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Toddy Kerala’s Backyard Beverage Harvesting Shot on GOPRO Hero Black 6

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Step by Step Process of Toddy Tapping done in Kerala Described below is my first hand experience of how kallu is extracted First step is to pick a blooming coconut tree. It should be bearing healthy coconut fruit buds. The tree is then leased from the owner. Direct selling of toddy by tree owners or toddy tappers is illegal in Kerala. If caught in the act the tapper will loose his license and also buyers will be prosecuted. If you are interested in tasting the real toddy, you should approach a tapper in secret if he is kind you may get the original stuff unadulterated and fresh. Now the palm tree is tied with coconut husks with the help of coir rope on every two feet interval. Making the tree a ladder. There are some tappers who use coir rope to climb daily which should be avoided because when a tapper climbs on a tree thrice daily the tree trunk becomes glossy like a tile. After some time it proves difficult to climb up and down. Then new unopened buds of the palm flower are cut leaving 95% remaining on the tree with a knife(katiaal). The whole bud is then beaten and pound with a hammer(traditionally femur bone of deer was used for this process), bud gets swollen. Each new bud can be used until it ceases to provide sap or if it gets infected. A good bud usually last for maximum 2 months. Then the cut bud is bound with tender coconut leaf or a rope ahead of the cut part, and paste of taali leaf is applied on the cut portion. It keeps bacterial infection away and makes the bud ooze sap, also not allowing it to go dry and heal. Some people use a certain type of clay instead, which is ideally not good for the palm. The clay helps in extracting more toddy than the traditional way, toddy smells and tastes a little different when clay is applied as per experts. After beating the new flower bud for a week the flower begins to ooze sap which can be collected twice daily. The same steps are repeatedly daily– cutting, beating, taali leaf paste application. Paani or the mud vessel is fitted in a fashion covering half of the bud so that the sap drips into the vessel. Some tappers even cover the mud vessel mouth with gunny sack material so insects don’t get in the vessel. Toddy Tapper(Chethukaran) has to climb the same palm tree thrice daily – in the morning and evening to collect toddy and in the afternoon to slow down the sap from dripping as it helps the palm to recover. However not every one practice this method. A lot of insects get attracted to this drink, some of which are very poisonous like Asian hornet. Insects pose a lot of danger to the toddy tapper. The beverage is then filtered before it is ready to be served. 1 to 1.5 Liters of toddy can be extracted from each palm tree. Traditionally toddy was stored and collected in calabash vessel(chernga as we call it in Kerala) or lauki in hindi. Note: You can add a piece of white pumpkin or little edible lime/Calcium hydroxide to stop fermentation of toddy, so you can keep it fresh for a long run. Some products derived out of toddy are: palm jaggery, vinegar, arrack and yeast
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Ikram Hamood (2 days ago)
Matam Kashinath (2 days ago)
Terry Vincent (1 month ago)
gross !!!
Journey to God (1 month ago)
super camera and camera man
ابو منتظر (2 months ago)
تمام جيد
ابو منتظر (2 months ago)
تمام جيد
John-Bull English (2 months ago)
Great video! Can you share the GoPro settings used to shoot?
Bro km (2 months ago)
Wow coconut
Yesmin's Recipes (3 months ago)
Ivanmebbynar Wedhipratama (3 months ago)
Apa itu
JOHIRUL KHAN (3 months ago)
Nice 👍❤💚💗💚❤👍💓💓💛💓💓👍❤💚💗💗💚❤👍💓💓💛💓❤💚💚💚❤👍💓💛💛💓👍❤💚💚❤👍💓
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Čudovito 😍😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Muarofah Ifa (4 months ago)
Nama s
Zevin Fadila (4 months ago)
The tree is very tall, very risky.
l.kani logu (4 months ago)
Green colourla enna marunthu vachingala What why to apply on end side which paste?
Noor Singh (4 months ago)
fuck u
Sahin Dadasov (6 months ago)
nurokhim spdsst (6 months ago)
Saya perlu serbuk kurma jantan dan harga perbotol berapa.
Native Jaggery. (7 months ago)
Original Thati Bellam @ Palm jaggery is available in Salem, Tamilnadu. What's app number 7358958581.
ahmad rojiki (7 months ago)
wow..amazing video..crystal clear..nice backyard
Costantino Rodríguez (7 months ago)
In México the name is tubaaa..deliciosaaa
Micheal Kors (7 months ago)
wow 😍
مشتهد تقارب الزمان (7 months ago)
abad Ansari (8 months ago)
Pls help new food is coming but makki ki vajhe say sab gir raha hai kaise protect karunn
Gossip buzz (8 months ago)
What's name of the black liquid which u used
Saddam Husen (8 months ago)
, , , .
Nguyen Dtdd (8 months ago)
thai giau (8 months ago)
quá hay và giởi
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indian national congress (8 months ago)
You are in kerala
Vinayak K (8 months ago)
indian national congress (8 months ago)
@Vinayak K I'm love it all south Indian nature and lifestyle 👍👍👍👍💖💖💖💖😘😘😘 more videos please brother
indian national congress (8 months ago)
@Vinayak K more amazing videos please uploaded
Vinayak K (8 months ago)
Ya im from kerala, video is shot from tamilnadu
JAL TV (8 months ago)
Beautiful Video..................
ஏ.எஸ்.அப்பு தமிழ்நேசன் (8 months ago)
tây nguyên quê tôi (8 months ago)
Làm cat ji vay
Nisar Frds (8 months ago)
Plz sent me...I serve money ur account
Nisar Frds (8 months ago)
Plz bhejo sir
Nisar Frds (8 months ago)
I want tadi plz help
Vinayak K (8 months ago)
Tadi!? Didn't get you
saroj kumari drawing classes (8 months ago)
Nice video my friend 😃😃😃😋👌👌👌
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saroj kumari drawing classes and I will not 77
arilp saha (3 months ago)
saroj kumari drawing classes 88
سوبر فجيتا (8 months ago)
شو عم يعمل هاد؟؟🤔
Lâm Ngô văn (9 months ago)
K hiu cai j ln
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really enjoy this video
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What is this
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làm như vậy để làm gì ta
AMPHON Z (9 months ago)
أسد بابل (9 months ago)
ما هو إسم هذه الشجرة ؟
Bishwajit Naskar (9 months ago)
Varri good
Army Josh (9 months ago)
More sharp, more toddy. Very risky job. Almost 30% or more fall from the tree and sustain fatal injuries or death.
Thiên Ban Lò thị (9 months ago)
không có tiếng việt à
Rural Revival BCS (9 months ago)
Nice...but wats he doing up there and why the pot???
Army Josh (9 months ago)
Toddy is collected in the pot overnight. The bud needs to be beaten with a hard object and sliced with a sharper knife everyday to get the carbon toddy.
Meer mazhar Ali (9 months ago)
Meer Mazhar Ali
rmck 7 (9 months ago)
കടന്നൽ കുത്തിയില്ലേ പുള്ളിനെ..? 😮
Vinayak K (5 months ago)
Walayar anu, tamilnadu kerala border
Prasad Nair (5 months ago)
@Vinayak K keralamalla
Vinayak K (9 months ago)
Ham ed (9 months ago)
أدفع نص عمري وأعرف هاذ شدا يسوي
Mai Anh (10 months ago)
Candido Lopes (10 months ago)
Explique porque fazer isso no coqueiro ????
nur alam (10 months ago)
অনেক অনেক সুন্দর
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co ai giải thích dùm tui.nó làm gi zay
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صبعك باب 😂😂😃
Joseph Jeni (10 months ago)
Bro itz very risk dont shoot mobile...
Changing life easily (11 months ago)
It is first to me
indian wellness (11 months ago)
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Tamil Arasan (11 months ago)
sema videos boss
Rajie rajie (11 months ago)
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Omg I’m so scared watching this ☹️
Jaydip Patel (11 months ago)
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What is this???🤔 I can't understand really😂
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making toddy { liquor} from coconut tree..
toys for kids (11 months ago)
Good idea
Md:sulayman kaiah (11 months ago)
hilal muhammed (10 months ago)
Candido Lopes (11 months ago)
Não entendi , não entendi nada . O porquê fazer isso ?
Costantino Rodríguez (7 months ago)
Es por que el likido k sale x donde corto se ase una bebida rica..en México se llama tuba...ve a tuba de Colima y entenderás mejor amigo .es delicioso el jugo k se extrae de la Palma de cocos
wasim Rahaman (11 months ago)
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sports Finblast (11 months ago)
The way he made his camera skills firstly frigh me
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Faisal Ahmed (11 months ago)
Coconut is dathe
jorawar singh (11 months ago)
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Prasanth P R (11 months ago)
Amazing effort with the GoPro
Pusonigro Labado (11 months ago)
no good by..
Pusonigro Labado (11 months ago)
anung klasing mananggiti yan..??? kulang sa training
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Stupid race
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What is the black paste he is applying
甘愿上瘾 (1 year ago)
FameKaZ (1 year ago)
In Terengganu, Malaysia we call tuak
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Eso se llama tuva en colima mexico
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Sublime top of the line 2019 Agapé
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Pradeep Belchada (1 year ago)
my grandfather was a professional toddy tapper in udupi Karnataka
Prashantha Ds (1 year ago)
Video 👌
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Sir I want it please give the conduct number
Vinayak K (1 year ago)
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Nur Indri (1 year ago)
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