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Job losses due to automation could hit retail industry hardest

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"CBS This Morning" is launching a new partnership with LinkedIn called "Work in Progress" to explore the future of jobs and issues facing the American workforce. Technology that is available today could automate 45 percent of the jobs that people are paid to do across all occupations. Tony Dokoupil reports. Subscribe to the "CBS This Morning" Channel HERE: http://bit.ly/1Q0v2hE Watch "CBS This Morning" HERE: http://bit.ly/1T88yAR Watch the latest installment of "Note to Self," only on "CBS This Morning," HERE: http://cbsn.ws/1Sh8XlB Follow "CBS This Morning" on Instagram HERE: http://bit.ly/1Q7NGnY Like "CBS This Morning" on Facebook HERE: http://on.fb.me/1LhtdvI Follow "CBS This Morning" on Twitter HERE: http://bit.ly/1Xj5W3p Follow "CBS This Morning" on Google+ HERE: http://bit.ly/1SIM4I8 Get the latest news and best in original reporting from CBS News delivered to your inbox. Subscribe to newsletters HERE: http://cbsn.ws/1RqHw7T Get your news on the go! Download CBS News mobile apps HERE: http://cbsn.ws/1Xb1WC8 Get new episodes of shows you love across devices the next day, stream local news live, and watch full seasons of CBS fan favorites anytime, anywhere with CBS All Access. Try it free! http://bit.ly/1OQA29B --- Delivered by Charlie Rose, Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King, "CBS This Morning" offers a thoughtful, substantive and insightful source of news and information to a daily audience of 3 million viewers. The Emmy Award-winning broadcast presents a mix of daily news, coverage of developing stories of national and global significance, and interviews with leading figures in politics, business and entertainment. Check local listings for "CBS This Morning" broadcast times.
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Text Comments (237)
Waka Tipu (11 days ago)
So robots are created by hipsters now?
jhon doe (14 days ago)
stage 1: automation stage 2: placing a chip in your hand cause you are property of corporations
jhon doe (14 days ago)
I can't wait for journalists to loose their jobs with fake news bots
pangmeister (24 days ago)
It is called Amazon
Stuart Little (29 days ago)
Jobs being outsourced to the Third World and automation taking over...its not looking good for workers in Western economies.
Avg Murican (1 month ago)
I only shop in person, the things I can’t buy online. Everything about in-person shopping sucks: The commute; traffic, Parking, Looking for my items, Checking out...all of it.
The YankeeIslander (1 month ago)
Of corse a loser Mets fan would say that.
James Truslow (1 month ago)
universal basic income, revolution!!
5%LowBattery (1 month ago)
Where will the people forced off welfare during the welfare to work reform work if they get rid of retail jobs? A lot of companies are very particular about who they hire. Not saying they are all on welfare. But some get paid so little they still qualify for welfare. The 30,000 who lost their jobs when Toys R Us went out of business, what jobs have they found since?
Alex Munoz (1 month ago)
They should get rid of this old man. Need new blood.
ray bon (1 month ago)
Here in Hollywood fl. I've sceen 30 cashier jobs go. In different chains.
Peder (1 month ago)
If less "personal interaction" while buying my groseries, is the price for a life with much less work, stress and existential anxiety, in favor of more time with family, friends and personal passions, I am positive about more automation.
Christina Ostil (1 month ago)
I avoid the robots and self checkout makes me do the work. I don’t like the idea.
MrCalifas88 (2 months ago)
Damn jews
Curtis Rupp (2 months ago)
wow loads of trolls here so you this is your job complaining how people have jobs should lose jobs wow what a bunch of losers. im 31 i dont mind real human interaction if you dont thats fine but an old confuscius saying be careful what you wish for you may just get what you deserve. I personally hope you all do.
Brian Sanderson (2 months ago)
Get rid of robots
sdelony (2 months ago)
Silacons valley goal is a unemployment rate of a 100%
IamwhoIam (2 months ago)
Considering we are getting more antisocial and into technology. Once they start advancing these machines to look like people, it's going to be bye bye
Peder (2 months ago)
Why the f... is this presented as a bad thing. Less work and stress for everyone. Its the best that ever happened. Just decrease the work hours and utopia is coming.
Griff (2 months ago)
i have never gone shopping in my life for the experience.
autohmae (2 months ago)
LOL, was that his name ?: chip cutter ? LOL
Adam Wojcik (2 months ago)
People are Good at consuming not working. So its going in the right direction. We just need Universal Basic income to stabilize the demand.
lee DJ (2 months ago)
Why we can do that ourselves stop making us lazy
Tsimpy (3 months ago)
I’m all for progress, but automation scares me for the future of manpower work. what are people going to do for money?
Stephen Y (3 months ago)
Here is your fight for $15. Good job.
ocsrc (3 months ago)
People that like to talk to other people not just the expected hello how are you I'm fine how are you the people who want to talk because they're lonely and bored and are looking for human interaction these are the customers that companies hate they waste the time of the associates and they really want to get to a point where they don't have to interact with those people
ocsrc (3 months ago)
Theft is the biggest problem to automation most retailers have to invest more money in loss prevention than any other department This is what makes online retailers like Amazon the desired way to shop because it limits theft and increases profit If Amazon does the drones in the next year or two where they deliver to within 10 Mi of their distribution centers they will save even more on shipping costs Using drones that have solar panels to recharge on the Fly will also cut energy costs in using the drones 95% of what Amazon sells can be delivered by one of these drones using reusable clamshell containers Using free designated Landing zones people who receive an item will leave the shell outside and the drones will be able to pick up that the clamshell is empty and sitting there and on the return trip will pick up the clamshell there by maximizing efficiency I really look forward to this
ocsrc (3 months ago)
In Walmart and in the local grocery stores it's mandatory that you check yourself out and there is no cashier the cameras are being watched by people in developing countries and they Alert security if there is a problem Walmart is also shutting down most of their departments after 8 p.m. from 8 p.m. till 8 a.m. Many of the departments in the store are closed and they have a new term for it but I don't remember what they call it but basically departments that require assistance from staff they have eliminated those positions so those departments for instance where you try on clothing or in the Hardware paint department Etc these are the types of departments that are closed after 8 p.m.
ocsrc (3 months ago)
That is an awesome machine that Lowe's has but it's only good if you know the exact product description or the item number it can't interpret like a human being can not yet at least But this is truly a great advancement and I look forward to seeing these in my local store as soon as possible I also would love to see the automated robots at McDonald's in the Drive-Thru and in the dining room And Walmart I know is working on the RFID technology to allow for shopping and just walking out and having it charge your credit card but it seems like that's a long way off
Lisa K (3 months ago)
I sure hate working a job. I'm so glad that robots are going to get rid of all the jobs. Now if we could just automate the federal government. They all a bunch of morons esp. Trump
khem127 (28 days ago)
Lisa K I think they already automated. Surely most of them are not human???LOL
Ressurrectio (3 months ago)
No more jobs!, No more jobs! No more jobs!, No more jobs! No more jobs!, No more jobs! Society needs a $100 minimum wage for humans to spur automation to free us from the doldrums of employment which is useless, labor intensive and makes one unattractive to the opposite sex.
ra bababa (3 months ago)
automation is our only hope to beat china. and when robotics and automation become cheaper we can all get in on it. its a good thing...
Joe Pegasus (3 months ago)
Robots SHOULD replace all bothersome human occupation. The sooner the better because of the civil unrest this change needs to endure. Eventually, there will be some kind of edict stating ' if you replace a human with a robot, the robot financially supports said person.'
BrownHawk2 (3 months ago)
Tim owns the place. He'll be fine.
Joseph (3 months ago)
The sooner automation (robotics along with artificial intelligence) provides goods and services in abundance and we can move to a 10 hour workweek along with a UBI (universal basic income) the happier we will be. We will be free to explore our passions and interests. For all the people that say they find their value in a 60 hour workweek they are free to stand on an assembly line next to a robot and put perfume bottles into a boxes for as many hours a day that they want. Just don't complain about the people that find their value in other ways.
SheWhoWalksAlone (2 months ago)
Universal basic income is meant to keep all in poverty, many want more than that. Once the dots are connected, you will see this will also be a result of 'globalism', they don't plan on you and I being here as we are destroying 'their' climate. Better hope Nationalism wins! Note the population now and in 2025 (7 yrs)! This is a Govt website. http://www.deagel.com/country/United-States-of-America_c0001.aspx
Stella Lynch (3 months ago)
but pause it at 1:07
Stella Lynch (3 months ago)
1:07 his hat doesn't look like it says mets
Cindy KNOWS (3 months ago)
As a hardcore introvert I am will totally dig this. *NO MORE HUMAN INTERACTION!*
Lexi James (4 months ago)
I’m going Amish.
Fixer Upper (4 months ago)
They realize someone has to buy the stuff right? 0 employees yay! Oooops.
Jesse Mitchell (4 months ago)
So basically I’ve become my own cashier. ? Since when did I actually pay money to go to work..?
CJ Walters (4 months ago)
To companies, it's all about money. If they can remove the human employee and replace them with a robot, the company can pocket the funds they would have originally paid out as wages, taxes, benefits, etc. What they don't seem to realize is when they displace that worker in waves of 100's of thousands of workers and jobs, it will not matter how much money the company makes, they will not have customers due to job shortages they created.
Chloe Wang (4 months ago)
current corporate tax rate is 35 percent. Which still allows companies to keep 65 percent. Doesnt matter what the tax rate is. As long as these people are still better off than the majority of the population. They will continue to do what they always do. You have athletes and celebrities who pay almost half their income to the state but still live in fancy mansions and with their fast cars. They arent going to quit their jobs just because of taxes.
Chloe Wang (4 months ago)
We already buy from machines though. Whenever you purchase something online. You are bypassing a sales person and a retail outlet. So this wouldnt be any different. Nothing but good can come from this
Rick Sanchez (2 months ago)
Technology haters all of you people are technology haters don’t you people realise that technology has made our lives easier you people cannot stop technological advancements technology will continue weather people like it or not.
Phil Rabe (4 months ago)
That convenience store owner fails to realize that the store robot will remember every conversation and purchase it has ever helped a customer with. Even ordinary, current AI would soon learn what every regular customer likes, and the small talk that they usually exchange.
Danny B (4 months ago)
@3:45 You still think you can't replicate with the speech synth's that are available? Like this one: https://github.com/r9y9/wavenet_vocoder
Ichigoyagami Sparda (4 months ago)
wait 15 more years ...no more human cashiers at least 94% will be auto ... in the big states but eventually all will be auto and millions will lose
Keng Yang (4 months ago)
Time to pick up a new skill.
kyotokid4 (5 months ago)
...one fallacy with the idea of "oh, they can just get retrained for the new jobs automation will create" is that today, training at a college or university (which is usually the requirement for most tech jobs) costs money, and often, more money than people in low income positions can afford. This means taking on a serious debt load that can take years, even decades to repay. Unlike consumer loans which can be expunged by bankruptcy (our current sitting president is a champ at that), educational loan debt stays with you to the grave (and even sometimes beyond). Furthermore not everyone is cut out for a career in the tech industry or for that fact, even college. For older workers there is also the matter of ageism which is at it's worst in the tech industry.
megacide84 (4 months ago)
kyotokid4 I fully agree with you. Years ago... The same thing was said when factory jobs were being sent overseas. How well did that turn out?
movie guy99 (5 months ago)
That guy is in serious denial. I go to the store to buy what I want. I make no small talk with the cashiers. I'm actually annoyed when they ask me how am I doing. Now I have to come up with something to say. Who would not want to shop at the Amazon Go stores. Pick up what you want and leave. No waiting in lines. That will be the future.
Mark Moore (5 months ago)
I will buy on line before I buy from a Robot.
John barfneck (5 months ago)
next they will try to take away your right/s -to drive your own cars/trucks/motorcycles down the road..... ...............
John barfneck (5 months ago)
civil war against automated tech/driverless trucks/cars.......and their companies.....
John barfneck (5 months ago)
im waiting for hackers-anonymous  to take over the self drive semis and then either drive them into the rivers/lakes/seas or just hijack them and sell the cargo on the black market......
khem127 (28 days ago)
War against the machines!!!!!
John barfneck (5 months ago)
burn the automated truck drive tech companies to the ground........
Bibhakar Kumar (5 months ago)
Fools people leave in America. They automate every job .they automate our movement of mouth and hands also. And say it's awesome
aaron sas (5 months ago)
Robots are better no more of dumb lazy employees that don't want to work there anyway
totoroben (5 months ago)
I already use the home Depot app to locate stuff in the store and order for pickup.
Michael Hartman (5 months ago)
How many viewers want to replace the show's host with robots? (Seriously, hit like or make comment) You could have a 3D designed virtual set. A Watson host speaking. Computers writing script. AI could analyze what people like and what makes the most profit. You won't have to see a human again. Much more profitable.
Fitness & Friends ,with Barb (5 months ago)
I wont shop in a store without ppl
Fitness & Friends ,with Barb (5 months ago)
This is crazy..now Amazon, has checkerless stores..More privacy lost...I hate this century..Very isolating
tim gong (6 months ago)
Robot cop enforce laws t5000 go to war replace soldier
Patricia Burke (6 months ago)
People, please! Nothing can replace human interaction. Many students need jobs while in school, since our government would rather build walls than educate its people. Another trick to put more money in the pockets of the greedy.
inlighten15 (6 months ago)
another issue is the jobs first to go are low wage because they are usually easy to automate. a lot of these poor people or even people living in poverty is they think that lifestyle is ok. this will show them it isn't but it kinda condemns them. ive seen and talked to a lot of people who are so poor they eat once a day and dont go to doctors and dentist because it cost too much and they focus on paying off their house or car and so on and so fourth. they kick their kids out at 18 years old or even younger. when your a minor you legally can only get so many hours and below minimum wage pay. we don't have any laws prohibiting parents from kicking their kids out as minors. if we do they are obviously too weak and not enforced. so if you are 16, you got in a trailer but your mom wouldn't wait until you got a job. you've got bills piling. fast food was the way to go for these people om the most noble cases anyway. without all these low skilled jobs what will all these people do. its not just minors on their own but relatively young people as well. they don't have the option to stay with their parents through college some not even highschool. so they rely on fast food jobs and retail jobs.
inlighten15 (6 months ago)
its numbers and the robots will save them money. I say expect only 1 manager in a public store at any particular time. sure it will get rid of a lot of people who could spend money but they have plenty more money coming from other people. it saves them more to not pay you at all rather than pay you some and get even less than that out of you.
NC Styles (6 months ago)
I hate human interaction. I like robots. They’re precise and efficient.
prince ongata (6 months ago)
Shopping is an experience for women. Shopping is in and out for me.
Borat Erali Nazarbayev (6 months ago)
You will still have traditional stores and boutiques ... it's just the mass consumption retail that will have large scale automation. Some people still enjoy going a tailor who personally measures them and makes handmade suits ... I remember a Japanese brand of denim products that makes a handwoven jeans pants ... But instead 50$ for a jeans you pay 3000$.
t 1 01 (6 months ago)
we need to go back to the pre Enternet world if possible.
ZGaming (3 months ago)
That wouldn't make sense, we don't need to regress. Also, the likeliness of that happening is never.
DuckLess (7 months ago)
Going to the store is not an experience
D90Girl (7 months ago)
sexual misconduct can also lead to unemployment .......lol
Thomes Maisling (7 months ago)
Dis massage iz furm de fyootyer. Dem bots O no Dey towk owl R Jowbs! Cannawt gow to skoowl ta larn. Now hyoomon teychyurs r Tchin de Rowbot styowdownts. WE iz starvn!
AyyGin (7 months ago)
I'd rather talk to a robot than have that human interaction with Tim
Andre Abreu (7 months ago)
As humans disappear, japan realizes that something needs to fill the gap
Diogenes Laertius (8 months ago)
All we have to do to cure the problem is stop causing the problem. Dont automate. Its simple. We need some new laws. I guess walmart is thinkin about automating...or we wouldnt even be talking about it. Its a bait and switch...the reality of what the REAL deal is, is only discovered after its done.
khem127 (28 days ago)
ZGaming (3 months ago)
Don't automate? that is ridiculous, we shouldn't halt progression with technology and even if we do, this will happen later at some point. The thing we need to do is focus on completely changing how our economy works and how we earn a living.
Truth Teller (8 months ago)
MrEatmy (8 months ago)
I think what Politicians has to start doing is build for every citizen a multitasking robot that shall work for these citizens and bring salary home, or heavily tax those companies that will replace or use robots instead of humans ! Congress has to start working on voting all necessary bills.
khem127 (28 days ago)
Refuse to support businesses that don't support workers. Boycott fast!!!!!
ZGaming (3 months ago)
MrEatmy The first thing you said sounds great, but won't happen, politicians most of them anyway, don't care about others financial situations, unless they're rich. The second thing you listed won't happen either because Trumps tax cut already gave the rich including corporations a big tax cut while taxing the poor.
Chloe Wang (4 months ago)
Corporate tax is currently set at 35 percent. If corporations make more money, they are also forced to pay more taxes.
Michael Hartman (5 months ago)
MrEatmy A business lays off workers to make better profits. You think he/she is now going to send those profits to people that do nothing to make him money? What have you been smoking?
Anthony Vivero (8 months ago)
Sure, on one end it's "scary." But, the other end is reality, and it means we're headed that way. We aren't headed backwards. Technology isn't going away, it's only evolving.
Hhh 26 (8 months ago)
Poor Trump supporters thinking that mexicans are the ones taking their jobs. They are so RACIST they can't seem to see that their own people are the ones to blame.
khem127 (28 days ago)
Hhh 26 100% 100% 1000% 1000%
Christopher Ruppel (9 months ago)
These quirky high tech beard wearing hipsters are driving companies out of business.
YankaRonin (9 months ago)
"People still need to talk to somebody" - you don't go to the store to "talk to somebody", do you? If you are so desperate that you feel the need to go to the store to talk to someone, there's a problem, and stores won't help solve it. (speaking as someone who has worked in retail)
mattrR678 (9 months ago)
What people honestly want is lower prices. The old lady may not like a machine but if the store cuts prices by 20% or 30%, she will shop there.
Aten Akehnaton (9 months ago)
Damn so many jobs are going to be lost. Not just the people doing the grunt work, but you won't need the supervisors, you won't need a lot of your human resource jobs.
Atlas Tobin (10 months ago)
There's no way we can create jobs for 3.5 billion people a basic income it is...
Jay N (10 months ago)
sorry guys, especially these days people will usually take the robot.
Private Private (10 months ago)
I want ease and cheap prices not personal interactions
Eye Pop Compilations (9 months ago)
Private Private You want more unemployment.
Chris Stokes (10 months ago)
How to Avoid Robots from Taking You Jobs... Start a Small Business Anyone can do This Here's a quote from an article I read, "Over the next two decades, the most pain will be felt by lesser-skilled workers most likely to lose their jobs to automation. As a result, the gap between the “haves and the have-nots” will widen. This could potentially create tension and fuel lobbying to increase the minimum wage. But like protectionism, raising the minimum wage could ultimately be counter-productive. Increasing minimum wage for hotel or fast-food employees, for example, could actually make companies more interested in automating away those positions if it actually saves companies more money . Instead of protecting jobs or increasing the minimum wage, we should seriously consider" (end quote). He/she wrote something different. However, I say "Start a Business". Everyone has at least ONE talent/skill, I believe most people have many skill/talents. Use that talent or skill to Start a Small Business while you are STILL EMPLOYED and as it continue to grow. One day soon, you will be able to REPLACE you job and ROBOTS won't REPLACE you. What skill do you have that COULD make you "money on the side"? Also, for those of you that are working for someone especially in the SERVICE industry and doing all the work. For instance; appliance repair, lawn care, janitorial, construction, truck drivers, maids, in home care, etc... You are already RUNNING a BUSINESS, except for SOMEONE else or a COMPANY. YOU have the TRAINING & the SKILLS, do it for YOURSELF. I started my business over 10 years ago and... I LOVE IT! Hope that helps. Interested in Starting a Business that is SUCCESSFUL from the Start with very little STARTUP that ANYONE can do...http://cornerstoneappliancetrainingcourse.com/ Be Blessed & Be Encouraged Chris
megacide84 (4 months ago)
I fully expect massive unemployment via automation fueling social unrest and violent crime rates. This will be the best time to get employed as private security guards, prison guards and paramedics/EMTs. Especially if things get half as bad as some predict it will. Business will be booming for those professions real soon.
NPAMike (11 months ago)
cashiers should go away. Walmart has like 30 registers but they only ever have like 5 or 6 people at a time! Get them all automated and end those lazy slow cashiers.
ZGaming (3 months ago)
Simon Vuille I don't think you understand that if we got rid of these jobs with automation, a new system would be in place. Not our current system because that just won't work.
MCUTB94 (7 months ago)
Vince As someone who works at a Sam's Club gas station I fully understand your pain. Nobody wants to hear me talk about credit cards when all they really want is to pump their gas and move on with their day.
Vince (8 months ago)
I don't mind cashiers, as long as they just do cashier tasks. You know, ring in my items, take my money and then if you want, you can say 'have a nice day' as I leave. If they are going to be salesman too, like trying to sell me extra items, get me to donate to charity, upgrade my credit card, buy the more expensive Costco membership, buy the warranty on my item(s), etc., etc., then yes, these jobs should go away and be replaced with automation.
Data East (8 months ago)
Simon Vuille You "used to" how long ago was that? Your pitily McDonald's earnings was probably spent at the airport.
burgerman (9 months ago)
Simon Vuille If we get rid of jobs there won't be any use for money.
R (11 months ago)
We need immigrants and more jobs will be automated... Why do you need immigrants then?? To over populate usa??
Robots must take jobs Immediately (11 months ago)
Jobs are cancer we need freedom from jobs immediately
Danyl Bekhoucha (2 months ago)
SheWhoWalksAlone Stores wont exist anymore, food will be harvested by robots then sent to a dispatcher and then delivered automatically to your or near your home (and without having to sell drugs to get guaranteed food). And what if food like transportation becomes demonetized? About being bored you will have free time to travel the world, you will be able to play the new games that are coming, go and meet every "unemployed" outside willing to meet other people. Also I think not being tied to a job to survive will I hope restore what every living form enjoy first: the nature, just enjoying what is around you.
SheWhoWalksAlone (2 months ago)
Universal income is designed to keep everyone in poverty, more and more stores are being closed due to those who want 'freedom from jobs'. People no longer working will create higher crime rates due to boredom, no real purpose....
Danyl Bekhoucha (2 months ago)
"if no one had a job we'd all have the same salary, most people, including me, would not agree with that.", well I am always the least paid, getting the minimum salary authorized by the law, doing the worst physical slavery tasks because I have no degree (self-taught in computers). I have more knowledge than the persons working on a desk and my hierarchy is struggling to type on the keyboard, attach a file to an email and use an USB key, they spend half of their time on Facebook, they do a lot of pauses while I am not allowed to, not mentioning their skill in English, they can't do a complete sentence without Google Translate. All of that while getting at least 3 times what I earn, even while they poop they get more than a full day of slavery labour for me. I would be happy if we were equal, because clearly skills =! good salary but piece of paper (degree) and power = good salary.
Michael Hartman (5 months ago)
Is mommy and daddy paying for your internet?
MrHoppers002 (8 months ago)
I was kidding.... of course it's not possible.
Disloyal Dashie (11 months ago)
I work for Lowe's, and i feel threatened by that Robot thing, and hope that it never comes to my store. Lets stick with HUMANS. Okay Lowe's
Joseph (3 months ago)
If automation can produce the stuff at close to no cost then it will be close to free.
Ryan Shuler (5 months ago)
Better polish up that resume
Michael Hartman (5 months ago)
mumblefluff Who is going to earn the money for you to sit on your duff? You are one of those that thinks if it comes from the goverment it must be free.
mumblefluff (8 months ago)
nah, man, you got it backwards. Let's replace all humans and get universal basic income and everyone will be happy.
Darwiishka Hawdka (11 months ago)
Who will care about human interaction when the savings from automation is passed down to consumers? Psshhhh No one misses bankers when making ATM withdrawals.
Darwiishka Hawdka (10 months ago)
Aeroldoth3 the ATM charge is a B.S, its bankers being greedy. But the transaction its self"moving bits" is free. So its a matter of the emergence of a new, digitally native competitor that disrupts the industry.
Aeroldoth3 (10 months ago)
What savings? Also, most ATMs charge, so automation actually cost you.
Hillary Clintub (11 months ago)
This will be great. Once we get rid of all those excess people, this will be a great country in which to live again. Think of just the reduction in traffic on our roads.
Eye Pop Compilations (9 months ago)
Clark Petrie Remember 1789 1917? The pitchforks are coming
Eye Pop Compilations (9 months ago)
Clark Petrie needs to be exterminated--- Sincerely Decent People.
Eye Pop Compilations (9 months ago)
Clark Petrie Oh my fukin god a social darwinist. Get out of this planet pls.
John a (11 months ago)
I generally don't like dealing with sales people. Always trying to push you to buy something you don't need.
Reasonable (6 months ago)
Do you think robots will be different? I'm sure they'll be about the same. Retail stores could easily use them as moving billboards for advertisements.
Jaganshi Hiei (7 months ago)
It's their job. They are told to do that. Don't blame the service workers for that.
Luke Foster (11 months ago)
Hey CBS this morning, get young people's take on this! I think young people prefer automated checkouts and retail robots.
Sam Mousa (1 year ago)
the whole news staff are idiots. shopping isnt an expericance, its buying!!!!
Ushio01 (1 year ago)
People who own their own store are usually helpful and friendly (everyone has the odd bad day) but for national stores automation is coming.
Ted Bolha Atheism Philosophy Science (1 year ago)
Automate Everything. Make Money Obsolete. Watch as crime rates plummet. Work place injuries and illnesses are no more. Mental illnesses plummet. Health rates across the globe improve as people are finally able to use their lives the way they want and no longer struggle with depression due to the all mighty Dollar and all the crap that comes with it. Automate all food production and 3D print homes and forget about all the Junk gimmicks they sell us for the mere purpose of keeping the stupid rat-trap-economy going. It's time to get ourselves out into space to explore the stars. We were born for so much more than work....
ZGaming (3 months ago)
Sam Mousa It's people like you that aren't ready for the change but unfortunately it won't be stopped for you.
Joseph (3 months ago)
Sorry Sam. Your attitude about wasting time to become more knowledgeable is why you are not aware of our future potential. Your willingness to stay ignorant will not stop the significant progress coming.
Joseph (3 months ago)
Perfectly said Ted. Nice to see that other people can see the obvious. Those that do not see how technology is advancing at an exponential rate can not understand how important it is to start moving in a different direction socially.
megacide84 (4 months ago)
Um...I actually see violent crime rates going through the roof as automation decimates countless jobs. Both low skill and white collar. Combined with cuts to social programs and rising youth unemployment... As technology gets better and better. Most places will get by with fewer workers doing more with less. No amount of "re-training" will matter if the amount of jobs created NEVER offset the amount destroyed.
Sam Mousa (9 months ago)
Ted Bolha nope. It's idiotic to be this optimistic. No need to waste my time
Ted Bolha Atheism Philosophy Science (1 year ago)
Notice how all of the people saying they want a real person are all older. Truth is, Lowes will eventually be rendered obsolete by 3D printed homes and online stores that deliver anything you need. In the future, people will be so much happier with how things are that none of these old ways will be missed. Most retail workers are such jerks that judge people and give preferential treatment that they are the biggest reason no one wants to deal with them. When all the jobs are finally gone and we're all hanging out with friends and family, fishing, making art, working out... exploring - the human race will look back and wonder why on earth we even hesitated to go into a fully automated future.
Corey Duncan (2 months ago)
+Tartan Rose - That's why they're experimenting with UBI (universal basic income).
Slow Fashion (3 months ago)
Question: Who is going to pay you to go fishing and "hang out" with your friends?
Ted Bolha Atheism Philosophy Science (9 months ago)
Despicable Me watch my videos on this topic
Despicable Me (10 months ago)
coolguy98 it will be like you describe. As long as we continue bringing in immigrants and refugees and encouraging our welfarians to keep breeding. How are we going to take care of these unemployables? Robots don't pay taxes. They don't pay into ss. So in order to stop the future you and I see, we need to stop all immigration and send everybody who shouldn't be here back home. Automation is the future and only a smaller population can survive it
KingJustice98 (10 months ago)
Ted Bolha Yeah I kind of envision the same thing, hopefully it will be this and not some horrible unemployed crime apocalypse.