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Parallel Parking 18 Wheeler

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sheldon Tourshel (3 months ago)
Excellent video 👌
Michael Gray (9 months ago)
You need to do this all the time..
1bikeman OnDaMoV (1 year ago)
Arnold Flavio Reyes (1 year ago)
He accumulated too much time.
crm mtz (2 years ago)
left right left
Mr Dobbs (2 years ago)
How far was he off the mark when he started? About 8 ft?
CLASS (2 years ago)
That was perfect but why did he get his tandems so far within the box when he got under it? Is it because he lined the back of his trailer with the cones on his initial setup. My trainer made me line up within the middle of my tandems and the cone. Maybe that's why because of the length differential
omad keto (2 years ago)
honestly how often do you really parallel park anyways
Rudy Escamilla (2 years ago)
good job I am trying to learn my self
David Rone (3 years ago)
para tirar a carteira ou conseguir emprego?
Iftekhar Khan (3 years ago)
I 💘 10 SPEED 🐲
N& CO (3 years ago)
the school i go to; teach you to look for the angle of the far left corner cone, if you see it on your right side mirror, it is a go for parking, if you dont pull out and try again
Franklin Murray (1 year ago)
Nico Espinosa Really
xillrum a (3 years ago)
the most respectful way I can say my comment is....... "For additional help try watching cdl college parallel video"
Dread (3 years ago)
swift in utah
Shameika Brown (3 years ago)
Doug Fever (3 years ago)
Now do it with a set of B trains on a curved street between two cars with four feet to spare at each end.
Nish Lattimore (3 years ago)
He make this look so easy and I'm having the hardest time with this in school!
Nish Lattimore (3 years ago)
+Sumit kumar did you pass
Nish Lattimore (3 years ago)
+Sumit kumar thank you
Nish Lattimore (3 years ago)
+Bill 777 Thank you
Bill 777 (3 years ago)
+Nish Lattimore Congratulations, I hope you find a good company to work with, I know you will be learning a lot more real soon. I hope you get a great trainer.
Nish Lattimore (3 years ago)
+Sumit kumar thank you!!
Antonio Esquivel (3 years ago)
that was helpful thanks
b2clown (3 years ago)
good job
Bill 777 (3 years ago)
At least he gets to parallel park on the drivers side.
ivan mendoza (3 years ago)
blind side is more easy then drivers side
Dylan Meinhardt (3 years ago)
Anybody recognize the company name? Yeah it does say "Central Refrigerated", but they also were bought out buy Swift
Unknown One (3 years ago)
man parallel parking should be illegal cuz its a pain
WinZard (1 month ago)
well not only that but in 7 years never had to do this in real life
Iftekhar Khan (3 years ago)
No Pain No Gain 🐴
jay_615 (3 years ago)
parrellel is nothing compare to trying to park with open spot lol keep missing line with open spots lol
Mrs williams (3 years ago)
watching this is like a refresher course for me it reminds me what I forgot
Davius Grant (4 years ago)
yes he said south carolina baby hhhoooooraaawwwe
Brian V (4 years ago)
good stuff helped me out alot
theeuprise (4 years ago)
is this the actual road test? if it is you guys have some pretty lenient examiners, to allow you to get out and check your position so often. in my city they only allow you to check your position and surroundings when backing up.
Nish Lattimore (3 years ago)
Yes it is,in Cincinnati we can get out 2 times and use 2 pull ups before it cost us points
Paul (4 years ago)
The narration lacks detail.
Muhammad Tuti (4 years ago)
thanks alot brother
Mando Olivas (4 years ago)
good job bro
Prairie Bilton (4 years ago)
would not have admitted that end part LOL
Family Quiteno (4 years ago)
Very nice very nice I like to learn
Tev DaTrucker (4 years ago)
Did he say South Carolina ?
Position Trading (4 years ago)
If they could only show how you turn the wheel inside the cab, and how one is supposed to look at the mirrors, how many turns left or right. Certainly that would help a lot. I start training next in a very cheap school that teaches you how many turns do to the right or left, etc.
Dylan Meinhardt (3 years ago)
It's easy to do. It's the process of getting your hand coordinated to do it. It's turning the wheel to the right to make the trailer go left. Turning the wheel to left to make the trailer go right
Reginald williams (4 years ago)
looks like to many steps to me
NewNationKing (4 years ago)
It hurts my eyes to see this shit. Dammit man.
Anita Kuhnhenn (4 years ago)
OMG I can't imagine how much I would Fail.... I've been scared of semis all my life, my Dad drove em, my Husband drove Em, I don't have enough confidence to do it...
Anita Kuhnhenn (3 years ago)
+lulolancy hmm? Unless I'm on a hill !! Thanks for your apology kiddo!
lulolancey (3 years ago)
I'm sorry. How was I suppose to know you're in a wheel chair. Could you at least parallel park the wheel chair?
lulolancey (3 years ago)
+Anita Kuhnhenn That's why you need to just stay home and take care of the kids and cook.
Daniel Roacho (4 years ago)
Junior White (4 years ago)
What school or company is this???
CMDRFandragon (4 years ago)
Why did that look alot easier then I imagined it? 
Silvio LA (4 years ago)
Joshua Frost (5 years ago)
he makes it looks so easy
Elmo Garcia (5 years ago)
I think this is an art to drive one of these
Aaron Zeiger (5 years ago)
you can do it without a getout or a pull up sight side or blind side if you stay close to the first cone. It's much smoother with alot less steering input. A shallow angle and a smooth sweeping turn works in everything. Other than those handfull of docks built in the day before 53 footers became the norm.
David Yu Perez (5 years ago)
this maneuver is seems easy
Richard Jarvis (5 years ago)
For some reason I found reversing really easy and paralllel parking easier than the cross over. I used the rivets on the trailer for reference. Got a 0 on all the manouvers in the test without getting out or any pull ups All the credit has to go to my instructor though, he was damn good !.
Richard Jarvis (4 years ago)
@TorahServantYAH  .... No problem, glad I could help. You doing parallel park  too ?
Alberto Rocha (4 years ago)
Wanted greatly thank you man, today I started my 2nd week of training and I took into consideration your visual pointers and they honestly helped me out alot. Wanted to come in having an idea of what to do, and so far this advice you gave has been a charm. It's a little difficult but I learned position is the key, and once you start backing in and visually align the truck accordingly with the rivets in the trailer, and maneuver the steering wheel accordingly, it's a breeze. Some guys are having a little trouble, but we all pulling each other together. I have shared the pointer with two classmates and it helped 'em out as well. Great knowledge and I greatly appreciate the help bro
Richard Jarvis (4 years ago)
@TorahServantYAH  .... For the cross over  I put the steering on full RH lock, reversed and when the fairing on the back of the tractor lined up with the third row of rivets on the trailer in the mirror I stopped, I then put it on full LH lock then reversed until the truck was straight stopped again then straightened the steering wheel. This put me at around a 45deg angle to where I had been, I then reversed until the rear left trailer tyre was almost on the tyre track I'd left on my pull through exercise then repeated the above procedure but the other way around. This is obviously going to vary according to the way the vehicle is set up though as the position of the fifth wheel will effect it and of course not every trailer has the rivets in the same place. Your instructor should know the truck back to front/inside and out and will/should give you reference points. If you are doing the manouvres on gravel as I was you can also use the tyre tracks as previously mentioned from your pull through /reverse back exercise through the cones as a reference point for your rear trailer tyres. Don't worry about it too much, it's nowhere as hard as you may think, in fact I found all the manouvres to be the easiest part of the test for me. I come from the UK and everything was on the wrong side of the cab and had real trouble changing gears with my right hand instead of my left LOL ! I'd also like to stress that this just gets you through the test.Once you have your CDL and get your first job you won't be in the truck you learned in and the learning process will start again. Your instructor teachs you how to pass your test, after that you start to learn how to drive !
Alberto Rocha (4 years ago)
How exactly do you use the trailer rivets as a reference.? I'm going into training gathering useful pointers.
mark dewitt (5 years ago)
not bad but bear in mind he is in a Volvo. so he can get a deeper cut on his turns.  in a Pete or KW you aren't gonna go as deep. you have to adjust your angles per the equipment you are driving.
MMA life (4 years ago)
@mark dewitt did you reply again 7 months later? You're living a long life
mark dewitt (4 years ago)
@Jacobb O'Neill ah no.........not sure what happened. I had forgot all about this posting. and i didn't post the not bad comment. I had posted a different one. I didn't catch that he was in a volvo.
mark dewitt (4 years ago)
missed that yes you are right. 
Morgan Foster (5 years ago)
Ks you get 2 free pull ups and 2 free get outs
Redbeard T (5 years ago)
Same in ky from what I remember
cynthia mota (5 years ago)
Wow great job.......he is so amazing.
jimmys005 (5 years ago)
Great video. I wish you would have mentioned what he was looking for at each part of the maneuver but still the best video on parallel parking a rig that I've seen. 
Jamal Turner (5 years ago)
here in cali u cant do all that getting out for ur dmv test at the dmv
cali-truckdriver (4 months ago)
Yes u can 2 times u can dumbass
hugh castle (5 years ago)
Great job and video thanks for posting it!
Jose Orellana (5 years ago)
Onigumo (5 years ago)
Had to do this on the blindside instead of Alley dock for my CDL, pain in the ass at first but not bad once you get the hang of it.
Redbeard T (5 years ago)
@Robert Pavelea no, I leave them at the normal spot. Try finding a spot on the trailer to start your counter turn. I use a letter or the landing gear, depends what truck/tralier I'm using.
Redbeard T (5 years ago)
So did I, but for some reason I find blindside easier than sightside.
Sean Mayo (5 years ago)
You can't get out of the truck in Maryland....you have 2 free pull ups.... (you can see  on a sunny day like on your video that the ass end of the trailer is lined up with the cones to start.....when you cut hard to the right....watch the trailer tandems split the cone.......then turn hard left and in your right mirror....watch in the rear for the middle cone and a little gap of space.....if you don't get it.....don't panic....use your free pull up to fix your angle perfect and make sure the tractor and trailer are straight before you start to back up.............back up until the right trailer tandems cross the double lines on the right....stop......hard left......bring the tractor tandems close to the far left lines about 1-2 feet.....a hard right and you will be in the box.....you should have plenty of room in front to straighten up if you want and pull out.
Bill Winters (5 years ago)
Robert Becker (5 years ago)
That is very Bad-Ass, I can't believe their driving skills!!!
AbsoluteMMA101 (5 years ago)
Good job! He's got his BEAST ON!
Brenda Souther (5 years ago)
This is the best para parking video Iv seen. I have watched it numerous times and it has helped me tremendously. Good narrator and driver. Thanks a lot.
Brenda Souther (5 years ago)
Thank you, very helpful.
MahoganyConsulting (5 years ago)
One of the best parallel parking videos I have seen on You Tube. The key to this video is that you spoke as if you are in the truck instead of just doing it. Thank you...Video was very helpful.
Alex Koolik (5 years ago)
not so fast but perfect! 5+ 
DOME KNOCKA (5 years ago)
I wasent allowed out of truck once I did straight back before parallel park, I live in NY maybe its different idk...I think jumping out n checking would just screw me up anyway
DOME KNOCKA (5 years ago)
I just got my A...be careful of examiners switching or skipping in cab brake checks, my guy skipped trolly an trailer brakes and check for leaks...almost threw me off...creepy bastards
DOME KNOCKA (5 years ago)
I just got my A...be careful of examiners switching or skipping in cab brake checks, my guy skipped trolly an trailer brakes and check for leaks...almost threw me off...creepy bastards
george williford (5 years ago)
good afternoon this site is helping me.....cause I should be taking my test soon....so  yes it's helping me out a whole lot thx,,,,,the nervous on....
scits1 (5 years ago)
@Alisa Jett Hi Alisa, I hope you done well in your test,. All the best scits1 
scits1 (5 years ago)
@george williford good for you well done, all the best for the future, keep on trucking bruv and all the best from the uk. best wishes and stay safe. 
Alisa Jett (5 years ago)
@george williford right on, I go take mine on the 30th of june. ugh. Talk about nervous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
george williford (5 years ago)
@scits1 thx for the words,,, pass the test and at usa trucks now enjoying my trips thx again
scits1 (5 years ago)
wish you well on your test, try not to let the nerves get to you but I am sure you will be ok. All the best for your future life as a trucker, scits.
pouchon cherubin (6 years ago)
look eazy I love it been there too Utah nice
Melba Jackson (6 years ago)
very helpful,
Robert Sistrunk (6 years ago)
Didn't honk his horn before backing
omnipilot (6 years ago)
how could you NOT know how to do that?
rainmanrock (6 years ago)
Whoever was talking should have talked more and described what the driver was thinking and how he was lining up the truck, this video was no very helpful
Sharon Peek (6 years ago)
Dalton Ruetlinger, there are some docks that are right along side the building, and the only way to get into them is to parallel park. Not only that, when it's time to stop and all the parking spaces are gone, you may have to parallel park in a rest area. You'd better know how to do it, because you can't just keep driving around.
Long Haul (6 years ago)
ask the state they the ones that require this on the test as well.
Winterstick549 (6 years ago)
Its also nice to do just to know your truck, etc.
Winterstick549 (6 years ago)
This is the best parallel parking video I'v ever seen. Perfect camera position. I'll be watching this over and over before and during CDL school.
Ludzidocelowych (6 years ago)
This should be a fail, no hazard lights
Brandy Ross (6 years ago)
Perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
XeanoProductions (6 years ago)
Never know, different situations come up all the time when driving.
eckiuME23 (6 years ago)
Man pretty good. Way to Represent
D M (6 years ago)
The guy is learning - and trying to pass a test - that he did not come up with. Give him a break.
D M (6 years ago)
Nice. I like the sharper angles - and less steering adjustments - than how I learned.
Jake Todd (6 years ago)
4 min to park your drunk
jason weed (6 years ago)
Good stuff
ThatOneGuyYouKnow (6 years ago)
ha i remember doing this fun times :D
billycanuk (6 years ago)
In my 35 years of trucking I have had to actually parallel park maybe 10 times! Any moron can do this! The trick is to put that rig into a dock with only mere inches on either side without taking out the rig on either side! C'mon guys ... get real!
Tyler Gowens (6 years ago)
If you can Parallel park a big truck you are good.