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Fully plumbed DIY treehouses & tree-cabin in OR "treesort"

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When Phil moved to Oregon decades ago to be near his children, he began dreaming about building a treehouse or two. Once his children had grown, he indulged the fantasy, and with the help of friend and neighbor Michael Garnier (see our video of his Ewok village style treesort), he began to build up. Today, he and his wife Jody have three self-designed structures: the Japanese-inspired Shiitake, Tudor-style Calypso and the Cottage (a cabin in a tree). They rent them out by the night (they're fully plumbed) and the couple dreams of building yet another (Jody wants it to feature a skylight and to call it the "Sky Palace"). Original story: http://faircompanies.com/videos/view/fully-plumbed-diy-treehouse-tree-cabin-in-or-treesort/
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Text Comments (79)
Rita Richardson (1 year ago)
Can't really hear it, but nevertheless I'd love to have it.
I'm Green (1 year ago)
Must be scary when going through a windy lighting storm while being on a tree.
Nick Mougros (1 year ago)
this guys must have some money. That's a hell of a job. Nobody helped him for free. Plumbing the entire trails leading to each treehouse is a lot of work. Not to mention the electrical work.
rodney adams (2 years ago)
lol make maple sirup. think if paint it or glue bird over it should stop it dripping sape
rodney adams (2 years ago)
i told that maple syrup they  move holes because heal shut so at some point should heal over. not sure if be inside house never thinks it winter if why hasn't healed over ?
dom glorioso (2 years ago)
please tell me this is not to far from Baltimore and he rents them out for a weekend or so I would love to at least take a tore please lol let me work for you!!!!!! I'm 23 male and I'm 6ft 4in tall and I'm strong I love the woods and o spend to much time there I would be the greatest help he would ever have willing to work my ass off!!!!!!
Bà Cô Già (2 years ago)
Eduardo G. (2 years ago)
Love their styles but wouldn't like to be there in a thunder storm in the middle of those tall tress Lol.
Treehouse Rental (3 years ago)
It looks pretty amazing I like it! Especially with the big tree in the inside. I can nearly smell the inside of the tree house.
lovely girl (3 years ago)
I bet in the summer the mosquitoes are awful.
tubeisace (3 years ago)
And yet again the human race invades on the animal kingdom.
Lydia Jade (3 years ago)
The humans are apart of the animal kingdom!
Ben P. (3 years ago)
better working with it vs clear-cutting and paving...
angela denise (3 years ago)
really nice
The Dude (3 years ago)
ça donne de méditer et de se recueillir loin de la civilisation agressive
todd ellithorpe (3 years ago)
Steve HomeNet (3 years ago)
Very nice. Like being a kid again.
carnipicus (3 years ago)
so the motive is to turn a profit through rent? uhh
chad vergauwen (3 years ago)
it will fall !!!! sad
Adam P (3 years ago)
its a cricket ,its cool you dig nature but how do you not know thats a cricket
WildMight (3 years ago)
I don't like how he caught the locust
Michael Gerald DesFosses (3 years ago)
I don't either. He should have killed it... it's a bug.
Muhammed Almashhadi (4 years ago)
Muhammed Almashhadi (4 years ago)
lol minecraft
di (4 years ago)
Could someone please answer everyone's questions? 
bradkrit (4 years ago)
Really neat.
Robert Ward (4 years ago)
It's nice but there are better ones out there
izumo (5 years ago)
床下は鉄骨も使ってるんですね 素晴らしい家です (^◇^)
Garrett Mcfadden (5 years ago)
I want to help build the sky pilot!!
loch70 (5 years ago)
When it gets really windy or stormy the whole house must move,
Kim chisholm (5 years ago)
So I'm assuming they are renting these out then ? Does anyone know any more about this place and where it is ?
Linda Doe (5 years ago)
how much do your rent these out for?
Dan Frederiksen (5 years ago)
Why not span a platform between trees instead of a tree inside the house. Any bigfoot sightings in those woods?
UthinkUknowlol3715 (5 years ago)
like FUCK id be playing by the townships rules to build a cabin in woods let alone in the trees not even on land. certified this and certified that.... get some balls
Jack Wright (5 years ago)
Amazing! I would absolutely love to live in one of those things now that retirement is happening, surrounded by woods and beauty day after day.
PhilBo (5 years ago)
how do all of them got electricity in the middle of nowhere? xD im refering also to the zen house
thunderstorms06 (5 years ago)
`the city came down right away to let me know TO PAY  everybody awful covinence.even in a forest ,what has the world come to...if one tree grows faster than the other um i guess it crumbles....eeekk
aniko247 (5 years ago)
can you stay in these?
Cynthia West (5 years ago)
Better hope they do not get a bad ice storm .Those pines will load up and break .
Rasta Rigo (5 years ago)
nice nice nice. i can only dream about it for now
sally-ann Williams (5 years ago)
Beautiful little houses.
fredfred burger (5 years ago)
Devin Skatez (5 years ago)
this is so cool!
Madden Master (5 years ago)
like but rather have it dug  into solid ground
tito scorza (5 years ago)
KIRSTEN ....Una pregunta....como funciona el sistema de desague ? as the drainage system work? thanks.
tito scorza (5 years ago)
william grace (5 years ago)
So, does he own that land or did he just go out into the woods and build it? How does that work O_o
william grace (5 years ago)
lol nvm
Shunkawakan Okawingha (5 years ago)
The tree wouldn't weep as bad if they had resined it right after cutting it, or painted it. 
Dave Munday (5 years ago)
(I've spent over 20 years trimming trees and hedges.. so this is a topic I am an authority on..)  Inside this video, you talk about ongoing sap dripping.  Just so you know.. the reason your tree limb cuts are still emitting pitch is because you DIDN'T cut the limb right up against the branch "collar".  Depending on the width of the branch at the collar, because these trees are either Fir or Pine (depending on the treehouse in the video.. regardless, because they are all LARGE conifers,) their limb cuts CAN take years to 'heal'.. ***BUT*** the ***ONLY*** way a branch-cut can heal over fully (and the sap to stop dripping) is for the branch to be cut off RIGHT at the collar.   >>>>The "collar" is that ring of ruffled bark that surrounds the limb, right at the tree trunk.  When cutting a limb on any tree, the way you do it so that the tree can self-heal the wound is to make the limb-cut as close to that collar as possible... and I do mean CLOSE!  Any branch-protrusion will either greatly slow or *prevent* the bark from 'knowing' it should be trying to stretch itself around the wound opening. Cutting at the collar allows the tree's self-healing process to begin - where the bark can begin to creep across the open wound.  It is slightly controversial as to whether or not you want to 'rough-up' the leading edge of the bark to 'wake-it-up' so-to-speak and make the tree realize the bark needs to close the wound.  Professionally trained Arborists will **all** tell you to NOT cut into the collar.  And some will tell you not to cut into it whatsoever, but I've found in many cases that gently roughing up (cutting into the collar by maybe a 1/16th of an inch.. but barely opening up the lighter inner bark color) will cause the healing process to become "alerted" and I think this works better.. but again, you shouldn't cut into the collar by more than about a 1/16th of an inch, or half the width of a panel saw blade.  More than this will cause further injury.. and with that will also come greater sap-drip problems.  Knowing there are two schools of thought about how close to make the cut to the collar, and that BOTH considerations still stick with the school of thought that you shouldn't cut deep into the collar, you decide. It's your call from here... just go back and re-cut these limb stubs off flush, and then in a few years, you'll begin to see the bark begin to close the wound.  On large limbs, it could still take 20 years (depending on your climate there) for the wound to close - but it will never close at all with a stub sticking out. Another thing you could do with these is to build a small drip can -- shaped to fit close to the tree trunk, and then nailed into the branch to catch the drips instead of them oozing onto the floors or dripping down the trunk, where people's clothing can get caught on it. Lastly.. for that consideration..(when you get pitch on your skin or clothing..)  The universal solvent for pitch removal is a two step process. 1st.. pitch dissolves in butter or margarine.  Take a dab of butter/margarine that is only slightly larger than the same size as the pitch smudge, and rub it into the sticky area.   2nd.. once the pitch is removed (especially in clothing) then immediately wash out the butter (stain) with liquid dish soap, (and if it's a garment and not just cleaning your hands) then run the garment through the laundry as quickly as possible thereafter, and the butter stain should be taken care of as well. If you read this thread and find it was helpful, please add your comment below.
giselle1700 (5 years ago)
My husband's a landscaper, he says put mud on the sap spots... it lasts longer than a year.
IronicallyVague (5 years ago)
Kind of what I envisioned, a small group of tree houses instead of one large house I was wrong, it's not for me
Soma Samsara (5 years ago)
E idea gor hotel rooms in the forest :3♡♡♥♥♡♡♥♥
Simon Kjærhus (5 years ago)
The trees may live now, but they will be dead in 10-15 years...
vainsmith (5 years ago)
these tree houses are amazing. my only issue would be the thought of waking up to bugs because it would be more of a frequent thing or so it would seem but other than that they are really nice.
MsNevadakid (5 years ago)
i`m with you brother! i started my tree house 10 yrs. ago when we were building are vacation home in the sierras. started out as a platform in the air about 6-12ft. on slope with are tent. then after the main cabin was finished i started my little cabin in the woods. grandkids love it ! and we feel more secure being off the ground with the bears.. (great job phil) keep it in the  treetops!...
Electronicpoacher1 (5 years ago)
he will be shit on when the tree grows
Acecool (5 years ago)
Fantastic; thanks for sharing this on Youtube!
Jim Foreman (5 years ago)
That's a Mormon Cricket with the upswept "tail". Neat tree houses.
Laura Wight (5 years ago)
I wouldn't like how 'connected' it is if you're going to have a tree house might as well make it off the grid. But these really are cool!
Damoce kay (5 years ago)
An Woody Woodpecker House.
Deborah Davis (5 years ago)
Beautifully done - loved seeing them! So peaceful!
WaterBuck (5 years ago)
What a nice place!
Terri Saint-Amour (5 years ago)
Where are these in Oregon? If I make a trip out there, I'd love to stay in one! But the locusts.....oh, those would freak me out!
Edwin The One (5 years ago)
ThePunkasaurusrex (5 years ago)
I "got trees"
SoulSurvivorX2 (5 years ago)
I love them but Those had to be pretty pricey. What happens if one of the trees dies or gets diseased?
laura Foutz (5 years ago)
i would think that he would build some sort of support so it could keep the cabins standing
Elizabeth Long (5 years ago)
..thank you
michaelnew1962 (5 years ago)
The best of Oregon, maybe the planet.
nameofthepen (5 years ago)
Kirsten, your channel is one of the most interesting on YouTube.  This is awesome.
LadyShyye (5 years ago)
As always Kirsten, Beautiful! Talking about moving and creaking wood on a boat; build a boat house in the trees and call it "the Ark". It can be big enough to have a mini observation Deck for star gazing. Just a idea. Love the woods, just Not all the spiders that might come with it.  lol :-)
shot Johnny (5 years ago)
Kirsten: Do you worry about the health those trees? Phil: Yeah, always.  ... Hm.  Yeah. It's alive. It's live. ... Definitely, you know ... Give her a hug when you come in ... make sure she's alright. : )
Justgivemethetruth (5 years ago)
Those tree houses are just stunning.  Beautiful work, nice design, well thought out, really incredible.  I'm just not sure I could be sleeping in a loft like that and have a locust be crawling on me! ;-)  Seems like you could shove cotton or some kind of fiber in those holes to keep bugs out and yet still let the tree breathe and expand.  What a great vision.  Really love these videos, they are always so interesting and fun to watch .... really fire the imagination.  What am I going to do to live in an interesting way?
Emotionally Challenged Subordinate (5 years ago)
@per sebra Based on the area he lives in. And my experience where I live. *which is similar*. It don't matter. the damn  bugs come in anyways..lol
per sebra (5 years ago)
if you dont like living with bugs, living in a tree house would not be for you.
Liberty Leslie (5 years ago)
I just need the right Kitty Cat..that wouldn't use your support beam as a scratching post.
Torian Allen (5 years ago)
I have always wanted a tree house too! This is probably on the list of my favorite video's! Lol
scottishbadboy1 (5 years ago)
Ewok`s come to mind