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Elizabeth Warren lays out her case for impeaching Trump

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Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren lays out why calling for impeachment proceedings against President Trump is important to the future of democracy, following the release of the redacted Mueller report. #CNN #News
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Joshua Hall (10 hours ago)
While I agree with her. She lacks pragmatism. It is unfortunate.
Mike TheOrc (14 hours ago)
Wow all lies.
55k3v1n (16 hours ago)
Please let it be Pocahontas vs. Trump 2020 (*_*)
Brandon Gonzales (17 hours ago)
This chick Isnt to bright
Colby Ennis (17 hours ago)
Johnny rubbers Brothers mother (1 day ago)
This bitch needs to hang up her Maucasins already
Marius Holmberts (1 day ago)
Stunning and brave native American
Matthew McPeek (1 day ago)
Says the woman who has been lying for the last 35 years about being a minority. Claiming to be a Native American going back to 1985, in order to get jobs that she would not otherwise get. Lying about being a minority, and appropriating a culture of which she is not a member in order to enrich herself. She was even named as a minority teacher at Harvard and recognized as such, even though she has no Native American blood. Lying about being a minority in order to elevate herself and gather political power, and then tells us we should impeach a president who has been cleared of what he was accused of doing. Even though we now know the FBI and the Department of Justice got a warrant to spy on him with information and a dossier they knew was bogus, and paid for by the democrats. In the meantime, she struts around after living a lie for the last 35 years playing the race card. And you are not supposed to notice with the main stream media would do to a conservative who's been doing this for the last 35 years! Talk about somebody who would be thrown out of office!
Jenny Braden (2 days ago)
There’s nothing in our constitution that says we cannot indict a sitting president that was a misconception that was made in the 70s
WilsonRydeR69 (3 days ago)
Hey Dems....remember who's administration the evil Russians did this to? That little fact always eludes you brainiacs....
common logic (17 hours ago)
Damn, you're right. ... But does that MAKE it right? ...I'll bet you're the same guy that blames rape victims for being assaulted. Let's shut our brains off and assume that the Trump team is telling the truth (Ahem!)... They "had no idea the Russians were interfering"... It now seems that BOTH parties would fall under your criticism. What's your point?... Brainiac.
WilsonRydeR69 (3 days ago)
Can you believe that this b***** has the nerve to call out Trump when when lied on college admittance forms and used cultural appropriation for her gain. Notice she couldn't say that Trump actually "colluded" and really that he even "obstructed" The Dems are just mad that Hillary was OUTED as a criminal. You Democrats are the dumbest and or most corrupt people on the planet.
Thomas Brandt (3 days ago)
Bruce strkland (4 days ago)
You gotta fight for you right. Givem hlll Lizzy.
WilsonRydeR69 (3 days ago)
Thomas Brandt (3 days ago)
FCK YOU JACKAZZ. WARREN IS A cheap fraud phony bich.
skinny scrambler (5 days ago)
Patently false claims. Yet none of her supporters look at the evidence.... weird. Whatever; keep chasing fairys
skinny scrambler (5 days ago)
andres lancaster (5 days ago)
Cant stand this moron
Dark TRUTH (7 days ago)
BYE TRUMP !!!! thanks for wasting our time you fucking child!
B B (7 days ago)
Rom Ulen (7 days ago)
Pochahontas .. so fake. faKe news .. fake betty!! Liar
Albert Vartanijn (8 days ago)
Your cheap talking proofs you are 🖕fuck it up person
Albert Vartanijn (8 days ago)
Nice talking where is the proof???????? Where show me whore
Hona Wikeepa (8 days ago)
Pochahontass. Fake Indian on fake news.
Niccole A (7 days ago)
Hona Wikeepa look in the mirror...fake fat ass president cheated to get out of serving, cheated into college, cheated on all his wives, cheated our tax system, cheated trump university students, cheated, his tenants Cheated in business deal, cheated his contractors, cheated his own charity out of $$, cheated to become president! That’s just the short list. 😉 This mf is a wannabe dictator! He’s dangerous and a psychopathic liar “malignant narcissist” aka mentally ill. So shut the f...up! You know you like this scumbag because he’s deplorable just like your sorry fake ass republican, Christian, who lacks patriotism and morals. You voted for a man who sexually assaults women, peaks on little girls while changing their cloths, Buys a trophy wife, Shames his own children, Said he’d date his own daughter because she’s hot...wtf, Bags about his education, Brags about his wealth, Brags about all his big houses, Brags about his “best words” wtf!, Brags about having the best of everything, Brags about being a fucking elite! Wow! What a real creep!
Patrick Warren (9 days ago)
I always liked this woman... Especially when she's on the war path, pardon the pun she is very smart and will come after you look at her go after Mr stumpf of Wells Fargo.. sadly Trump will always go-to the Indian thing, I pray for her success
Patrick Warren (1 day ago)
WilsonRydeR69 I don’t think she has gained dime one, she is a highly respected professor. She made mince meat out of Wells Fargo. She has done more to go after predatory lenders than anyone I know of, if the Indian thing has your panties in a bunch I’m sorry for you, there’s more to the story than that
WilsonRydeR69 (3 days ago)
Let me guess though...you like her because she a female and a Dem...
WilsonRydeR69 (3 days ago)
So you are ok with her lying about her culture for her own gain...because that's proven, either that or she's incredibly stupid.
Patrick Warren (4 days ago)
RandmGye I didn’t say she is Native American
RandmGye (5 days ago)
The pun didn't work she isn' t native american. Just a liar.
femaledancer1 (9 days ago)
1."A hostile foreign government attacked our 2016 election in order to help Donald Trump.” Yet, Hillary got more votes than Trump, but more importantly, Obama knew the Russians were interfering with the 2016 elections, yet his cyber team was told to "stand down." 2.”Donald Trump welcomed that help.” Exactly what help did Trump get from the Russians, given that, Hillary got more votes. 3.”When the federal government starts to investigate Part I and Part II, Trump took repeated steps, aggressive steps to halt investigation, derail the investigation, push the investigation somewhere else...” So when Trump was accused falsely of collusion and he was trying to defend himself, then he's accused of obstruction of justice for trying to defend himself against the false collusion accusations is absurd to now think he obstructed justice. Elizabeth Warren, sit down.
femaledancer1 (8 days ago)
+Caleb K FACT: The Russians lacked the ability to manipulate individual votes or vote tallies. So your electoral college help theory fails. Further, Trump fired Sessions near the completion of the Mueller report, and there's no evidence that Trump hired two AGs to derail Mueller report. Stop making up stuff.
Caleb K (8 days ago)
1. "help" keyword is HELP he still won the electoral college. They helped him get more votes in important states where he might not have won without the foreign assistance 2. Outlined in number 1 3. He fired his attorney general for recusing himself and hired 2 AGs that said they would derail the mueller report. If that isn't using presidential powers to obstruct justice then I don't know what is
Rachel L (10 days ago)
thank you! so sick of the crappy muck this man spreads everywhere
Rachel L (2 days ago)
Oh sorry wilson, no. I meant to express my abject visceral disdain for that particular man by objectifying and reducing "that nasty guy" to only a noun. My other noun to describe him is …. "that sexist, sexual predator". You know, just don't be that and I'll call you by your name kind of thing.
WilsonRydeR69 (3 days ago)
"this man"........that's really what this is about isn't it. :D Your sexism is showing Rachel.
Rom Ulen (7 days ago)
I know! I can't believe the people who work at CNN. Such liars!! Like warren .. cheap haks.
52 Dislikes (10 days ago)
.. she has millions, too.
fungoorstitch (10 days ago)
Finally someone with some sense. Robert Mueller has done his part. He laid everything out in black and white and pinned a bow on it. We can't ask any more of the guy. If Democrats don't take the results straight to the bank, it's tantamount to throwing his report in the trash sight unseen. At this point Democrats have pussy-footed around so much that even the Republicans are considering starting impeachment.
meta (12 days ago)
What would Elizabeth Warren do to fix the banking system, starting with the federal reserve, if she was president and all of her plans were supported by both sides?
luckyluc25 (12 days ago)
Who knows? Does anyone know any of their policies and how much it will help us or is it just tax us more and never hear the plan with no benefits to Americans like usual?
Jeff Raia (13 days ago)
you liberals will get killed to the last man woman and child if you ever get the "civil war" you are looking for... I am actually ok with civil war because it means we get to clean house and this house needs a serious cleaning
Mark Conrad (11 days ago)
Daniel Wolkoff (14 days ago)
May 5 at 9:02 AM · The Imbecile-n-Chief uses racist slurs to put down Elizabeth Warren, and Democrats never stand up for themselves or Pocahontas, one of the most important figures, heroes in the history of North America. When they stand up for themselves they will deserve support. Check Wikopedia, Pocahontas had more courage in one strand of her hair than Trump will ever have. "Pocahontas; born Matoaka in 1596, known as Amonute was a Native American PRINCESS notable for her association with the colonial settlement at Jamestown, Virginia. She was the daughter of Chief Powhatan, Chief of much of Virginia, the paramount chief of a network of tributary tribes in the Tsenacommacah, encompassing the Tidewater region of Virginia. She saved the life of Colonist John Smith in 1607, who was being held captive by her tribe, by placing her head upon Smith's when her father raised his war club to execute him. Amazing at age 11!! She was critical to the survival of colonists at Jamestown, held captive by English conspirators pitting native tribe against native tribe,, and married tobacco planter John Rolfe, converted to Christianity, bore him a son Thomas Rolfe, and lived in England. She died returning to Virginia at age 21!! When Warren fights back the utter racist stupidity of Trump, she will deserve support. When The Imbecile-n-Chief says "democrat party", fight back damn it. Correct the shmuck, can't he read, it is "Democratic Party". Then they will gather voters support cause they stop wimping out, Dems are an international embarrassment, if an idiot Narcissistic Sociopath, racist creep can put them down,, DUH!!! Pocahontas is one of the greatest heroes in North American history, anyone would be proud to be associated with this incredible woman, be PROUD!!!!
Rolando Favela (14 days ago)
Impeach him now!
dcthegreatest24 (15 days ago)
The delusion is real. I can't take anything she says seriously. She doesn't even know her own history, how can she talk about someone else?
Sly Ny (14 days ago)
Lmao. Hardly anybody takes she says seriously and people arent taking CNN seriously anymore either lmfao. Fox news has over 2 million viewers on an average. Thats as much as CNN’s views and MSNBC’s views combined. Cnn is a joke🤣🤣🤣🤡
nanpopco nanpopco (15 days ago)
wkw (15 days ago)
Is this for real or is it some kind of skit??? Is CNN and this dimwit trying to kill the democratic party? I think they're actually trying to end the Democrats chance....it has to be the plan. Forget about 2020...They're literally trying to wipe this party out permanently.
Monty Martin (15 days ago)
Then, why weren't you punished for lying about being a minority, openly, on a college application? You wrote, boldly, Native American. And, you're not. Oh, I'm sorry, you may have an ancestor, 10 generations back. So could I. But, I'm not falsely applying as a minority for college credit, either. I'll take Trump over your socialism, any day.
HD Simulations (16 days ago)
Is it just me or is it bad that she’s old enough to be a grandma.
Swintbaby (15 days ago)
The older the wiser. As long as she's not stuck in the old times.
Mr. Joshua (16 days ago)
Lauren is an idiot. And she isnt even a native American as she claimed. So she's an idiot and a liar.
Sachin Kumar (17 days ago)
Zamani Gessler (2 days ago)
exactly man!
J S (17 days ago)
Did she tell a college that she was a Native American? But but but my Granny said i had high cheek bones...so that makes it OK.
Mark Blair (17 days ago)
And who was president while this happened? Who was in office while this hacking occurred? BINGO
Zach L. (19 days ago)
Shes a moron
Brad Higgins (20 days ago)
ROFL at the time .52 seconds in at the 1200-year-old drought.
Google Angel (20 days ago)
Fucking fake ass retard Elizabeth Warren.
sparkynm156 (21 days ago)
Elisabeth Warren is absolutely off her rocker. Does she actually think that people are so vapid that they can't see that all she is doing is using nothing but Subterfuge and so belligerent arrogantly speaking so condescendingly down to everyone listening, as if the listeners are completely inept and stupid that they will believe anything she is saying? She even interjects statements that were never said and goes as far to either not mention anything about who said whatever , to claim a false nonexistent statement by someone that isn't even around to put her in her place. Then later she apologises on the back page of some obscure newspaper that nobody reads or even knows of. As far as her and her cronies "Environmental Entities " are absolutely corrupt BS.. They try and use "CARBON FOOT PRINT" as the big evil monster.. The TRUTH IS ! Carbon Dioxide Co2 is NOT ANYTHING that they paint it to be. Carbon Dioxide is what plants need to grow and the higher Carbon Dioxide has actually proven to show crops are producing on Average 22% higher yields... This attack on Co2 is nothing more than a Decisive Tool to scare people into giving up their rights to freedom of travel. To take away personal cars, to take over the trucking industry and eventually decimate any of us having out our own cars, Fly on planes, using trucks and entertainment vehicles such as 4 wheelers, snow mobiles, private air planes , CLASSIC CARS, ETC.. They use it as a SMOKE SCREEN to cover up THOUSANDS of toxic chemicals, poisons, materials that kill millions of birds, wild life, sea life, people EVERY YEAR NON STOP! They take a old car out of your yard or the woods thats been burned, shot up, stripped, rusted and destroyed beyond the point that it is impossible to EVER drive that car again. They then crush said vehicle, calculate a total of Carbon Emissions that said car would put out I'm running condition for a 30 year period. They then convert that into a CARBON CREDIT of a certain value. Then they give or sell these to Corporations who then use it to "LEGALLY" DUMP OR RELEASE INTO THE AIR; Deadly Poisons, countless different Toxins, deadly chemicals, etc.. These chemicals kill endless flocks of birds, kill pod after pod of whales , dolphins, sharks, schools of fish, etc.. They poison our people, our children, cause endless cancers and birth defects.. On and On.. This is one of the Greatest crimes to Earth Period. And Elizabeth Warren , Pelosi, Clintons, Obama, Bushes, CHENEY (WHO SECRETLY REMOVED FRACKING FROM THE CLEAN WATER ACT).. The list goes on. Think of this, right now there are 7 oil tankers sitting off of the coast of England refusing to unload their oil and fuel until the price of gas goes up.. Those 7 tankers alone, put out more pollution of the worst lowest grade containment filled fuel, than EVERY CAR ON ON THE PLANET. Research how much pollution comes from 1 volcanic eruption then look up how many volcanoes are erupting at any one time. And they don't just put out Co2. Don't let these power mongering greedy politicians lie to you anymore. They keep us looking at any lie they can make up or if a sports star or actor does something stupid, instead of letting us see ANY REAL NEWS. Look how well theyve been hiding what's been happening in Europe, they have lost their FREEDOM OF SPEECH, NOW NEW ZEALAND AND AULSTRAILIA ARE LOSING THEIR FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND THE LEFT IS PUSHING FOR IT IN AMERICA NOW TOO.... Its time we wake up! They have decimated the middle East, Europe, South America, and now they are doing it to America and Canada ....
sparkynm156 (20 days ago)
+Humphrey Cassel A little over the top? It's so hard to get myself to write replies, but I fought in court and made a few changes but not enough to do much more than keep them from climbing fences to take pictures of people's back yards, letting us each keep 1 "junk car " err Beautiful classic project in our yard without being fined for 60 days and then them coming on our property and crushing the car. A lot of little things like that. Took 20 years before a Car mag even believed me enough to check into the emissions BS and write a story. Then Jay Leno saved us when they tried to outlaw all pre- 1980 cars among other things that the left is still pushing for, hell, maybe the right by now too.. tracking,auto shutoff,autotickets,listeningandrecording the entire time your driving, etc. Nothing to do with Carbon Foot prints, steal was up to $400+ a ton after Clintons contortion of NAFTA and EPA over regulation and other over reaches and over taxing, etc were so bad that every Muscle Car and Classic had to die to make it possible to dump all their extra chemicals somewhere, sadly it's our rivers, oceans, skies.. Columbia river still has Nuclear waste Flowing into it and they still have done nothing but blame all pollution on Co2, yes filling your garage with it will kill you but if you dial your car in right , the emissions aren't anything like they say. Considering as they keep hacking at the rain forest and other places our oxygen will continue to get lower in percentage. Sadly it would be so EASY to change the whole game over night but.... Anyway, I started this when I saw a 1969 Mustang crushed when I was 14. I hope I helped a few people and saved some beautiful art. No matter how wonky America gets , at least here Anything is possible. A few things have gotten better in the last couple years.. Sadly I understand what I was told once as a kid growing up lucky? enough to meet so many Amazing people over the years. I was told many times, For one "......" I can't tell you! And for two. "...." You don't want to know... In anycase maybe one day I will get my real chance to change things up and get more people on the same page. Night
Humphrey Cassel (21 days ago)
Kelmire1 (21 days ago)
I'm pretty sure Hilary Clinton broke constitutional law when she rigged the DNC primaries. But as long as you're on the left, you never have to answer for your crimes. It's amazing how the people who say that people on the right are on the wrong side of history... these people have no fucking cluee just how harshly people of the future will judge them for their stupidity.
Alan (21 days ago)
1st Native American President am I right? ;)))))))
hola, yo no hablo espanol (21 days ago)
Aproxemently 1/64- 1/1024 correct lol
Lonnie McDonald (21 days ago)
She wrote in her book that her fathers family never liked her Mothers family due to them being Native American. I wonder why nobody ever called her out on that?
Handsdownification (20 days ago)
I believe the quote specifically said native american blood, not that their mom claimed to identify as native american. Considering Trump is categorically worse, it doesn't even matter.
David Maione (21 days ago)
Pocahontas is a laughing stock. She'll lose and her party will lose. Trump 2020 babyyyyyy
Hunter Meier (22 days ago)
trump supporters can't handle the fact they voted in a lying con artist artist who isn't doing anything for our country other than divide us more. its shameful. its time to vote someone back in who can string together full sentences, isn't addicted to twitter and fox news, and has EVERYONES best interest in mind!!!
suomi apina (21 days ago)
you americans are just clowns. yes vote some far left who is addicted to sjw and cnn. nobody cares shit about your country and you guys just need to die that world is better place, maybe nort korea can help with that.
birddogfreemann (22 days ago)
She is the female Bernie Sanders
BabyFace (20 days ago)
birddogfreemann don’t compare this idiot with no actual policy with Bernie
Jason McDonald (22 days ago)
notice is set up just like a megachurch. when they call on someone, they already know all of their detials and most likely screened and prepared for their questions.smfh
Jason McDonald (22 days ago)
this whole dialoague is pre-written and staged..... BIASED AF
Donna Hill (22 days ago)
ResPWNonMe (22 days ago)
So if there was evidence of Trump working with a foreign power why didn’t Muller go after Trump?
ResPWNonMe (21 days ago)
Kito Hodge Jr. The man stole an election and is holding the highest office in the land. That seems like a BS excuse. Either the Dems don’t have anything on him or they are just plain stupid.
Kito Hodge Jr. (22 days ago)
ResPWNonMe because the justice department decided that it would be improper to indict a sitting president
Jonathan Smith (22 days ago)
Too bad after having a team of Anti-Trump lawyers and 25+ million dollars to spend along with freedom to look at anything and everything you want along with years of illegal spying and it was found...NO CRIMES were committed. You tried an illegal COUP and failed because Trump is innocent. These people on the left are truly insane!!!
Megan Cox (22 days ago)
Has this woman really actually read the news. The Mueller report said that there was NO evidence of Trump knowing about a tampering from Russia or being involved in any tampering from Russia. Just quit with the same old attacks. This one’s over. The Dems just cannot accept they lost the election. Their like the kid that misses a ball on the cricket pitch so he throws his bat down and walks off the pitch mid game. Democrats. You lost the election! It’s ok! You had Obama in power for two terms. Just get the Fk over the fact you lost the last election already!. You are looking so childish!!! Trump has turned your economy around. At least be happy with that!!!
GetReal (22 days ago)
She's a native guys.
Reel500 (22 days ago)
They can't fake another dossier. They are still in cover-up mode, and the swamp keeps getting bigger by the day. Nice try, another smoke-screen.
John Doe (22 days ago)
Everything about this witch disgusts me to my core. All the shit she is talking took place under muslim Obama. First witch, This started as a hunt for collusion and when this didnt work out now you want to cry obstruction. You want to change the narrative now because its all bullshit and it demonstrates the overreach under the Obama administration. Go away you lying ass wanna be indian.
Logan Galley (23 days ago)
Remember 1/2020th
WilsonRydeR69 (3 days ago)
Logan you are more Indian than Warren is...
Lonnie McDonald (21 days ago)
First Native American to graduate Harvard .
ligairi (23 days ago)
She’s such an amazing person.
Michael Luchetti (23 days ago)
What the fuck kind of unintelligible rant was that
Erwin Au (23 days ago)
I will never vote for another Democrat unless something is done to Hillary for all her crimes. She was the worst candidate for the Democratic party which is why I voted the other way for the first time ever. If they are willing to prosecute an innocent president and let Hillary walk free then all that talk about just is justice and constitution is just a lot of b.s. they talk about what they believe in but show me otherwise. Warren looks like she missed her meds today..
Kevin McCauley (23 days ago)
LoL she is so full of shit
D K (23 days ago)
is it me, or is this lady nutto?
SIEG HEIL (23 days ago)
But was trump responsible for it? No, thank you for confirming with the report. And can she stop shaking her head does she have a disease or something. And till date democrats are the ones who go with the agenda you frame republicans as, in fact trump himself has a few hundred million dollars worth of loans lol.
spartacus36526 (23 days ago)
Warren 2020. I think this video did it for me.
infamous4141 (23 days ago)
Dont worry Warren we will call for this for you and and Democrats who beats Trump for cheating to get in office!
Elaine King (23 days ago)
Elaine King (23 days ago)
Martjie Louw (23 days ago)
This woman is what the US needs to move forward. She has balls, common sense and integrity.
Martjie Louw (19 days ago)
+Aidan Smart Ps, and economy is not everything. The middle class is not feeling the great economy, and the country is very divided. Hate crime is up by 260%. Government is corrupt. The president is above the law and congress gets blocked when they try and do their job. Your international reputation is ruined. I grew up thinking the best country. Now its pretty much a shithole to me. P.s, its mostly the wealthy that benefits from the Trump economy. I love how his supporters latch onto everything he says without understanding it truly. The economy is going to worsen because of his trade agreements. That has not kicked in in full effect yet. But I bet when it does, there will be someone else to blame for that sadly.
Martjie Louw (19 days ago)
+Aidan Smart Obama's economy. You'll see Trump's economy in about a year's time. The true results takes a while to kick in.
Martjie Louw (19 days ago)
​+Kelmire1 You have no idea what you are talking about. I'm not even America. I'm just interested in politics and law. You need to calm down. Seems like you have real mental issues.
Aidan Smart (21 days ago)
+ligairi he's got enough brains to keep dis economy rollin. And at least he's not dumb enough to call himself a Native American even though he's prolly more native American than she is lmao
Kelmire1 (21 days ago)
Move forward with what? The destruction of western society? Where white people are all born with an original sin of being white and thus must accept enslavement their entire lives to 'atone'? You have no idea what you are voting for, I don't give a fuck how condescending that is; it's the truth! She's a fanatic and fanatics will get you killed.
Aaron Sproul (23 days ago)
I think having a Native American President would be a big step towards diversity. Therefore, if you don’t support Warren for president, you are a racist!
Mark Ziegler (23 days ago)
She trashes Democrats more than Republicans.
Danny Tan (23 days ago)
her first 5 mins speech will shake Trump internally
marybelleiam (24 days ago)
https://youtu.be/3o3jlTwrKm0 watch this to find out why Trump shouldn’t be impeached
MrQuickPick Hartford, CT (24 days ago)
Pocahontas, there was no collusion or obstruction. Stop the BS!
Chuck-U Farly (24 days ago)
From what I've heard from a Constitution Expert on Impeachment is that it is a processes. You don't just take a vote to impeach as the republicons did with Bill Clinton and is why the public turned against them. You have to follow a process which means the various committees in the House do their job and investigate fully. This means they call Mueller and members of his team in to testify, you get trump's taxes, and do whatever else you need to to to check on the president cause that is what their constitutional duty to do. If there are cases for impeachment your build on that. So *if and when* the time comes you have all the facts and not just the Mueller report. This is how prosecutors operate. They don't just fine a couple of charges against someone and later add more as they find them. You so the research and investigation to get ALL of the facts so you can file ALL of the charges against a person. That is what the House is currently doing.
birdseed2473 (24 days ago)
Elisabeth Warren lied and used an entire race of people to further her career and financial position, im sure she dosen't cares about American citizens, just the money grab by Democrats
Miecole Beverly (24 days ago)
1st and foremost i am not a pro-trump but honestly he is not going to be impeached. his little 4 years of presidency is coming to an end.. and the more they focus on getting him impeached the more hes going to have a chance to win and im not okay with another four years of living in hell🤷‍♀️😩🤦‍♀️
RandmGye (5 days ago)
+Miecole Beverly Wow you get the dumb ass of the day award. the Russians LMAO
Miecole Beverly (24 days ago)
Lol yea I’m sure with the help of the Russians.. let’s be clear he’s not helping no one not even you racist assholes 🤷‍♀️
65 TossPowerTrap (24 days ago)
Impeached? Only by the most vicious Democrat partisans. And he will won in 2020.
A (24 days ago)
If they try to impeach him, it will guarantee a win in 2020 for Trump.
65 TossPowerTrap (24 days ago)
It’s popcorn and candy time. Watching the blue dogs squirm as they vote for impeachment seals their doom.
nggdsb (24 days ago)
Prove it, or shut up!
John Dozier (24 days ago)
What with all the theatrics? Anderson and Elizabeth are both so weird already and standing walking around while conversing only makes both even more bizarre imo.
Saenz S&S Plumbing Company (24 days ago)
Bitch your not a president
Greg Williams (24 days ago)
this heffuh isnt to be trusted. shes not even smart.
rrmndtqrg8 q (24 days ago)
Dumbass Democrats need to investigate on how to fix the problem with illegal immigrants and border control they want gun control control of free speech control of health care but when it comes to illegal immigration they're all in on open borders Pocahantas please go away
E c (24 days ago)
She will be lucky to get to the convention as a delegate the way she is going...She and Bill Weld would make a great ticket...I wonder who would be on top...Bill I guess.. after a couple of blue pills..(aleve)
O (24 days ago)
Harris and Warren 2020!!
HellOWorld (24 days ago)
Still going on about the impeachment? I'd feel this was more sincere if it hadn't been the goal of these Democrats (and the Media) since the man was elected to begin with. Why is it that the Democratic party is so much more focused on destroying Trump than on benefiting the nation? Why does it continuously keep ruining states and ruining people's lives as it keeps sacrificing everyone just to spite Trump? Why not let him build the damn wall that people voted to have built? Why force all states to open borders whilst refusing to take more migrants into your own sanctuary cities? It's like you people are out to destroy the country just to piss off Trump and i don't get it, you people are deranged, grow up. First of all you people need to prove you can run states before you run the federal government, and i've seen none of that. California is a train wreck covered in needles and human feces as is Washington. If the far-left Democrats cannot run states why should we want them running the whole country? Democrats can't even get along with one another they're so sensitive and so childish that they fight one another over most issues, why the heck would we want you running the federal government in this chaotic fashion? But whatever, more of the same from the Democrats, doesn't surprise me, boring as usual. Good luck on the elections. And please tell the New York Times to ease up on the obvious and egregious anti-semitism from their Democrats, that, coupled with Warren's weird twitching and claims of being a Native American when she's obviously not, lead me to truly believe that the current Democratic party is being led by people who are not in their fullest mental capacity and that explains a whole bunch of stuff.
nathanas64 (25 days ago)
Crazy fake indian
Jeremy Harris (25 days ago)
Commentator541 (25 days ago)
I can not trust her to run the country if she doesn't know how to use the chair that's RIGHT THERE!
Scott Moyer (25 days ago)
How completely shallow of you.
seymoresaymore (25 days ago)
Mason Timmermam (25 days ago)
Do people hear this lady talk and really think “oh yeah I want her to lead this country!” She obviously did not even read the fuckin report and has no idea what she’s talking about!!! Like WTF
WeAreLegion (25 days ago)
Warren isn't even a blip on the radar & she knows it. Peddle your "olde timey, sittin' on the porch talkin' to real folks" bullshit somewhere else grandma. The reality of the situation is this: No matter how much grandstanding you do, you're going to fail, either of your own merits or by the simple fact that your own party has been grooming candidates for some time now and you're not one of them, you're no one, you have zero "curb appeal", you're not even a long shot. Your party isn't going to take a chance on another bitter woman with a lesbian haircut in 2020 or, probably ever again.
Jeff Willoughby (25 days ago)
President Trump gave the Mueller investigation practically unfettered access to his own people and documents, etc. Trump even allowed Mueller to grill his own private counsel (Don McGhan) for over 30 hours - even though he did not have to! Warren's claims of obstruction are false and inaccurate. According to Professor Alan Dershowitz, ONLY when a President goes outside of his authority (or executive privilege) can "obstruction" be alleged.
Jeff Willoughby (25 days ago)
When does she ever have time to be a senator? Even her own constituents do not want her to run for President. She clearly has an ego that won't stop.
Yo boy Orange (25 days ago)
Complaining about nothing Pocahontas lol 😆
Robert Paulsin (25 days ago)
She is not intelligent. And I'm pretty sure she's on drugs.
Paul Kmetko (24 days ago)
She got them from Hillary.
Pradyut Shukla (24 days ago)
What exactly is your definition of Intelligent?
Scott Moyer (25 days ago)
You're on drugs.
Phil J (25 days ago)
There is no crime. .. This Is Bull . .
Spencer Rugg (25 days ago)
this is such a reach im surprised she isnt tickling gods balls yet