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Trump's trade wars spook investors into seeking safe havens

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CNN's Matt Egan says investors are buying up government bonds, even though they have negative yields, and are investing in gold, despite prices being at a six-year high, because of concerns over a recession sparked by President Donald Trump's trade wars. #Markets #Trade #CNNBusiness
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OG Kennedy (2 months ago)
Leeanne Bishop (5 months ago)
La Via Rose but don’t forget that China holds the US’s double debt in their hands and can throw the US under the bus with asshole trump in it. The trump trash are broke so he’s doing eveything he an to build up his own empire and the US high and dry
Dacos127 (5 months ago)
The safe haven being the USA! Dummies! Go Trump - Keep Making America Great!!!
Thomas Smith (6 months ago)
Man...what is CNN Business ? 35 comments ? More people watch those videos of cats eating than watch CNN Business...
Thomas Smith (6 months ago)
"Spook investors" ? Racist ?
ikm64 (6 months ago)
Trump's trade wars spook investors into seeking safe havens What, in a rigged world economic system controlled by the US...There is only one safe haven...THE US DOLLAR!!! Capital flight from the 'emerging markets' is breaking records... Please give me a break...OK, I get you don't like Trump...but really?
Leeanne Bishop (6 months ago)
The Investers are smart for pulling back the6 are stupid and they know trump is behind it sorry but the US is getting bitch slapped from all sides lolololololololol wow
me huss (6 months ago)
You just put out an article to deceive Americans about the economy saying that the economy is doing great and you are wondering why people are not buying houses even though rates are low. Are you an idiot CNN ??? We are headed towards a bad recession and all your infos about the economy is bullshit. Tell the world the truth. People are struggling to pay rent let alone buying a house.
196833lwl (6 months ago)
Trump is not stupid, he's escalting a trade war in oder to profit his business when he leaves office 2020
Leeanne Bishop (6 months ago)
Not if he ends up in jail before that mmm
dedoshucos (6 months ago)
In the 1970s a young entrepreneur by the name of Bill Gates questioned authority at IBM and founded Microsoft because he felt he could create a better product than the multibillion-dollar company. He defied the odds and created the MOS. As every inventor had done before him, from Alexander Graham Bell to Thomas Edison to the Wright brothers anyone who has ever invented something QUESTIONED AUTHORITY at some pivotal point. This is why I believe China under its current Authoritarianism system can never match the innovations created by the West. Because in order to innovate you must QUESTION AUTHORITY, you must question the "norm". Something that the CPC fiercely cracks down on. That's the reason the CPC feels it must steal intellectual property from countries with Freedom and civil liberties like the West and Japan, because although China can manage the technology well, and reverse-engineer it, China CAN ONLY duplicated, NOT replicate it nor invent it one of it's own. It cannot innovate because it's intellectuals are not allowed the freedoms that their Western counterparts are. Rather they're encouraged to steal the innovations from free-thinking westerners in high-tech companies and even universities. This is why China, despite eventually reaching the largest GDP in the world, will never reach superpower status. It will always need the free-thinking West as a source of "innovation thievery". You can't have it both ways, you can't oppress people's liberties and expect them to lead the world in innovation also when you don't allow them the very basic freedoms of speech and liberties.
dedoshucos (6 months ago)
@Lewis Ehiemua I agree 100% https://www.secureworldexpo.com/industry-news/8-steps-huawei-steals-t-mobile-intellectual-property Take Huawei for example, IT DID NOT invent 5G, it got to dominate the market and the technology from decades long IP theft and stealing trade secrets from T-Mobile. DUPLICATING it because it could not REPLICATE it. Funny now they hold so many patents, Huawei has infringed on so many patents worldwide, stolen so many trade secrets NOT to mention setting up shell companies in order to evade UN sanctions in countries like North Korea & Iran, Huawei is virtually a "crime organization" funded by the CCP and it's CEO more like a "global crime boss". And before anyone quotes my sources as Western Bias media propaganda, take a look at the gigantic number of companies and countries accusing it of so. Is everybody wrong? Is everybody lying? Including the Germans, the Japanese, the Koreans of accusing China of IP theft? https://www.prosperousamerica.org/top_five_cases_of_huawei_ip_theft_and_patent_infringement Please, send me your sources on 1 single MODERN Chinese innovation that was not an improvement on an existing western invention China got its hands on through IP theft, I'd love to be proved wrong, "I'm a free-thinking Westerner with liberties" LMAO!!!
Lewis Ehiemua (6 months ago)
Very funny most of your mention inventors are criminals who stole people's inventions during oppression go and check fact and stop being myopic and accept reality by having the patent doesn't mean you invented the said product especially in a country like past American even though they are no better presently
tzar 1917 (6 months ago)
CNN is fake. Remember that fact
Leeanne Bishop (6 months ago)
C. Lincoln (6 months ago)
Your comment is fake, remember that fact.
David Seah (6 months ago)
Trade war and currency war will be no match for the next upcoming Technology War which will be the real game changer.
OG Kennedy (2 months ago)
Like you have a clue
tzar 1917 (6 months ago)
@David Seah China uses 800M workers and American FDI and the US market that Clinton gave to the.
David Seah (6 months ago)
@tzar 1917 maybe u r right but they have this uncanny ability to produce surprises after surprises which really scare the hell out of the whole world.
tzar 1917 (6 months ago)
China already lost that one baby.
SGpro (6 months ago)
Oh boy, it seems Cold War 2 electric boogaloo might be happening soon.
Roger Ward (6 months ago)
Fallen to.... wait for it ....hold on.... TWO MONTH lows, TWO, YES TWO MONTH lows...oh God, the end of humanity
Ray Vincent (6 months ago)
Overview Is Overhauls In Large Retail In Low Cost Markets
Ray Vincent (6 months ago)
tzar 1917 Buy Diapers and Pacifier For Your Over Underachieving Grain of Sand That You Call Functioning! Cheers
tzar 1917 (6 months ago)
Troll using a chinese keyboard. Idiot.
The Modern Investor (6 months ago)
Buy Bitcoin.
red drib (6 months ago)
short BTC, buy Gold
chr ber (6 months ago)
Does this guy even sleep?
OG Kennedy (2 months ago)
@Tony Lopez go back u mexico u dirty fuck
Tony Lopez (6 months ago)
He be tweeting at 3 or 4 am🤣
Hybrid InfoDesk (6 months ago)
Everyone the clown targeted is doing well it's free advertising. Apple cant even sell phones and FedEx is on its apology tour over Trump's big mouth. The really funny part no industry knows who is next.
Jesus F. (6 months ago)