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Ups drivers make this

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#Maynardsview #MaynardsSquad #StopscreamingMaynard Package handlers and new hires I hope this maybe a incentive for you to become a Ups driver one day and live the life you deserve. Donate Here https://www.paypal.me/ilovemaynard Ask questions - askmaynardsview@gmail.com
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joe cairo (6 months ago)
I’ll break this down to anyone who is interested on the new contract this is drivers hourly rate Start $21 hr $31.50 hr OT 1 year $23 hr $34.5 hr OT 2 years $24 hr $36 hr OT 3 years $28.75 hr $43.125 hr OT 4 years TOP RATE!!!
Brad Boisvert (10 days ago)
@ArkansasTide yeah ours goes 21 23.75 24.75 28.75 and top rate 40.53
ArkansasTide (10 days ago)
@Brad Boisvert wow cover drivers in your area start at 21? Article 22.4 start at 20.50 21.25 @ 12 months 22.75 @ 24 months 25.00 @ 36 months Top rate @ 48 months
Brad Boisvert (10 days ago)
@ArkansasTide that's good but odd nationwide starting pay for fulltime cover drivers is $21
ArkansasTide (10 days ago)
@Brad Boisvert no starting out.
Brad Boisvert (11 days ago)
@ArkansasTide at top rate? That's weird
Christina Segundo (7 hours ago)
Does this guy not have any dependents? I bet he has one hell of a tax refund
Mr.Irish (6 days ago)
Didn’t mention you have to work in the gas ass warehouse for years and years
Country Living (8 days ago)
Greetings, how to begin?
Fin The human (9 days ago)
And customer service earn 1.7$ / hr ..
Fin The human (9 days ago)
And customer service earn 1.7$ / hr ..
RB SMITH (19 days ago)
I'm a UPS driver and I still eat ramen noodles!
Its Me (23 days ago)
Why are you yelling?
r alan (24 days ago)
who the F*** is that. yo u movin too much
Djobidjoba (24 days ago)
Was he rapping or having a breakdown?
Logan Gage Tarantino (4 days ago)
Djobidjoba 😅
MrMattyb1313 (25 days ago)
Goddamn Maynard! Love the intensity! Very helpful information
Maynard's View (16 days ago)
Thank you
Ross Headley (28 days ago)
I still dont know how to make double time
Jon RD (30 days ago)
Am I able to go from Combo Driver to full time driver?
M C (1 month ago)
This guy is HILARIOUS !!
Baller I.Q (1 month ago)
He would be a great motivational boxing 🥊 coach🤣.
Ahmed Gadalla (1 month ago)
Too much $$$ made him lost his mind.
Joseph Stenzel (1 month ago)
Is this satire ?
Patty Shmack (1 month ago)
Have you’ve ever drove for ups?? You sound like a fucking idiot.
marmary (1 month ago)
Sooo... what's his deal?
luther jacobs (1 month ago)
Why tf are you so hyped for
Rick J (1 month ago)
I can't hear you...yell a little louder. I was a UPS driver for many years. I finished at $21.15 hr full scale which I made in 18 months, worked an average of 52 hours per week off peak and 60 during peak. Paid zero for benefits. Once you get the route down it was an easy job mentally but physically a workout. I left because of my back and my knees. UPS looks at you as a number that pushes their favorite item, the box. That box is 1000 times more important than you are. Don't get me wrong, if you can handle the bs and you get a good route, life isn't that bad. If you have a family, good luck ever seeing them. You won't get home until 7-7:30 every night, 10pm - midnight during peak. No vacations are allowed Turkey to New Years. One thing I will say, drivers do not make double time unless you work during your vacation. There is a federal law limiting drivers to 60 hours per week. You can make double time working part time, I did that several years during peak and earned $1,000 paychecks for 50 hours work. Good money for part time work in 1992. Funny thing, I just watched a 2018 contract video that says that contract sucks. Good luck.
Jason (1 month ago)
if they could only put a/c in the trucks
reuben pell (1 month ago)
Roger that bro!! Everyone is broke, on a different level!!! Because they do not manage their money correctly!!
RDK83 (1 month ago)
Do NOT give this dude any more Red bull or Monster. 😮😮😮
Nathan Knauss (1 month ago)
The reason they get the highest pay, is because UPS makes so much money in one day, because of how many packages are sent cross country.
Dominik Netto (1 month ago)
This guy is wayyyy too intense
Big Dee (1 month ago)
He suck to much dick lol!
Chae Yi (2 months ago)
i just started working at UPS as a driver, i gotta say work is very hard so it's not for those of you who wants to get paid for sitting around. However, the pay is decent and benefit is great, one of the best benefits you can get other than working for the government. They also pay pension for those who stick around for a long time, i was surprised when i found out about the pension cause there aren't that many companies doing that anymore. if you start working at UPS as a driver at 21yr old, you can easily retire at 45 and have a couple of millions in you bank account with a bit of help from 401k and stock market AND get monthly pension money, now that's what you call a 'good life'. You dont even need a damn college degree, who needs college degree when you are making 6 figures delieverying packages. So hop on lads!!
TheLuismondo (2 months ago)
I dislike it because it’s misleading. Start pay rate, according to several sources online is $20. It might be 36 after several years of build up so you can’t compare to $10/hr salary because that one will go up to. So who ever is thinking to become a ups driver must get the idea of busting his ass for 20 not 36.
StrikeOnDrifter (2 months ago)
Has the issue of self driving trucks ever come up amongst the drivers? Apparently corporations are really pushing for that technology
Patrick Oglesby (2 months ago)
Anyone who complains about ups just don’t like working for their money. People would kill to make this kind of money. I Love UPS
EditsByKae (2 months ago)
You almost broke my speaker..why are you yell we are right here dude we can hear you perfectly fine rip my iPhone 7 speakers
Mega Mark (2 months ago)
I have a interview for full time driver delivery . I was hoping for stowaway 28 a hr because I have a pretty descent job now. From the comments I guess that’s not going to happen
Big Dee (2 months ago)
You hype is shit!
Tony Miller (2 months ago)
I know you mean well but I can’t watch you anymore,, lol.
World Rockumentary Channel™ (3 months ago)
When UPS management covers up a work injury and gaslights the package driver? Yikes https://youtu.be/XLWPEJzoVSM
moneymike77p (3 months ago)
Hes right ya know took about 2yrs and 10 months
Texas Patriot (3 months ago)
I dont think double time exist at my center
Texas Patriot (3 months ago)
I get 31.44 with the new contract. been with ups for just under 2 years and full time for 11 months.
Texas Patriot (1 month ago)
Just got raised to 32.29
Texas Patriot (3 months ago)
Can you stop yelling
lombardo141 (3 months ago)
He is yelling because he wants you listen up. It’s urgency people. 🤷‍♂️
raekwonyaeyo (3 months ago)
In Canada top rate is $30.94.😐😐😡😡
Ryan Meixner (3 months ago)
Why are you shouting?
Sea Mesa (3 months ago)
Awesome, love the energy too hahah.
Maynard's View (3 months ago)
Thank you and if you subscribed thanks very much join us fri night at 6pm mst for live feeds
kid table (3 months ago)
Maynard's View (3 months ago)
Why are you so angry?
Fernando Gutierrez (3 months ago)
As a combo, never had to worry about money 😁
Mr. StarOfTruth (3 months ago)
im about to create a company that will put UPS out of business..
Th3DiamondPickaxe (1 month ago)
Mr. StarOfTruth lets do it 😛
Paul Dangelo (3 months ago)
This guy needs to chill. Ya it's good money but your life revolves around the job iam use to working long hours. But when you never know when you are getting off and you can't plan anything after work it gets old Fast !!
darold zink (3 months ago)
Pipe down ! No ups driver acts like you ! You on drugs ???
Marcus Medrano (3 months ago)
jake z (3 months ago)
Scream louder I CAN'T HEAR YOU
Silent Mouse (1 month ago)
Jim Lahey (3 months ago)
damn bro why u yelling
Oink Johnson (3 months ago)
Preach brother
Jared Anderson (3 months ago)
PSA: What our Target brand Jim Cramer forgot to mention is that to become a package car driver you have to put in some serious time loading or unloading freight trucks before you go anywhere at UPS. You'll make 14 an hour which is decent as a starting wage, and after a year you'll have benefits they pay 80 percent of a medical bill. Nice... they'll beat you into the dirt and I guarantee if you're weak of mind or body you won't last long enough to write your name on the bulletin board wait list. Maybe the loading gods smile upon you and may your walls always be locked in. AMEN.
Stay Solid (4 months ago)
I love being a driver pay is nice work is hard. We earn every dime of it
Newdals (4 months ago)
Body calm down with all that screaming and shit what's the matter with you UPS drivers make Bank they are also the hardest working group of men and women that I've ever worked alongside of and I'm proud of that they deserve what they get and more you didn't talk about anything about how the supervisors will turn around and try to fight you every fucking chance they get. You in an article 58 when it should be an article 7 so on and so forth it's not all sunshine and rainbows
big earl (4 months ago)
Lay off the coke dude
Carlos Martinez (4 months ago)
My brother works feeder at UPS Grande Vista in Los Angeles. 10 years ago when my dad had dementia, my brother and his wife had my dad sign over all of his properties to themselves. My kids and I are about to become homeless because my brother and his wife took out a $350,000 loan on this house and never paid it back. My father bought this home in 1957 and this home was intended to be sold after his death and the funds distributed to my sister and brothers, and myself. New owner says that we have until June 6, 2019, to get out.
Karen Collins (4 months ago)
When do they get paid double time?
Willreal (4 months ago)
i live in LA , u aint making $250K a year then its Joe Average
Brad Boisvert (2 months ago)
Id move immediately that's ridiculous
Cole Dorman (2 months ago)
Willreal Yep, $1900 for a 1 bedroom out here is lucky....Gas is $5 a gallon. Fuck this state..
Brent Doege (4 months ago)
Whoa dude!! How much blow do you do!!???
Zachary Bornhoft (4 months ago)
That hourly pay will now be above $40 now that the new contract has finally been ratified
Russ Abrahams (4 months ago)
I work for UPS Canada as a full time package car driver. Our contract is up in 2020. We do not make anywhere close to $36 and change yet top rate. I am already talking to my wife about getting a Costco membership. Pay off house and not be like the other drivers who cannot manage their money and be broke like everyone else.
Elizabeth Hamilton (4 months ago)
Ouch! My ears! Informative but loud video. ;-)
Jesse Buchanan (4 months ago)
The Twin Hill uniforms irritate my skin.... and 37 bucks an hour ain't enuff, 50 would be better
Brad Boisvert (10 days ago)
Then do overtime and you'll get it
alejandro loredo (4 months ago)
Hey numb nuts... ITS PART TIME WORKKKKK!!!!!!! That’s the problem these morons expect to raise a family doing part time work....give me a break.
Richard Castromayor (3 months ago)
thats why part-timers only work for the good benefits while balancing 2-3 jobs
Life With LB (4 months ago)
How do I apply once I get my cdl?
Hector Alejandro Vargas (4 months ago)
Chris Calamari thats not true. People here in nyc apply to be drivers and thats it. I was a package handler aswell but there is no real order. If the job is available you apply
Chris Calamari (4 months ago)
Lit Pablo don’t need a cdl. You have to start off in the warehouse though. Like he said you have to be patient. I was in the warehouse for a year and a half before I became a driver but I know people who waited 7 years.
Hei Hei (4 months ago)
Weekly paychecks are down at my center since the whole "no overtime" push started back in the fall of 2018.
Alex sheffler (4 months ago)
i love this video but find it funny when the parts he should be yelling at he doesn't get louder
Javier Chauca (4 months ago)
can you become a driver after working 40 days (seniority) as a part time package handelr? or do you have to wait a year?
Tray39 (3 months ago)
sign every bid sheet u see!!!
TheSmokingReviewer (4 months ago)
Depends on job availability
Seth Sword (4 months ago)
What about cover driving though?
Tray39 (3 months ago)
part time cover driver (even tho he gets 40hr/wk ) makes 85% of the topout
Me Sm (4 months ago)
Supermandtm23 (5 months ago)
Just use your inside voice, ya know...we can all hear you
Jared Anderson (3 months ago)
He worked in a UPS hub for years before driving. He's half deaf.
Fredrick Jackson (4 months ago)
I wish people knew what an indoor voice is! It's like they've completely forgotten about it
VI MO (5 months ago)
Lmao you're awesome
SoberRS (5 months ago)
Drivers in my area in california start around 28/hr getting up to 38/hr then every year the damr basic raise you get (plus 1-2hrs overtime). People in my hub can be a driver within 3-5years. Ive been trying ti get into ups for a few months since i did seasonal helper. Im starting as a loader tomorrow got late shift. I may go for driving or stick with management or supervior if i like it
Tray39 (3 months ago)
Dont go into supervision!!!! they font make shit and are treated worse than shit!!!!
JAYFAM85 (5 months ago)
Management or supervisor??? Yikes! Don’t do it..... Ask a supervisor that once was a driver if he regrets making that change... LIVE BETTER WORK UNION!!!!! Facts!
SoberRS (5 months ago)
Every hub is different. I know a guy who was in the warehouse for 10years then started full time. But you can b a cover (kinda like a full timer same pay but shity routs) some guys in my area becone drivers after 3-5years
John Simon (5 months ago)
TruckerHalfpinr Johnson (5 months ago)
Thanks for the video
J eff Patchell (5 months ago)
Great pay but you'll never see your wife and kids. I've been with UPS for 20yrs and I decided to stay part-time. The divorce rate for driver's is 75%. Is that $36 an hour worth it? NO
Baller I.Q (1 month ago)
J eff Patchell so you’re telling me you guys are working 71hrs per week to be making that money? Damn.
Zuniga System Entertainment (2 months ago)
You must have a shitty route, I’m 16 years and I get home at 6:30 sometimes 5
jose reyes (2 months ago)
Glad I got a route that gets me off at 6 most of the time also it’s called 9.5 grievance lol
tookiemex (4 months ago)
Y’all some bitches...more money for me then, I don’t mind that OT after 8 hours. Cha Ching!
Gonzalo Castro (5 months ago)
J eff Patchell that is part of the reason why I stopped working for ups .. 10years has my own route .. but I missed tons of family events - kids school events .. family is more important. Plus my wife makes her money also being a nurse.
Antoine-Félix Bannon (5 months ago)
Here in Canada we are at 14.20$/hour for package car driver for UPS
dave Mancini (3 months ago)
Omg that sucks bro !!! Move to the U.S.
michael Evape (5 months ago)
Quiet down
Sky CloudStudios (5 months ago)
Horrible example big mouth. A normal work week doesn’t include double time and two days of paid holiday.
D (5 months ago)
Even without those hours he’s still making over 2k..that’s a lot of money for 1 week
Cheivy Slim (5 months ago)
You make working for Ups annoying.....with your loud mouth, just talk and not scream 😂😂😂😂
Cheivy Slim (5 months ago)
Can you do less yelling damn😂😂😂
Zara Evander (5 months ago)
I couldn't hear him.
sr166 (5 months ago)
What’s the pro and cons & pay rate on becoming a cover driver for UPS? Been there 2years and they want to see if I want to take up on that part time position!
Me Sm (4 months ago)
You start pay at 30.77 and if you qualify 30 days and then go full time you stay at 30.77 instead of starting at 21.
Mike Bittinger (6 months ago)
The dislikes are probably from FedEx ground FedEx Express in the postal workers
SuperCharger _25 (23 hours ago)
@DTrain cause he's not all there. Something is off about him
DTrain (1 month ago)
I disliked because this dude is annoying AF. Why the hell is he yelling?
Bradley Hill (1 month ago)
Not express...we have pension, benefits and get same hourly pay as ups drivers. Just not nearly as much OT. I switched from ups to Fedex Express...so much better
Richard Castromayor (3 months ago)
especially theyre contractors
flafla fluehie (6 months ago)
I currently drive out of Philly during peak season and working Black Friday which is triple time including holiday pay. I never brought home $2,000 and we make 36 and change an hour. They're cutting back on production bonus absolutely trying to eliminate overtime they want 8 hours. The union doesn't recognize production bonus doesn't fight for our overtime because of telematic numbers telling them we're running over our dispatch which wasn't supposed to be disciplinary when it first was introduced. And they didn't even institute article 22 guys yet theyr going to take more hours from us after the supplements across the country pass.
JohnDoeGlo Gloku (6 months ago)
I got a serious question . I am part time preloaded and I drive everyday. I drove air everyday and drive ground here and there and get paid 30.779 but when I drive air I get paid 13.50. The past Two weeks I’ve been working preload then driving ground .. when I go full time , will my pay rate go all the way down to 18? Fyi they haven’t even let me do my 30 day packet yet and they let me cover a full route twice . And I did go to school for a Tcd driver which is a full week
JohnDoeGlo Gloku (5 months ago)
JAYFAM85 oh I’m not gonna quit , been there since I was 18 now I’m barely 22 . Still going strong , but preload sucks ... I work from 4 am and get off at 9, then put the Browns on and have to be off the clock at 5pm due to time limit
JAYFAM85 (5 months ago)
JohnDoeGlo Gloku Be patient! Don’t quit! It’s worth the wait!!!! Good luck. WORK UNION LIVE BETTER..... Facts!
JohnDoeGlo Gloku (5 months ago)
JAYFAM85 you think I’ll have a chance? Been pt driving for a year now
JohnDoeGlo Gloku (5 months ago)
JAYFAM85 today the bid list went up for full time today , so I signed it .
JAYFAM85 (5 months ago)
You gotta be a FULL TIME driver... no disrespect. They are a bunch of young preloaders that air drive after preload hours and deliver ground as well. All hours work for that day are TOP PAY. These kids love it. But there’s no future in that. You have to be FULL TIME!!!
Mr. Cross (6 months ago)
Hey. In the new agreement. How long till i get my benefits as a package handler
Maynard's View (6 months ago)
it all depends where you live I have heard a yr, 90 days and 30days
kimi ware (6 months ago)
Come on man! With the lies! That check is only once a year!!!
Maynard's View (6 months ago)
theres no lies watch the whole video then comment
Rado K (6 months ago)
M Cordova (6 months ago)
Great video man!!! I been a package handler for about 4 months I was losing motivation with the sh*t pay working 2 jobs but you reminded me why I still get up at 1am. Keep up the good work
JAYFAM85 (5 months ago)
Yo! It’s way faster to go driving now. The company is just growing and growing. For now 2jobs will have to do. But the wait is sure worth it.... Don’t give up. Don’t quit... be patient. #BROWNPAPERBAG WORK UNION LIVE BETTER
Maynard's View (6 months ago)
Thank you for the love
Jon RD (6 months ago)
Is that true when a Driver makes 100k, 30,000k goes straight to Taxes so Drivers overall take home 70,000 dollars?
Jon RD (5 months ago)
@cristian ruiz i really want to be a UPS driver for Life
cristian ruiz (5 months ago)
Jon RD true brother I myself don’t want to be a driver forever but for now and hopefully open up a whole bunch of businesses
Jon RD (5 months ago)
@cristian ruiz i believe you but other states charges different amount of Taxes
cristian ruiz (5 months ago)
Not true bro I’m a driver you take home 115000 after taxes here in Rhode Island and if you don’t believe me then it’s on you
Brad Boisvert (6 months ago)
Depends on hours you work usually take home $1300-1500 a week obviously more if you go in on your day off
Radio Astro (6 months ago)
Hey,hey.? Im having an issue with getting paid for my holidays since September last year till now..I'd been working for 28 months at u.p.s.!! My manger is a Steeler Fan like me,so I asked to view my checking studs through their system and we seen that it was added to my checking stud but in my checking stud shows just my regular hours,not my holidays...I filed grievance and still waiting to get paid for that;it's been 15 days...my Union knows about it cause my manager said to file grievance..
Radio Astro (6 months ago)
Now,i been asking for my vacations pay,for 2 weeks I believe I get..plus my labor hours as well to top off with my vacations pay...again they put it in the system 2 weeks ago and it shows its been approved but whenever pay day comes around,no kind of vacation pay on my checking stud but the computer says it's been approved...they personally messaged the headquarters and now I wait to see if it's on this week's pay..im just gonna file grievance if it's not..im not the only one with this issue,my friends at work saying the same thing...it's 40 hours im entitled to for vacation pay...
outpost64 (6 months ago)
"All the milkshakes!!"
Jonathan Steele (6 months ago)
Good luck being patient and waiting, I've seen qualified veteran employees and management get denied package car, meanwhile they hired some kids off the street because they can start them at the bottom of the pay scale. Total BS. All that money makes most people who work there greedy pricks. The rest are pissed off abused peons. I quit after 16 years, and I was a supervisor for 12 of those years. They are loosing their pension funding in a couple years too. It will only be 401k, last I heard. If your making the big bucks I'd stick it out and save it all up, otherwise find a job you can be happy and healthy working. Yeah sure the benefits are great, because your going to be in and out of the hospital your entire career. If the stress doesn't kill you first, I've seen that personally happen to managers too. You might make a ton of money, but you will pay for it.
Tray39 (3 months ago)
bullcrap! ALL FULL TIME UNION JOBS ARE FILLED FROM SENIORITY! Management... they get fkd! They hire 1 outside hire for every 5 inside to full full time, mgt counts as outside hire
Jonathan Steele (3 months ago)
@dave Mancini me too, even after being terminated from the system.
dave Mancini (3 months ago)
Jonathan Steele the only people at UPS that are stressed is management if your in the union the only way your going to lose your job is if you fight or you steal !!!! Other than that I've seen people get there jobs back
Truck Driver (6 months ago)
Come on bro, let's be for real here. Your pay stub shows you worked 68 1/2 hours that week... totally D.O.T Violation... you can only work ( Drive) 60 hours a week. Department of Transportation regulations.
Mark Markem (5 months ago)
Ups and all LTL and big companies like it work on the 8 day 70 hour clock.... dumbass..
STORMCamper (6 months ago)
Look up DOT HOS 8 day 70hr rule...I’m currently still on the 70hr week and have worked many 70hr weeks back to back...
bill hyman (6 months ago)
16 hours was holiday pay
LS1 Corvette Fan (6 months ago)
Do you even work for UPS?
Allen king (6 months ago)
Dont believe him that false even in holiday season we dont get paid that much
bingo player (4 months ago)
You are wrong..
Zachary Bornhoft (6 months ago)
Being a UPS driver was the best albeit most stressful at times job ever. Loved it until they let me go after I got into an accident while still inside my 30 days in a record setting snow storm in my area
xavier ortega (6 months ago)
Are you a driver?