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THE SUPERIOR BLUE UNCIVILIZED CARHARTT HOODIE WILL BE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE FRIDAY, JULY 13TH AT 12 PM EST ON MRFOAMERSIMPSON.COM. LIMITED TO 100 PIECES. JOIN THE MAILING LIST HERE! ► http://bit.ly/2vnIxFg SUBSCRIBE HERE ► https://www.youtube.com/user/mrfoamersimpson?su... FOAMIE & BUCKETS: season 1 episode 67. I just bought these Adidas Ultraboost 2.0 that came out a couple years ago and they are by far the ugliest and worst looking Adidas Boost sneakers I have ever bought, but watch the video and see why and what I think about them. Check it out and let us know what you think! Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share! Check it out and let us know what you think! Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share! WANT TO SEND US SOMETHING? FOAMER SIMPSON PO BOX 5513 CLEARWATER, FL 33758 CONNECT WITH FOAMIE ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Snapchat ► https://www.snapchat.com/add/itsfoamie IG ► http://full.sc/1b2RF27 Twitter ► http://full.sc/H8tB5t Facebook ► http://full.sc/H8txms CONNECT WITH BUCKETS ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Snapchat ► https://www.snapchat.com/add/thouartbuckets IG ► http://bit.ly/2pIaGW8 CONNECT WITH FORREST CONNER ON SOCIAL MEDIA! IG ► https://bit.ly/2HZMwP7
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Text Comments (225)
conor13640 (7 months ago)
foamer swears that "no one wants it" quote is deeper than the ocean floor. xD
BackseatJuice (7 months ago)
Only a hype beast buys for attention. 🤡 #Foamer
Malcolm (5 months ago)
Puma Thunder Spectra but I feel due to the hype of the dad shoe I’m being converted.
tristanstewart (5 months ago)
the circle diagram chart perfectly says what so many have tried so hard to put into words. well done
9INER EMPIRE (6 months ago)
I'd rock those!!
9INER EMPIRE (6 months ago)
That's you allllll the way Foam! I knew it you like shit ppl wouldn't normally wear. So gotta hand it to ya. I guess that's what you unique. Really. 😃
Michael Masulli (6 months ago)
Do you know anything about the adidas sobakov? (Comfort) They just came out this month haven’t seen them anywhere except online
Eggy Boi (6 months ago)
I already know it’s gonna be laceless XD Edit: heck
Philly B (6 months ago)
95$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for a home made hoodie YOU ARE U
Philly B (6 months ago)
stop marketing your self stick to shoes=success
Oscar Mohlala (6 months ago)
First time I saw the CORTEZ (was purple nylon). Hated that and somehow bought on the spot!
forealz18 (6 months ago)
Not ugly but crazy looking. Respect
son goku (7 months ago)
Yeah for me its ugly
Masacci. Boi (7 months ago)
A K (7 months ago)
Piece of shit
Joey Freekicks (7 months ago)
Are you from stock x?
Victor Jr Rosales (7 months ago)
I heard that theory from TomStefaniuk first, but still great video👌👌
sorstudios (7 months ago)
Oh Yeah Yeah (7 months ago)
Has anyone ever told you that you look like Timthetatman
bbcicecreamman (7 months ago)
bape x ultra boost is gunna be flames
Surf4Lifeee (7 months ago)
the dots and color makes it ugly
Icey (7 months ago)
Ultra boost for clowns
Jandelle Cobbs (7 months ago)
I feel the same way about the Boost Terrex Agravic Kith
zoltán tarján (7 months ago)
Hey! Jumped on the hoodie ofc... Cant wait! One question: Is this an official carhartt collab? Or whats the deal with the logo and everything? Keep it on guys! ✌️
Soviet Ninja (7 months ago)
NMD’s had a good run then they oversaturated them. Ultra boosts had a good run then they oversaturated those too. These are good hipster shoes to not flex too hard but to show you have shoe game. Yeezys are now dying lol. The Pharrell’s still have hype since they haven’t been oversaturated. Oh well we all love shoes. Fuck the hype buy what ever you want!!!! Be your self!!!!
Dr. Octagon (7 months ago)
What the Dunks
Charlie Hustle (7 months ago)
frozen yellow yeezy 350 falls into this as does the waverunner.both dope but hideous at the same time.
Nick Pagan (7 months ago)
These are dope, but the Kolor uncaged....... FIRE
Mostafa Kandil (7 months ago)
Great theory but not with these lol
Jackson Chandler (7 months ago)
Although they may be out of fashion now, I'm still buying a pair for comfort and gym, so I'm kinda glad they're dying coz they will be cheaper now
Советский Союз (7 months ago)
eseterik78 (7 months ago)
My first thought was "perfect for a rodeo clown" Those dudes need to be light on their feet. Their lives depend on it. They should endorse these joints.
Ted Forsström Jacobsson (7 months ago)
Those r fire IMO
Steffano Fumo (7 months ago)
I have severe nerve damage in my feet and Ultra-boost is the only shoe that doesn’t make my feet feel like they are on fire, I was the biggest Nike fanboy until I bought a pair of Clima’s triple black a few months ago lol
boxxulica (7 months ago)
Bought a pair of ub uncaged for half price retail
ikaw (7 months ago)
yeah! It's like abstract paintings. Some people sees what it is. UGLY! Some people makes imaginary sense/meaning to it and calls it a masterpiece.
DBarationX (7 months ago)
No shoe can stay popular forever, accept the Air Jordan 1
lavaman233 (7 months ago)
I 😂 at all those people who paid way over retail 2/3 years ago on Boost and NMDs. Waste of $$$
Rose legacy (7 months ago)
The Jordan 1 are still popular and they been out for a while they are the Pinnacle of the shoe game haha
Eli Hurley (7 months ago)
Big fan for awhile and man, I gotta say, you guys have insane cinematography skills.
Danger Russ (7 months ago)
You know I might just be DOPE?? I love DOPE. It makes me feel Funny!!
Antwan Frazier (7 months ago)
Adidas is flat lining right now!
Kraz3e987 (7 months ago)
When I first saw people rocking foamposites when I was getting into the shoe game I thought they were hideous, the more I looked at them and read about that foamposite technology was all about they started to grow on me. Now I fricken love foams and the other foamposits using silhouettes like the flight posite lines, the Barkley foams and so on.
Drake Carder (7 months ago)
Rugrats collab?
josh (7 months ago)
The Yeezy Butters look better than these
hunkymeat74 (7 months ago)
WTH!!!! New Clown 🤡 shoe's
Taite Innes (7 months ago)
totally agree with your theory
TechMoral (7 months ago)
Yeezy 500 are fire but so many people thin they're ugly
doumacacpan (7 months ago)
Xin chào .
Shiny Grimer (7 months ago)
I think yeezy 500 is so ugly it’s dope. Same with vapormax
Luther Mallari (7 months ago)
looks like a clown would wear
hanzof god (7 months ago)
No shoe can stay cool forever except the bc3 or jxi concords 😂
Matthew Tagayun (7 months ago)
Bro these are lit
Ade Balogun (7 months ago)
The theory is truest genius 👌🏾
Digital Pickaxe (7 months ago)
Its nice but not a fan of the colorway
John Gaskell (7 months ago)
The “Circle of Dope” is how I got a pretty wife with this big ass head.
Allen Tulabing (7 months ago)
You mean like a pug?
nyjeterss (7 months ago)
Kd 9 elite multicolor ugliest ones i got but i love em
JabTrill (7 months ago)
They kinda remind me of the Off White Mercurials where they're kinda ugly but dope
Theo Seven (7 months ago)
Yup I have an weird sneaker but its awesome. ( I am from Puerto Rico!)
master shifu (7 months ago)
Thats some BOOSHIT.
Chill- Smith (7 months ago)
crocs are so ugly theyre dope
JC12 (7 months ago)
no shoe can stay cool forever....except the jordan 1. i never see that shoe going out of style.
PlasticFan (7 months ago)
JC12 Jordan 3s are also gonna be in style forever too lol
Jose Figueroa (7 months ago)
Pharrell BYW need video 👀👀👀
Jose Ortiz (7 months ago)
The foamposite weatherman
ZZ ZZ (7 months ago)
HAWAIIRAMSFAN7 (7 months ago)
If being a party clown is your side hustle, then this is the shoe for you.
Robert Turnip (7 months ago)
The dots wouldn't be so ugly if they didn't look like they were just glued on top. It just makes the sneaker look cheap.
Ashnion The Salty (7 months ago)
I was interested until I saw the dots, what the fuck were they thinking...
Stephen J (7 months ago)
Back in the early 2000s those Osiris shoes were so hideous that they were dope. I had 2 pair and thought I was flexing on everybody at school.
Masacci. Boi (7 months ago)
Stephen J those where the first pair of shoe I bought myself for like 50$
Mr. Baskins (7 months ago)
Adidas needs to lock this silhouette in the vault for about ten years. No more damn ultra boosts
MrMartyn1212 (7 months ago)
they are a joke shoe yea cmon f fucks sake hype gone stupid
ImUhMayhem (7 months ago)
My Supreme Uptempos Red Colorway...shoe is highly unnecessary...but me like
kwanlo944 (7 months ago)
Foamie educated us the definition of UGLY related to DOPE... mind opened
Jon Lui (7 months ago)
these are so under rated! I love these! Wanted these from the get go!
siege ultimate Daytona (7 months ago)
Congrats on 300k. Well deserved
tell me what you wan??? (7 months ago)
ur saying adidas wrong.. everyone who’s British, German, New Zealand and others would know how to say it right
Your Dope kool video
Joe G (7 months ago)
Nike footscape
InZaneKicks (7 months ago)
This is a colorway that tends to appeal mostly to people that want to be different simply for the sake of trying to be different.
shatman1982 (7 months ago)
I want to get some of the game of throne boost shoes just cause it merges two things i love but right now nike has my attention
as wqd (7 months ago)
Mr foamer and young bucket are the most un hypocrite sneakerhead ever!
Jefritz Ligot (7 months ago)
I got one of those purchased it way back when ultraboost is so hyped! I love em! Boost is life!!!
GreekSneakCollector (7 months ago)
Agreed 100%!! www.GreekSneakCollector.blogspot.com
Brady Loughner (7 months ago)
I had to have them .... and my girlfriend absolutely roasted me
alphazoom II (7 months ago)
I don't mind the colorway however... the polkadots.... NO.
Nguyen Trung (7 months ago)
“You ever has a pair of sneakers that you knew it were ugly but for some reasons you still liked them”... hype-beast theory at its best lol
Raul Montoya (7 months ago)
At my outlet I saw the ultraboost for $109 additional %30 off
Markymark Yumul (7 months ago)
If not because of boost nike still not innovating for me boost still dope yeezy500 are most ugly
chuchuchuchia (7 months ago)
goodness those are ugly
TWYkeegs _ (7 months ago)
ReliantX (7 months ago)
Tiger25NYC Brooklyn (7 months ago)
Do a review on the Harden Vol 2 LS the lace version and also the buckle versions as well
Arguing101 (7 months ago)
Its all cyclical. Adidas knows its Jordan time. Once people start getting bored of the current trend, thats when every company goes all out to be the next trend. I guarantee when Jordans start getting tired, Adidas gonna be gunning with releases to come out on top again. Adidas are putting out midrange price shoes for the more common consumer while the trend isnt in their favor. Guarantee they got a bunch of crazy ideas in stock waiting for it to happen. Every company does this
EricBarbaric (7 months ago)
Isaac 001 (7 months ago)
SimplyLeah (7 months ago)
The yeezy 500’s are my ugly ducklings lol. So ugly they’re dope. I copped them in super moon yellow and once I got them in hand I fell in love with them. So comfortable! Odd color to match up with but I just rock em with anything lol 🤷🏽‍♀️. I copped the charcoal pair too. Those should be arriving tomorrow. Can’t wait to get those in hand too. Great video as always! I’m beginning to love adidas more and more.
Ry A (7 months ago)
I had to cop the Westbrook PE of the Jordan 1 for this reason. Teal and infrared.. so ugly it's dope!
Ashton Hernandez (7 months ago)
Yeezy 500
Tyler Diehl (7 months ago)
Strike Knight exactly what I thought They’re the perfect amount of ugly
Ashleigh Chapman (7 months ago)
Agreed dope
Hank Wu (7 months ago)
love all your videos, can you do one periodic videos of what you been rocking the most or whats currently on your feet lately ? thanks
MikhailaMikhaila (7 months ago)
Yeezy Semi Frozen Yellow