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The Real Reason America Doesn't Have High-Speed Rail

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Like it or not, the United States has a big transportation problem. According to many, a high-speed rail network could help alleviate a lot of the country's transportation issues, but high-speed rail in the USA hasn't made much progress in the last 50 years. Here's why. In the United States, everybody likes the idea of trains... but American trains are slow, clumsy, and absurdly expensive. Nobody wants to creep down the coast in an Amtrak - and to be honest, can you blame them? Meanwhile, a number of other countries across the world run trains that whiz along so fast and so smoothly that, according to Vox, the average person actually prefers them to airplanes. That's because airports have to be situated a taxi ride away from big cities, and force you to endure unbearable security procedures. Train stations, however, can be planted right in the city center - meaning that, if you want to travel a mid-range distance, a bullet train will get you there faster, cheaper, and more comfortably. No, they're never going to lay tracks across the Atlantic, where planes have a significant advantage. But for shorter distances, high-speed rail closes the gap. Bullet trains are also dramatically more energy-efficient than planes and automobiles. The International Energy Agency reports that, even though the rail sector carries 8% of the world's passengers and 7% of global freight transport, it only represents 2% of the Earth's transport energy demand. Even better, three quarters of passenger rail activity takes place on electric trains, making the rail industry the only form of transportation that is widely electrified today. Watch the video for more about The Real Reason America Doesn't Have High-Speed Rail! #HighSpeedRail #Trains #Transportation What is high-speed rail? | 0:16 Supply and demand | 1:26 False starts | 2:16 Here comes the politics | 3:00 Fighting the bullet | 4:09 On the right track | 5:13 Read full article: https://www.grunge.com/155798/the-real-reason-the-united-states-has-no-high-speed-rail-network/
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Text Comments (184)
Grunge (8 days ago)
If we had high-speed rail in America, would you use it?
Robert Bowen (55 minutes ago)
Warmaster 7 (14 hours ago)
No. I like to drive. I don't want to walk in the cold to a train station. No crying babies. No unruly children. And the most important reason: No smelly people.
YouTube lover 1 (1 day ago)
Olivier Gabin (2 days ago)
Yes. And even yes to travel by train with what is running now in the USA. Train is, for me, the best way to travel and discover a country.
D. G. (3 days ago)
Definitely, I was stationed in Japan when I was in the Navy, the Japanese have a system that would shock most Americans!
Ed Salinas (3 hours ago)
Actually the U.S. invented the Mag-lift.  (two) Here in California, It was more so the environmentalist that don't like more major development like more train rails.  Let alone an aqueduct.  Yea, you can blame it all on politics, cause it tends to stand in the way.  You got to admit, "Big oil" has too much power in this country.
asdf (7 hours ago)
America is so corrupt.
Akula971 (9 hours ago)
Why not? Politicians, corruption, organised crime, vested corporate interests. But trillions on a mercenary military that furthers the aims of the 1%. The USA can’t even provide a comprehensive health care system or provide its citizens with proper food. Is there GM in that? You don’t need to know!
Artur Karpinski (11 hours ago)
Anybody remember that Simpsons episode???🚝🖖
starventure (2 hours ago)
Artur Karpinski How about Hunger Games?
Cha Mariano (13 hours ago)
Bullet trains in japan are more expensive than airline
GreaterGood510 (15 hours ago)
Roland Lawrence (15 hours ago)
america should just stick to what it does best. making guns and bombs. the train is only for transporting goods for multi national company sites. not for people in the USA. they should also de-rail more projects abroad too to help keep car sales up. cheap electric trams in the uk were thankfully priced out of existence once the figures were adjusted :)
Brian Rock Railfan (20 hours ago)
Liked video 👍🚄🚋
William Spencer (23 hours ago)
Instead of answering any of the objections the Reason foundation to bullet trains you resort to ad hominem. I have a feeling that if you did attempt to answer it would be straw man argumentation.
Piotr Zagroba (1 day ago)
Time and time again, libertarians prove they're the worst trash of all.
Zodiac Dracula (1 day ago)
LoL GM bought up all the tracks that's why 😂🤣 We had more trains in the 20s-60s.. Rich people are Evil !!
Paul Morris (1 day ago)
Californias democrat politicians stole $BILLION$!! Federal Grant money intended to build High Speed Rail. Trump saved US tax payers BILLION$ by cutting them off! Corrupt Ca politicians sole reason for HS RailFAIL
Geoff Adams (1 day ago)
Why call em bullet trains?when in actual fact they are streamlined.very much like the now defunct B.R 125 deisel units .the pandalino trains are stream lined as are the cross country 222 Voyager units capable of 125 mph.then there are the electric high speed push pull trains running out of kings cross to Edinburgh. The French T.G.V trains are streamlined as are the German I.C.E units these trains are wedge shaped and not rounded
So Cal How? (1 day ago)
China is superior country now.
Bryan Church (1 day ago)
So obviously you don't do your homework since California's 13 billion dollar bullet train, can get people from L.A. to San Francisco quick, you know if you want to see all the homeless areas grow ....13 billion dollars...Homeless you do the math...smmfh
MASTER SUPREME (1 day ago)
A lizard (2 days ago)
"This country was made by and for the automobile" ~Trevor Philips
Eddee What (2 days ago)
One question how long did to take them to build the 1st transcontinental railroad???They could do 150 years ago what we can’t do today. Smh
Richard Smeets (2 days ago)
my advice use politicians and lobyist as railway sleepers for HST lines That should nail the problem 😁
T OB (2 days ago)
You're an idiot.. first of all riding Amtrak is a really fun great experience.. what do you mean by Amtrak being slow and clumsy?.. I understand the slow part but clumsy? How is a train clumsy? .. Here in the states if we have to go a few hundred miles many of us do it in our cars on our beautifully kept freeways.. if we want to go fast we take an airplane..... this planet is big and we have many enemies. It's very easy to get into the United States and all we need are terrorists sabotaging the high speed trains.
William Knogl (2 days ago)
T OB it’s because most of the track Amtrak runs on isn’t owned by them. The freight railroads own the track so the freight trains get priority. Before Amtrak the freight railroads ran their own passenger trains and often ran them at higher speeds because they gave the passenger trains priority.
Lenard Segnitz (2 days ago)
Hilarious. To talk about high speed rail and not mention China once. China now has twice as much high speed rail line as all other countries in the world combined. Like having a documentary about guns and only mentioning Antarctica and Japan and ignoring the US.
Bradley Post (2 days ago)
Why should government be operating unprofitable transportation systems when we have private cars, private buses, and airlines? Privatize Amtrak and let the market build these trains. We don’t need the government for everything.
William Knogl (2 days ago)
The reason Amtrak was created is because the privatized railroads offering passenger trains were losing large amounts of money on passenger trains in the 1960’s.
Jonathan Williams (3 days ago)
Reason bashes most government programs on principle
Brutus Tan (3 days ago)
Reason foundation is actually excellent to us libertarians (I’m an HSR Transit supporting one too) but what the left fails to see is that it is the PUBLIC investment part that being called out. Edit: Private Florida and Texas ones should be lauded AND we are opposed to corporate welfare and subsidies too
Greg Scott (3 days ago)
The island of Japan and the UK as well as South Korea are tiny distances compared to a NY to LA route. Quit comparing the U.S to tiny little countries. Geography is the biggest obstacle.
Donagh Cunningham (1 day ago)
Nobody said New York to Los Angeles would be a good high speed rail route. Trains aren't fast enough. Not yet anyway
Genial Harry Grout (3 days ago)
According to this video, a big reason why high speed rail doesn't get a look in in the USA is corruption. If high speed rail does get the go ahead then to build it cheaply and quickly the US government, or the state where the rail is to be built, should let China build it. After all, they managed to build a huge hospital in 9 days.
A Darice (3 days ago)
Yes especially if they were near airports,cruise ports, and stadiums
Randy Reneau (3 days ago)
The US would rather make bombs
Edmond Gentile (4 days ago)
The main reason it will never work is just look at a map of this country compared to all those other European countries and there you have it. It’s one thing if somebody wants to take a train from NYC-DC, Phil-Bos, Dallas-Houston but nobody is taking a train over an airplane to go from ST-Louis to Miami, NYC-Chicago the same someone who lives in Rome is taking a plane to London, not a train.
macmedic892 (3 days ago)
FINALLY someone mentions the real reason… geography!
M K (4 days ago)
In Germany green extremist foundations bribe politians to vote for tax benefits for people who choose the ICE or IC trains instead of cars and airtransportation🤔 Railwaytransport is damaging German economics aswell but somehow they act otherwise here
Haweater (4 days ago)
The Reason Foundation keeps their heads buried in those wretched Ayn Rand books. Oh, and the Atlas Shrugged film series is terrible. I only watched it because it was a rare pro-rail movie (ironically)
Brutus Tan (3 days ago)
Haweater Reason foundation is actually excellent to us libertarians (I’m an HSR Transit supporting one too) but what the left fails to see is that it is the PUBLIC investment part that being called out. Private Florida and Texas ones should be lauded AND we are opposed to corporate welfare and subsidies too
Silas Cochran (4 days ago)
You got that right Amtrak sucks. It is a f****** nightmare.
Dennis Young (4 days ago)
Thought so...
Stezo max (5 days ago)
The US is now falling way behind the rest of the developed world in everything, step outside the glitz and glam it's looking very dated
Shamik Bera (14 hours ago)
The US is more like India in railway systems
Richard Smeets (2 days ago)
The US can walk on the moon but running a train faster then say 55 mph on more then 1 line on the eastcoast is imposible. As an European i see how the average YES can do US citizen is restricted and bound by politicians.
Rick Lopez (5 days ago)
Big Oil is not gonna let it happen.
Devilsigh (5 days ago)
I'd hardly call Reason the reason we don't have high speed rail. I subscribe to reason and enjoy much of their content, I occasionally disagree but overall am a Libertarian. The problem they point out is the government squandering that occurs in many projects like these. Fix that, and we'll be golden. Also, deregulate to enable private developers to do the job of building it all better.
Brutus Tan (3 days ago)
Devilsigh SAME. Reason foundation is usually excellent but what the left fails to see is that it is the PUBLIC investment part that being called out.
theraif (5 days ago)
awww yes the brothers and i am sure rothchild is in there somewhere
Gran Torino (5 days ago)
In Europe and Asia, these outdated things only survive because of both government subsidies and exorbitant gasoline taxes. Such a paradigm would never function in America. Even if (by some miracle) the government actually paid to upgrade the nation's tracks to high-speed standards (and compensate the freight railroads in exchange for giving passenger trains priority), then they could still only compete with airlines over distances less than 600 miles. And even THAT will soon become obsolete when robotaxis and eVTOLs arrive in a few years. Back in late 1990s, the US government spent TENS OF BILLIONS to provide school districts, coast to coast, with educational laserdiscs and players. Those things are now collecting dust since it's easier for kids to watch them on their smartphones. Just leave the private sector to its own devices.
Pro & Contra Deutschland (5 days ago)
The sheer endless power of a small group of rich, libertarian train haters will ALWAYS find ways to prevent both high speed rail as well as conventional Intercity railway connections outside the North Eastern Corridor. But that era is coming to an end. The age of cheap oil is over and every modern industrialized nation that wants to remain competitive sooner or later must electrify all kinds of traffic and that includes railways. Existing railways currently run with diesel trains will have to be electrified and new railway lines will have to be built weather you like it or not. Charles Koch can take it easy. He'll be dead by the time this is achieved.
Joshua Hauser (5 days ago)
Yup. America is the worst. About time people realized. We’re basically on the brink of another civil war because we have a 2 year old in the oval office and an entire party doing his every bidding. We’re screwed.
Charmaine James (6 days ago)
Yes I would use HSR depending on where it stations were located.
Thad ward (6 days ago)
i would absolutely use high speed rail in the us, but it never happens.we have the Acela and I've been on it but its not fast over the whole route . i keep hoping
Tim Podhorn (6 days ago)
It doesn't make sense...
Stephen Powdexter (6 days ago)
At about 4:30 when he went on the attack of the Reason Foundation and allies he lost me. It was sounding so fair and balanced up to that point.
Stephen Powdexter (4 days ago)
There's no law against corporations exerting political influence. Of course contributions are limited by law but they are entitled to find spokesmen for the semi-capitalist system in which they operate. Oil companies provide a valuable product which many people do not realize the vital importance of.
vaylon1701 (5 days ago)
Don't like facts huh? Exxon has been the leading cause for tons of projects getting the ax.
timmycrw91 (6 days ago)
Not sure why these trains aren't mag-lev. Why roll on wheels, especially at those speeds? They're electric, so go mag-lev, IMHO.
timmycrw91 (2 days ago)
@William Knogl I didn't know. Seems excessively expensive to me.👍👍
William Knogl (2 days ago)
timmycrw91 mag-levs are very expensive. One mile of track costs around $60 million. Normal railroad tracks are around $1 million for 1 mile.
Your Greatest Ally (6 days ago)
Americans would use billions to invest in weapons but not billions to build trains
Azzamatic (7 days ago)
If only the US can be more like China. They're leading the world in train technology
Azzamatic (1 day ago)
@Nick Carlson You must be a dinosaur boomer. Maybe old timer
jatpack3 (3 days ago)
@Nick Carlson communists get the rope
Nick Carlson (3 days ago)
And 1976 China was so far behind. That was not that long ago.
jatpack3 (4 days ago)
And communism. The US should be more like the US and the rest of the knuckle draggers can have the trains
Evil Fingers (7 days ago)
How to make the High Speed Rail System in the US become a Reality....the United States needs to Stop with its Constant and Fruitless Wars in other countries, for example, as of 2017, the Cost of the Wars in Afghanistan, and Iraq is over $2.4 Trillion and counting, and let us not forget, compared to China, Japan and a couple of European countries have not been involved in any Major Military Conflicts with other countries for decades.
Nick Carlson (3 days ago)
Cut defense spending by 25%. We would still outspend China, Russia, North Korea and Iran combined.
SnortingSmarties (7 days ago)
Do you think this mentality will change when the older generations are gone? Because I would love high speed trains in America. I feel like with those kinda trains, I would be able to visit more places without strain on my car and without costing an arm and a leg to fly.
Donagh Cunningham (1 day ago)
Fun fact though, whenever high speed rail arrived air fares drop to be competitive. It's actually cheaper to fly between London and Paris, than to take the Eurostar. Airlines in the USA charge rip off prices on short haul routed because they can.
Tim Othy (7 days ago)
yes, and no... the major reason is a military advantage... in WWII, Germany had many towns and villages which were only accessible by rail... by taking out just a few key bridges, we were able to cripple their major factory productions! With our current system of trucks and roads, take out a major bridge and the trucks like ants, redirect around the outage.... So... why our railroad system is stagnate is because of military advantage... nothing more!
Lorraine Overton (7 days ago)
Well presented and factual Oil lobby, ask who ripped the power plants out of locomotives to power oil platforms
AstroCyclone71 (7 days ago)
Can we just tie up every last boomer and burn em alive while we take their stupid billions and actually MAKE America great again? Instead of this.... what ever the f@ck this is?? Just like freak communism was the death of the Soviet union, freak capitalism will be the death of murica.
D. G. (7 days ago)
Bring over the Japanese or German/French to build America's high speed rail, our contractors don't have experience in this area!
starventure (2 hours ago)
D. G. The Japanese assisting Texas central railway are already flustered after meeting with the landowners along the route and discovering that most Americans don’t live in cities.
J e (7 days ago)
Term limits on politicians would bankrupt the lobbyist. They would have to buy more members of Congress. Think how productive America would be if politicians didn't have to focus so much time money and energy in re-election
Austin Hughes (7 days ago)
Don’t people know that politics.Is the reason nothing gets done in America?
Roland Lawrence (15 hours ago)
why bother doing anything in america when you can just get someone in china to do it like apple does? then use some proxy offshore companies and some "share buybacks" to totally avoid tax. or get a government grant to totally automate your factory, then you dont need anyone at all. this then kills any need to go anywhere.
felix mendez (7 days ago)
The aeronautical and aviation lobby. next question.
Bob Jackson (7 days ago)
America unfortunately is no longer capable of big projects like high speed rail. American political systems are just too toxic.
That is icky (7 days ago)
Why don't these worthless billionaires help fund instead of funding politicians for future favors? (yes billionaires do other good things jobs, education, grants etc. i just mean keep their big $$ out of politics)
TheAntManChannel (7 days ago)
CA politicians ruined the high speed rail and robbed US tax payers.
Allan Peda (7 days ago)
High speed rail is not a panacea. Spain notoriously squandered billions. It has to be done right.
Potrimpo (7 days ago)
In short, corporate and political corruption, espionage and bribery.
Roland Lawrence (15 hours ago)
thats the american way though yes? the american dream? to get a gov position and then get massive bribes? also complain about north korea have advanced cyber warfare, but at the same time getting found out that you are bugging the UN, all the EU leaders and tech companies in Europe?
Oldenweery (6 days ago)
Yeah, big surprise: the politicians and blood-sucking oil industries are "agin' it."
Charles Kuckel (7 days ago)
When I took my father back to Germany for his 80th birthday, we went from Frankfurt to Leipzig via the ICE (InterCity Express) Train. It wasn't high speed BUT it was faster than any other train in the US. It was cleaner, quieter, cheaper, and more luxurious / comfortable than any other US train as well. This was 2005 mind you. It's an embarrassment that America CAN'T even come close to this level of transportation for the masses!
Joker45678 (7 days ago)
@Charles Kuckel Yes I did make your point. Also showing why train service will be hard to accept here in the USA. It's not just about price point, it's about time too. For another example, it's $19 to take a Greyhound bus that same LA to LV trip. It takes 5.5 hours. 2 hours less than by Amtrak. People still would rather either hop on a flight.
Charles Kuckel (7 days ago)
@Joker45678 I'm NOT sure BUT it looks like you made my point! There's NO reason a flight even THAT short should cost less than a train ride. By the way, $25 on the ICE Train is for today. It was cheaper in 2005! It's about 189 miles and it took 2.5 hours (express with fewer stops) BUT it was fine for us.
Joker45678 (7 days ago)
Frankfurt to Leipzig is less distance than Los Angeles to Las Vegas. 250 miles. Germany's train costs $25 to ride one way and the Amtrak from LA to LV costs $59. Us American's look at that $59 price and the 7+hour train ride then book a 1 hour non stop flight instead for $57.
D • Y • I (7 days ago)
You can't just, copied a technology that made by the Japanese just for 2 years or more
Philippa Bratzel (7 days ago)
You mean 60 year not 2 years, do you?
Bob Frog (7 days ago)
Nope. You will find me in my car or truck, blasting my tunes, having a cig and enjoying life.
Bob Frog (10 minutes ago)
@starventure , long as I do not have to pay for your anything, I do not care what you do with your life.
starventure (12 minutes ago)
Bob Frog Well, it’s your call. Just don’t make me pay for your chemo treatments. I’m not the one who shekeled you.
Bob Frog (1 hour ago)
@starventure , nope. They annoy the Libs too much to ever give them up.
starventure (2 hours ago)
Bob Frog Lose the cigs. The chosen love you when you light up.
Bob Frog (3 days ago)
@Andria Marie , as you catch Corona, jammed into crowded trains with the other cattle, I shall be eating a Big Mac and sipping a soda, having a cig and laughing at your smug arse in the ground.
Patrick aka Canrugger (7 days ago)
Because the auto industry...thats it
starventure (14 minutes ago)
Genial Harry Grout Most travelers aren’t going the long distances by car that you are thinking of, but electric cars can absolutely handle them now. Given that there are plenty of high DC charging stations all over now, recharge is no problem unless you are way off the beaten path. Clean, amazing torque, no money to the corrupt state government or filthy Arabs...what’s not to like? If we had high speed lanes on the intercity roads it would be even better.
Genial Harry Grout (1 hour ago)
@starventure Do the vast distances when travelling in the US make sense to use Electric vehicles? Electric vehicles are ideal for short trips, most work commutes, and for delivery vehicles around a city, but say San Francisco to Los Angeles wouldn't be possible, at least not in 1 day.
starventure (2 hours ago)
Genial Harry Grout Electric. GM is already switching over now so they don’t get burned again like in 2008 by OPEC.
Genial Harry Grout (3 days ago)
And when the oil runs out????
Sir Ronald (7 days ago)
Because we have high speed cars
Levi M (7 days ago)
Orange man bad. Green New Deal good. It would be nice if you could make a video without a bunch of communist propaganda.
Thomas Tompkins Sr (7 days ago)
it's absolutely not about what the people prefer it's absolutely about oil companies tire companies automakers and their lobbyists. Those are the people that decide what we will and will not have in the United
Olivier Gabin (7 days ago)
You have a list of companies to boycott here in this video. Hit them in the wallet, that is the only thing they understand.
Suzanne Squire (8 days ago)
It's my understanding only 2 trains in the world make a profit. Most are unsustainable. The UN Agenda 21 wants us out of our cars and crammed into stack and pack cities. Wildlands project map is a great poker tell especially when laid over the cleared land from fires in CA! Sad and true...
TheAntManChannel (7 days ago)
Roger Stone told us this years ago, and now the corrupt politicians put him in prison.
Andrew (8 days ago)
This was a really stupid video.......
Dylan J (8 days ago)
Fast Pace (8 days ago)
Elon Musk and the Boring Company - the future of our rail service after the event !
stealthboy316 (8 days ago)
If we get a bullet train society will collapse American dad taught me well
stealthboy316 (5 days ago)
@Mark Richards I think they made a similar one but not that.
Mark Richards (5 days ago)
Wasn’t that a Simpson’s episode?
Joshua Hauser (5 days ago)
stealthboy316 😂 nice
sol star (8 days ago)
Poor service reputation poor trains ! Not customer friendly !
eugene strawberry (8 days ago)
Joseph Meador (8 days ago)
California cant even clean shit off their streets lolol
Dennis White (8 days ago)
The politicians CA ruined the chances of a high speed rail there because they couldn't resist taking "their cut" of the pie. If they didn't rob the coffers blind, CA would have one.
Dennis White (8 days ago)
Oh and the reason Trump pulled the money is because the past money was stolen and contracts were given to pols friends. The mismanagement is a polite way of saying it was stolen.
n2cable (8 days ago)
Bi-partison if it gets the corrupt politician some coin in their pocket
JOYOUSONEX (8 days ago)
I lived in Texas in the 80's and 90's and they talked a ton about HSR from Dallas to Austin, San Antonio and Houston.........NOTHING !! And why ? Well you nailed it with the opposition you mentioned....oil, planes etc etc.
starventure (3 hours ago)
Mahoot Expressway They are having problems acquiring the land. Eminent domain is not popular in Texas and many of the farmers whose land the tracks would go through have told TCR to screw off. That, and the problems of getting the stations out in populated areas that actually have traffic. Go and see where the Houston station is going to be. It’s a joke.
Mahoot Expressway (3 days ago)
The bullet train from Dallas to Houston is happening, they’re starting construction later this year and expect to have trains in service by 2026
Jason Kara (8 days ago)
What about Houston to San Antonio ?
Buddy Luck (8 days ago)
It would go from DC to Boston. That doesn’t help a vast majority of Americans
John ? (8 days ago)
The high speed am track that goes through my town isnt so very fast..But it has cut the town in half with a fence..
Marcus Witt (8 days ago)
Big oil and is doing the same thing to the bullet train that they did to the Electric Car from back in the 1990's. They used every rotten trick in the book to stifle and at least for a while, kill it.
Kathleen Henson (8 days ago)
I prefer driving. I’ve been all over America and there is still lots to see.
richard murphy (8 days ago)
Wow sounds a lot like the British system it's god awful and expensive and late
Meredith Wilson (8 days ago)
I think its because when you take the bus there are a lot of creepy people, stinky people, strung out people on drugs acting crazy, you could get bed bugs. So people just assume there will be more of that on the bullet trains in America
Philippa Bratzel (7 days ago)
Patrick Combs (8 days ago)
Private fund the damn things yourselves if there so damn great. Like wind tower blades that need very expensive replacement parts and are filling landfills because there not recyclable. Another tax funded joke on americans. Won't ever produce enough savings to pay for ever having built them in the first place and takes more resources then if they were never built. High speed rail in america is about as smart as trying too control cow belches and farts.
Patrick Combs (8 days ago)
@Nelly Williamsas long as you get your cheaply made toy your fine paying taxes for a narrow use project? Roads and bridges are more of a need which we already pay taxes for but yet can't seem to ever get funding for fixing them correctly. Unless they use the high speed rail for freight and goods as well it's a comically stupid elitist idea in a system loaded with corruption.
Nelly Williams (8 days ago)
If I'm paying my taxes every year,why should I have to have it privately funded? Anyway, I don't know if trains are a solution but we need something done. I-4, I-75, I-10, stay having bumper to bumper traffic. It's ridiculous and time consuming. You can only expand the interstate so much.
John Semenek Jr (8 days ago)
If I remember correctly, the high speed trains in France are consistently running at a loss, due to lower then expected riders.
Richard Smeets (2 days ago)
Most of the lines are profitable. There are lines who aren't profitable butt seen as necessary for France to connect big cities on long lines thru rural area's The biggest problem for the French Railways are that they strike way to often. last year they lost 25% of passengers revenue due to the strikes
Olivier Gabin (7 days ago)
Depends which line. Southeast network is a benefit maker, like north, east is on balance and west is at lost for the moment. The broader the network, the least the losses.
Patrick Combs (8 days ago)
You forgot that darn pesky individuality owning and driving gives people. Yes big business hates competition but all in all it is not as simple as many wish it was. We already got the feel for high speed transportation with the interstate system. Whole towns were cut off from it dried up and died. They used tax dollars from those towns too kill off those towns. Now let's tax the shit out of people too kill off even more towns by bypassing them with even more tax funded throat slitters.
Empanadas Fritas (8 days ago)
millionaires don't use trains, thats the real reason.
Classic Don&Mike (7 days ago)
Millionaires don't use a lot of things that exist.
Michael Crossett (8 days ago)
AOC, and the Green New Deal are jokes my dude. Scientists, economists, engineers say that all these nutters goals are impossible. The rail while good on paper, only really works because of the fact the countries that implemented them are smaller. Not to mention that the millenials, unions, and eco groups have shutdown high speed trains more often than the coke brothers. Now why does the size of the country matter? Simple, the larger the country and more spread out it is, the more stations, stops, switching points there are. You have to stop the trans continental line atleast once per state realistically. Then you need transportation like cars still to get to your exact location. Now if the line ran from DC to California you would need countless smaller lines to go to the states north and south of the line. You would have to completely rip up and redesign the entire railroad network to do this making more expensive for us than any other country
starventure (2 hours ago)
Michael Crossett Brits crow like mad about climate change, yet can’t even get HS2 built between Manchester and London to replace the flights between the two. They are full of bs.
Christina Papazekos (8 days ago)
I fr wouldn't know what to do without high speed rails. Or even trams for that matter.
Spooker Red Menace (8 days ago)
here in Canada it would be nice to have high speed trains
Brutus Tan (3 days ago)
Spooker Red Menace YES ESPECIALLY as COMMUTER Rail to OPEN UP MORE of the 905 region of Toronto for millennials like me to live in an affordable suburb while working in the big Toronto Hospitals. And WITHIN Suburb transit and better walkable suburbs too
Imperator (8 days ago)
It would be nice to have high speed rail coast to coast to coast. Even though trains are nowhere near as fast as planes, when you factor in the wait times in airports before and after the flights, and the driving to and from the airport, the times end up getting much closer, even for cross-country travel. the real factor that is problematic is low population density. Places with successful high speed rail tend to have much higher population density than we do.
Spooker Red Menace (8 days ago)
@Imperator oh man! Windsor to any where in Quebec would be awesome! but more so out west... already takes too long to get out of Ontario going West lol
JetFan92 (8 days ago)
Well, major Canadians cities are either too far apart or way too northern. That would be very difficult for northern Canadians.
Imperator (8 days ago)
I agree! Windsor to Quebec City would be a good place to start. Edmonton to Calgary could also be a good option.
Wsy NicK (8 days ago)
you said, the trains are expensive, and clumsy. "No one wants to take Amtrak" That's because the government runs Amtrak.
Wsy NicK (3 days ago)
@William Hamilton Amtrak Lost $834 Million on Food in Last Decade, Audit Finds ... www.nytimes.com › 2012/08/03 › politics › amtrak-lost-834-million-on... Aug 3, 2012 - WASHINGTON — Amtrak lost more than $800 million on its food and beverage services over the last 10 years, largely because of waste, employee theft and lack of proper oversight,
William Hamilton (4 days ago)
@Wsy NicK No, it does not cost twice as much. I've made the trip.
Tom Y (7 days ago)
@Wsy NicK yes, it's a sad state of affairs :(
Wsy NicK (7 days ago)
@Tom Y Amtrak Lost $834 Million on Food in Last Decade, Audit Finds ... www.nytimes.com › 2012/08/03 › politics › amtrak-lost-834-million-on...
Tom Y (8 days ago)
@Wsy NicK Railroad retirement is excellent & is handled by the Railroad Retirement Board for the USA & Canada. Do a price comparison for airline tickets vs. Amtrak, I just did & found the price was very close. Yes, will take a bit longer by train but think about the taxi ride & cost from JFK airport in NY to downtown Manhattan, and the time you are to be at the airport prior to departure for passing thru security, etc. Amtrak delivers you right to downtown NYC. Penn station is located in the Madison Square Gardens building.
Kyrie Eleison (8 days ago)
CA Gov Jerry Browns HIGH SPEED FAIL.
daisx beohfox (8 days ago)
I'm sorry but anyone who support trump should just kill themselves.
RAVEN 777 (8 days ago)
And they spent millions LONG BEFORE TRUMP .
daisx beohfox (8 days ago)
Trumps is the culprit
Evan Pangaribuan (8 days ago)
Hi Grunge, a few days ago, a Korean movie called Parasite won 4 Oscars including best picture, and lately you make videos about movies, can you make video about this? Why European countries like Germany, France, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Czechia, Russia tend to dub foreign movies while Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Phillipines, Singapore tend to subtitle foreign movies?
Gabriele Tapang (7 days ago)
Well,There’s a Original language option
Karen Wise (8 days ago)
Evan, Yes, I'd like to learn about that too. 👍