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Why College Is So Expensive In America

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College in the United States is expensive. The cost of higher education just keeps going up. Tuition costs at both public and private universities have doubled since the late 80s, while accounting for inflation. "I think that it's so ingrained in your head that you have to go to college, that college is the next step after graduation," said Jarret Freeman, a college graduate with roughly $50,000 in student debt. "I think in hindsight, I see that college is not for everyone." But a college education is becoming more and more necessary to succeed in today's economy. Georgetown University estimates that by 2020, 65 percent of all jobs will require more than a high school degree. Students graduate with an average of $37,172 in student loan debt. It all adds up to $1.5 trillion across the country. Watch the video above to learn how higher education became big business, hear from former students facing mounting debt and explore why it's so important to solve the student debt crisis.» Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC Why College Is So Expensive In America
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CNBC (3 months ago)
Tell us your student loan story:
Hasmeen C. (13 days ago)
I wasn't going to attend college or university unless I could afford it, happily I received a 2 year scholarship after graduating high school, got my associates degree and Transfer to an outer state university received another scholarship and ended up paying 75%-85% less each semester for 2 1/2 years than any university here where I live, graduated with a bachelor's debt free. Now looking into getting a masters, knowing scholarships won't help and I will only had to afford it or ask for a loan.... Iam thinking it would be much better to invest the loan on running my own business than getting a masters degree.
Charles Mi (14 days ago)
xalbatross1 good choice
Anthony Clement (17 days ago)
I knew what I was getting into. I studied something I love and society values HEAVILY. Engineering. Im getting over 100% ROI/ year on my student loan and paying it down just fine. It was tough but very very well worth it!
Nano Klzd (1 month ago)
its 0€ I live in a real first would country, not the USA.
somav8 (1 month ago)
I owe 156,000 we were perm residents, and we went to a lot of college conferences so we thought we knew what we were doing but we did not. I almost wish they didn't accept me cause then I wouldn't have gone but it's ok I am working on a plan and it will help me never get into debt in the future. Not for a car, not for a house, nothing nada, don't have a credit card and I am thinking of possibly never getting one. But what has made this really painful is how unsympathetic, predatory and rude some of the staff at the financial aid universities have been to me.
A Young Mans Tale (3 hours ago)
College is to expensive but we really need these big ass fancy campuses, huge arenas, the most famous and prestigious speakers that charge thousands a lecture everyone should get his own mini apartment blah blah. If an American University would be built and designed like a German University and funded like an American you could probably give the students money to attend
Ryan Murphy (3 hours ago)
Click bait with no content other then an agenda.
kaiyu79 (3 hours ago)
yea i have about 30k loan when I graduated, paid off in about 5 years, no help from anyone...because I choose STEM field degree. Choose my college based on what much scholarship they offer. You choose to attend college, you are responsible for your loans and debt. Please don't show the national GDP, why because we (the tax payer) should paid for these ppl college loan??
Gwyn the Gnome (4 hours ago)
With the internet & youtube, information about anything/everything is so readily accessible. We should be able to teach ourselves anything and everything for free and then test out to get a diploma. Who's with me? How do we make this happen?
Gwyn the Gnome (4 hours ago)
This title is misleading. They never actually explain why college is so expensive.
NYATA VIRAL SPORT (17 hours ago)
CNBC :Why college so expensive in america ELON MUSK :'I Don't Give A Damn About Your Degree ,😎😎😎
杨宽 (20 hours ago)
question is, why is degree so important in these days? there are so many free courses online(made by georgia/mit/upenn etc.)
jb@uk (23 hours ago)
Ok so why is it so expensive again...
kathleen1234561 (1 day ago)
Um your title is quite misleading. You didn't address the 'why.'
Meggan Collins (1 day ago)
Elite colleges already serve as some of President Donald Trump's favorite targets.
NadEr (1 day ago)
I'm an international student in the US, and I really feel sorry for you guys. your colleges are very expensive. if my gov. doesn't pay my tutions I wouldn't be studying here. In my country schools not only free, the gov. pays students like 300$ a month for grecory and stuff.
isettech (1 day ago)
6 years in the USN in the advanced electronics program with ET schools, GI Bill, self taught to keep current, took ISCET journeyman exam, self taught took EPA-608 universal, all for sections, no student loans, still employed in electronics in the semiconductor industry with certifications on climate control for clean rooms. Why has college prices spiked? Supply and demand. Manufacturing went overseas under Obama. Many lived on student loans in hopes of regaining employment, but the market did not need them all. Supply and demand shifted with a Trillion of student loans given by the government. Remaining employers could be finicky and pick college graduates as they are more likely to show up on time everyday and pay little as they didn't have many open options and debt. Many degrees went to lower skill positions as they had to take anything offered, so those without degrees were not offered. I had an advantage as I had experience, certifications, and did not have student loans, so I could remain employed in jobs students could not remain afloat in. Yes downsized as this was common, but now the economy is back and unemployment is down, so demanding and getting your value is easier. A degree does not make your value to an employer. Having the right training, skill, and experience, not a degree lands the job in today's market. It's now less of what do you want to be and more of what is needed and what can you provide that someone is willing to pay for. Having a liberal arts degree, high debt, and no skill is a liability. Not everyone can be a social worker.
dash1dash2 (1 day ago)
"I don't understand why I can't find a job with my intersectional feminism major with a minor in anti-patriarchy studies"
Nick Keith (1 day ago)
Return bankruptcy rights to ALL student loans. Make student loans fair again. #HR770 #S1414
Da IBM (1 day ago)
I have a better explanation for y'all. The government is increasing tuition fees on purpose, so young people would join the army... Make sense? Gimme my like
Padraig Murphy (1 day ago)
Y'all acting like you are in the most debt ever. I have close to 200k in college loan debt (student and my parents' loans). I have a Master's degree and work in a damn distribution center because of a lack of guidance from career services and advisors. No way in hell I'm sending my kids to college unless the system drastically changes. Should of just went to a trade school to become an electrician or air traffic controller
Immortal SoFar (1 day ago)
"College is not for everyone." No, it's just for the rich. Unless you sign up for the indentured servitude now that it's renamed "income share". When the more you earned meant the more tax you pay (instead of the opposite), today's tax payers investing in tomorrow's made sense. The fact that it no longer does, reflects poorly on the system.
G D (1 day ago)
America is abusive
christopher stimpson (1 day ago)
The police academy and military will PAY YOU to attend. Trade schools offer great paying jobs immediately after graduation.
This is not completely true, I am an Indian , I just finished my MS in Computer Science from a public US University with zero debt , no debt at all. What you sow that you reap. I never had coffee in my whole 2 years from Starbucks. I never had lunch or dinner not even a single time from College Union , always stick to home made food, walk to college , no car no drink , walked 4 miles every day , worked part time in University as tutor for $11 / hr for 20 hours a week. Worked in summer. The study is very good Really enjoyed everybit of college life and study. Slept most of the times in the Lab due to work. Who is saying College is too much expensive then don't know how to work hard or don't want to know how to work hard ??? Here scholarships are very frequently available to American students. International students can't have those. Despite of all odds I don't have a single penny loan except 3000 credit card debt which I will pay in 2 months of my salary.
Dave Otuwa (2 days ago)
If a college is located in the state where residents live, and such people have been living in the state for a certain number of years, tuition should be affordable.
qjtvaddict (2 days ago)
So the taxpayers baby boomers did not want to pay for their children’s college creating student loans as it we need more reasons to hate em.
Josh Tisdale (2 days ago)
Have College be free to get your Associate degree
ucha10 (2 days ago)
Awful video, never said why the price keeps rising
Awaken The Greatness Within (2 days ago)
YouTube is better than College
Denmar Leonado (2 days ago)
to work in the institution to pay some student load debt- one solution for new students
Anonymous (3 days ago)
I am Indian, Can't relate.
jims adventures (3 days ago)
mrblurblur2003 (3 days ago)
America is becoming a greatly racist country, I would never recommend my kids go there for further studies. America has too many lunatics roaming the streets and a mad President war monger, looks like war can break out anytime with Iran and China.
Sanskriti Negi (3 days ago)
Wait..your parents don't pay for college??
robert moore (3 days ago)
Once again the so called "Greatest Generation" and the Baby Boomers screwed over their children and grandchildren. The advantages they enjoyed they dont wish to pass on to the next generations. This is a demographic time bomb. No bankruptcy for student loans means an entire generation is burdened with tens if not hundreds of thousands in debt just as they start their working lives. So no home ownership, putting off raising a family, less disposable income. You will see home prices collapse as housing becomes impossible to afford. You will see calls for free college become more and more loud as it becomes less and less affordable and older people who had opportunities today's students can only dream of die off. In order for the US to stay competitive, education needs to adapt.
MrSeezero (3 days ago)
Alisha Mich, didn't you even watch this video? Professors are not the only ones getting paid by the students.
Qu33n0fPenTacLe5 (3 days ago)
dang lol, the girl who gets a $350,000 education expects to pay it off by age 36, while the guy who has $49,000 in debt won't be able to until he's 45? Sounds like he didn't get a degree that's very valuable and she did....
AKS (3 days ago)
America is freedom and capitalism. That is great for prosperity and individual rights, but education, public transportation, and universal healthcare are seen as Marxist conspiracies, and thus, public funding for all these is very limited. Since Americans have never had effective versions of these three services, they have no idea of what they are missing.
ElBadriano (3 days ago)
Why don’t they just freeze the amount the students owe rather than let interest accumulate on it?
David Smith (3 days ago)
simple. greed
Sandra Clark (3 days ago)
Free college, a black man saying that and the US got hundreds of years for slavery free. Be should have said free college for blacks. Something have to be done to bring the cost down cause in this documentary it said in order for a person to get a job they have to have 4 years if college. In other words certain groups of people will be kicked to the curb. These problems can be fix. Get the greedy hungry money making people and have them give certain percent back to the people so everyone will have same opportunities. I that's too much like right, they want to pass it all down to their families. Well the American people their families to without us you would live in the elegant house or drive nice car of vacation at marolargo or offshore money. Peopled built America cause the elites never get their hands dirty, not even their fingernails!
James Tao (3 days ago)
I recommend people read a book "the case against education".
Papa Smurf (4 days ago)
Free college is the best idea. Students will get the most out of it. I know this because I'll help by asking students if they're doing well in school. If they say no then I'll smack them for wasting my tax money.
P Kul (4 days ago)
My observation is parents don’t help kids in United States and both parents and students don’t know about a word “saving” talking about debt while using iPhone and iPods!! Seriously? And it’s fine to share rent in student year. If you struggle now you will Be in much better place when time comes to move in with partner / have kids etc etc . Students spending on luxury is irony of most Americans
J.S Bach (4 days ago)
Cannot understand those who cannot pay but still insist on going to colleges...
Phoenix 1101 (4 days ago)
For profit or not you have to do your research. I went to a state college for undergrad and I’m now in a for profit graduate program. However, out of pocket I’m paying less for grad school. You have to do research on your school, degree, and income. It sucks; but that’s reality. Further, if you want your “dream job” companies or organizations won’t hire anyone without at minimum of a bachelors. We need to pay college grads more AND we need to pay high school graduates more. The minimum wage is $7.75. The average wage for a college graduate is $13.00. But the cost of living is much higher (at least in my state).
S A (4 days ago)
chris (4 days ago)
community college FTW!!
Pnoid News (4 days ago)
Because women go n take subjects that arent real
Michael Shimp (4 days ago)
Ima just invest all my money
QT-TV (4 days ago)
So talk about the college enrollment but if course leave out HBCU then talk about people of color lack of access.
Valkyrie27 (4 days ago)
Because of GREED. There saved you some time.
soraya .e (5 days ago)
We need to go back to way college was before it was a scam and people had relevant degrees
JÖYの貓 (5 days ago)
How are non for profit get much more than public is beyond me though...they should invest more in public systems
Harry Garner (5 days ago)
I’m from England and university is £9,250 per year for everything And it’s £11,250 for international students per year And the payments are easy to pay back. If you earn £26k a year you only need to pay £7.50 a month If you earn £27k a year you only need to pay £15 a month
Bonnie Robinson (5 days ago)
Very informative. High schools should show this film to graduating teens and their parents.
Accas (5 days ago)
Cuz its a scam.
Jarrod Yuki (5 days ago)
make the NCAA subsidize tuition problem solved.
jonldavis (5 days ago)
its like anything else, if enough people stop paying these crazy prices, the will start getting lower. Free Education would be the worst thing, higher prices and more money out of everyones wallet including those who are against it and not using the service.
Thomas Peckoff (5 days ago)
I didn’t go to college and I was semi retired by 33 and been debt free since 45. Good luck with college
Padraig Murphy (1 day ago)
+Thomas Peckoff On job training is not even remotely the same as requiring a college degree. I agree that right now that is a better option, but hardly any high school nowadays has competent enough guidance counselors to actually give you knowledgeable advice about those jobs which are not advertised well at all. So kids coming out of high school (unless they have a family member also doing that type of work typically do not have enough information about the job to take it seriously (especially when all you hear growing up is you want a good job you better go to college). The entire education system (not just higher education) is failing our youth and instead of actually addressing the issues with the system Betsy Devos you is about as unqualified as you can get for her position just keeps pushing charter schools as if they will solve everything despite the fact that a good amount of those charter schools are worse than public schools. I have a Master's degree that has gotten me absolutely nowhere. I wish I would have just went to a trade school for a few months to become an electrician or an air traffic controller, but now I can't even afford to do that if I wanted because of the debt I am in from college. I can barely get by now. No way in hell my kids will be going to college as it stands now. They will most certainly be going to a vocational school or at most a community college.
Thomas Peckoff (1 day ago)
Padraig Murphy I’m in the trades and that’s still an on the job training situation so yes u can still do what I did. I worked May-sept and took the rest of the year off since 2000.
Padraig Murphy (1 day ago)
A lot of the jobs in your generation that didn't require a college degree to be hired, now do require one to be hired. Congrats on your situation, but it is not comparable in terms of advice.
Thomas Peckoff (5 days ago)
Free college would never work in America for one reason and one reason only!!!!!! The corporations who run this country from the shadows, behind the government don’t want an educated and well informed citizenry. THEY WANT A DOCILE OBEDIENT LEAS INFORMED NON CRITICAL THINKERS WHOSE ONLY PURPOSE IN LIFE IS TO BE A GOOD CITIZEN AND OBEY AND CONSUME!!!!!! the end game is when retail supports retail or when the government is the biggest employer. Both r a lot closer to happening today (2019) then u might think. When I use the word government as in relation to employment I’m talking about every single aspect of government Feds State Local And everything in between including people on welfare which they’re technically a government employee but don’t actually work for the government and makes them a liability but I digress There r a lot of bubbles in America after 2008 that the perfect storm ⛈ is coming it could be housing, money and student debt that bring us down for good! Will America survive? Absolutely but only as an empty shell of its former self. We will no longer be the powerhouse we once were or even have an opportunity to make it to the top again cause our jobs r gone, our infrastructure is in shambles and yeah no ones been taking care of the house when we were away fighting wars all over the world and just printing money because we can. Not to mention the corruption on all levels of our government. But hey 👋 go out and get that 4 year degree in colonial poetry and tell me where that gets u?
Icebeard (5 days ago)
So why is college so expensive? You focused on idiots who loaned money and were shocked they had to pay it back?!?! These idiots are supposed to be adults? Did their parents fail them or is it the modern NIMBY? easy fix, get a job and don't take huge loans! I remember having 3 jobs while going to college! Yes, my parents helped a little, but I paid for 90% myself, with ZERO loans to pay back. Pro-Tip don't take money you don't want to pay back!!! Welcome to adulthood...
lol (5 days ago)
every first world country: free education usa: DEBT
Carlos Romero (5 days ago)
I have $40k in debt and nothing to show for it? Dumb ass you got an education 🤦🏻‍♂️
Strofi Kornego (6 days ago)
She can afford her own flat and macbook without a job and now wants taxpayer to pay for her degrees..
Genius by Design (6 days ago)
1. ban feminism 2. cage banksters 3. ban ALL LOANS !!!
Syllen S. (6 days ago)
Damn, I'm from Nicaragua and I can't even afford to pay my university tuition wich is only $80
Jordan 1734 (6 days ago)
Hi I’m incredibly afraid of growing in debt. I go to a private non profit school. I love the school and I had a lot of scholarships most of them being outside of the school. I took out about $5000 total. It brought down my fees to about five hundred dollars. I loose some of those scholarships as they are non renewable. The tuition has gone up. I was working two jobs but I thought my grades would start to slip so I quit one and then the other laid me off. My bank account is nearing empty and I have to find another job to have something to pay for books and other fees like half a thousand dollars to have a thirty minute lesson (which really isn’t much time at all very I affective with little to no teaching) that are required for the major track I am on. I’ll be taking out more loans on the coming year. And for the two years to follow that.
Andres Diaz (6 days ago)
Going to college is like selling your soul to the devil in this case the devil is student debt!
DJ FX (6 days ago)
Unregulated capitalism is not good cause of humans greed nature
wolfseek (6 days ago)
Sounds like people just want but dont want to pay dont go to college dont do nothing watch how the world start moving
NO CONTENT FOUND (6 days ago)
In germany, its free. Seriously, nothing. You only need to pay for some books, and sometimes for housing...but thats it.
NO CONTENT FOUND (2 days ago)
+Hildegard von Bingen But still, you can make pretty good money...if you choose the right job.
Hildegard von Bingen (3 days ago)
Yes but in Exchange Germany has the second highest Taxation and mandatory social insurance Costs on the planet. And you go into the highest tax brackets directly or just a fews years after graduation. On top of that fuel is expensive, cars too, electricity Prices are the highest on the planet. The only Thing that is really cheap in Germany is Food.
Godfrey Santo (7 days ago)
Didn't know America enslaved it's own citizens just as they do it with squeezing Africans
Allen Shinn (7 days ago)
I can't afford to go to college, it's so super pricey. I finished high school in 1999.
Gypsyscotty9 (7 days ago)
It's "the greatest country in the world." That's what they learn to say and carry 100k in debt at age 22. While lesser countries offer top class education free. You been scammed by a flag.
Shaaz Bhimani (7 days ago)
Just attend community college for 2 years and you will be set!!!!
c a t (7 days ago)
Why can't college and university be free? People will take it for granted, it'll have no cost? Hard work is the cost. What, should 5 year olds have to understand the cost of primary education? Do they have to be GRATEFUL they get ABC. Most people wouldn't go to college regardless of no price tag - because its hard?
Eric Lui (7 days ago)
Here is my student loan story. I attended a private engineering school and graduated 4 years ago. I had roughly 50k student loans when I graduated. I was 24 years old when I graduated. Here is what I did to keep to debt down and repay the debt. I went to school near hometown, and I COMMUTED to school every day. I decided a major that I want and understand the job market opening BEFORE I started my school. I worked part time or interned when I was in school. I found a job after graduation and bought a 20k car ( a mistake). At this point my debt is at 70k and networth of negative 55k (+15k from car) I got a roommate that split rent in a small town. I didn't buy a new computer until my laptop is 6 years old and can't hold a charge or run simple tasks. I didn't buy new phone until it won't hold a charge. I cook most of the time and didn't really eat out much. I worked extra gig over weekends to bring in extra income. I pay my loans ahead and refinance private loans after I got a better credit score. all these time I have saved up 3 months of emergency funding in the bank. 4 years later here I am. I have 26k left in loans (21k student loans and 5k in car). I repaid 44k loans in 4 years. My networth is +37k. My net income for last year was 80k, and I got it by working 2 jobs and 7 days a week). I am now 28 years old, and I didn't really have a life after or during school. I do eat out now and I do go on vacation once a year. My plan is to pay it off within the next 2 years (before 30). I am not bragging that I can do it or whatever. I am determine to pay off my loans, because this is what I borrowed to get a better future. I didn't have a nice 20s or cool fun college life. I do however, have a well planned schedule to pay off my loans.
Padraig Murphy (1 day ago)
May I ask what your degree is?
EverythingJailbreak Pro (7 days ago)
My work pays for it.
ilhamionur (8 days ago)
Lmao Problem is US sees thier citizens and students as CUSTOMERS to make money. If they don't go college no problem US can always important skilled workers around the globe. Other countries have different way of thinking. EU and some other Western countries make Higher Education FREE so that it can keep these people in the country and eventually they will work and profit the country. US on the other hand profits with kids who wants to get a degree on "Gender Studies", later on in life that won't help US government much thus they need payment in advance.
Shawn Mathew (8 days ago)
Stop government loans of liberal arts
Sonic_K snk (8 days ago)
America: come my children I need your help figthing a war, and some of you might get killed and crippled, oh and also you'll also owe me money for life when you come back
Oblivious (8 days ago)
I don’t have debt asian parents pay if u go to gud school
Kevin Healey (8 days ago)
Germany has free tution, however in Germany: College presidents as well as staff do not get salaries of hundreds of thousands of dollars as well as of millions of dollars. American universities are easy to get into, but more difficult to stay in. That's why the drop out rate in Germany is considerably less than what the drop out rate is in the United States. The reason for that is, Universities in Germany will only acccept students who can score at least 1100 on an SAT test. (Press Read more) They save money by not letting people in there who don't belong there. German students and educators have gone to American universities. They see that it's a circus type of atmosphere. There are no scholarships for cheer leaders in German universities as well as scholarships for athletes. There are no sports programs. The average university in the US loses money every year on their athletic programs. Germany is old fashioned. They believe that a university is for learning. There is very little next to no crime in Germany in comparison to the US. There's no need for campus police.
Aaron Hernandez (8 days ago)
It’s worth it if you understand financial literacy and understand that uni is meant to lead to a certain job or job field.
bejjita (8 days ago)
If anyone wants to help me w/ my students loans this month... please message me
Cookie mon (8 days ago)
Because government intervention in the student loan business
Abhishek Biradar (9 days ago)
Who gives their child name china
Name Withheld (9 days ago)
"I'm super in debt" .. **has macbook pro, lives in a high rent area** 😕
Miss Keema (9 days ago)
My school principal gave this promises speech. after we graduated he said and I quote adults go to work after high school. children go back to school. and for are some reason it's stuck with me.
Miss Keema (9 days ago)
The reason why college is so expensive is to keep the 1% wealthy and keep your broke ass broke. trust me they don't want you in They're Crowd they don't believe in you and they want you to stay as broke as possible but also to aspire what they have. noticed are all wealthy people. do not have to go to college and have money that's passed on from generation to generation. And those who have made it there didn't just make it on share luck they had an idea that will keep you where you're supposed to be.
doug by (9 days ago)
Just become a stripper r a Instagram premium model r a web cam girl lol hahaha I've been to strip clubs in phx, Las Vegas and I've seen lots of young girls dancing most of them said they're stripping for college 👍
Dustin Pfundheller (9 days ago)
It never answers the title question. I don’t care the history or personal stories of people with high tuition rates. I care about why tuition is high so maybe we can figure out a way to lower it in future...
Yang Xu (9 days ago)
40k is just about the salary for a year in the US for a graduate student just can’t understand why it seems to be so unsustainable.....
Yang Xu (9 days ago)
Supwes12 sorry i don’t know lot about the real situation in the US i just heard some stuff from people
Supwes12 (9 days ago)
Lol can you please show me which statistic or where you got this.
Miss Keema (9 days ago)
I found a job that pays for school and instead of going straight to school after high school I went to work and now my job offers a 95% scholarship paid scholarship for school
Miss Keema (9 days ago)
My high school principal told me that adults go to work at the high school children go back to school.
Miss Keema (9 days ago)
Also check your state programs if you living state that has programs that fund childcare usually pays for higher education for their teachers because the regulations changed so much that they need to continue her education it requires they have at least six credits every year in order to keep our jobs so they pay for us to go to school all so you don't have to make your degree doesn't have to be an education just as long as it is some areas where is that you can use it and education they don't mind.
Miss Keema (9 days ago)
+paleobc65 any preschool that falls under keys stone stars
paleobc65 (9 days ago)
Miss Keema where??
All Things 3 (10 days ago)
Yeah we'll pay for your mistakes. cool
youeilx2 (10 days ago)
how about another solution were the government regulates how much tuition fees should cost for the citizens by forking out percentage. example 30% government funded and 70% student so you still fill the gaps for the educated jobs for the future. some countries have this in play now and it works well
Brandy B (10 days ago)
350 grand in studet debt....are you making a career out of going to school ...wtf?
Warren Rhinerson (10 days ago)
Two words explain it: Jimmy Carter. Before Carter got the department of education involved in paying for college, universities were very affordable now due to the government getting involved, prices have skyrockets. Also there is nothing stopping them from getting scholarships instead of loans. Get Government out of paying for college and you will see prices drop again. Also, the military will be happy to pay for your education in exchange for 4 years of service. The Marine Corps are always looking for new recruits.
Paul G. Chu (10 days ago)
Obviously this "general college education" model is totally obsolete and "For Profit Schools" make false promises too. "Free College" paid by taxpayers seems to work in other countries ? Why not here ? Having an "Investor" pay for your college is laughable. You wind up owing huge $ debt to them anyway.. It time for a new model where "non affluent" but qualified students only pay the major portion of University tuition if they get a serious job in their field of study. They risk 4-5 years of study without a job and life ruining debt at the end ? This would and should be considered a scam. With this new model, you can track the actual statistics of college graduates who get meaningful jobs. Colleges would be "on the hook" to provide relevant job skills to the marketplace which is the ultimate goal anyway.
xr28y ge3fl1 (10 days ago)
My student loan story: Worked full time, 40 hours, got a degree in Physics, Zero debt, +$80,000 cash saved in bank at Graduation. Started my own company , sold for $3.2 million two years later. Its you, not the economy or society or America, its definitely YOU. Get up and demand results from yourself every day, do not lie down to sleep until YOU attain that goal for that day. Period no excuses. its very simple.
Tasty Not tasty (10 days ago)
Watching someone with an iPhone complaining about how much money she/he has to pay is odd.
Carl Greisheimer (10 days ago)
Beach ball!! That thing is more like a huge medicine ball!!