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Huggies Pull-Ups Commercial (1993)

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"Mommy, wow! I'm a big kid now!" Nowadays, this guy has absolutely no trouble getting dates. No trouble at all.
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Text Comments (38)
seth valdez (12 days ago)
the shoud l make a meme out of this
cody hines (21 days ago)
My friend who is like 17 wears these still lol
April Martinez (2 months ago)
0:25 that's what I was here for
Johnny Montes (5 months ago)
Help, They instructed us how to Pull Up but i havent been able to Pull Down my pamper since 1998. Should I go to the hospital
lakebay972 (6 days ago)
Johnny Montes Just Pull Up in reverse order in the opposite way. You’d think they’d indicate that in the instructions; but I guess it’s something you have to experiment on your own.
Dr0ne (8 months ago)
I was one when this came out
LegendaryAce (8 months ago)
Mommy Wow
Musician C (1 year ago)
Zach Shult (1 year ago)
Jeannie Boczkowski (1 year ago)
Potty training time, is all thanks to toddlers.
phil1pd (1 year ago)
Now available in SJW size.
Life of Fox (1 year ago)
Wow I totally remember seeing this on tv when i was really little
Serene Chaos UK (1 year ago)
As a 35-year-old I'm unfortunate enough to remember this; my mother said she wanted to scream whenever this ad came on ! This was when the mass media turned to shit; overnight between '92 + '93 !
Dave18 (1 year ago)
apparently this is me. send help.
Susan Quattlebaum (2 years ago)
I wish they were cheaper lol
inthepocket (10 months ago)
That what your clients say about you.
Groiglery1217 (2 years ago)
Eddie LastHuman (3 years ago)
Every time you hear a squeaker on Call of Duty or GTA. Remind this song to your brain.
PlusTwenty Programming (3 years ago)
Rip right ear...
Dusta Lyricz (3 years ago)
A flashback memorational as a kid,It remind of my childhood beginning to come back again as I seen this commercial,I use to like this huggies pull up commercial too back in the Day around my childhood.This commercial originator the ideas I think as a kid when I seen this little boy playing with the dog in springtime.
Cordell Sparks (3 years ago)
Mitchell Giranda (3 years ago)
my left ear enjoyed this
NoHomo (10 months ago)
Gordon Ramsay (10 months ago)
Das funneh cuz ah jos wash dah ved wid mah laft eer
Team Fortress Pewp (4 years ago)
At least he can sing, unlike every other two year old kid who would sing like a goat choking on something.
SwagKirby (4 years ago)
I'm a big kid now! I'm a big squid now!
creeper MMO exe /spc (3 months ago)
Ash wow Im a big pikachu now
President Obama (3 years ago)
Splatoon cancer
Team Fortress Pewp (4 years ago)
@SwagKirby Wow!
SwagKirby (4 years ago)
@CatMaster90001 Yes
CatMaster90001 (4 years ago)
@SwagKirby I'm guessing you came here from the YTP known as SplolqS?
deerdestroyer2009 (5 years ago)
I torment my younger brother with this commercial....20 years later its still funny!!
Adam Defrancesco (6 years ago)
question is that something I can include on my resume lol
ashleysweet530 (6 years ago)
i know lol
Tyler Durden (6 years ago)
Lmao you're a marketer's dream come true!
Tommy pallie (6 years ago)
I searched for this because of ownagepranks GTA prank
ashleysweet530 (6 years ago)
all companies need to do is have a catchy jingle like this i bought my new kitten meow mix becuase i like the song in that commercial and i like this catchy jingle so when i ever have a kid i will most likely buy them huggies diapers too
eisemanrenyardjake (8 years ago)
"Look what I can do; I can wear big kid-pants!" That's a skill worth mentioning on your CV!