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TGW One-Touch Receiving: Automated Warehouse Solutions & AS RS at its Best

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The TGW One-Touch Receiving AS RS solution eliminates 6 manual touches of a traditional storage and retrieval process. As a result the receiving process can be higly improved and speeded up, which leads to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The TGW One-Touch Receiving System automatically receives, stores and retrieves cartons: There is no need for handling, sorting or segregation on the dock. The automated storage system validates the purchase order, reconciles the receipt and prepares it for distribution. There is no manual scanning or inventory reconciliation, no hand loading or manual retrieval of cartons. Thus TGW One-Touch automated warehouse solutions lead to ► lower Total Cost of Ownership, both by reducing handling cost by speeding up the storage process How does this automated storage system work? • Cartons are placed on a conveyor where they are scanned and stored automatically in the mini-load system • When the product is allocated, cartons are automatically extracted and conveyed to unit sortation • If the carton has remaining units, the carton is closed and placed back onto the conveyor where it is returned to the shuttle system as a residual carton • When this SKU is allocated again, the system will pull full cartons from the mini-load system and send a residual carton from the shuttle to make up the difference • Units are packed to outbound cartons at the unit sorter and a shipping label is applied • The carton is released on the conveyor system where they are sorted to the appropriate door and loaded to an outbound store trailer • As soon as the order is completed, the cartons are automatically transported to the shipping area Further Information: ► Youtube Videos on TGW Case Studies: ► Youtube Video on Total Cost of Ownership : ► Detailed information of the portrayed AS RS solution:
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Text Comments (4)
Andrew Lockhart (7 months ago)
One touch receiving is not a picking solution but a full case storage solution to hold product received from vendors, prior to being passed to the picking system. Since this solutions removes at least 6 touches compared to a manual solution customers are seeing an ROI of 2 years or less. The picking system receives full cases from the one touch receiving system to allow orders to be fulfilled for retail/omnipick or e-commerce applications. When one touch receiving is combined with TGW Flashpick piece picking solution picking rates of over 500,000 units per day can be achieved.
YOZOY YOZOY (7 months ago)
2400 cph is slow to my operation, 120k cph in 10hrs with 100 pickers, which means 12k cph it will take me more than 50hrs to complete the job.
박종권 (8 months ago)
멋진물류설비 당~!!
redhools48 (2 years ago)
Ебаа това склад :)