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He guys check out these awesome passenger drones that we might be flying in sooner than you think! Should we finally have a real flying car or passenger drones that take us where we need to go? Let us know in the comments down below! Check out our playlists! ⭐ https://goo.gl/KdumQF Connect with us on YouTube! 😀 https://goo.gl/fqrncD Subscribe to Minds Eye Design! 🔔 https://goo.gl/S8IpFj Check out our video collection! 👈 https://goo.gl/UXobsF FEATURED PASSENGER DRONES ⭐ #7 SureFly At the 2017 Paris Air Show, a newcomer showed off its very credible, 2 seats flying car or as we like to call it, Passenger Drone... The 1,100 kg Workhorse Surefly uses an electric quadcopter layout with two contra-rotating propellers on each corner and a range-extending petrol engine, giving it a range of 70 miles and a top speed of 70 mph. The gas engine can then be fueled quickly with petroleum for immediate onward flight. #6 Ehang184 (Ehong) Dubai’s Road & Transportation Agency plans to launch trips with the first fully-electric autonomous aerial vehicle drone starting late this summer. The Prime Minister of the UAE wants 25% of all passenger trips to be made in driver-less vehicles by 2030. This human-size drone, EHang 184, is made in China and has already flown in Dubai. Its manufacturer, Chinese drone company Ehang, showed off the 184 at last year's CES in Las Vegas after 100 successful manned test flights. EHang 184 has enough room for a small suitcase and will be controlled through the 4G mobile Internet. It is able to carry a single passenger who weighs less than 220 pounds over short distances at 62 miles per hour with a fully-charged battery. #5 Hoversurf Hoversurf comes from a Russian company that builds drones. They recently posted a video showing off its latest prototype: the Scorpion-3, a single-seat, electric-powered hoverbike that looks super awesome! The manufacturers say they wanted to combine a motorcycle with quadcopter drone technology to create “an extreme sports instrument.” The electric-borne aircraft is intended for both “amateur and professional navigators,” Hoversurf says. Though don’t expect a motorcycle’s license or even a pilot’s license to authorize you to ride one of these things. The only thing that would, in my opinion, is a willingness to have your legs amputated in the name of extreme sports. The hoverbike uses custom-built software to limit its range and velocity in order to assure a safe ride, the company says. We are wondering tho... Will they put a cage over those blades? #4 .I.F.O. jetcapsule.com Designed by Italian company jet capsule, the I.F.O or ‘identified flying object’ is a proposed two-seater drone/copter vehicle. the chassis, composed of a main central capsule cockpit, measures two meters in diameter and is surrounded by a carbon fiber disk with an overall dimension of 4.70 meters. #3 ProjectZero The AgustaWestland Project Zero is a hybrid tiltrotor/fan-in-wing aircraft. It has been developed by AgustaWestland as a technology demonstrator and is used to investigate all-electric propulsion and other advanced technologies. It is the world's first electric tilt-rotor aircraft. #2. Volocopter The e-volo VC200 Volocopter is a single-place experimental electric multi-rotor helicopter. The e-volo VC-2 (or VC-200) is the second in a series of multi-rotor designs from the German company e-volo. The single-place, 16 motors, all-electric e-volo VC1 "Volocopter" was demonstrated on 21 October 2011. #1 Airbus Pop Up During the 87th Geneva International Motor Show, Italdesign and Airbus world-premiered Pop.Up, the first modular, fully electric, zero-emission concept vehicle system designed to relieve traffic congestion in crowded megacities. Pop. Up envisages a modular system for multi-modal transportation that makes full use of both ground and airspace. Royalty Free Music 🎧 Karma Code by Traveler 7 PASSENGER DRONES YOU HAVE TO SEE TO BELIEVE #design #innovation #inventions #technology #mindseyevideo
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Text Comments (1420)
Matt P (2 days ago)
they are all good until you get your legs minced on the props or have electrical failure and drop like a stone!
Minds Eye Design (2 days ago)
Or engine falure like in other aircraft right? You say that as if 1 out of 3 will come crashing down. I would think, these will be as safe as most aitcraft we have trusted with our lives for the last 100 years or so.
Lalla Gammon (2 days ago)
Back in the 1950s and 1960s when mom stayed home and dad went to work, immigration was under control, people could afford a home and a car on one paycheck. Just remember George Jetson's wife, Jane, was a stay at home mom in the year 2062.
Lew Weingarth (4 days ago)
To me, the obvious application is cities buying fleets of these in various configurations (unmanned pickup truck to taxi) with taxpayer money, then renting them to taxpayers (or member-users in a nation-wide system) at operating cost. We need the same thing outside cities for longer distance runs to the city. Also could be private owned fleets, but they'd have to maintain a low overhead of overcompensated executives to be competitive.
Danny Ryan (1 day ago)
your right there so many thing out there right now but because of greed we will never see it hu hu
Lew Weingarth (4 days ago)
This tech, or an $800 48 foot ladder, or a line throwing gun from your local marine store, make walls obsolete.
Minds Eye Design (4 days ago)
Thanks for clearing that up.
JovanR1962 (6 days ago)
To je sve lepo ali mislim da se pomalo s time gube cari voznje.
Abednego Likambo (7 days ago)
definitely is time now time for Electrical Vehicle
will smith (8 days ago)
Mess around an die on #5.
Mazn Kuldinow (8 days ago)
Keep it coming. I love to see change in the world.
schwartzenheimer1 (9 days ago)
First-off, a drone is, by definition, an UNMANNED aerial vehicle. Second, you're a moron because you think otherwise. And third, just shut up.
DIAMONDS N LIONS (9 days ago)
How do they perform during bad weather
cornskid (10 days ago)
I want an IFO/Jetson car.
hyou zan ren (13 days ago)
this is just common choppers just with nerdy look!
T. S. (14 days ago)
If there is an operator onboard controlling it, then it is not a drone!
Minds Eye Design (14 days ago)
These can fly without one as well. So part time drone? Happy?
Mixedtwice 101 (15 days ago)
Mixedtwice 101 (15 days ago)
Elroy Jetson
Dadson worldwide (17 days ago)
Great long as it's under $200,000 usd
Paul A (18 days ago)
Meh, still using propellers? So nothing new really. Just a seat attached to some old technology. Where is our anti-gravity engine? Science fiction promised us one decades ago.
Macguy (19 days ago)
Hop the Wall in style once Trump builds it, 1000 pesos a hop.
Agatha Lopez (20 days ago)
Kip on making them safety coms first to a not to have person
zippy (20 days ago)
Drones do not have auto rotation , If your battery goes you drop like a rock. Don't fly any higher then you are willing to fall.
Accumulator1 (24 days ago)
Smoke some weed and dream on.
The frog (25 days ago)
The ifo is the go.
The frog (25 days ago)
Only at 40,000 will they really take off.
fredrighetti (26 days ago)
stephen servais (27 days ago)
I’m ready let’s fly!
Minds Eye Design (27 days ago)
You first!
DJShire (27 days ago)
Aerial Uber
Mika 161 (1 month ago)
its bs to go that high. we should just be able to clear normal objects like trees and trucks. and thus go in a mostly straight line a to b
Zdeněk Hrádek (1 month ago)
littlecastle Where are the batteries??
The Golf Life (1 month ago)
There’s no way this will be under 200k it has all carbon fiber parts...
jon doe (1 month ago)
Am I ready for an air passenger drone? Yes. Am I ready to fly in one made in China? Your out of your mind? NO!!
Joseph Jolly (1 month ago)
Keep dreaming
A P (1 month ago)
I like the IFO
Kanqyes Muziik (1 month ago)
Nikolas Tesla wrote all of this big up Nikolas Tesla
Kanqyes Muziik (1 month ago)
They make it with solar if they don't have it already.....
Jerry Bailey (1 month ago)
About time we had a personal flying vehicle or hover vehicle or a PHV, PFV
richard guerrero (1 month ago)
Yeeesss dones all the way, no more oil and gas. Awesome thanks.
mathew tedder (1 month ago)
First -- these things do need blade guards or to be well above the head. I think guards make sense also as the shape could also promote a vacuum above, jetting air downward. The prices for these things are ridiculous, though. They could and should be produced and retailed between $20 - $30K. Plenty of electric motors for aircraft are available under $2K each. The rest, probably carbon fiber composite, would also not be terribly expensive. I know this because my whole family works in the custom yacht building business and we made an ultralight, as kids. Furthermore, why not build an air taxi that lowers the carriage down 100 feet (30 meters) or so, so it can pickup and dropoff, anywhere. Have the batteries swapped (not recharged in the vehicle) so it can perform continuous operations all day and night. Seriously easy peasy.. (in terms of technology -- it's regulations that might be difficult). These vehicles would be much safer than travelling by car.
Andrew Wilson (1 month ago)
Hmmmm, lets see how many of these are still around five years from now.......
Andrew Wilson (1 month ago)
Minds Eye Design hopefully yes but we need a jump in energy storage density capability. Existing battery technology is the major hurdle in the way of real progress. At present the weight of the batteries needed to give meaningful performance is such as to limit performance. I did fit one of my Autogyro with an electric motor and it was reasonably efficient but needed a lot of lifepo4 batteries to give 30 minutes flight time.
Minds Eye Design (1 month ago)
My guess would be a whole lot more of them.
tSwVxYas TswvyeEj (1 month ago)
We need cheap passenger flying drones so everyone can own one. Drones can fill up the sky and they still not collide each other. If everyone own a drone, we can build big company in the the mountain where it is away from city so every worker can fly his/her own drone to work plus the city will have cleaner air to breathe
Atchi Reddy (1 month ago)
Sir please develop Airbus pop up drone electric manufacture in India. India always loves drone electric cars
Atchi Reddy (1 month ago)
Sir please develop China drone volocapter electric cars manufacture in India sir India always loves China.
Atchi Reddy (1 month ago)
Sir please develop projectzero drone electric cars manufacture in India. India always loves China
Atchi Reddy (1 month ago)
Sir please develop China ifo electric cars manufacture in India. Sir India always loves China computer and electronic pereprals.
Minds Eye Design (1 month ago)
Say it a few more times and it may just manafest into existence. 🙏
Atchi Reddy (1 month ago)
Sir please develop China hoversurf electric drone bike in vizag
Atchi Reddy (1 month ago)
Ehangl 84 drone cars manufacture in India. India always loves China Russia
Atchi Reddy (1 month ago)
Sir please develop surefly electric cars manufacture in India
Abandoned&Forgotten (1 month ago)
Prop tech is maxed out. Battery tech still sucks. Until battery catches up with propulsion, manned electric drones will remain under powered and impractical. My .02.
Daniel Esposito (1 month ago)
200,000? So if you're not rich you don't get one. I figured.
OldEngineerGuy (1 month ago)
+Daniel Esposito Ah! The Knee Chopper! Agreed! Just hope they put some guards around those blades!
Daniel Esposito (1 month ago)
OldEngineerGuy haha that bike one looks the funnest to fly though
OldEngineerGuy (1 month ago)
+Daniel Esposito That was my point my friend, there are many things in life that the average person cannot afford to own but can still enjoy or benefit from them. As for your comment below, I'd imagine that once these are up and running you may be able to rent one and "drive" it yourself. Or, if it is just a taxi service and flies autonomously, you can still take your own joystick and pretend to "drive"! You know what, even if someone laughs at me that is what I'm going to do if I never get to pilot one myself!
Daniel Esposito (1 month ago)
And I wanna drive it.
Daniel Esposito (1 month ago)
OldEngineerGuy if you're not rich you can't own a plane or helicopter either, unless you live in it rather then a home.
Konceited Kai (1 month ago)
why do these fools think its OK to fly whirling carbon fiber blade like samurai swords at 800mph without ANY PROTECTION!!!??
johnny llooddte (1 month ago)
what happens if you lose an engine or a wing.. cute.. but deadly.. 1 millionth worthless..sorry
Minds Eye Design (1 month ago)
The same thing that happens to any other flying vehicle I'm guessing. Some of these have large parachutes that could at least give you a fair chance at living.
lilian fox (1 month ago)
the eye in the sky (1 month ago)
no thank you.I'll stay on the ground.some stupid people driving already and now if these same people are taken to the skies i don't want them up there either.
Sayou Tequah Jr (1 month ago)
I have problem with the time these drone spend in the air, either eighteen minutes or 20 minutes
F33bs (1 month ago)
Never going to happen on a large scale. Not in a million years.
KoSh Films (1 month ago)
wow this is amazing
Bone Doc (1 month ago)
Without prop guards its just a matter of time before these become human blenders.
Day See's (1 month ago)
#2 could use storage underneath if it can hold weight, racks perhaps
Motocross Boss (1 month ago)
I'm moving to a forest
jeanjean l.c (1 month ago)
se sera le futur taxis drones,whoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mais je ne verrais pas je serais au ciel
James Hall (1 month ago)
Allan Lee (1 month ago)
You guys need an editor.
Aktiviere Deine Freiheit (1 month ago)
Be careful, do not say too much about the Russian version. ...I said it
Christen Waltman (1 month ago)
Yeah..I could park my drone car on my house roof...and change my garage into a flatlet..when is this happening...swap my car for a drone...what will they do with all the cars! And we can build more developments instead of roads or maybe have floating houses too....! And visit he moon and Mars....and then?.....come back in time . yoo-hoo!
Cilly Honey (1 month ago)
Did you see the guy who made a flying bathtub? He attached 6 drones to it.
Yenn Vue (1 month ago)
The design of ehang is unsafe for passenger. The 4 arms of turbines should be re-designed....! The arms and turbines should be on top of the cabin.
SH4RP (1 month ago)
the one problem with stuff like this is batteries you gotta have good batteries for now all we got is lithium batteries but ive seen some kinds that might come out in the years to come
Syed Faiyaz (1 month ago)
Mr drones you have say is 7 pasg where is sit
Paul Goodier (1 month ago)
I would add an airbag or chest buffer #5
Bob Wagnon (1 month ago)
I just hope that the modern world is mature enough to handle flying cars or passenger drones. Terrorists make me question if we can make flying vehicles safe. Yet I want my flying car!! The dream of having my own flying vehicle and knowing what my favorite cities look like at night from the air is thrilling. Having a 3-D radar system plus constant real-time enews coupled with that new car smell would be a dream come true.
Konrad Henrykowicz (2 months ago)
3.00 A meatmincer.
welber euzebio (2 months ago)
ufo Originais!
milwaukeegregg (2 months ago)
All this stuff is way off in the future if it happens at all. Nice to dream though.....
Collins Glass MIA (2 months ago)
Practice your use of the word 'though', try again.
Neil NZ (2 months ago)
This will be the future in some form. Not sure on safety. Advances will be needed. It's an impressive start.
Derly Ivan Salazar Pezzoni (2 months ago)
I was sent to done drones car taxis flying and car flying made it in china country.real true.hi
PJlikekpopXD4ever (2 months ago)
I think that if you see many of these designs on the streets, people will see aliens , hehehehe
Mark Ridlen (2 months ago)
#7 is still my pick. Looks so easy to operate
Kalvin One (2 months ago)
those drones should have 2 motors : everything backed up so if 1 batterie fail, the other still take control and will still flight but slower. like the airplanes everything should be doubled for security and I m sure that they will pass all homologations/certifications.
Donald Jones (2 months ago)
Great idea but, not in my lifetime. We have enough fools driving on highways getting into wrecks, we don't need folks falling out of the sky as well.
Minnesota Stevie (2 months ago)
amazing but public use must be cheaper
hello moto (2 months ago)
No, we should not having flying cars, That will put too much congestion in the sky and there would also be potentially unstable angry drivers, drunk drivers, kids stealing the keys, black market trades, criminals, etc which leads drivers on the ground at risk and air traffic control would be overwhelmed trying to keep the major aircraft in a safe fly zone... Have you not heard about all of the emergency landings and crashes from planes, Now imagine mass motor failures, Engine sabotage, and crashes in the sky, oh yeah that sounds like a great idea doesn't it... Idiot
LUIS PEREZ (2 months ago)
I believe they're called aircrafts when occupied by passengers? Drones lol
randall deaton (2 months ago)
Stop violating right's with this stupid bs in Loveland ohio
Bart Beeman (2 months ago)
Bring it! Absolutely ready to hope over bay area traffic!
unboxing theboxx (2 months ago)
I need this
jarmo tverin (2 months ago)
Airbus was horrible to say the least. Agusta Westland combined with linear engine would be the most cost effective solution without giving up any cutting edge design. In the end ground effect gives the best bang for the buck where it suits.
Samuel Ferrer (2 months ago)
I noticed that #1 is just for white dudes ...
Maniac742 (2 months ago)
Oh yea, "passenger drones". What could go wrong here? "Hey guys, thank you for flying Maniac airlines. I've been flying a drone for a couple months. Hold on tight for a sec while I try out the new 'flip' function!"
Wan King (2 months ago)
Aldous Huxley was correct after all. It'll take a long time for all of the regulations to be debated in individual cities and so-on. Have fun pushing the dream. I'll continue enjoying burning the petrol in the final days of the dying bourgeois order while the Silicon Wank dickheads cream themselves over the futurist tech semen fest currently on the boil in stormpunk shadowrun masturbtion land.
Axion Goblin Interests (2 months ago)
A Bass [<(( Drone would be cool
Synthe Metcalf (2 months ago)
I live in a rural area in Alabama in the United States and would absolutely love to beta test any of these drones! Vroom and Fly on!
bigfro12 (2 months ago)
No just for fun
John Paul (2 months ago)
that's was a goo one
Timothy Seabrook (2 months ago)
what happen in the cqse of engine or power failure it's not going glide like an aeroplane nor auto rotate like a helicopter - it has no wings and thevrotorscare too smaalp to auto rotate tje whole setup is too !uch pf a death trap! martin baker zero zero ejection seats wpuld cost more thsn the entire vehicle!
Randy Higgins (2 months ago)
Parachute for most of them built in..........most is required to have them now.
Rick Raphael (2 months ago)
Where can I get the motor used in the ehung184?
luis bito (2 months ago)
the drone is has 40-year-old more, time technology is time for highspeed fly souser start used in airport
Jim Allen III (2 months ago)
#2 Sucks too.
Minds Eye Design (2 months ago)
Thanks for the insight! 🙌
Jim Allen III (2 months ago)
#1 sucks too
Jim Allen III (2 months ago)
3 sucks
TYSON JAMES (2 months ago)
last one is sick why are they not doing this yet, get the air drone highway going government...
Jeff Hambleton (2 months ago)
How about a motorbike version? Strip down a big just leaving by the 1300cc engine, tank, seats and control panel. Remove the drive shaft and add 4 power take offs and add gearing with variable speed. Use a drone controller and lift off.
Stephen Guy (2 months ago)
A drone is an 'unmanned' aircraft by definition - they've been around since WWII. If it carries a man it's not a drone.
Randy Higgins (2 months ago)
It can be a drone, if it flys itself by Computer and passengers are delivered to their destination , drone flys back to base.