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Pineapple juice extraction

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Machines to make pineapple juice made in Italy by Fratelli Indelicato. Pineapple processing plant equipped with VS 300 washing tank, SK 200 brusher, Polyfruit juice extractor, 2 EPV juice finisher, Polypress PL 1 screw press. Working capacity 4 t/h. By using additional kits for the Polyfruit juice extractor, the same plant is able to process citrus fruits or other tropical fruits such as: passion fruits, papayas, guavas, melons. For further informations visit our website:
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phan Quốc hải (4 days ago)
Hello 🖖
runway heading (12 days ago)
Another perfect creation of Almighty God!
Anujit Madahi maja (20 days ago)
媽你 (1 month ago)
Gabriel Gonzales (1 month ago)
el ranchero Hagricultura #1 Sobretierra
soran KH (1 month ago)
How much
Craig Craig (1 month ago)
How many pesticides will be in the juice though? A while before watching this video, I saw one that said that there are all these pesticides by Dole harvesting pineapples in Costa Rica and those pesticides are contaminating the water and making people sick. I really like pineapple juice and buy from Trader Joe’s, but if their pineapples are from dole, there is more information or understanding needed.
Wubba Lubba Dub Dub (29 days ago)
That's in Costa Rica, this is in the Philippines.
abid khan Bangash (2 months ago)
very nice
Jander Dias (2 months ago)
Será que não tinha um toque especial para começar
Zkrea Brkawy (2 months ago)
Rahul Sarkar (2 months ago)
Please email us for any joint ventures or buyback proposals to
Rahul Sarkar (2 months ago)
Looking forward ŕor buyback facilities from Pineapple juice buyers or for joint ventures for the best quality of organic pineapples available from Tripura, in North Eastern India
Ilias OUARZA (2 months ago)
i love pineapple just like the apple
Sarah Katusiime (2 months ago)
How can I get this machine please
Dilza Oliveira (2 months ago)
SAKE CHANDRA (2 months ago)
wellison Ferreira (2 months ago)
Muito bom em
John Jacob (3 months ago)
Skin and all .?
marilou cortes (3 months ago)
i love to drink pineapple juices😊😊😊😊 i like it so much my mom dosent belive it this is a pineapple juice
zhong li (4 months ago)
o good designes
Michael Jackson (4 months ago)
Tantas personas mueren en el mundo por el cultivo de piña y ningún gobierno hace nada las fumigaciones son muy peligrosas. yo que trabajo en el cultivo porque no tengo otro trabajo la piña es la fruta que más veneno absorbe por favor no consuma piña así erradicamos esté cultivo que tanto daño hace por mucho que laven la piña el veneno está en sus jugos. ☹️
Chanel Williams (8 months ago)
My pineapple juice and orange juice apple juice fruit punch juice cranberry juice these are good fruits and good juices to drink grape juice Ocean Spring fruit punch juice or orange and white as a mixed up so I text good banana juice no sugar added all these and I'm talking about these don't have no sugar in it no sugar added no way
Eugenio Colomer (1 year ago)
1:45 *Constant Roblox death sound* OOF OOF OOF OOF OOF OOF OOF OOF OOF OOF OOF
John T (1 year ago)
that squishy sound 😍
Tahir Ibrahimov (1 year ago)
2018 ))
Carmen Rosa Vilchez Correa (1 year ago)
Hola necesito una máquina para partir y rallar coco urgente
Saigon - Mekong Life (1 year ago)
It's great, thanks your video. How can you do it well? I have a video " pine apple farm in Mekong" you can see : Good luck to you.
ravindra devre (1 year ago)
Paschal Edochie (1 year ago)
Please I need the machine, what will I do ?
Pasch Obi (1 year ago)
I need that machine seriously. Any information pls call me +2347059854724
Rohit Thakur (1 year ago)
Káshîsh zäá. ßhañdarï. (1 year ago)
Sound is too good....
simmi singla (1 year ago)
I like it
Ibrahim Khan (1 year ago)
I like so much pineapple juice soo yummy
Rico Sun Diego (1 year ago)
JHALLY SAAB (2 years ago)
Jai Guru Dev G 💐 good All videos 👍👍👍👍
annabel Kennedy (2 years ago)
I and my sweetheart eat pineapple....
Diamond Dazzle (2 years ago)
i like it
Sabiha Usman (2 years ago)
Sabiha Usman (2 years ago)
like it
good idea
kalibhi industries (2 years ago)
i like this pineapple juice extraction plant. please send quotation with capacity details
Jordan Bronson (2 years ago)
Hehehehehehe, this is awesome!!!
Hamidullah Khan (2 years ago)
need machines cost
shyam kumar (2 years ago)
very nice
nishad nayanajith (2 years ago)
how moch.. machine.
Nupur Akter (2 years ago)
nishad nayanajith d
Mustafizur Rahman (2 years ago)
Arslan Arshad (2 years ago)
bbcode (2 years ago)
Kick off and Play... Buy now...
juan zer (2 years ago)
what`s the yield of concentrated pineapple juice at 60 and 65 ªBx? in gallons/Ton.-thanks a lot
Marco Sison Sison (2 years ago)
i most favorate juice and healthy
Arses A.R. (3 years ago)
I wish I could swim in that pineapple juice, thanks
Ravi Kumar (1 month ago)
Arses A.R. (2 months ago)
@Rukhsanakhan Rukhsanakhan ..
Rukhsanakhan Rukhsanakhan (2 months ago)
@Arses A.R. .
VIKASH KUMAR (1 year ago)
Arses A.R. ek is B
Vasant Kathodia (1 year ago)
+Rajesh Saini đf
jmowreader (3 years ago)
If your plant produces both canned pineapple and pineapple juice, can you throw the scraps from the canned-pineapple process in this machine?
Louis Magee (3 years ago)
Lol pineapples
Jordan Franck (3 years ago)
the sound of that squisher is priceless.
V Madhu V.madhu (1 year ago)
my coming
V Madhu V.madhu (1 year ago)
my comeng please
Francisco Da Silva (1 year ago)
Jordan Franck
Savita Sahani (2 years ago)
Soleng Sell (3 years ago)
it is so god,but i do not find this engine,where ? and how much it coast ? how wide ?
Sunil Lamkhade (1 year ago)
Soleng Sell cŻçxcch
Diego Lopez (3 years ago)
que de piña
Blue Marshall (3 years ago)
What About The Pineapple Skin. What Happened.
Juicer lab (3 years ago)
Wow, nice video. For more Visit us site -
Fernando Marizan (3 years ago)
tentador jugo de piña
Ana Hierro (3 years ago)
beautiful but scary
BBC HND Students (3 years ago)
very nice
Who? (3 years ago)
I'm the 1,000,000th viewer. Where's my prize?
Taser Tag (10 months ago)
Ahsan Gujjar gujjar (2 years ago)
Alejandro Medina uy 6
Alejandro Medina (3 years ago)
+Skullex Shiba a Pineapple.
Henry Wang (3 years ago)
+Skullex Shiba x applause x
Adam Manzira (3 years ago)
Adam Manzira (3 years ago)
reach in vituims C
Vasantha Rajmohan (3 years ago)
very nice channel I like
Alejandro Medina (3 years ago)
3:00 throw some vodka !!!!
David Ruiz (2 years ago)
jaja tepache it's better
Truth's Knight_0777 (3 years ago)
+Alejandro Medina My kinda guy!
Organic Grow (3 years ago)
1:17 Fruit Ninja
HASHM Salaymeh (3 years ago)
قناه رائعه نستفيد منها كثيرا كل الشكر للمقيمين عليها
Akbar Farhan (3 years ago)
Kat Chup (3 years ago)
that one machine threw those pineapples like a football
MIS315 (3 years ago)
With dead accuracy too! They went straight to the center
villa teng (3 years ago)
Very nice channel. I love it
عبود 99 (3 years ago)
انا سعودي
jerry malinab (3 years ago)
yes lets play buy now....sweet pineapple a healthyu life style...
Nguyễn Quang Anh (4 years ago)
rhyss Hafmanftorper (4 years ago)
who among you here secreted enough saliva in their mouth because of that pineapples?
Sarah Zaifullizan (3 years ago)
Vikash Kumar (4 years ago)
quanto costa questa machina
Vikash Kumar (4 years ago)
hoe much cost this machin
anon (4 years ago)
so they juice the outside part as well?
Minhaj Khan (4 years ago)
awesome superbbbbb
H4TB (4 years ago)
Hyacinth Htnicayh (4 years ago)
1:47 Awesome!
Mamimi Mint (4 years ago)
the sims was right D:
Henry Tun (4 years ago)
Great experience to watch.. I love it.. Thanks for posting.
Abon Bon (4 years ago)
Mr scruff ninja tuna!
Sagar Mane (2 months ago)
Abon Bon््ँशलछँ्झजँ्धेज
Courtney Dorsey (4 years ago)
That pineapple juice so good it makes me want to go out store by some pineapple juice
Rehankhan009 Rehan (2 years ago)
Courtney Dorsey gyj
Javy Damas (4 years ago)
if we were harvested to make juice, that is what it would sound like.
Scorpionking (5 years ago)
no sugar needed :) 
Hi-FI Z.O.N.E (5 years ago)
poor pineapples...
Ramhluni Rami (5 years ago)
can I have details about the machine, the capacity, size, and cost for purchase
Dhrubajyoti Kumar Ghosh (5 years ago)
Gd technology indeed..I am planning for a plant in future...
manuelergcruz (5 years ago)
That is fruit cruelty!! lol..great vid, it's sure nice if kids will go field trips on factories like this..very educational..:)
Harikesh Kumar (1 month ago)
2nd of b...?
zeyd18 (5 years ago)
the pineapple field picture is in Mauritius
Blqbla56 Klq (1 year ago)
zeyd18 yfivnv
Jimmy Simeon (5 years ago)
whats the minimum output of this machine?
anusha ravada (5 years ago)
nice technology really excellent procedure,interesting.thank u for upload
michelet denis (5 years ago)
i love this machine
Darrell_beats_eViL (5 years ago)
spongebob gonna love this!
Sadan Sen (5 years ago)
nice technolege
Alex Life (5 years ago)
Lilaan (5 years ago)
Is the leftover pulp used for anything or just sold off as animal feed?
md habibur (27 days ago)
rrreger (5 years ago)
Great video, thanks for sharing ;)! One quesiton - what happen with that peel when its shredded at the end?
MIS315 (3 years ago)
Stop oppressing me or I am going to report you. The word kill is triggering
DJ Kotkas (3 years ago)
+MIS315 I saw you reporting a comment xDDD about killing ur mum.
Arnold James (3 years ago)
pineapple juice has lot of calcium.
MIS315 (3 years ago)
Why do all industrial waste products go into animal feed!!!!! Ugh!!
Shendrit Gashi (5 years ago)
I think they going to make that for animal industry food 
Biggie Big (5 years ago)
That sound of the pineapples being crushed :( lol