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Customs & Immigration 7 QUESTIONS |English At The Airport!

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Do you worry about what to tell the immigration officer every time you are at the airport waiting for your turn? Do you wanna know the 7 interesting questions at the Immigrations & Customs that you MUST know how to answer? So watch this video and learn the 7 most common questions you MUST answer when you go through Customs & Immigration at the airport! Quer aprender como falar inglês no aeroporto? Então confira 7 perguntas e como respondê-las no aerporto na hora da imigração. Entenda quais são as pergintas que você deve saber responder na imigração para aproveitar sua viagem! New video - Check in at the airport: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gw5275vVzY0 I made a FREE pdf file with some extra exercises about this subject. Check out my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/teacherprix Learn how to Speak English ANYWHERE! Do you want to learn more?How about classes with me over skype? Send me an email to get more information! Follow me: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teacherprix/?hl=en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TEACHERPRIXBR/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/teacherprix?lang=en Blog: http://www.teacherprix.com
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Shirt Techs (12 hours ago)
Hi great Vlog..I'm Robert and I'm an American looking to hire Nurses OFW to come work in America at our Residential Assist Living..Can you please give me some information to help me?
hazan adan (1 day ago)
So cut♥️
lovewins vloggerstalker (2 days ago)
Raj Rathore (6 days ago)
You explain everything so beautifully ❣️❣️❣️💕💕💐.
Cat's pet portugue classe Fernandes (14 days ago)
Good classe Nestor Fernandes here from Sinop Mato Grosso
Habib Shah (16 days ago)
Thank you thank you very well
Sandy Sta.maria (16 days ago)
thank you very much. its nice to know something, about it.
Zen Evangelista (16 days ago)
Thank you so much 🙇 Teacher Prix ❤💚💜👃👃👃
Jewel Victoria (17 days ago)
If I tell them I’m visiting my teacher would that set off red flags .. it may seem like a odd question but I’m literally visiting my teacher in Dubai lmao
maysam cris (17 days ago)
Hi. How you explain that?: I understend you perfectle, I know to write ( not peefectely) but when I am out in town in Waterloo Canad I dont understand all.... How to improve my skills? Thanks a lot
Alex Am (18 days ago)
Hi, Prix. Could I know where are you from? Please!
Edson da Paz (21 days ago)
Entendi haha aleluia amém
Anima Sen (25 days ago)
Thank you sister for infotainment,,,,
JarangX On (1 month ago)
Thank you darling
Thai Ho (1 month ago)
Thank you so much for 7 valuable questions!
Spendy Yeboah (1 month ago)
U are the best.thanks
nergiz nurayeva (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot .It's really helpful
Md Akhtar (1 month ago)
Thanks to learn me to go for Any countries
AR Shaikh (1 month ago)
Thanks Teacher Prix
David Sinamo (1 month ago)
hi Hi Can I ask you same information
Yvng Expressions (1 month ago)
If I’m staying with my friend parents what would I tell them
Found Business (1 month ago)
Thanks so much
Arun Vlogs (1 month ago)
Hello mam, How to apply Russian tourist visa I need your help.
gil lehrer (1 month ago)
You haven't mentioned the tourist should answer the question only, should go straight to the point, without making use of too many words... (gilberto lehrer from brazil)
Nandkishor Akodiya (1 month ago)
Thank so much
Saumitra Saha (1 month ago)
I am a subscriber your channel
Saumitra Saha (1 month ago)
If I have a work permit then am I eligible to go usa 🇺🇸?
Saumitra Saha (1 month ago)
Hi miss I am saumitra from 🇮🇳 India
Engenharia na Prática (2 months ago)
Thank's a bunch. I really appreciate it. I found your channel this week, and i loved your pronunciation, your vídeos... I'm Helber, from São Paulo, Brazil Intermediate level
Kibirige Ronald (19 days ago)
Wow I love the way you Explaining
Yasen Khan (2 months ago)
Thank u mam gave me nice information I m Muslim love u
deepuagrawal (2 months ago)
Plz prepare phrases and Readymade sentences to speak English in pdf format.
nuansee krongchok (2 months ago)
I really want to say “many thanks “to you.
nuansee krongchok (2 months ago)
I do love the way you explain.It is very helpful and fun,funny as well.
Paul Emmanuel Marcéus (2 months ago)
I love that woman
- Flabber666 (2 months ago)
Hi Teacher Prix. " What's the purpose of your visit?" May I say: I came to find a girlfriend? 😇😀
Colorlessie (1 month ago)
You wanna get arrested or something?
Nurul Qur'ani (2 months ago)
Thank you very much. 😍
Valmir da Luz (2 months ago)
Hi, teacher it's a pleasure to meet you here , you're a very nice teacher ... hugs Valmir from Brazil..
Dattaji Mane (2 months ago)
Mam if I give big answers no problems let them any dam questions I don’t care coz I don’t carry with me any drugs or arms so I should b afraid 😟 n polite Moreover they should b more polite humble to travellers 🧳 coz we r guest Nd guest r treaded well everywhere why I should bother n frightened 4 USA immigration people Thanks
Dũng Trần anh (2 months ago)
Thanks ♡
Tizi Nlaaz (2 months ago)
Hi Fond of your beautifully voice teacher
Mussie Teklit (2 months ago)
Thany you for your good lesson.
aiman fawzy (2 months ago)
Samel Soun (2 months ago)
I love your teaching.
Studio Zaccaro (2 months ago)
Hi Prix, nice your videos..... I liked much !!!!
Shakeel Shiyam (2 months ago)
Sadik Khan (2 months ago)
Gour Sen (2 months ago)
Mali Alhakoon (2 months ago)
Louisa Sapeh (2 months ago)
Thanks for ur support
sarala kumari (2 months ago)
Thank you
hc quint (2 months ago)
sohail Contractor Vloger (2 months ago)
Gp H (2 months ago)
who are you talking with ? a 5 yr old .
Sukriatii Azis (2 months ago)
Ooh thankyou for your tricks :)
edman dagpin (2 months ago)
HARVEY sp (2 months ago)
great job
Gbassay Kamara (2 months ago)
Thanks dear.
josephine ramos (2 months ago)
how about questions no. 3... i will visit my daughter with her family ,to be with them while my son in law is being is deployed .is it a valid reasons?
Wilfred Owusu (2 months ago)
But what if am going there to work?
Wilfred Owusu (2 months ago)
Plz do arrives fill forms at the final destination Airpod?
Teacher Prix (2 months ago)
If you are legally going there to work, then just say so. Your visa should be a work visa, and you will have all the company information they require.
Kira xGaming (2 months ago)
But what if i’m going to live there?
Fanny Find (3 months ago)
Thank you very much. this really helped me. because i was going abroad for the first time and i was very nervous
leila leila (3 months ago)
Thank you
Ana Lucia King (3 months ago)
Thank you so much. I went stop in immigration from England because I don’t know answer this question very well. Is so difficult to answer when you are nervous and don’t speak English very well. But, now because this video I’m felling more confident for next time. My passport have a X now because this. In this day I speak a lot but speak nothings. Thank dear ❤️
Amouy GiGi (3 months ago)
If I am going to live in USA than the immigration ask How Long do you intend to stay? and what's the purpose of your visit? what could i tell them?
Saad Waheed (3 months ago)
edwin adjekwei (3 months ago)
I have a question to ask so if you tell them the days you are living there is it compulsory for u to come back to ur country
Molo Stone (3 months ago)
Your teeth look like my toilet. That's cool:)
Tina Braxton (3 months ago)
STOP SENDING ME UPDATES. I don't want them and did not subscribe.
Pedro Julián CERECEDA (3 months ago)
I am selfish. I do not share. I keep just for me. Nice try, though.
Gurjit Singh (3 months ago)
Love you beautiful information
Vikas Kondabagil (3 months ago)
Nice airport inquiry guidance!!!
soso cadette (3 months ago)
Thank you so much , it helpful
MOAZ amer (3 months ago)
Hùng Tuân Nguyễn (3 months ago)
You lok so beautiful...!😘🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
justachannel (4 months ago)
If I’m staying with a host family, how do I answer that? Or should I show them the address?
Vongai Choto (4 months ago)
Chokyi Nima (4 months ago)
Your shirt has a request for you !!
Jack and the pals (4 months ago)
She gets onto the questions at 1:44 for the rest of the time she's just waffling
mehdi Osman (4 months ago)
thank you
The FBI (4 months ago)
I’m American what I’m a doing here 🤦‍♂️
The FBI (4 months ago)
Marvin 777 ok
Marvin 777 (4 months ago)
an irrelevant boi you will most definitely be asked these kind of questions when you visit Australia, New Zealand or the UK
Mi Aviation (4 months ago)
Why do they need to know this info like it's non of their business just check the passport
gurdeep singh (4 months ago)
Thanks 🙏
M Stephens (4 months ago)
If you’re not breaking any laws, relax people! Just give honest direct answers.
psmsingh brar (4 months ago)
If person have a job interview from India with a Canadian employer through phone call what questions can be asked, please explain me in detail mam
Monique UU (3 months ago)
psmsingh brar If a person has a phone interview with a Canadian employer, do you know the questions that may be asked, if so, could you tell me please? 👍
pleaseyourselfsir (4 months ago)
No: 3 🧐🇬🇧🤓🤔👍🏻❤️🤝🤝🤝😁😁😁
Simon navasquez (4 months ago)
Im watching always your video form Bangladesh thank you maam
Juliet Soto (4 months ago)
tnx for the information ma'am
Beyanga Federick (4 months ago)
Amazing, your questions and suggested answers are fantastic I have learned alots. Thanks
Beyanga Federick (4 months ago)
I went for interview last week and my visa was denied because i wasn't having enough ties, please advise me on what to do next time. Am in UAE, Thanks
preet rupal (4 months ago)
Mike will (4 months ago)
DON'T say "Here it is" or "Here you are", having worked with ICE, That will be taken as a Smart Ass statement, Don't say ANYTHING! just hand over your documents. You want to treat this encounter like you are going to be raped or Robbed. Little to no talking and follow instructions, Don't say 'visiting family or friends", say Vacation or Business. If you say "visiting family or friends" you have opened more questions, "Where does your family/ friends live", AGAIN! little to NO! talking, if you have to talk, say as little as possible and call them Officer " yes, officer", "No, Officer" "vacation Officer", They like to feel like they are IN CHARGE! even though they are low paid, not highly educated, So the "respect" of calling them an OFFICER! makes them feel important.   DON'T give them your life story, Saying " I'm going to stay with my friend in Chicago for 3 weeks" brings up RED FLARES! of "why is this person giving me so many exact details?" If you listen to the girl in the video, you are more likely to be taken to the back, stripped down to the day you were born and grilled like a fish. Remember, Little Talking, Follow instructions, Call them Officer, unless you like standing naked in a room, told to bend over, spread your ass cheeks while some Assclown is asking you exact details of your life, your friends, your family, other places you traveled and your belongs spread out on a table. If that sounds like fun to you, then listen to the guy in the video, not, listen to someone that worked for them
Jshelregzjane REGINIAN (4 months ago)
Awww Tysm ! This is Excellent VIDEO 😘😘😘
Ahmad Husan (5 months ago)
I love you 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Ahmad Husan (5 months ago)
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Asad omar Asad Mon Tana (5 months ago)
I liked what you are look
Paulinho Caricaturas (5 months ago)
Nice video, really good tips, and wonderful smile :) ! One more subscriber! Keep doing this amazing job!
Bhagabankhatri Khatri (5 months ago)
Wow! I likes your speech
samuel santos (5 months ago)
I love teacher Prix she's the best teacher 😍😍
Faith Lovendah (5 months ago)
what is the shortest and the longest time can One be given on a B2 visa. nice piece thou. thx its so helpful
Ай-Das ist fantastisch (5 months ago)
1:42 they ask CAN they see your passport... Not "where is your passport" .. si the answer is yes or no
Alexis Sanchez (5 months ago)
3:22 can I day "visiting my grandparents" ?