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How far can Voyager 1 go before we lose contact?

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The Voyager space probes are the furthest man made objects from Earth. With Voyager 1 being 21 Billion Kilometres from Earth, communication with the Space probe relies on the Deep Space Network. But how far can Voyager 1 go before we lose communication? This video looks at how we communicate with Voyager and when it will eventually stop receiving our signals. Thanks for watching this Primal Space video. If you enjoyed it, let me know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe so you can see more videos like this! Support Primal Space by becoming a Patron! Twitter: Music used in this video: » Angelic Forest - Doug Maxwell » Proud - Bobby Renz » Marianas - Quincas Moreira » Court and Page - Silent Partner
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Text Comments (8757)
Ayan Nadeem (19 minutes ago)
Such an interesting topic but such a boring voice
HydroMk2 (1 hour ago)
Hopefully the voyagers will carry on and on as a monument to Human discovery
Scott Johnson (10 hours ago)
nuclear power sucks.
Cringe Central (13 hours ago)
Voyager 1 should have another satellite as a relay/signal booster. The satellite should be near the border of the Solar System. Voyager 1 should be able to collect more data longer.
Snarfsnarfff (16 hours ago)
What if we find a thing like voyager, thats billions of years old and its from humans 😱. Humans that existed billions of years ago from some planet we never heard of but on the craft is a disk like we put on voyager. It would be the greatest discovery ever made.
azertu2u2 (1 day ago)
They will be passed by future spacecraft 👍
sangeeta pillai (1 day ago)
What if it's last words are goodbye ily
Top Collections (1 day ago)
Nasa should send one voyager after the other . I mean Send voyagers in a series after every 10 year . So they pick up signal from each other until it reaches earth.
Thomas Chrombly (1 day ago)
It just keeps going. Definitely not made in China.
Bennen Herrera (1 day ago)
3:30 literally everyone 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
A literal cat (1 day ago)
So what your telling me is that y’all sent a slime block flying machine into spaces.
karan raju (2 days ago)
Michael Moses (2 days ago)
Yal should check out an put a lil time in investigating the Firmanent.. Ref. Bible,Admiral Richard Byrd,all the private owned rocket owners,YouTube videos, Operatiin High Jump US Navy,Ellon Musk,E.T.C. the truth is available if ya even care enough about being lied to to even check it out..
Zeudock (2 days ago)
"Space" is a NASA deception. Watch these
Paul D. G. (2 days ago)
No such animal. Wake up!
Ray Bilverstone (2 days ago)
Vega will return remember Star Trek 😂👍.but seriously what happened to Voyager 2 isn’t it also still on its journey 🤔
Tutle_ 24 (2 days ago)
Cheese Block (2 days ago)
Damn you guys should of put some Nokia batteries in there. Seriously that shit lasts forever.
JamesIND (3 days ago)
one day Voyager 1 will be sitting in a alien pawn shop
Doug (3 days ago)
It will take 30,000 years to get out of the solar system. Understood as the sun's gravitational influence limit. The space is huge.
Celsius Palmeira (3 days ago)
Até a esquina da NASA, isso aí é tudo CGI.
Arturo Verde (3 days ago)
What’s repaired,sent back with a note 📝,saying ..... “If you don’t look after your pets your license will be forfeited.”...WTF.
Wangchuk Dorjee (3 days ago)
Valverde OUT!
FBI (3 days ago)
Hoop man 88 (3 days ago)
Why didn’t they just put an iPhone on voyager 1 and have the iPhone like live streaming or something ?😤😴
Ferdinand Marcos (4 days ago)
How come it didn't into something hard like (space rocks) for all those years orbiting
parv pandey (5 days ago)
What if Voyager 1 becomes another solar system's oumuamua?
Vltaliy Kryvolevych (5 days ago)
i think they send humans too with voyager
Lyk Desu :3 (5 days ago)
Why am I in tears with this voyager 1?
Jason Strom (5 days ago)
We really should send a Ferrari put with it's radio playing and see what the Aliens think of our vehicular engineering... 😂👌 A gift.
a hamster (6 days ago)
Even if it its just an object with no life, I still feel bad for Voyager 1. May you be happily find a planet to take care of you.
Sokny Real kh (6 days ago)
very good vagaries 2
DeNikow (6 days ago)
Are the tardigrades on it still alive? Who knows...
SweJoel bernholm (6 days ago)
Think if it takes a photo on a another solar system with life in about 300 years and send it to earth! WHO knows
David Navratil (6 days ago)
Love those probes, as this video, awesome :) ;)
Phillip Honeysett (7 days ago)
Click Clack crack or light sound n waves contact is Intel sence n detect not a lost off n retract that's sent back n tech that's wats beacon or signal n best is voyager communication is sent n solar or run made that's for known n mass respects share n show
anarko insurrezionalista (7 days ago)
che palle ! titolo forviante !
Stoica Catalin (7 days ago)
Hi(sorry for my bad english)
Jeannie Michaels (7 days ago)
I think we got our monies worth.
ElektrosmogXL (7 days ago)
Wait, i left my car keys on voyager 1, bring it back.
The Synapse (7 days ago)
The world's first greatest thing to send outer space is a damn snapchat camera that's broken and about to die cuz it ran out of gas and battery..................I feel it's pain
Fred O' Quinn 03 (8 days ago)
Why is this making me feel depressed
Ekiskalibur Nirvana (9 days ago)
Voyager is a hoax. in those times people were even unable to make a proper car
Sir Gorash (9 days ago)
"..until it eventually sends it's last bit of Data and disappears silently into space, never to be heard from ever again." That broke me.
Luís Antônio Marrega (9 days ago)
Excelente informação. Abraço
Kristian Wold (10 days ago)
I'm still complaining about my iPhone data.....
Relapse XXIV (11 days ago)
“Never to be heard from... ever again.” This kinda made me sad.
Nos enseñan que es un año Luz y ahora nos dicen que ese aparato ya lo recorrió pero que LOCURA es estaaaaaaá 🙊
The Ímp-š Čÿbêrtrøñ (13 days ago)
Imagine be a voyager 1 :(
Taya can (13 days ago)
What Am I going to do with a stupid find of a fossilized flower on Mars ??? Will I get any pussy ?? Probably not !! So it's not important !!
Masa Ikramul Haq (15 days ago)
How the Voyager 1 traveling in the space without getting hit by space Debris so long ? Who controlling the Voyager 1 so it could escape from the things which is coming in it's way? When any flights get lost, why we find hard most of the time to find it with all highly signal stuffs installed inside the flight? Examples are vary... It's hard to believe that they receive signals from the object which is billions of km away from earth, scientists have no profit in telling lies but they don't have any loos either in telling lies. Anyway...
เดชา โพธิกสิกร (15 days ago)
หึหึหึหึหึ กูฟังไม่ออก
bhabani shit (15 days ago)
For viser1
Vladimir Lenin. (15 days ago)
8 years?
Chris Ridenhour (15 days ago)
Crazy to think that a record with Bach and Mozart could still be out there somewhere long after the Earth and our Sun are gone.
Mark Dillon (15 days ago)
One day we'll have the space propulsion to go find Voyager and bring it home. I guarantee it.
wiriya kwangkeaw (17 days ago)
ยังดี ที่มีซับไทย
luka held (17 days ago)
Just Imagine one day, much years After Voyager turned off we will get a Signal from it again because someone or something in Space has powered it up again O_o would be Amazing and Scary too.
Nait Side Nnas Rabah (18 days ago)
Animation (stupidity of minds)
Henk Balje (18 days ago)
The voiceover guy sounds like he might fall asleep any moment now.
Chris Jones (18 days ago)
can you send a repeater to chase it?
Learning To Follow (18 days ago)
People beleive this??? Wow 🤔
Learning To Follow (4 days ago)
@Isaias Morales That is a position which we should all want to be in. Someone who's mind was freed and in turn wants to free others. We do live in a type of matrix. While it's not a computer simulation. It is about programming minds. And even though we're all born into this prison. The inmates, who don't want to truth, for whatever reason will defend the prison they are imprisoned in. Church, politics, the educational system, TV programming, movies, all play their part. There is an awakening happening. For whosoever wants to wake up. Who we are has been hidden, where we live has been hidden, and who God truly is has been misrepresented.
Isaias Morales (4 days ago)
@Learning To Follow morpheus is that you?😱
Learning To Follow (8 days ago)
@J C You mean indoctrinated. The truth is outside of the matrix. Seek and you will find. Or you can be another talking head. Regurgitating the same ol same ol. Sounding like everyone else. I ask ready know what the system teaches, and was a believer like yourself. But, there was always something that didn't seem right to me. It didn't feel like the truth. Especially when it can to cosmology. My major was in meteorology. I ate it up. As yourself and so many do. But, I wanted the truth. And the truth as what I found. You have the right to go on believing as you were told. Or you can ask questions. And desire the truth. I'll ask you a question. Why can you see to far. I mean far on this globe model that's taught. You don't have to answer. You can just come up with something coy.. And keep on trucking with your indoctrination. It's always our choice.
J C (9 days ago)
@Learning To Follow go back to school before it's too late
Learning To Follow (9 days ago)
@J C Complete work of fiction.
Engr. Waleed Khan (18 days ago)
Voyager 1. We will miss you.😔 But one day we will get you back. We believe in Technology. ✌
XReyv (18 days ago)
Thats deep af actually
PCLBT (19 days ago)
"Umm guys?Are you there?C'mon this isn't funny anymore!Guys are you there?GUYS??"
diones oliveira (19 days ago)
alguém do brasil aqui da like
Rexin Oridle (19 days ago)
This shit has been going for twice of most of you lifetimes, only limited by power. And then damn products on earth breaks down every other day. Back in my days, we had Voyager 1.
Richard Coenders (19 days ago)
It's magic, stille possible tot communicate
Dudu Azevedo (19 days ago)
uma das matérias mais interessantes e fascinantes é a ciência e etc.
Dudu Azevedo (19 days ago)
é muito interessante à ciência.
Dudu Azevedo (19 days ago)
uma das matérias mais interessantes é a ciência.
Dudu Azevedo (19 days ago)
é muito interessante e fascinante à ciência porquê ela estuda os planetas às estrelas e etc.
James Barratt (19 days ago)
Apple must have made the Voyager 1 space ship. Do you know why? Because when it reaches the star in 40 years, and never to have been seen by any human ever before, Voyager 1 will have a flat battery. Yep like the damn iPhone just when you need it, batteries dead. We won't be able to see it. ha ha.
stratoflixs. com (20 days ago)
Good. Do or die
Ludwig von Koopa (21 days ago)
I would like to point out that NASA has developed a new power saving plan for the Voyagers that allow them to function until at least 2030 so you don't feel sad.
Gem Mas (21 days ago)
Reportaje en perfecto castellano.
MashD Alm (21 days ago)
Both voyoger satellites might be mans only exsistance left after earth is long gone then voyoger is going to have the last laugh 😑
Guns n’ Codes (21 days ago)
Voyager 1 will return in 23 century as V'Ger, a technological lifeform.
God Amk (21 days ago)
One day a robot enters the earth and attacks us with alien weapons "why you let me alone in the dark?!" It's voyagor 1
Black Comedian (21 days ago)
Naty (22 days ago)
If they can still have a signal from that far, How come with all the satellites we have in the orbit yet we still can't have signal into the desert?
Youtube User (22 days ago)
Joke: It depends on how much you pay God. It can last forever... or go off course... it all depends on if God changes the rules of time/space.
Rodrigo Mariana (22 days ago)
Algum BR assistindo
MrLegendGaming (25 days ago)
So in 2027 we will lose contact?
expedited courier (25 days ago)
I'm going to cry with when voyager loses power...
Phoenix Rich (26 days ago)
There is no Voyager. Total tax lie. Thanks tax payers!
Basil Yeldo (27 days ago)
even my phone signal is same as voyagers signal righ now..
Tatiana Ferreira (27 days ago)
Voyager 1 is indeed a giant leap for mankind.
bodyworks20102014 (28 days ago)
If I remember correctly the other Voyager lost Communications capability for unknown reason and then 38 years approximately later began transmitting again. Can you do a presentation on that.
Odin Doloroso Pontanos (28 days ago)
I hope that someone/something out there can pick up the signal or the machine and say "Humans, you are not alone in this Universe". I also hope that their civilization are more superior that us and save our dying mother earth. 😢
David Zoller (28 days ago)
I hope someday when humans have the technology to retrieve voyager we don’t, and leave it alone to drift forever as proof of our existence.
California Dreaming (28 days ago)
I believe that any signal such as this decays as a function of k / r ^ 2. Light, heat, everything behaves this way in 3D space, I believe because the area of a surface of a sphere is approximated by the denominator here. So, if this is correct, every second, as Voyager travels, the signal decays pretty quickly, quicker than linear, that’s for sure. But it’s amazing we’re still “hearing” Voyager at this point because “he’s” been journeying for so long now. Voyager, may the Force be with you.
California Dreaming (28 days ago)
“Vgr, Vgr, VGR! . . ,”
Achmad Zulfikar F. N. H. (28 days ago)
How about sending a repeater
K ok. (28 days ago)
The voyager must be bored and alone That's why he still send picture all the way to earth.
Rebelde Sin Causa (28 days ago)
Me gustó mucho el video pero no tengo dinero 😔😔😔😔
naxel37 (28 days ago)
4:32 how are you going to see us in the next video??? 🤔
LocoFompi (27 days ago)
He has the ability to turn your cell phone camera on and watch you while you are watching the video.
Thu Lx (29 days ago)
"change da world my final message. Goodb ye" *_Voyager 1, 202X_*
Joaquim Gama e silva (29 days ago)
Turn off the camera to spare energy??? I dont believe it ! Cant it be restarted??? Csn we have a single picture?
SKHILLBILLYslurrrs (29 days ago)
Simple answer how far away in space can you view a 12 watt light bulb
Aleksa Stevanovic (29 days ago)