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Why College Is So Expensive In America

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College in the United States is expensive. The cost of higher education just keeps going up. Tuition costs at both public and private universities have doubled since the late 80s, while accounting for inflation. "I think that it's so ingrained in your head that you have to go to college, that college is the next step after graduation," said Jarret Freeman, a college graduate with roughly $50,000 in student debt. "I think in hindsight, I see that college is not for everyone." But a college education is becoming more and more necessary to succeed in today's economy. Georgetown University estimates that by 2020, 65 percent of all jobs will require more than a high school degree. Students graduate with an average of $37,172 in student loan debt. It all adds up to $1.5 trillion across the country. Watch the video above to learn how higher education became big business, hear from former students facing mounting debt and explore why it's so important to solve the student debt crisis.» Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC Why College Is So Expensive In America
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CNBC (1 month ago)
Tell us your student loan story:
Hallie (3 days ago)
Just paid mine off. Graduated 4 years ago. I don't have a high income but I have been working an extra part time job basically since I graduated. The freedom is great, people just need to budget and sacrifice.
Tai Lopez but no lamborghini (17 days ago)
I have no student loans. 1 year community college-paid for by army reserves. 3 years of university- 33% paid for by army reserves, 40% paid for by chipotle tuition reimbursement, and the rest paid for by transfer scholarships and others. Free dental school- paid for by 16 months of post 9/11 and full hazlewood act from dad who was in the army.
Bezlichnyy (19 days ago)
On the contrary the solution is in my opinion super-easy, the proper solution is to expose for-profit, non-profit, and state/govt colleges or universities to the free market i.e. unregulated capitalism. After these educational institutions are exposed to unregulated capitalism observe tuition rates, books, or any education related expenses lower to the point in statistical probability that housekeepers, janitors, low-income or any other low-paid menial workers can afford to attend said institutions. Another proposed solution, is that for these educational institutions is to consider accepting tuition payment as well as other education expenses in the form of Bitcoin or any other digital currency as well as the terms and conditions abiding by the use of such currencies. By accepting the terms and conditions that come along with the use of such currencies, the universities or colleges will be subjected to the free market i.e. unregulated capitalism. For you skeptics, observe Ebay.com(supporting evidence) which is based on unregulated capitalism, notice that as a consumer that you can with due diligent effort find the lowest ethical market price of most products or services? Still in disbelief? Notice at a flea market, you can find items for dirt cheap(below market value). Why? In those circumstances and situations, buyers and sellers are directly negotiating without any interference from sources such as government(providing free unlimited money in the form of subsidies, FAFSA). In effect, the sellers only acquire money from buyers--no other sources. If the only source is from buyers, then the sellers are subjected to the negotiating terms of those interested buyers. An explanation of the unlimited money source, so when the government provides university or college subsidies or grants or any other kind of free money that it wouldn't have earned in the market place--it actually raises tuition costs. The free money creates waste and no incentive to lower tuition--think of of it as guaranteed money. While the opposite effect is created when the consumer or business or institution is subjected to a budget(limited income) they are less likely to be monetarily wasteful more so towards frugality.
Fernando Peñaherrera (20 days ago)
Studied my grad with a scholarship, worked 2 years, and got another scholarship for my masters, and now I got a full time job while doing my PHD. Net debt 0.
Here's Johnny (20 days ago)
I have 58000 in student loan debt. However, I am here to tell you that I will pay EVERY PENNY I owe! It saved me. I majored in Information Systems. I now work for the State I live in. This info I am putting is not to show off. These are just facts: I make 65000 a year. Since I work for the State, I don't pay for health insurance. I also get a 3000 HSA account. I get 280 ppt hours (till this day I have not used any). Mon-Fri. 730am till 330pm. What is my point: I borrowed the money. I owe the money. I will pay the money! Thank you for the loan Uncle Sam!
lollypopsical135 (3 hours ago)
A three year degree in England costs $35,500. That is the same amount for everyone. With living cost loans (called a maintenance loan), students come away with around $60,000 of debt. Some people get grants instead of or on top of the maintenance loan, and the loan you receive is based off of how much your parents earn (so stupid). Scottish universities are free to Scottish residents. Just an FYI for US students complaining about $40,000 - that’s pretty normal for us over the pond too. I think the only difference is that our loans get written off after 30 years and the majority of people never pay it off. But $350,000 of student debt?! Is she using paper made of gold for her essays?!
Martin Vera (6 hours ago)
It'd be nice if we chopped some class requirements to graduate in terms of GEs. I mean I will be taking 3 courses of Chicanos classes to graduate... Just a thought
Safir (10 hours ago)
Or just don’t go to College or elect bernie
Conspiracy Jobs (10 hours ago)
No conspiracy. College in America is waste of time. No jobs
Laura Munford (10 hours ago)
The income share agreement is essentially how university education works in the United Kingdom, except the agreement is made with the government with the condition that we need to earn a certain amount before re-payments are deducted from our monthly salary (£25,000 for those who started university after September 2012, also known as repayment plan 2), with the government taking 9% of whatever we earn over that amount. So, for instance, given that £25,000 works out to around £2,083 a month, if you took home £2,183, the government would take £9, because you would be earning £100 above the threshold amount. It's a decent system and granted, there are some flaws (a lot of people will never earn enough to start paying it back) but for those who do go onto to be successful and earn more than £25,000 a year, the amount they pay back is proportional and fair to the amount that they are earning at any point in their lives, so no nasty debt. Edit: Here is a link to how it works if anyone is interested. http://www.studentloanrepayment.co.uk/portal/page?_pageid=93,6678784&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL
Rich (12 hours ago)
foodandart (12 hours ago)
NOTE TO ANY STUDENT THAT PLANS TO DOUBLE-UP LOAN PAYMENTS... Make yourself a form letter and send a copy with each bill that says something like this: https://i.imgur.com/QE0tn2R.jpg The thing is, the loan company (or bank) has a direct interest in keeping the PRINCIPAL of the balance as high as possible for as long as possible and they do this by automatically applying any extra money you send to the *interest*. This is NOT what you want to happen. YOU OTOH, want the loan to go down as quickly as possible, so attack the principal and send a copy of the letter that states you want the extra amount applied that principal balance.. and you have to do it each and every time. Also, if you took a loan that had terms that would penalize you for early payment and the loan is sold (which you will know when you send payments to a different location).. all bets are off as the contracted terms of the loan were between you and the issuing agency, NOT a third party.. Start doubling down if possible and even if you can only make 10 or 20 bucks extra payment, do so and add the letter. Husband and I paid off his 48-thousand dollar, 20-year note in 10 years by adding extra to the payments and adding the letter stating we wanted the principal paid with it. When you start doing this, you will find your loan is sold a whole bunch of times because the financial firms that buy your loan can't make as much from the interest as you are paying the principal down at an accelerated rate. By the time husband's college loan was paid, it had been bought and sold 7 times. In 10 years. The loan became a hot potato none of the banks wanted to keep! LOL! But you GOTTA add that letter each month you send in extra.
turquoise green (13 hours ago)
name one thing in america thats not a scam?
Michael Rondon (13 hours ago)
You have to get the state out of the public universities.Make it to where you can’t just give out loans and grants to everyone who apply and then it’ll force them to lower costs for tuition.
Fabiola Martinez (13 hours ago)
In these times you need a masters now.....
abdu o (14 hours ago)
the girl that said 350k,you deserve everything that happens to you.u had the chance to stop at 50k-100k-150k-200k
Jamie Wright (14 hours ago)
Only got grade 11 thankful got good job u guys I feel for yas wow pay to maybe get a job
Juan Hernandez (14 hours ago)
in the US*.
Lucas M (16 hours ago)
in Brazil the best colleges are totally free. And if you are poor you can even apply to get some money to help you.
Danyel Henrique (17 hours ago)
The same reason medical bills are also high, there's no good public counterpart, they can raise the prices and people still will pay, what are they gonna do?
Sunny Smiles (18 hours ago)
A lot of administration costs have increased, but not much increase goes to the teachers salaries. Where is all the money going?? Tuition keeps going up. Books and supply prices go up. The state money hasn’t been reduced drastically enough to account for the DOUBLED cost increases passed to the students. These institutions don’t pay taxes. Where is all the money going?? Big sales pitches for expensive degrees and not enough Jobs when you’ve graduated. Sounds like predatory lending. This debt can never be discharged in bankruptcy. You are stuck with it, job or no job. We are all told to go to college, buy a house, have 2 kids. This is supposedly the “ American dream.” Think for yourself. Or you’ll be funding someone else’s dreams. Lenders love people buying into the “American dream.”
Spencer DeMera (18 hours ago)
Bro this is why im doing my general ed and 1/4 of my degree at community college and only going to university to finish my bachelors 😂😂 im literally paying $2,800 for the same education general education (worth the first 2-3 years of university) that people in 4-years are paying $40,000-$60,000 for bruh, make the smart choices
Lauren French (8 hours ago)
I did the same exact thing back when I was in school. Funny story. While I was in my first year in community College I visited a friend who went to a 4 year school. I just happened to look at one of her books for class and it was the same exact book I was using at community College! But since she was at a 4 year that class was way more expensive. I do wish people would consider doing community College before 4 year
Carson Wulf (19 hours ago)
18 Minutes!!! Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!!!
Karl Liebknecht (20 hours ago)
The only thing I learned from this is that most of the money I pay for college, and go in debt for, goes to help someone not go in debt. Cool.
Ashley Churchill (20 hours ago)
Did she think the months she did take would be free?
synchromorph (21 hours ago)
Legalized indentured servitude that makes people pay to become brainwashed.
Kiril Romanovic (21 hours ago)
In Czech republic we study for free, some european countries provide free education for foreginers as well (eg. Slovenia, Denmark, Sweden), Some countries are more left oriendted so they have free education, other have problem with small number of people willing to study, eg. in denmark you dont need a degree to get good paying job, In Czech republic its much more releveant.
Joseph Erwin (23 hours ago)
everything is expensive in america
amber (1 day ago)
Sell the laptop...
Jaspeb (1 day ago)
Aah, life must be tough in the states. I happily pay higher taxes but don’t have to worry about debt at all. Greetings from Denmark
Callum Appleton (1 day ago)
Funny how it's cheaper in American than the UK, you choose to go to expensive universities 🤷‍♂️
wim lammens (1 day ago)
i feel deeply sorry for these young people , expensive everything generation( housing, education, unhealthcare...)why would anyone want to live a life like that. start a new project happiness and health and care and joy and love for everyone.
wim lammens (1 day ago)
declare bankrupty, US is making a business of everything. Putin for president in US would improve life quality severely.
maxroman2010 (1 day ago)
A person saying “if I didn’t have so much in student loan debt, I would have invested that money” sounds incredibly funny 🤣🤣 and so untrue. I don’t think anyone makes you take loans. People in USA are just really happy to do that. When I was a school student, I, from age of 14, was considering how much money I can afford to pay for my university education. And based on the fact that my parents wouldn’t be able to pay much at all, I knew that I had to study hard and win a scholarship. Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to study. So... within the next 4 years I did exactly that and achieved all I had to achieve to be able to study. ...nope... hearing people in this video doesn’t make me feel sorry for them at all.. I don’t know why it does make so many people feel sorry. Don’t take a loan, so that you don’t have debt, unless you have a good plan and are sure you can repay it. Otherwise... the whole world is at your disposal! Go win an international scholarship somewhere, or work abroad to save money so that you can pay for your education.. I just really hate when people are betting and playing with others’ emotions like in this video.
Xi Xu (1 day ago)
It's called greed and elitism. College is for the rich only. They want the poor folks oppressed and uneducated... serfs.
monsterkukie (1 day ago)
I honestly think guaranteed merit based scholarships should be more wide-spread thing. FL has bright futures, where you can get your tuition paid and honestly even with it, being in college is super expensive. Nevertheless, I still think I'll be able to graduate with little to no debt, and that's how it really should be for everyone that's willing to work for it. This way people aren't just handed things to them, they work for it, but it also doesn't put them in a shit ton of debt.
vlogo (1 day ago)
That wealth was a criterion for rank tells you all you need to know about American education
Outlawrockman (1 day ago)
My biggest complaint with college is that they spend so much money to make the school LOOK good that they don’t have any system in place to make sure the courses are good. They will spend millions to renovate buildings and add extra plants, install an Olympic sized swimming pool, and build additions to libraries to house a rare book that nobody is allowed to read, but they don’t invest in their programs by hiring additional full time professors or purchasing the equipment or supplies those departments might need. You can’t teach 60 students biology if you only have 2 frogs to dissect. You can’t teach medicine by having your hedges trimmed to spell the school name. If schools want to charge $1200 per credit, they must be held accountable and be required to make the academic courses actually worth that price.
kon Boi (1 day ago)
Or just go into trades if you don’t actually need collage some people go just cause I’m not going into trades but I know what I’m doing after uni and have a intricate plan if I didn’t have to go I wouldn’t
Pierce Pracht (1 day ago)
and that’s the main reason to avoid college
Craig Morrison (1 day ago)
You could make higher education free. That might solve the problem.
Bianca Bumblebee (1 day ago)
Wow. Here in Canada, if you withdraw for medical reasons, you are refunded. And tuition is relatively cheap in most provinces and almost free in Quebec
Edward Price (1 day ago)
This is so easy! The military after high school. Start college at 21, not 18 There ! Problem solved ! Yes, I did it, with no loans. WVU, & the Southwestern Co. summer job program in Nashville TN. = $0 debt.
General Jims (1 day ago)
America A mega corporation
choski76 (1 day ago)
The student loan business is preying on the students and then bankrupting people before they begin their adult life. Community college for 2 years is genius! Some CCs now can grant degrees if the job, not the name on the degree matters more.
Negev Herbals (2 days ago)
I have student debt, but my children have been smarter. Two of my children are studying at University of the People - one is majoring in business (she’ll finish her BA in a little over a year) and the other is majoring in computer science. The total cost for a UoP Bachelors degree is about $4000 or so, when you figure in the examination costs, and the curriculum is designed largely by NYU, Yale, etc.: universities which ought to know what they are doing. So — for a student who doesn’t long for college parties or a country club campus, UoP is a great deal. I’ve shadowed my kids for a few of the classes, reviewing the material for myself as they learned it afresh...and I’ve been very impressed! (I also put two other children through college: one child is at an on-campus school and another has graduated. Their educations were relatively inexpensive because they did not attend US universities. None of my kids wanted to go into debt for college.).
naufal naufal hazza nabila (2 days ago)
the most expensive for profit college in my country cost 22k for 4 years
starcon2001 (2 days ago)
Soon we will be back to basic --- no colleges as they are too expensive, they don't care about your debt - they care about surviving modern days payment -- such as cars, mortgage, family and so on,, and they do get paid a lot to teach you === and if there are no employers interested in your qualification, why bother?? there are too much competition == in the old days it was rare for university or college degrees -- ere time is around 1960s ======= you had to be very rich or win a lottery grant like my father did, and they only accepted the brightest after all == why pay so much money on a student that will fail?? and that just the start of the long list of problems in reality
jun park (2 days ago)
If you dont have money or scholarships, go to damn community college for 2 yrs and take all core classes first. After that transfer to university. Or go to college and spend 4 yrs in the military service for loan repayment program. Heck serve i n the service first and then go to college. Post 911 GIbill pays all with housing cost.
96wtfomg (2 days ago)
When you live in Europe watching this lol
harshbarj (2 days ago)
Make anything for profit and it will balloon in cost. Look at our healthcare system and the new for profit prisons! Sometimes doing things at the government level is simply better for the whole.
J.D. Montgomery (2 days ago)
Why didn't they interview Bryan Caplan?
Brian JOnker (2 days ago)
Sometimes people need to make better decisions. College costs are not a surprise except for maybe text books
Matthew Wright (2 days ago)
I never went to college I have no debt in fact I never finished high school, and yet I have an online job that pays 500 a month plus a have a nother job that pays 2000 a month, and I always have 1k in saving!
Dre2 Dee2 (2 days ago)
60 years ago: College isn't for everyone. RACISM, SEXISM, CLASSISM! IT SHOULD BE FOR EVERYONE!! Today: Guys... I'm starting to think college isn't for everyone. lmao
Preston Hayes (2 days ago)
colleges are expensive because of student loans. You have an unlimited pool of money, high demand the supply (college) can just keep raising tuition. Get classes that aren't even necessary. Cut the fat off the colleges end student loans and colleges will be forced to drop prices cause no one can afford them.
Indie Boy (2 days ago)
Wow, I had no idea people that go to college in the US have to pay that much money. Now I'm really grateful I can study for free in my country. It has to be a terrible feeling to know you'll be in debt for next 15 years of your life or so.
Monse Mares Tapia (2 days ago)
Community college!!!!!!!
Roy&Shashi Brock (2 days ago)
I agree with many of the other comments here; this video says very little about the true reasons the cost of tuition is so high. Among those items omitted: obscene "professor" salaries, overpaid "management/staff" positions such as university president (a largely ceremonial post at this point), bloated and unnecessary "diversity" departments, etc. The system is so out of whack that many graduate students choose a position with a university, which is generally more lucrative than an actual job. and where the skills they acquired are never used except to train another generation of professors. Universities today are overpriced, self-feeding career machines that need to be fixed.
地球人 (3 days ago)
becoz the US government has been cutting corporate tax too much that they cannot re-distribute the money to education.
TD Riehm (3 days ago)
slavery sugar coated.
Abbagail Marie (3 days ago)
You should have also mentioned the fact that banks won’t lend student loans without parent co-signers.
Evan McCrea (3 days ago)
College is so expensive because government guarantees loans and colleges take advantage of that knowledge. Students should assume personal responsibility for making that decision and stop crying.
Tao Cheng (3 days ago)
I attend city college in undergrad and online top 10 cs online program makes 6 figures. Paid less thaan 20000 dollar combined lol
Kevin Christopher Custodio (3 days ago)
From the Philippines. Can’t relate. So we’re rich? Hahaha! 😂😜🤪
Timex Wi (3 days ago)
go to your local college. or at least one that is close to home. that way. you cut off housing costs. it also cuts down on transport costs. but the sad fact is. a full college education isn't needed. trade school would be a better fit.
vo id (3 days ago)
How do you graduate with more debt than you expect? Can't they do math? You're told how much it cost per unit.
Seppel2014 (3 days ago)
I am living in Germany and paying 157€ twice a year for studying at a public university, I even get nearly 750€ a month to pay for rent (around 350€ a month) food an all the other stuff. From this money I have to repay 50% but maximum 20k € so thats pretty fair from the state ^^ And why did the 5th one had to pay more then 300k ??? Thats just crazy af
K Bell (3 days ago)
As a engineering grad with student debt I don’t really feel too bad for them. Yeah having debt sucks but I chose a career where it’s manageable and easily paid off. Why go to college if you know you dont know what you want to do with your life? And on top of that, why go to a super expensive private school? If you’re trying to figure things out, go to a community college for a semester or two, take all the classes you want then transfer.
Ligue Depeche (3 days ago)
*Free tuition* with one catch: Not everyone gets in. 17:05 He is 100% correct. College is expensive and the last thing we need are irresponsible jerkoffs going to school "because it's free".
Nathan Tompson (3 days ago)
Stop getting degrees in general subjects....and especially silly courses like "x studies" Better off getting a trade anyhow,
Nusaibah Ibraheem (3 days ago)
Loool "For hundreds of years"? 2:20 😂😂 I had to stop and comment, USA is only 243 years old now in 2019. It will be more accurate to say for decades. Even if you count when Harvard was established before the declaration of independence, its still only 380 years old.
IMA RUSSIAN (3 days ago)
How many people have learned the hard way; It's expensive to be stupid?
Lily Resells (4 days ago)
Went to an online college for a year for a Bachelors in Accounting. Hated it. Dropped out about 3yrs ago, racked up 15k in debt, now its 10k. Not worth it AT ALL. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do. I decided to resell for a living about a year ago, so just building my business till I can quit my job and pay off the remainder of my debt. Have not regretted it and I love the business Im building. College isnt the only road to success.
Christina NYC (4 days ago)
I would gladly pay more in taxes if that means higher education and health care for everyone. Sign me up 💜✌🏼😊
Marisol Cora (1 day ago)
Christina NYC I would too! ❤️
Farah Is Here (4 days ago)
*Laughs in college dropout*
Christian Castillo (4 days ago)
It won’t last longer, we have google now... online courses and platforms that technically gives you information, classes and direction for careers ( medicine or engineering or careers like these won’t make it, in this case you do need to go to university) and you now can have our own business or work for someone with real market knowledge..... paying way less..
Justin (4 days ago)
The government knows how to scam young adults. For over 200,000 years humans advanced without college degrees. Now, it is supposed to be the status quo for determining a future. That does not make sense.
Justin (1 day ago)
+Alex Siemers You are either trolling or brain washed. Did the people who invented steam power, fast communication have a modern education? 'Cause the Mesopotamians (who invented the wheel) did not have a college degree. Keep that in mind.
Alex Siemers (2 days ago)
For 200,000 years humans didn’t have fast transport, fast communication, industrial power, or a low child mortality rate. Keep that in mind.
San Ansa (4 days ago)
because you have a lot of classes that you are required to take as electives and they are meaningless. While some of them were 'interesting', I could have just read a book on the course topic and saved a LOT of time and money. Tenured professors at the State University barely showed up to class, they would slot T/A's to 'teach', many of them were foreigners and struggled with communicating in English. There was a VERY high dropout rate. The only way I got by with decent grades is I made a full commitment to getting through college, and studied all the time, in between classes, nights and weekends. I didn't get distracted by social activities and I only worked in the summers. I was able to save up enough money in the summer to pay for other expenses during Fall and Spring semester.
San Ansa (3 days ago)
+Vary Olla that is true and a lot of the car dealers and movie theaters would go out of business if they didn't have other revenue streams. If I made more money I would be purchasing a new car more often and just having it serviced at the dealer. Because to be honest I have been screwed over by so many independent auto mechanics over the years as well. Who were clueless, apathetic or they actively scam people. In one case, they didn't put the oil pan bolt/nut back on properly after an oil change and I was driving for an extended period without noticing, my neighbor just happened to notice it leaking when I was visiting. I can't do work on my car anymore otherwise I would. At least with a dealer, I know they have a level of service above independent mechanics.
Vary Olla (4 days ago)
Car dealers make the most money on service - not the actual selling of cars.  Theaters make their profit on the sale of concessions - not the actual ticket.  Accordingly colleges make money by compelling the individual to take a host of unrelated and entry-level courses under the guise of a "degree".
Paul Newsom (4 days ago)
Disaster idea ,No One Should Waste there Time With This ,Forever In Dedt
David Davidsonn (4 days ago)
(((college))) in america let me laugh
Ana SaH (4 days ago)
Quelle chance de bénéficier d'une éducation gratuite
Saiping Chen (4 days ago)
The colleges do not have to be free I agree with that, but just lower the tuition prices so most of people can afford it. I think people are willing to pay the lower tuition fee not higher tuition fees.
Alex Siemers (2 days ago)
Or make scholarships more worthwhile
Vaibhav C Anil (4 days ago)
Here's the solution - youtube videos. I am not kidding. You can learn enough skills to get started on a wide variety of jobs especially in the IT industry just by watching youtube videos for free.
matthew baese (4 days ago)
I could fix this in 5 minutes Raise entrance standards Government loans only for stem programs Anything else is a private loan from a bank You can bankrupt interest and penalties Problem solved
James McHale (4 days ago)
America is such a backwards country, but it’s always the first to judge others for their practises.
Christina X (4 days ago)
For those who think that Europeans have it good, because college is free, get this: A person working in California that makes $100k/year, will take $80k/year as a net salary home. A European will only take $60k/year with the same amount of income in Europe. So the European will pay the state $20k more a year in taxes than the American. If you multiply this amount in 4 years, you get the average student debt in America. That's were so called 'free' education comes from in Europe.
Vary Olla (4 days ago)
Base salary is basically meaningless unless you also figure in cost of living.  So a person who has high take home pay - yet lives in an area where they have relatively high living expenses not to mention healthcare and other ancillary costs = actually makes less that it might appear on the surface.
Jasmine Ali (4 days ago)
So? Their higher taxes give them long-term security. They don't have to worry about losing their jobs and not having access to healthcare as you Americans do. They don't have to worry about their children not getting educated, or the government not having enough money to provide necessary services to the people. Americans pay all these taxes and yet get very little in return. On top of that, have to pay more in terms of healthcare and education. Id rather pay a bit more and have a comfortable, secure future than pay fewer taxes and have my fate in the hands of a greedy government that continuously cuts services and give billion dollar corporation tax break while barely paying their employees living wages.
Vary Olla (5 days ago)
It's a racket of course.  Higher education in the US is a quasi-monopoly.  There is little free market competition among colleges - anymore than there is among gas stations - as they all tow the line pricewise.  If less people go to college = they raise tuition.  If more people as a result of enhanced government-sponsored tuition assistance attend = they raise tuition.  This when the larger, older institutions already have massive endowments which could sustain them for years.  The free marketplace does not exist in higher education - not really.
The Adanator (5 days ago)
maybe don't get student loans?
fredocorleone (5 days ago)
Student loan interest rates are now 6.6% for these guaranteed loans. Banks are good at getting the government to bend to their every desire. What a rip-off.
norteño catorce (5 days ago)
Soooo sad for you guys, here in MX, I just paid around the equivalent to 700 bucks for ALL my university career at Law School including title process & federal license, all that and without need a scholarship, if I were under scholarship protection, I would paid ZERO...
Mark Quinn (5 days ago)
What's the interesting looking campus at 16:30? The towers look like minarets.
Nikki Foster (5 days ago)
IMO if your going to college go for things like healthcare,restaurant/hotel management, legal those fields will always need people because Everyone has to eat people will always get sick and people will always go to jail plain and simple
Mujtaba Alam (4 days ago)
The field will need employees, but there's no guarantee that means the *degrees* will be in demand. Think about how most well known chefs and actors don't have culinary or film studies degrees
Tehya Lmao (5 days ago)
Greedy people. Need i say more?
Stephen Kim (5 days ago)
While I do sympathize for the young woman Rachel Brandt in the video and think college is corrupt and overly expensive, I find it hilarious that she talks about how she could get the $6,000 demanded by her college, while sitting in front of a $3,000 apple macbook.
inquizative44 (5 days ago)
College is expensive because they can be expensive. You charge as much as the market will bear.
Alexia Hurley (5 days ago)
Excuse me? Pay a percentage of your income to an investor? Yeah, that system wont be abused
Tristan Griffin (5 days ago)
This country is okay with giving the largest amounts of debt to the poorest people in the country.
huojin01 (6 days ago)
College is super expensive and not worth going to. That degree is another piece of paper I only hang on the wall. LOL Can't get a job with it; very useless. College is an expensive joke. LOL
huojin01 (4 days ago)
+A Olvaar That's different, of course your chances are better because engineers are much harder to come by. Hello! Whiz kids who can drill for oil are always in demand. If they don't excavate and drill for oil how are we going to fuel our vehicles? Du do do!
A Olvaar (5 days ago)
? you can't get $100K/yr with a Petroleum Engineering B.S.?
Race Spectator (6 days ago)
Why do people not calculate their debt before deciding to join? They would have known exactly how much they need to pay and yet, after all that they join and complain at the end of it.
Steven Mucciaciaro (1 day ago)
Because the American Education system became industrial, pushing kids into University before even teaching them real life skills like budgeting or finance. Oh, and they're 18 years old. They don't even have fully formed brains.
Zoomin (6 days ago)
community college bb
JoeBlow (6 days ago)
stop signing papers u dont understand! #demjakesdontlikeyou
HOBBIT cadillac (6 days ago)
in canada domestics pay 8,000 a sem but internationals pay 50,000
memes are life 12 (6 days ago)
why don't you guys just study abroad to cheaper countries?????