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TOP 15 NBA Players Funniest Commercials

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NBA Superstars with best funny commercials : DeMarcus Cousins,Blake Griffin,Chris Paul,Karl-Anthony Towns,Carmelo Anthony,Jimmy Butler,Damian Lillard,Kyrie Irving,Anthony Davis,Stephen Curry,Kevin Durant,Kawhi Leonard,Lebron James,James Harden,Russell Westbrook and more DISCLAIMER - All clips property of the NBA. No copyright infringement is intended All credits to NBA and producers of these videos
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Text Comments (1610)
MVP Romania (1 year ago)
Who has the best commercial?
Zekken Fanny (8 days ago)
MVP Romania Xxxx.
Chris Hardy (12 days ago)
damian lillard
Adam Reeser (13 days ago)
Damian Lillard with the legends
JeMelo _Handz (15 days ago)
Russel Westbrook
Arion (20 days ago)
George Whyel (2 hours ago)
Daniel Maluenda (22 hours ago)
These are great haha
Daniel Sales (23 hours ago)
A wild Karl Malone appears out of nowhere with burgers haha 😂
Gucci Boy Angeles (1 day ago)
I saw what he did by repeating to make 10mins long 😂😂😂
JJ Garvey Rodriguez (1 day ago)
yo you repeated that last ad for 10 mins, but i have adblock brother
Leonardo Conceicao (1 day ago)
Jesus loves you
Wow its a name (1 day ago)
The LeBron James cranberry sprite one is the best
Lilies Suryani (1 day ago)
I saw the microphone
Márcio Oliveira Monteiro (1 day ago)
Dame Lillard
A very creative name (1 day ago)
I don't like sprite Especially sprite cranberry
Constipated Potato (1 day ago)
are we just gonna gloss over the fact that this man repeated an ad 2 times to reach 10 minutes
AvRg Snapple (1 day ago)
Issa snow ball *does his sped laugh*
Sim ? (2 days ago)
"Apologize to melo 5".......
Connor Coffey (2 days ago)
Where's Sprite cranberry
James Brown (3 days ago)
CoopaBrewa (3 days ago)
Wanna sprite cranberry
Gorza (5 days ago)
didi that little kid tryed likeing cousins sweat
Leroy Tyler (5 days ago)
Curry the only one make good commercials.. the rest of them make me cringe
max clm (5 days ago)
those kds are some heat
AnythingSports34 (5 days ago)
Kawhi Leonard’s was the best... Also how come when I put Kawhi it tried to autocorrect it to lashing?
Venom Mamba (6 days ago)
No Kobe or Lebron puppets
psychfan21 (6 days ago)
That deangelo phone bit was the best. But Melos is pretty good
Yoshiki G (6 days ago)
Boogie's ad always gets me. So hilarious.
Omari Suero (6 days ago)
He repeated the 10th one
Stewie Griffin (7 days ago)
Melo has been lookin like melo 5 on the court recently
Justin Lindale (7 days ago)
Does he want to
Lucas Centofanti (8 days ago)
Want a sprite?
Vader YT (8 days ago)
costagreekgod 80 (8 days ago)
James harden's voice in his head sounds like Sheamus from the WWE
tpinkx (8 days ago)
Lillard :( why u do this
Jamayn Reddy (8 days ago)
Savage D Angelo Russell
Jamayn Reddy (8 days ago)
DeAndre and Blake hahahaha
Adam (9 days ago)
the guy with the snowball , kowhi kiwhi, kimi what was his name again ... ? it doesn't matter what his name is ha ha ha
osu5inarow (9 days ago)
Apologize to melo 5
_Risk_It _4_The_Biscut_ (9 days ago)
5:34 He never really drank his recovery shake...
Razor Edge (11 days ago)
My favorite nba commercial is when Ben Simmons makes his own footlocker commercial
Winter Wood (11 days ago)
Wow replayed last one to get 10 minutes.
R4D1UM iQu1cKs (13 days ago)
It probably to Westbrook 8 hours to get those shots
Brooks 93 (13 days ago)
Stephen was the best
Donnie T (13 days ago)
Somebody please send this to chronicles of juddah
BLUE PILL (14 days ago)
Everyone was funny 😆 👍🏽👍🏽
Diane Giran (14 days ago)
Ayden 2003 (14 days ago)
I thought Demarcus cousins was in a clippers jersey at first...
Young gamer (14 days ago)
Ay yo mad gay omfg that shit is mad gay they both got the ketchup and the mustard and go up and down🤨😲😲😲
JeMelo _Handz (15 days ago)
You could hear them saying and action😬😬😂😂
Ayden 2003 (15 days ago)
When the video ended I was like... who the hell is number 1?
Ayden 2003 (15 days ago)
8:16 this may sound weird but lil yachty sounds like meatwad. Lol 😂
Ayden 2003 (15 days ago)
6:58 kawhis not in a spurs jersey anymore...
Ayden 2003 (15 days ago)
4:44 if only...
Ayden 2003 (15 days ago)
4:32 I’m familliar with that one, it used to play on tv all the time!
Ayden 2003 (15 days ago)
3:29 jimmy “zombie” butler
Ayden 2003 (15 days ago)
I looked at the likes and dislikes and thought there were more dislikes
ryan bell (15 days ago)
Maybe the real Melo isn't even playing in the league right now and replaced himself with another Melo
Glennville Sanido (15 days ago)
7:24 . Now only the Mascot is left with the Spurs.
Calique Richards (15 days ago)
So we all gonna ignore Dame's shade thrown at Karl XDDDDDDDDDDD I died after that one XDDDDDDD
Dante Falco (15 days ago)
RIP melo5
REVEXXT (15 days ago)
Number 8 is the funniest
Douglas Thompson (15 days ago)
Fuck that first one is gross.
Donae Morrow (16 days ago)
Russell throwing that phone out was real af
Glem Josol (17 days ago)
Dame was the funniest haha feel bad about webber and malone though and the other two (basketball fan here)
Netrual Routes (17 days ago)
why jimmy butler look like he get hella hoes xD
X KingClutch55 (18 days ago)
Lebron James one should be one
dakota Richardson (18 days ago)
Glad I wasn't the only one who noticed he repeated the commercial at the end to hit 10 minutes. What a douche.
Blue Knight (18 days ago)
I want a ready bag
Rohan Patel (19 days ago)
Demarcus cousins is the best because he is black
Paradox Nightmare (19 days ago)
Had to repeat the last ad twice to get to 10 mins lmao!
Ninja Toast (19 days ago)
This nigga played the last commercial twice to get over 10 minutes smh
Arion (20 days ago)
Kawhi is probably making all the snowballs in toronto
Scott Orum (20 days ago)
He licked it🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢
Noochie (20 days ago)
You replayed the last one to get the video to 10 minutes sneaky
plazmagun 555 (21 days ago)
When you need that 10 minutes of ad revenue
Donutwolf Supreme (21 days ago)
I love no. 4
Lil Flame _ (22 days ago)
I T ' S A S N O W B A L L
quinon dc (22 days ago)
Damian lillard
Cameron Lane (23 days ago)
lillards was the best
AwayV2 (23 days ago)
kyrie's is best by far
Patrick Starr (23 days ago)
5:34 i want you to realize how incredibly stupid this scene is Steph curry picks up a shake and never drinks it what a waste of shake
Amir Kabre (25 days ago)
That kid is nasty
Emma jakson (25 days ago)
Read more to Read more
NoOneCanGaurdMe N.O.C (25 days ago)
Jimmy lol
midnightspud (26 days ago)
Melo was arrogant af back when his commercial was out. Now he out there looking like Melo 5. Melo funny af LOL
Cheezy duckduck (26 days ago)
Carmelo Anthony
Catherine Ruddle (27 days ago)
7:38 That commercial used to be on ALL THE TIME
Aileen Ramones (27 days ago)
Sean Abrahmsen (27 days ago)
Played the last one twice for the 10 minute ads lol
Khai Smitty (27 days ago)
5:23 I think he got his players mixed up. I think he said Seth instead steph
greg mpouga (28 days ago)
Snowballs.The reason kawhi left Spurs for Toronto Raptors
postman aka bluestrip (28 days ago)
Ima kings fan and that damien lilard one was hella funny webber and malone had me weak
Jessie Roden (28 days ago)
Blake griffin funniest
Derp Gamer 525 (28 days ago)
1500th comment uh saw dude
sAvAgE c0w 1o1 (29 days ago)
love the Troy polumalu refrence at the beginning
homiefromfl (1 month ago)
5:49 is that how KD runs his fake social media accounts to stand up for himself?? (Also, Shaq and Tyga footlocker ad is funny too.)
JMAN MACHINE (1 month ago)
Wow great video until you add the same clip twice for the 10 minute mark. Congrats on the dislike!
Kathy Hindley (1 month ago)
Karl Malone LMFAO
Kathy Hindley (1 month ago)
13 I laughed first time I saw
William Allison (1 month ago)
It's a snowball
TheChris812 (1 month ago)
NBA players are such bad actors! Holy cow.
Miles Campbell (1 month ago)
KD’s was pretty funny lol
Nakapeesh (1 month ago)
apologize to melo 5