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Human launches unique $399 wireless headphones — here's what people think

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After nearly five years of development, Seattle technology startup Human is releasing its long-awaited $399 wireless headphones, promising premium audio quality, 32-point touch control, seamless integration of digital assistants, real-time language translation, a 9-hour battery life, and 100-foot wireless range. They even become a bluetooth speaker when attached to each other. But the first thing everyone notices is the design. Full story here:
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Text Comments (21)
Mahender Rao Mesineni (20 days ago)
Jun Choi (27 days ago)
I purchased this item 1 week ago. Totally, disappointed,,, your ear skin will be ripped up. Btw, by manual, they guarantee 30 days return & money back. I emailed to ask steps to return. Their answer is "ALL SALES ARE FINAL" People,, stay away from this vender which change return policy randomly.
Gambit Gambino (1 month ago)
This product is so charot
John Michael (1 month ago)
You paid those people to say good things about them. Be real and stop lying.
Unlicensed Pharmacist (1 month ago)
50$ worth
shawn brock (1 month ago)
EE Music (1 month ago)
i really want this headphones. but i hve to say u look like asian forest gump
EE Music (23 days ago)
@big man *waits till china made a replica of this*
big man (24 days ago)
EE Music They are shit
Neo Smith (1 month ago)
Shit product, shit sound. Check out Flossy's review. I tested them and I agree with Flossy Carter.
atl2pvu (1 month ago)
I liked that you let random people try it on and give their option on the sound.
fyneyoungstunna (1 month ago)
First lady, oddly cute....
XDKID (1 month ago)
They have a massive sound leak you can hear it from video
Jaafar Al Hayki (1 month ago)
Are u sleepy?
headfonic (1 month ago)
Wow, stunning webvideo. Thnx ...
Enduringwind (1 month ago)
Vid says they're $400 but it looks like they dropped the price to $259 which seems pretty reasonable. When are they adding the scented mist though?
P V (1 month ago)
its not about the looks but its about the improper testing Did you test just one sound track or did you test multiple diff kinds of files, and is the sound that good? and the range really 100 m coz that would be double of what currently industry promises which means there is something fishy, but hoping and laying down faith in this, what about the battery is it really that good as u say only music or also talktime....What? I mean commonnn
William Lau (1 month ago)
Looks nice! Not sure why people find it odd looking but it might be the Apple-syndrome . AirPods are actually the silly looking one but it's Apple so people just accept it as cool. This product might solve the problem of good sound quality (from the larger drivers), good noise insulation (from the big cups) and not messing up your hair (from the lack of band), and lastly, probably great battery life (from the larger unit with more space for a larger battery). Of all the new headphones I have seen, this definitely hit all the marks.
atl2pvu (1 month ago)
Totally agree, headphones without the band isn't that unusual.
SHOCKOLATE (1 month ago)
It's cuz it's out of context but irl of they saw someone with them on they would probably think they are earmuffs and have no 2nd thoughts
Kirill Prymachov (1 month ago)
100% agree