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Four ex-fraternity members get jail time after hazing death

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Trace Gallagher shares details on 'The Story.'
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Nolan Blue (3 days ago)
Is some thing Wong with that.... asshole,s ,can't even... open there all the....way.. chicken. .. dog eating. Monther fucker.,s ,back..to Mongolia. ...
Alejandro Grant (25 days ago)
These comments are pretty cancer tbh
Ajay Cbaby (2 months ago)
At least those Asians are not mass shooters and rapist like caucasians.
WHAT IT Dooooh (2 months ago)
lolol weaklings die. Only thee strong survive. HazingHazing been going on foeh years
No excuse
Robert Craig (7 months ago)
None None (7 months ago)
2 years in prison? That's all?
David Larson (9 months ago)
They forced him to drink soy sauce until he died.
Dan Wipper (9 months ago)
Our schools are leftist commie shitholes.
Robert Craig (7 months ago)
claim jumper21 (10 months ago)
see the the one second from the left i once had his mom doggie style and blue my man load on the back of her head was so hot
Spinmonkey Lives (10 months ago)
2yrs?....i did 3 on an illegal drug charge... Serpent takeover is destroying your existence... Humans are being murdered off... The left are all serpent backstabbers...America is finished... Nobody burned the witches and now they piss on your corpse. Thats why the Creator put the serpent to the sword way back IN ancient times and if you don't then the legion of death destroy humanity... Just like that... Say bye bye suckerrrrrrrs... Your lives are finished... You'll see
Dino Climaco (10 months ago)
Tai lopez 2.0 Keep up the good work mate. The more you learn the more you earn 😁
Shaka Dindu (10 months ago)
Who knew these rice Pickers had fraternities?
Conservative Hamster (10 months ago)
amazing this hazing shit is also occurring with asian americans. i thought they didn't do stupid shit like that, unlike their caucasian counterparts.
Mara Quin (10 months ago)
Funny thing.. I just tried to access the AD previewed before this video for JUDICIAL WATCH only to be shown a screw that says DENIED. HMMMMPH! TOOK A SCREENSHOT ANYWAY.WHY IS THAT IM BEING DENIED ACCESS TO SIGN THE PETITION?
witch, please (10 months ago)
Asians worship whites. This explains this behavior
Wayne Mierzwa (10 months ago)
2 years is not long enough!
Angie Westall (10 months ago)
frat boys -smdh
Hairon (10 months ago)
1-2 years for killing someone???????????? what judge said that? they need to BAND fraternities of college (children).....also racial specific only groups really need to be band
Jim Dailey (10 months ago)
MontcomHorror (10 months ago)
@1:45 Frat bro sports the Hitler doo or is that Kim Jong?
Compare and Change (10 months ago)
Isaiah 1:7: Your country is desolate, your cities are burned with fire: your land, strangers devour it in your presence, and it is desolate, as overthrown by strangers.
WaryAmerican (10 months ago)
John Grytbakk (10 months ago)
Will the USA be Chinese or Latino in the near future ? Will you even have a future you fools? Throwing it all away. Your forefathers and founders are spinning in their graves at your FAILURE to protect the sacred Republic. Such a shame.
Lambert Lum (10 months ago)
You are confusing the two ethnic groups. Chinese are a successful minority, adding value to the country. Latinos have been lackluster, some even espouse returning SouthWest US to Mexico.
Octavus5 (10 months ago)
Every time you see an Asian or hispanic face on cable, you think to yourself, what of our future?
John Grytbakk (10 months ago)
It's very clear to me. If you don't understand that, it's little I can do about it. You need knowledge. And maybe also have some growing up to do?
Octavus5 (10 months ago)
John _"Will the USA be Chinese or Latino in the near future ?"_ What does that have to do with this news report?
wayne's world (10 months ago)
what country is this in!!!!????
Captain_Dirt (10 months ago)
What a waste ! We will not have these upstanding looking young vultures at our "higher learning" facilities !
Wizard of Aus (10 months ago)
Best to learn how to haze from white guys
savvy (10 months ago)
Obviously that the white übermensch did not do this.
billy (10 months ago)
I love how they say that the prosecution is giving harder sentences. 2 years for murder isn't that stiff of a sentence
Octavus5 (10 months ago)
3rd and 4th are more commonly referred to as manslaughter. That's why these kids, who were probably convicted for involuntary manslaughter, aren't really guilty of "murder" because "murder" suggests first or 2nd degree. So don't conflate very different degrees of legal and moral crimes.
billy (10 months ago)
murder is defined into multiple categories, and last time I checked this would be defined as involuntary manslaughter, manslaughter being also known as 3rd degree murder you dope
Octavus5 (10 months ago)
It's 2 years because it wasn't really "murder", you dope.
Toadsmoothy 1960 (10 months ago)
Where's the problem? Sounds like Nature weeding morons out of the gene pool.
2Bad4Grandpa (10 months ago)
No white crimes here, move along.
RedCapitalist (10 months ago)
This is what happens when Asians copy idiotic Western practices. Why would any self-respecting Asian learn idiotic Western culture and then copy idiotic Western practices - look at the vanilla cucks it has produced in America and Europe. These idiots deserve jail time
Ian Stradian (10 months ago)
Here is a direct path to stopping these hazing deaths. If one of your fraternity brothers or pledges dies during a hazing incident, the head of that fraternity and the head of that fraternity house go to jail for 10 years. The other fraternity members will be kicked out of school for no less that 4 years, those most directly responsible for the death will serve jail time set by a court of law. Impose these limits to all fraternities and sororities and these deaths will cease immediately. The fraternity or sorority in these cases will be forced to close their doors for no less than 6 years. I know this is harsh but damn, death due to stupidity is harsh also.
☤INFiNiTE▼C0NSCi0US☤ (10 months ago)
Hazing originated from Freemasonry
Uyoku Dantai (10 months ago)
Fuck asians, they got all the money and perks while us blacks and browns get nothing! FUCK ALL OF YOU!!!
ADHD (10 months ago)
Low sperm count Whites are dying race and let’s all celebrate when they finally get eradicated hahhaha.. I live in Europe I fuck euro girls so weak and easy lolol, i will breed with many white girls and theres nothing u can do about fat 4chan racist nerds hahahah
Bullofthewoods Bodacious (10 months ago)
Where's Jackie Chan when you need him
Lambert Lum (10 months ago)
Tearing up his will, so his son doesn't get an inheritance. Seriously, Jackie Chan is so bothered by his less-than-meritorious son, that no inheritance will be sent his way. If you act like an idiot, you get shunned by your parents. The same thing is going to happen to those Asian fraternity guys. Do stupid things, go to jail, get berated by your parents. In Asian culture, if you do something stupid on a grand scale, sometimes you commit suicide because the shame is too great.
bionic26 (10 months ago)
I am triggered wheres the diversity all straight Asian men
Tristan Lau (2 months ago)
Are you sure they're straight? LOL
Alberto Jose (9 months ago)
What about the 4 white guys that murder two elderly man and cut them apart dude that was insane here in texas
JB JG (10 months ago)
bionic26 Who said they are all straight?
Josh DeRoche (10 months ago)
Anybody else think before Trace talks he has a sinister look on his face 😂
ThE BeSt ! (10 months ago)
Trump🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🚨🛎👉👌 just got caught cheating on his wife with XXX star Stormy Daniels XXX XXX star Stormy Daniels XXX XXX 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🛎🛎🚨🛎🛎 what a low life worse then bill Clinton!
People Evil (10 months ago)
Clinton is a creep
Aileen Hang (10 months ago)
Hazing should only be allow in prison...
Conservative Hamster (10 months ago)
oh not just hazing, but homosexual butt fucking and rape
Dora Tiscareno (10 months ago)
BASTAARDS...Nice hair cuts for court
Dora Tiscareno (10 months ago)
Riki LivingRoom (10 months ago)
Dora Tiscareno And you have proof that all the Asians in this video aren't American born? You have their long-form birth certificates?
Dora Tiscareno (10 months ago)
Riki LivingRoom 🚫 YR ASS DUMB FUCK
Dora Tiscareno (10 months ago)
Riki LivingRoom (10 months ago)
Dora Tiscareno I did go to school. Italians are descendants from Spaniards. So I guess you like marrying foreigners?
Dora Tiscareno (10 months ago)
Dora Tiscareno (10 months ago)
DeMeaning Plebny (10 months ago)
Observing the "plight of Asian Americans," so they beat an Asian American to death.
Tony Carr (10 months ago)
google we this boys jail time = you know what next jail love just look at it as hazing x 10 pay back is hell
Joyce S. (10 months ago)
Hazing should be illegal or supervised! Drunken abusers out of control. Those poor families! So terribly sad:(
T3ddy Gram (10 months ago)
Alcohol..... If they were smoking weed this never would have happened.
Jennifer Jaworski (10 months ago)
Ted Graham As long as it’s not laced with anything, I can not find a reason to disagree with you on that. And if they knew how to work with it, you’d have a bunch of want to be engineers who actually did their homework.
Leonard Wong (10 months ago)
Break the law go to jail. Seems perfectly reasonable. They should be more stringent in recruiting students. Money isn't everything.
Drink Water (10 months ago)
Asians are perhaps the most successful of all races in the United States so I guess they are privileged? White people tend to prefer asians because they are less racist than other non whites?
Lambert Lum (10 months ago)
JB JB. How can you say I know little about Asia, when I am Chinese? In fact, I took 3 undergrad classes on East Asian History when I was studying at University. You are unfamiliar with how East Asians can arrive penniless and become middle class in a single generation. I will explain. During the period of Imperial China, government bureaucrats were chosen on their ability to pass the civil service examination. The civil service examination was a test of one's understanding of literature, specifically Confucianism. Every parent dreamed of their son becoming the scholar bureaucrat. So began 100s of years of tradition of harsh regimen to push children into becoming the educated class. Not only China, but the same Confucian education system was copied by Korea, Japan and Vietnam. So you see, East Asians do not require privilege. They only need an opportunity. Those hundreds of years living under the civil service examination has burned into the mind of every East Asian the unrelenting desire for education. And through that education, well paying jobs.
JB JG (10 months ago)
Lambert Lum You know very little about Asia. Half of Asians still lives on farm land plowing with ox’s or fishing in muddy rivers. We get the cream of the crop in the West. The ones with money and/or means to obtain an education. We all know you guys think Africans are inferior. Did you know the nation with the most educated and highest earners per capita are immigrants from Nigeria. Would you say it’s because Nigerians are just studious hard workers and smarter than everyone or would you say it’s because we in the US accept the best of the best?
Lambert Lum (10 months ago)
JB JG. That's not discrimination. It is simply the culture of East Asians to be quiet, studious and industrious. That culture manifests as professions of doctors, engineers and finance. If an East Asian is CEO, it would typically be in the engineering area, e.g. Jerry Yang of Yahoo, Jensen Huang of Nvidia, Lisa Su of AMD. This success of the East Asians is regardless of financial circumstances. Even the boat people of Vietnam who came to US with nothing in their pockets, became middle class in a single generation. It is the culture of the East Asians that drives them toward knowledge work, which currently yields good paying jobs.
JB JG (10 months ago)
Lowell Williamson Privilege doesn’t equate to success nor does success indicate privilege. Asians immigrants tend to be more privileged than most other immigrants (US only wants the smart and wealthy from Asian), but Asians face discrimination in the work place... lots of Asian workers.. not many Asian CEOs.
Lambert Lum (10 months ago)
Asian are the one successful minority. There's no reason why other minorities can't be as successful as Asians. They simply have to do the same things as the Asians.
Hilde Platz (10 months ago)
Life all of them.it's not the end more to come.
I SHOT UP THE WALMART I DID (10 months ago)
For smart kids they sure are dumb but i think it just got out of hand and it was an accident and it is typical to get up a few minutes later. to not call a ambulance after your friends been knocked out for 30 mins is not smart but an accident all the same NULLIFICATION or null-boo-yah as i like to say
Hilde Platz (10 months ago)
Should have life or hang.👎👎👎
Blessedone333AZ (10 months ago)
Why are all of them Asian? Why are there college fraternities which are exclusive to Asians? That's not the American way! Fraternities are a bad idea to begin with but then you add the element of racism and just makes it twice as bad
Mansur estes (1 month ago)
Normal fraternities are pretty much already for only whites as it pretty much only consists of whites so you need to have only Asian fraternities otherwise what's the point of social frats where everyone is different from you.
NicKingPapiChulo (10 months ago)
+Blessedone333AZ still don't see whats racist about that comment. the vast majority of fraternities are white fraternities but here you are crying racism about this one Asian fraternity. why you want to be a victim so much arent you supposed to be against victimhood?
Blessedone333AZ (10 months ago)
NicKingPapiChulo you said, "yeah it's really hard out here for WHITE BOYS...(blah blah blah) You're a DUMBASS
NicKingPapiChulo (10 months ago)
Blessedone333AZ lol how is my comment racist? For people who are supposed to be against victimhood you're trying really hard to be acknowledged as victims
Blessedone333AZ (10 months ago)
NicKingPapiChulo wow how stupid you sound with your cartoon icon pic and your dumbass racist comments! You're no King you're a pathetic Choy Boy
Wade The Canadian (10 months ago)
only 2 years??? so out in 6 months so sad a life is wirth so little i think you get more time for fraud than for murder...
White Pride (10 months ago)
104 average Asian IQ, keep that in mind. The extreme racism against white people, Americans, and brainwashing through trauma based tactics, keep that in mind also.
The bitch is back ! (10 months ago)
Oh but pot is dangerous? Ok😒
The Government (10 months ago)
Oh they're asian? alright i guess it's asian hating day today here in the comments
Reaper5.56 Xx (10 months ago)
The Government if they are so smart why don’t they stay in their shit hole country’s. Literally 380 million people shit on the ground in china
The Government (10 months ago)
lets see....why are them asians coming over from the orient and taking all my math jobs!!
David Paul (10 months ago)
So sad.
Robert Fields (10 months ago)
They should have received ZERO time. Dumbass drinks himself to death? Fuck him, that's his own fault.
BonnieBlue2A (10 months ago)
Parents, don’t let you sons and daughters “go Greek”. The Greek system is not anything like it was 30-40 years ago. They no longer carry the weight and influence to make pledging and membership worth it.
Shay Beauty (1 month ago)
I agree💯💯
monkeygraborange (10 months ago)
"as much as 2 years behind bars" Are you shitting me? This is a disgrace.
FishBayVI420H20 (9 months ago)
+Alberto Jose - I see through all their conniving bullshit, and I could expose them in more and more detail all day and night , unfortunately..... People need to stop letting corporatism and political corruption manipulate and divide them away from their most precious allies and the most possible solution to all this crap...
FishBayVI420H20 (9 months ago)
+Alberto Jose - Dont try too hard to call out fox news....trust me, fox news is TRYING to get people like you to call out fox news....Thats how they remain relevant.... they purposefully slant their coverage and they purposefully feed into your frustration.... fox news doesnt give a flying fuck about what color anyone is....The only color they care about is GREEN... Please dont confuse "news outlets" with "the media".... Journalism is not the same as the media....fox isnt journalism...theyre propaganda for the "fuck people and stomp on people" category....and they make more money when everyone not in that category turns on everyone else not in that category.... Fox and the rest of the television and internet "media", purposefully present an obvious "bias".... why do they all do that shit? Because when they leave out a skin color and focus too much on a different skin color, it pisses people off. fox news focuses way more on non-whites, because it pisses off the non-whites, and often the non-whites will react to fox's bullshit by saying things that will piss off whites...and often times the whites will get pissed off at the non whites who say shit about the whites, and then everybody watches more fox news, everybody blabbers and whines or blindly defends fox news, etc etc etc etc... And we all turn on eachother.....and fox news makes more money and gets more relevant and more influential...which also results in the "stomp on people and fuck people over" category making more and more money and taking more and more power away from the rest of us.....
FishBayVI420H20 (9 months ago)
+Alberto Jose - what does it matter what fox news talks about or doesnt talk about?? Its stupid to make points about anything by using what some shallow bullshit capitalist corporation pretending to be a "news channel" has to say or not say about anything... However, I dont even know what youre referring to...which 12 or 10 kids got locked up for a decade? Shit man, I got locked up for 4 and a half years and I didnt do any wrong to anyone else to deserve that long in prison...fox never talked about me either...and Im white! And I got more prison time for a fucking plant, than I literally saw black AND white AND hispanic people get for actual crimes against other people.... Youre motherfucking right that we shouldnt turn on eachother....but that means we shouldnt post comments based on skin color that have a strong potential to result in Americans turning on eachother because of too much emphasis on skin color.... If we want to narrow broad issues down to the most accurate simplicities, then we should be discussing two categories: The people who get stomped on and fucked over, and the people who stomp on people and fuck people over... Its an economic thing much more than a race thing.... but since there is so much race based division and rhetoric, consider this: a black or hispanic american with millions of dollars, compared to a white person who is poor and broke and struggling.... Who do you think is more prone to getting fucked over by our corrupted System? Its the constant focus on RACE, that is helping and supporting people turning on eachother..... If more average americans threw away all the race bullshit arguments and trying to make points about which race gets better treatment than some other race, we would ALL be a little bit closer to preventing ALL of us from getting fucked over and stomped on by our corrupted system... Its our corrupted system and the rich douchefaces that make money off off it and feed politicians pockets, that want everyone else to turn on eachother...because it keeps all of us divided, and if we all remain divided, we wont ever be able to take our System back and make the cocksucker rich assfucks and corruption go away.... When we turn on eachother, we cant form enough power as a citizenry to take the power back to us all and take the power away from the REAL people we should all be turning against...
Alberto Jose (9 months ago)
+FishBayVI420H20 fox hasn't talk about the marriged that had 12 or 10 kids lock up for a decade thats bs see my point, who are are we even american? this is a disgrace to our founding fathers they gave up their lifes for what, so we could forget about it and turn on each other. sad
Alberto Jose (9 months ago)
+FishBayVI420H20 i have no problem with it dude my issue is fox news, thy there to talk put asians as a bait and when a latino does it they do the same but a white guy does something and i dont see no pics of white man is bs just like cnn i hate news outlets we shouldn't be supportimg this. shit like this keep setting us apart is dividing us
Danny Willis (10 months ago)
Oh no better call the Democrat rat's this must be mistake
#MarkAnthonyGiven Given (10 months ago)
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Diego Sanchez (10 months ago)
Asian frat boys? lol
JB JG (10 months ago)
JulietteW Do you think most CNN viewers are aware of your claim that antifa are self hating whites?
JulietteW (10 months ago)
JB JG My point is, most CNN viewers are praising Antifa.
JB JG (10 months ago)
JulietteW What is Your point? you are saying CNN is Antifa now? Lol
JulietteW (10 months ago)
JB JG So? Most Antifa members are white, yet they posted on their page that the white DNA is an "abomination" & said that the world would be a better place without white people. CNN viewers are in support of Antifa. I've see so many hateful comments on CNN just like on fox.
JB JG (10 months ago)
JulietteW Yeah right. Most CNN reviewers are white so I find that hard to believe.
benjamin abarca (10 months ago)
Stupid fuks!
Spot Spot (10 months ago)
Darn white guys.... opps.......
Jeff C (10 months ago)
Good. Get em in there with the many bubba's in prison.