanmone (3 months ago)
Brandon Lang the money is great they have cut down overtime but my last 2 years I got close to 6 figures.A lot of drivers make good money but also spend good money aka they live week to week.I don’t have lots of bills and no car payment u will feel rich.. u will be tired a lot
Anthony Rodriguez (3 months ago)
Someone drug test this guy lol
Jesus Meza (3 months ago)
@Maynard's View heck yeah I didn't say I didn't like it
Maynard's View (3 months ago)
@Jesus Meza haha but you still watch my videos
Jesus Meza (3 months ago)
No shit this douchebag loves to yell!!
Berto26100 (3 months ago)
No ups drivers manage their money well. They’ve never seen good money so when it comes they don’t know how to act. All these old fukers need to retire and let the young bucs come up but they can’t bc they never learned how to save/spend money.
Stay Solid (1 month ago)
I manage mines well
BiggZae Beats (3 months ago)
Do you start off at $36 an hour or do you work your way up to $36
Titanmone (3 months ago)
bill hyman also if u cover drive long enough u can get to 27$ in the progression
bill hyman (3 months ago)
You start at $24 if you temp before you go full time
Titanmone (3 months ago)
Depends on your hire date and where u live also
Maynard's View (3 months ago)
Youbstart at 18 and work your way up
Shak 420 (3 months ago)
Only that much cause of double time on Black Friday + the holiday pay
Tray39 (23 days ago)
40hr@37hr plus minimum 3hrs ot.... pushing 2g week . peak you can easily make 3g! I make 0.80/ mile, last year on Thanksgiving week i made $5497.00 normal avg week i work 31hrs and make 2300+. NOWHERE are you gonna make the $$ that a base ups driver salary makes! So.... dont use the its just because its a holliday week thing! Get IN the door and DONT QUIT!!!!
bingo player (1 month ago)
He said that in the video
TG5879 (3 months ago)
This guy is right.
Greven (3 months ago)
After December. The big wigs are pushing for 9.5 . I get about 45 hours a week now. 5 hours of over time. Much smaller paychecks.
Alfred Hernandez (3 months ago)
Not bad not bad, assuming you work all of that OT and DT. You guys should see the checks of correctional officers, and law enforcement in general here in California. Top pay before OT and DT for them is anywhere from $46-$56 an hour not including education and bilingual incentives, and that’s not even the higher ranks like sergeant, lieutenant, detective, those guys make way more. It’s too bad UPS doesn’t pay the educated folks more like law enforcement does. I would probably stay, and go driving, but I’ll make more to start as a peace officer, and max out higher as well, plus the opportunity for advancement, and the different assignments is pretty much endless, the retirement is also better. If you plan on staying with UPS for the long run, definitely go driving, don’t let the years past by being a part timer, you’ll never make any real money.
Alfred Hernandez (3 months ago)
Basecamp Overland i get what you mean, and believe me patrol isn’t my first choice, but there’s a lot of departments out there that aren’t even in the spotlight, I think it’s a great career overall, you just have to find something that you will enjoy, a particular assignment, patrol is like the grunt work, eventually you should want to do something else, more specialized/investigative in nature anyways, not chasing guys out of 7 elevens, and responding to domestic violence calls, dealing with assholes all day.
Basecamp Overland (3 months ago)
@Alfred Hernandez 10 years pushing a black and white by choice. No interest in detective and I'd eat my gun sitting at a desk. The politics and pandering to the media has destroyed this profession. When enough of your partners are in OIS incidents and end up being forced out and having to move their families...it just becomes not worth it. I wont vent here but thanks for the info and take care.
Alfred Hernandez (3 months ago)
llatomll don’t do it man, ten years, and still on patrol? Why haven’t you taken on another assignment? Detective? You went through a full academy, and all those years just to take some driving job delivering packages? You’re going to take a pay cut anyways since even top rate drivers make less than law enforcement in Cali, plus you’re going to be doing a lot more labor, and already older. You should apply for a desk job or something with the department, or just lateral somewhere else.
llatomll (3 months ago)
Alfred it's interesting that we are in the exact opposite position. I want to get out of law enforcement and go to UPS. 10 years in as a cop and I bet you will think delivering packages to customers is a dream, especially copping in California. Something about walking up to houses and not having to worry about getting blown away through a window is much more intriguing to me. Don't get me wrong, being an LEO has its fun and excitement, but it wears off very quickly... I just can't take the pay cut to do package handling and work my way up to driver, so I am patiently waiting for openings for drivers, whether that ever comes or not I don't know, but that's the plan. Good luck to you.
Alfred Hernandez (3 months ago)
Daniel like I said, driving isn’t bad, UPS does have some good benefits, but I will get all of that plus much better pay in law enforcement, plus I don’t mind paper work since going to college, and university was all about that life, and I successfully got through it. What I don’t want is to put my body through all of the wear and tear that a lot of the drivers complain about, not particularly the young ones in their 20s and 30s, but the ones that are in their 40s and 50s. I don’t want to be in my 40s and 50s still lifting heavy ass boxes man, and waking up with a sore ass back, having to visit the chiropractor for the rest of my working life so they can adjust my back. I see those drivers with knee braces, elbow, wrist, not for me man, I didn’t go to school to be doing what I could’ve been doing with just a HS diploma. Like I said, you got options, but if you want to settle for driving, that’s cool too, I respect that, I’m just going another route because in the long run it’s going to be better for me.
Michael Y Kwon (3 months ago)
I was gonna buy gucci and chains till u mentioned that... but I still love u bro :3
KiluminatiLiving (3 months ago)
Think about working 60 hours a week! Think about your back fucking up! Think about having no life! Thank about having surgery before your 30 years old! Think about that !
Bryan Krane (3 months ago)
Ok...time for a little reality check. Ask yourself how many package driver's do you see in that are old? 40s? 50s? ...not many. There is a reason why professional athletes retire at that age. I've seen very few package car driver's make it to retirement without having health issues. If you wish to make UPS a career...get on the feeder list. But be prepared to sacrifice. Most likely you will be driving nights for a long time (depending on your location makes huge difference). Then budget your money...work your finances ...get to the point where your max. 401k each year. Don't think for a second that your teamster pension is bullet proof. Feeder driver's make serious money. My location driver's average around 55 hr a week year round (seniority does play a big role in how many hours) ...
JAYFAM85 (2 months ago)
chris scott (3 months ago)
Why are u fucking screaming?
GLIFELA 11 (3 months ago)
This vid is spot on...I know so many drivers who can not retire because they are in debt...smh...Make good money in exchange for you"re life during the week.
Salitrillo 360 (3 months ago)
So you get all the back pay you should of been paid while working in the warehouse? Seems like a bunch of BS to me 😂🤣
bingo player (1 month ago)
Oh it's true
Larry Gonzales (3 months ago)
S**t! I hope my girl don't see this video!
KnifeSeu1984 (3 months ago)
I hope my girl does see this. She needs to take her a** to work.
Sup Authority (3 months ago)
@Michael Y Kwon lmaoooooooo he snitching snitching
Michael Y Kwon (3 months ago)
At UPS 40.50 hr under new contract up to 12 weeks paid vacation with option a and b week and up to 2 weeks of sick pay. 401k (tax saving) and pension. Free healthcare and dental, specialists, emergency, baby, etc group auto and home insurance discount. 100k medical Bill's for 5 for all in ur family for free.. braces for ur kids cant beat that. So 40.5$ x 40 hours = 1620$ plus avg 15 hours overtime so 60.75$ x 15 = 911$ + 1620$ = 2531$ × 52 weeks = 132,625$ plus 3 months of peak overtime/holiday pay $ about 12k so 145k. Benefits is worth like 25$/hr so about 5k a month so 205k and we get 11$+ per hour we work towards our pension so about 32k towards our pension per year just from hours worked so 237k per year we make at top rate. Hope she dont see this comment my nigga
SandmanNJ973 (3 months ago)
I get paid $180 a week as a package handler and been at UPS for 3 years. It is not worth it for the pay.
Infamous Ctown (1 month ago)
@SandmanNJ973 shut up, you prob only handle male packages
Moo kie (1 month ago)
Lol then try and move up if your only a package handler theirs a reason
Oluwaseyi Kayode (1 month ago)
Package handling ain't a life time job, become a full time supervisor,cover driver, part time driver, full time driver. That where the money at dummy boy
Oluwaseyi Kayode (1 month ago)
Then become a driver dummy
Oluwaseyi Kayode (1 month ago)
@SandmanNJ973 just watch and scroll my guy, don't need to be an ignorant fool
Fat Tony Slim (3 months ago)
I've been a package handler for about a year and a half, hopefully I get to driving one day
JAYFAM85 (2 months ago)
Soon. Be patient. It’s worth the wait. It’s the best thing ever.... #BROWNPAPERBAG
Michael Y Kwon (3 months ago)
At UPS 40.50 hr under new contract up to 12 weeks paid vacation with option a and b week and up to 2 weeks of sick pay. 401k (tax saving) and pension. Free healthcare and dental, specialists, emergency, baby, etc group auto and home insurance discount. 100k medical Bill's for 5 for all in ur family for free.. braces for ur kids cant beat that. So 40.5$ x 40 hours = 1620$ plus avg 15 hours overtime so 60.75$ x 15 = 911$ + 1620$ = 2531$ × 52 weeks = 132,625$ plus 3 months of peak overtime/holiday pay $ about 12k so 145k. Benefits is worth like 25$/hr so about 5k a month so 205k and we get 11$+ per hour we work towards our pension so about 32k towards our pension per year just from hours worked so 237k per year we make at top rate.
Aranda321 (3 months ago)
I’m barely starting Monday in San Diego, Ca -______- long wait ahead
Tyler Binder (3 months ago)
That paycheck looks familiar. 😂
jake z (26 days ago)
Tyler where did you go boss. Did the UPS voodoo head hunters get to you. We miss ur vids and ur power in the 243. We were the last to hold out, but sadly no one came out to vote in the end.
Maynard's View (3 months ago)
Coming out of the wood work are ya!!
Wayne McClenithan (3 months ago)
Tyler Binder probably because it’s yours😂😂 miss your videos dude! Im a package handler in SW Florida. Started in September of this past year. 5 months and going strong. Loading package cars is a real b**** but I have my mind set on driving. People that were hired last year were in full-time driving positions/Temporary cover driving positions within 6 months-a year of starting as a package handler at our hub. Union steward and building manager said it’s going to be a 2 year wait for those of us that were hired on this past year...still not that bad of a wait though and it’s worth it to stick it out
Adan Estrada (3 months ago)
where can I see top pay for package car drivers? in the contract I DL online it said top pay was around $28 after 4 years.
bingo player (1 month ago)
@JAYFAM85 cover is a full time driver..same rate of pay
JAYFAM85 (2 months ago)
That’s probably a cover drivers top pay.... FULL TIME DRIVERS is where the money is at!!! #BROWNPAPERBAG
Drake Brown (3 months ago)
What he said. Top pay is 40 an hour once our contract goes through it goes up to 42 an hour if I'm correct
Tyler Binder (3 months ago)
Top pay is $40.50 HR
Austin Albright (3 months ago)
Glad you threw in manage your money. I'm 1yr 4 months driver and the money is already more than I've ever made. It can get to your head but be smart. House, car, and a couple hobbies. No need to eat out everyday because you can now. I see so much fast food trash in package cars. Not only is it bad for you but you can pack an actual healthy lunch for less money. Use the 401k plan. Set up 529's (college funds) for your kids. Invest. Update your home. Budget in how much stupid money your going to spend and bank the rest. You'd think this is common knowledge but sadly most people are clueless about budgeting. I've heard 3k/week can be top scale at peak. I'm sitting around 600-900 week (have seen over 1k at peak) and can already have a nice lifestyle. Put 15-20 years in of banking top scale checks and retire young. There is nothing wrong with wanting money just be sure to follow your own passions outside of work because the job/hours can easily drain you. Don't live for the company! /Rant
Moses Balderas (2 months ago)
@Austin Albright I was just curious because I might start working there soon. Thank you for the quick reply.
Austin Albright (2 months ago)
@Moses Balderas there is one local supplement left. After that gets voted yes, I think the vote is next week.
Moses Balderas (2 months ago)
@Austin Albright when does the new contract kick in?
Austin Albright (3 months ago)
@DuhGreaT Right now it's 18.75/hr but when the new contract takes effect it's 21/hr. So my checks are based on the current year one driver at 19.50, which I should be at 23/hr on the new contract.
Michael Y Kwon (3 months ago)
At UPS 40.50 hr under new contract up to 12 weeks paid vacation with option a and b week and up to 2 weeks of sick pay. 401k (tax saving) and pension. Free healthcare and dental, specialists, emergency, baby, etc group auto and home insurance discount. 100k medical Bill's for 5 for all in ur family for free.. braces for ur kids cant beat that. So 40.5$ x 40 hours = 1620$ plus avg 15 hours overtime so 60.75$ x 15 = 911$ + 1620$ = 2531$ × 52 weeks = 132,625$ plus 3 months of peak overtime/holiday pay $ about 12k so 145k. Benefits is worth like 25$/hr so about 5k a month so 205k and we get 11$+ per hour we work towards our pension so about 32k towards our pension per year just from hours worked so 237k per year we make at top rate.
I am alive. (3 months ago)
I'll have 24 years on March 8. I was born for it. Don't give up it's worth it!
dave Mancini (29 days ago)
@Brandon Lang there's no fucking way you should go into management at UPS your not in the union so no job protection and all you do is get bitched at !!! Your a fucking idiot if you become a supervisor at UPS !!!!
TheSmokingReviewer (2 months ago)
@SandmanNJ973 Its part time for a reason, im 19 and work for UPS and a factory. UPS is my future, i must wait till i can be a driver. So dont whine. You have to earn a full time job at UPS. I guarantee ive worked at many factories and UPS is the easiest ive been in.
JAYFAM85 (2 months ago)
Jeffrey Young (3 months ago)
Brandon Lang running mis loads for almost 8 hours is an every day thing in my building. It’s the easiest most annoying 8 hours of work. Not only that but we have to deal with resellers’s because Delaware has no tax. When those get mis loaded forget it. I feel like pre load needs to be drug tested in my building. We would lose half of the morning work force.
I am alive. (3 months ago)
@SandmanNJ973 😂😂 you're a real comedian. I created my own "living wage" by getting two other jobs because no one owed me shit. Stuck up you say? If you ask me the real stuck up people are the ones who thing they're owed without doing shit. Put in your time and stop being a whiny bitch.
nick r (3 months ago)
That doesn't make any sense cause you'll be doing 14hr per day. Shit Im not 14hr. I do about 48hr per week. I take home almost 1250. With 401k. Union dues.
Tray39 (23 days ago)
48hr/wk is over 2grand! where ya gonna make over 100k??????
Wayne McClenithan (3 months ago)
How much do you have going into your 401k out of every paycheck? Has to be $100 or more going into your 401k weekly because our drivers here in Florida at my hub that are at top pay take home more than that every week for 48 hours a week.
Michael Y Kwon (3 months ago)
At UPS 40.50 hr under new contract up to 12 weeks paid vacation with option a and b week and up to 2 weeks of sick pay. 401k (tax saving) and pension. Free healthcare and dental, specialists, emergency, baby, etc group auto and home insurance discount. 100k medical Bill's for 5 for all in ur family for free.. braces for ur kids cant beat that. So 40.5$ x 40 hours = 1620$ plus avg 15 hours overtime so 60.75$ x 15 = 911$ + 1620$ = 2531$ × 52 weeks = 132,625$ plus 3 months of peak overtime/holiday pay $ about 12k so 145k. Benefits is worth like 25$/hr so about 5k a month so 205k and we get 11$+ per hour we work towards our pension so about 32k towards our pension per year just from hours worked so 237k per year we make at top rate.
nick r (3 months ago)
@Nicholas Malone yes I am
Nicholas Malone (3 months ago)
So you at top pay?
nick knickle (3 months ago)
That's pretty cool to know
Coaster Cane (3 months ago)
I am a driver and i dont know where in the hell 3000 a week comes from😅😅😅
K Kiss Productions (27 days ago)
Bryan Krane fuck feeder you have no life outside of that semi ...been package for 7 years ....I’d rather work 8-10 hours a day vs 12-14 year long
Moses Balderas (2 months ago)
@Bryan Krane what do you do as a feeder if you don't mind me asking?
Brad Boisvert (3 months ago)
@Bryan Krane same at my hub guys with 2 to 5 years in and on feeders I want it and I wanna be on nights which i know id be stuck with anyways so just gonna keep doing what I gotta do until I get my opportunity
Bryan Krane (3 months ago)
@Brad Boisvert it took me almost 13 yrs. To make feeder list.. avg age was mid 30s. Know we are getting guys in with 2-3 yrs. Lots of the new feeder tractor are automatic transmission..ABS.. crash mitigation sensors ...it's like driving a pick up truck on steroids ha ha ... When.. I started we had cab over Mack's.. 6 speed with no power steering lol .. Company didn't want to pay the Xtra cost of maintenance.....
Brad Boisvert (3 months ago)
@Bryan Krane package is awful and hard on the body totally agree hopefully I'm on feeders sooner than later
Tella Swizzy L-Dot (3 months ago)
😂🤣😂🤣😆😭😭😭 Yooo lol 😂 yo bro going ham that's driving the brown trucks or the trailers
Drake Brown (3 months ago)
Both starting pay at my facility is 18$ and some change and a few dollars increase every year until 4 years in it Max's at about 40-42$ depending on when this contract finishes.
Maynard's View (3 months ago)
Hahah what do you mean ham?