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dj complex (1 hour ago)
Ummm I'm pretty sure at @5.35 it's a movie...just saying 😂
DON'T BE SCARED HOMIE (2 hours ago)
Fake the ''ref'' was filiming for a film bit of clue wen u see how many cameras 4 close up ,and slow mo shows not contact but yet the youtuber ats as if it was ''rea'' not the 1st time with this channel wont be last either,looking for fillers instead of real content,unsubbed cant be arsed no mo.
jason perez (7 hours ago)
lmfao why would he wear a wig at the end?
Indio Raj (11 hours ago)
The security dancing was fun. The jumper losing her wig. Wigology 101, secure it in place, in this situation she needed wig glue.
Rai 09 (15 hours ago)
that booty where is it?
Jay Kay (17 hours ago)
Love that side kick! 5:49
Neil Barker (22 hours ago)
that ref KOed both fighters in 2 seconds, worth taking the bait to see that
david charles (23 hours ago)
05:51 - first time I ever saw the ref actually win the
Ave Fuon (5 hours ago)
Fake af
Carlos Perez (1 day ago)
My God 5:50 there were filming a gotta be smarter then this
sea monkey (1 day ago)
I'm a simple man. If I don't see thumbnail 👎.
Real Chop (1 day ago)
If u guys like pranks check out Dz vision'z they deserve more subs there hella funny
Robert Dikes (1 day ago)
9:46 WAS A DAMN MAN !!!
Stretch Smith (1 day ago)
Why the reversed image? So you can pass it off as new?
gfydrama (1 day ago)
Fake thumb. Fuck you.
thiyanesh s (1 day ago)
7.42 finally i laughed🤣
Carl Seddon (1 day ago)
A surprise surprise a yank showing off at the end shock
Angelface Montana (1 day ago)
The judge went full Mortal Kombat with a side of Super Saiyan on them fighters!😆😆😆
AutomaticJaguar (1 day ago)
You know why your here
Jay Lee (1 day ago)
Guys, plz support freshnuts(and NoobHunter). They got demonitized for no good reason. Plz sub and view their vids, and try to help them. Fresh nuts might open up a Patreon
E.G. (1 day ago)
OMG that's a dude with a WIG at the end.
Mattes Cog (1 day ago)
Stuff happens.
D Foty (2 days ago)
Skip to 310 hilarious
gatorgityergranny (2 days ago)
ESL wrote the narration and AMATEUR performed the narration. SUCKS.
Joseph Zebron (2 days ago)
Anybody else think the karate fight with the referee going crazy is scripted and fake rage? Look how easilly he drops the fighters, even though neither of their heads ever snap back from being struck. Even the kick to the face. Look how feigned the falls look.
Marcell Paál (2 days ago)
8:08 what is this number?
Zangatti (2 days ago)
And that's why I laugh when women get hit in the ovaries.
justin bell (2 days ago)
That ref beat their asses lmao
ʐʏʋɛռ кєηт (2 days ago)
Moreeee | V
Meechie Go Crazy (2 days ago)
8:39 the ropes are still undefeated
R.a.w Wood (2 days ago)
Mans needed views. What a trap. 100% efficient
Karthik Ganesan (2 days ago)
It isn’t the judge in the end it is the refree
siegeaye (2 days ago)
05:29 ummmm thats a movie
KYNSAI SNAITANG (2 days ago)
I watched it the second time because the Security guy was so amazing..
Hugecannonballs (2 days ago)
10 and 1 second. We see what you did there.
monstercichlidkeeper (2 days ago)
who came for the ass? its a clickbait... just hit dislike and move on
Nicolas Castillo (3 days ago)
2:02 Lag
Daniel Morales (3 days ago)
Another click bait!
zeroc45 (3 days ago)
Александр Иванов (3 days ago)
5:50 its just a FILM motherfuckers
Noah Isaac Rox (3 days ago)
8:57 that wanst embarrassing it was awesome
Jay Kay (17 hours ago)
Noah Isaac Rox Bollox! Looks like the big fat cunt’s fitting!
Ashioma Medi (3 days ago)
And our own Blessing Okagbare made the list
Ashioma Medi (3 days ago)
What's wrong with the judge at 5:35 is he drunk?
PG13 Kid (4 days ago)
I don’t think anyone will read this but my dream is to hit 100 subscribers🙏 God bless you and have an AMAZING day!!
Carlos Mendez (4 days ago)
who was the girl in the thumbnail ?
Its Ramovici (4 days ago)
I like the thumbnail 😂😂😂😂
Andre Marenco (4 days ago)
Roses are red violets are blue. I clicked for the thumbnail and so did you
kevinr ruiters (4 days ago)
The usual clickbait thumbnail - never to be seen and no compensating show either. Not subscribing!
wolf pack (4 days ago)
5:53 he got a really good high kick tho
AJphillyy (4 days ago)
Click bait
Beverly Waits (4 days ago)
Curran Pence (5 days ago)
This is unwatchable. Why tf would they add a commentator. It's a fucking compilation we all can clearly see what is happening.
Dadda Isaprettyboy (5 days ago)
7:40 the lion song starts
David Varnes (5 days ago)
just that guy (5 days ago)
5:15 I’m acc dead ahahahha
alec cap (5 days ago)
CLICK BATE EMBARRASSING in hat way ?????????
Mohamed Lassouani (5 days ago)
8:38 had me dead😂😂
Jasmine Gardner (5 days ago)
2:35. I say no more😂
Cameron Tracks (5 days ago)
1:05 Look at his nose
MustafaBiggun (5 days ago)
Carlos Boozer 👍
King Nate Sr. (5 days ago)
ZA fook iz thiz??? Round bottom nada! Tumbs down 😂😂
James S (5 days ago)
*5:55** that judge went sickomode...* 💀
Mike Sully (6 days ago)
GODdamn your background music
Blue Lilly (6 days ago)
What the hell man 😂😁😀😃😄😊😆😅☺😀😁😂😂😃😆😅
Hanna Maglente (6 days ago)
Can't stop laughing.. 😂😂😂😂
Fil Hadi (6 days ago)
Buttcheeks , Ass, Buttocks, smokin piece of ass, she's got great ass.
Donald J. Trump (6 days ago)
5:30 did that actually fucking happen
Kary Lovan (6 days ago)
u fucking clickbait bitch… but yeah nice vid after all XD
And Another Thing, with Dave (6 days ago)
The Jose Conseco ...homerun off his head LOL
Staff Bull Terrier (6 days ago)
Great video my friend hope we can stay friends wish you a great day and thanks for sharing
Steve Silvas (6 days ago)
Of course that Race Car was a FORD
thelionarmor (6 days ago)
dwwilliams19732013 (6 days ago)
Basketball player hugs grandma: win Baseball pichter with heel kick: win Dancing security guard: get out, I can't! LoL 😋😎
Screen Apple (6 days ago)
23 million views. This is why no body wanted to become famous athlete. Gonna cover my face.... RUNNNN!!!! Can you take video down? NO.....
Tomas Jay (7 days ago)
Blueboy (7 days ago)
When you use a fat ass for click bait
Johnny Ruttley (7 days ago)
Once you realize everyone is ok its comes down to even professionals have bad days and mistakes
Jhonny Bhoy (7 days ago)
Fake news, I came here for that booty.
Demosthanes locke (7 days ago)
2:34 It had done all it could do....
Alex (7 days ago)
they're funnier in slo motion :)
forest n raindeers (7 days ago)
6:39 was that blood spitting out from her head?
the tengu (7 days ago)
Always wear a fucking cup
RareGuttaTV (7 days ago)
Who Clicked cuz of the thumbnail
Santiago Ramos (7 days ago)
Turns out in the end it was a man all along....
Don Levick (7 days ago)
Boyyyy in Houston we represent huh!!!!
Brody Lockley (7 days ago)
Heywood Jablowme (7 days ago)
Matthew Gaming12 (7 days ago)
1:40 Deja Vu!
Foadjemal Hassen (7 days ago)
The last guy how was that embarrassing?
dwwilliams19732013 (6 days ago)
I think it was embarrassing for the mascot.
Jed Dula (7 days ago) Check it out!
Emma Riley (7 days ago)
3:35 yeh totally knocked down 'several' of his team he only knocked down 3 I even counted
Michael Edwards (7 days ago)
Boxing kinda brutal
Carlos Flanagan (7 days ago)
wedda on earth (8 days ago)
Ih fuck, another stupid waffler on the clip !! Hey, you dumbass, we don't need any moron commenting this shit.
A IM (8 days ago)
God dammit can't believe he got me
RoNi ErOnI (8 days ago)
the title says sports but only football games here
V I N C E N T WINCHESTER (8 days ago)
V I N C E N T WINCHESTER (8 days ago)
Ramesh Mali (8 days ago)
The Earls Renegade (8 days ago)
Sport 101: Wear a fucking cup 😄
Mckala Mckala (8 days ago)
Security guard is amszing