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FS2004/FSX - Titanic in the Sky (Qantas Flight 32)

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Please support this channel by following me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/allecibay Qantas Flight 32 was a Qantas scheduled passenger flight that suffered an uncontained engine failure on 4 November 2010 and made an emergency landing at Singapore Changi Airport. The failure was the first of its kind for the Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger aircraft. It marked the first aviation occurrence involving an Airbus A380. On inspection it was found that a turbine disc in the aircraft's No. 2 Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engine (on the port side nearest the fuselage) had disintegrated. The aircraft had also suffered damage to the nacelle, wing, fuel system, landing gear, flight controls, the controls for engine No. 1 and an undetected fire in the left inner wing fuel tank that eventually self-extinguished. The failure was determined to have been caused by the breaking of a stub oil pipe which had been manufactured improperly. Credits go to Mayday (Air Crash Investigation, Air Emergency, Air Disasters in other places) for the video clips of the crash and aftermath! Watch the actual episode here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7FkTKQ-QRY Music: When The Lights Came On Artist: Kai Engel Listen to the entire music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFS_RWHYx7U Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/allec.ibay https://twitter.com/joshandroma
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Text Comments (1039)
Ray's Dad (14 hours ago)
The pilots were overloaded with warning signals. It's probably a lucky thing that there were extra evaluation pilots in the cockpit.
Gary Shackelford (15 hours ago)
Why do they title this "titanic in the sky"?
Robert Young (1 day ago)
QANTAS- Queensland and Northwest Territories Air Service
Robert Young (1 day ago)
Everything was textbook,way to go QANTAS crew
Laura Schuck (1 day ago)
I'm a nervous wreck watching these, not knowing if the ending will be happy or tragic! Thank God this one turned out so well!
RedneckSpaceMan (3 days ago)
If the engines had been GE or P&W, this would not have happened.
Clark Gable (4 days ago)
One engine failure did a lot of damage
Ethan Reynolds (7 days ago)
That was intense well done
Renzo Casiban (8 days ago)
*I am one of that passenger bound to AU..... i will not forget that very time i almost die.....this is my second life...thanks to the captain anyway...*
pop5678eye (10 days ago)
I don't know why the media keeps likening this incident to the Titanic. The Titanic has not delivered a single passenger safely across the Atlantic. (true, its sister ships have, after serious changes to safety features) As of 2018, the A380 operated for over a decade, delivering millions of passengers worldwide, with not a single fatality. (though I don't want to jinx that record by making this comment)
pop5678eye (10 days ago)
Typical hypocrisy of American xenophobes: if it's an Airbus and there is an incident, but the aircraft lands safely... 'It proves how unsafe Airbus is, I'll never fly on one!' When an actual accident happens of a Boeing aircraft that may even involve injuries and death... 'See how many people Boeing saved with its redundant systems and safety features? I only ever want to fly Boeing!' The comments are so predictable...
Pil Roberts (10 days ago)
So the unanswered question is... Did Capt. de Crespigny pass his evaluation??
Robert Gantry (10 days ago)
Yup! I bet the Captain got the best evaluation of his career that day! hahaha!
Morgan H (11 days ago)
So did he pass his evaluation? Lol
HeyItsVos (14 days ago)
“We’re gonna go ahead and approve you’re annual proficiency check”
ChristianTRP (14 days ago)
In flight simulator games, I always land too slow so therefore I stall.
shane matthews (14 days ago)
I bet that pilot had to change his shorts !
Jonen560ti (15 days ago)
1:55 worst time ever to get a facebook notification
ss (15 days ago)
"Titanic In The Sky" .... surely you could think of something better than that. For one thing, no one died.
Drogheda 974 (16 days ago)
Dommage pour vidéo isn't traduce in french
Terry Melvin (17 days ago)
The real Titanic at least had a great swimming pool. It still holds water.
Art Vandelay8771 (19 days ago)
"Qantas never crashed" - Rainman
BadlyDrawnGirl1664 (22 days ago)
Love Qantas, one of the best. Flew them to New Zealand in '06 one of the smoothest long haul flights I've ever been on. Well done to captain and crew.
rideordieguy rideordieguy (22 days ago)
Simon Inglis (22 days ago)
"Titanic in the Sky?" this is an identical title to another youtube video on the same subject. it is equally offensive in both. On the Titanic most of the people died. On this flight none of the people died. On the Titanic there was massive incompetence. On this flight there was very high level competence. QANTAS has never ever had a fatal accident. There is no other airline on planet Earth of the same age, who has anything like this reputation for safety. Australians have been pioneers in civil aviation. Hargraves was a contemporary of the Wright brothers. The RAAF is one of the world's oldest Air Forces In 1946 it was actually the fourth largest air force in the world. An analogy should be logically related to what it is talking about. To describe this as being like the "Titanic" is completely illogical, given that the Titanic didn't embark a bunch of happy customers in New York Harbor, get repaired and go on to make lots more voyages. Perhaps some of you don't know much about Australian pilots. They tend to have the calmness under pressure/stiff upper lip that the best of the British have, and the ballsy optimism of the Americans, along with a long proud tradition of pragmatic quick thinking Australian aviators which is then honed, refined, strengthened, sharpened and polished by utterly shitloads of training. I'm guessing you are not an American, but this negative out of nowhere is something they do well. I once saw the AK47 described as being "idiot-proof", which sounds like a bad thing, because it calls the other guys you're fighting "idiots"; however idiot proof means it is the most reliable assault rifle ever built. When is "reliable" or great engineering a bad thing? so sure. Just like the Titanic, apart from having almost nothing in common whatsoever with the Titanic, and being a slur on 5 heroic guys who absolutely had their shit together.
Boot Lick (24 days ago)
Renata Lorenzetto (25 days ago)
Thank God they were all safe ❤️
Timoteus Bygdås (26 days ago)
Search Singapore if u wanna see the whole story this is just a wiew of the landing
Jeph Nightingale (26 days ago)
My heart was pounding like you know what as I watched this... 😕
ShadoeFax (1 month ago)
Jesus everything that could go wrong did go wrong
Ryan Mason (1 month ago)
Why does it always seem to be engine 2?
fpchopingmail (1 month ago)
I thought the captain did a great job unless there were details not being shared with this video.
Adam Thomas (1 month ago)
I wonder how his yearly flight audit went.
Bingo Hall (1 month ago)
defected should be defective
William Radford (1 month ago)
Qantas flight 32 (Titanic in the sky) A380 airbus lands with a crippled engine after it exploded
William Radford (1 month ago)
Opening shot, Qantas's lovely airbus A380, a super size 747 jumbo jet
Jero Briggs (1 month ago)
Nice to see happy endings. Doesn't usually happen.
Eva Zigon (1 month ago)
Gawd! This one had me on the edge of my seat all the while. So glad everyone survived and kudos to the pilots! What a cock-up on the part of Rolls Royce! Incredible. Thanks for posting one with a happy end this time :D.
Christoph Dollis (1 month ago)
So did Captain de Crespigny pass his annual eval?
M.J. Leger (1 month ago)
We had to mute this, why don't you (Allec Ibay) learn to tone down the volume on your videos? Your videos always have some kind of problem or another to make us watch out for them to NOT click on them! Too bad, because you have some good incidents that were involved.
M.J. Leger (1 month ago)
Of course I can adjust the volume, but then, I have to go in and change it back, it's just much easier to mute what I don't want to hear (I just tap f6) -- if it has captions, I'll read -- I KNOW what aircraft engines sound like! But thanks for the suggestion anyway.
Jero Briggs (1 month ago)
Can't you turn your volume down if it's too loud? That's what I do. I find more frustrating that the adds at the beginning are way too loud.
juliet juliet (1 month ago)
I think these "warning sounds" during emergency situations are terribly disruptive to rational thought process and should have a deactivation once the situation has been identified and which reactivates at another "issue" - do they?
EdgemanLL2 (12 days ago)
Yes, the crew can quiet the alarm. But if conditions deteriorate or a new problem arises, the alarm returns.
Leighton Samms (1 month ago)
I have never been on one of these, and probably will never, And the model is assuredly DEAD, Emirates, cancelled their options, then there are runways that can take them, then terminal areas, are another aspect..
Will G (1 month ago)
Damn Good Pilots!
Lenny Pepperidge (1 month ago)
I was here for the carnage
Hans Zarkov (1 month ago)
a happy ending? nice!
Ernest Kovach (1 month ago)
Great piloting and great Teamwork;" 2 heads are better than " one as that old saying/adage goes! Do you concur? We CONCUR!
Skwirut (1 month ago)
Remarkable video. Remarkable plane.
Sandy (2 months ago)
Sometimes, automation can overload the flight deck crew......
68JCodeCougar (2 months ago)
I think he passed his check flight
billsblots (2 months ago)
Thanks, extraordinary research, presentation and conclusion.
ky malone (2 months ago)
Ugly ass plane I like Boeing
Ohio Against The World (2 months ago)
I was wondering how a plane piloted by a dude with such a badass name like "Champion" could ever crash, but then I realized that the copilots' names were Matt Hicks and Mark Johnson and it made me understand that those two normal names completely canceled out the pilots badass name.
Huh? what?? uhhhhh......aaaaaaaaaaarghhhh!?!?!? (2 months ago)
As soon as i seen quants...i knew the ending would be happy
AngelUnicorn Girl (2 months ago)
I’m from Australia, and I will honestly not rest until I learn that QANTAS, JetStar and Virgin Australia are the safest flights in the world. I saw this video and I freaked out. Well, the Titanic didn’t really have a pleasant maiden voyage. I just clicked on it an now I’m relieved. Great job, pilots. Australia does have the safest flights in the world.
Android Kenobi (2 months ago)
Quantas never crashed
EG 0611 (2 months ago)
Airbus A380-800: An engineering failure.
GroomLeader (2 months ago)
Skilled, staying cool under pressure, and bringing such a massive aircraft down safely, great flying, they did an excellent job. Well done!!
Airman CompSci (2 months ago)
For all of those in the comments who are 50-50 about the fact they only used one engine for reverse thrust and it is wrong, please look it up. Multiple sources state that they used one engine for reverse thrust on landing. They did use reverse thrust. Obviously the plane didn't veer off the runway because of it. I am not a pilot and I can't find exactly what they did to compensate for it, but the pilots knew what they were doing to compensate for having reverse thrust on only one side. Calm yourselves.
Narf (2 months ago)
The Titanic was a ship and hit an iceberg, silly
Luke The Hat (2 months ago)
how does the livery change half way through the video and then back 20 seconds later
Brad Lee (2 months ago)
A second video of survival that I've watched after a Philippine Airlines' flight bomb explosion in 1990's.
Waheedasghar (2 months ago)
Chongcharoen Sornkaew (2 months ago)
Thanks so much for a great simulation.
NewHampshireBoy (2 months ago)
No wonder Rolls Royce was headed down the drain and the UK government had to nationalize it.
Bunto Skiffler (3 months ago)
good outcome finally, thx. -b
Vice 88 (3 months ago)
I actually got a Qantas Airways advert for this video. What a coincidence. Nice video!
Mark Mitchell (3 months ago)
Excellent story and I bet the pilot passed his test with flying colours pardon the pun
Yolo Swaggins (3 months ago)
I guess he passed his evaluation.
USA THE GREAT (3 months ago)
Sum ting Wong.
830615521 (3 months ago)
Love the happy ending ❤❤❤ to the pilots 💋💋💋
Nick Coudounellis (3 months ago)
By far, the best plane to fly the sky
df1e (3 months ago)
Ayy landing back in my country
Remy Dadula (3 months ago)
I hold my breath while watching this.i often fly quantas to australia.
David Moreno (3 months ago)
Finally one with a happy ending 👍
Rocdog! (3 months ago)
The A380 is an ugly plane!
Guru Sandirasegaram (3 months ago)
Titanic could not safe any passengers. But this captain landed safely. Congratulations the captain ( this call your day
Konrad X (3 months ago)
Quantas has not had a fatal crash since 1952. Southwest Airlines has not had a fatality since Southwest began in 1967. This is what happens when airlines treat their employees well. When airlines do not treat their employees well, passengers (including children) pay with their lives.
Will (3 months ago)
Why the sad music?
Rob Trubiano (3 months ago)
Idk about you people but my pulse jumped, adrenaline started pumping & my breathing was becoming erratic
wiibaron (3 months ago)
Those planes are nearly as ugly faced as the alien from the Alien movies.
The Sarge (3 months ago)
"Defective" not "Defected"
Paul Morgan (3 months ago)
It.wasn't able to have reverse thrust
senior nono (3 months ago)
A380 is an absolute monster. Unbelievably enormous plane.
Jason Gallman (3 months ago)
“It is the most automated plane in the sky” *BOOM*
Glen Dooer (3 months ago)
The Oil would have gone into the combustion chambers not into the Turbine
Mr Creeper2468 (3 months ago)
I know alot about this disaster cuz im Australian
bryant tillman (3 months ago)
boss pilot
terry hughes (3 months ago)
awesome job!
Ahmed Cheema (3 months ago)
Journey of plan is so risky your destination maybe achieve or not yet should be believe on God
Les A. R (3 months ago)
Close call, but look like it is still the safest airline in the industry.
Sibte Kazmi (3 months ago)
we were an psa and we srveved
MatA57 (3 months ago)
that messenger notification at 1:57 freaked me out lol
Minong Maniac (4 months ago)
Airbust A320 lol
Saddam Hussein (4 months ago)
I'm going to ask the obvious question: Did the plane crash into a flying iceberg?
Peter Lawrence (4 months ago)
SIr, The word is defective not detected pipes.
Moheeb Fadel (4 months ago)
Nice i was waiting for the subtitle narration to eventually say " Once the airbus came to a full stop after landing, it exploded." Thank god it ended well.
Karina Kucharczyk (4 months ago)
panther105 (4 months ago)
I find it a little weird and bad designing not to have a master shut off switch or lever accessible from some external port or access door so that any of the engines could be shut down by the ground crew in an emergency such as this.
baker sam (4 months ago)
cheeky discord message
Catherine Hackett (4 months ago)
Really impressive on the part of that pilot. I can't even imagine being in that kind of situation with so much pressure.