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Connect to the future of logistics

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Scania is known and recognised for innovative and effective logistic solutions. But to enable new businesses, and set the path of logistics for tomorrow, continuous improvements is key. There are huge challenges ahead within areas such as digitalisation, connectivity and sustainability. In the years to come Scania Logistics will work with multimodal, connected and autonomous networks. Sustainability will play a greater role in the design of our logistics solutions.
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NAPOLEON 7 (1 year ago)
Sumit sharma production (1 year ago)
please lounch India this trucking
Kuntal Ghosh (1 year ago)
sumit sharma scania p410! http://www.truckaurbus.com/new-cv/scania-india/p-series/scania-p410-8x4-fbv-rock-8377-54-00-000-595.html
Kuntal Ghosh (1 year ago)
sumit sharma scania g480 http://www.truckaurbus.com/new-cv/scania-india/g-series/scania-g460-puller-cab-8377-54-64-000-596.html
Kuntal Ghosh (1 year ago)
sumit sharma check this scania r500 v8 (v8 takes more fuel than inline 6 because v8 engines make there rated power at very high rpm than inline 6) http://www.truckaurbus.com/new-cv/scania-india/r-series/scania-r500-cab-8377-64-00-000-597.html
Kuntal Ghosh (1 year ago)
sumit sharma they have a whole factory in india, these trucks are very expensive scania r500 cost 64laks in india ,and most of the tata trucks cost 14laks, (most of the guys dont understand that tata consumes more fuel and takes less pay load than these truck, r500 has lots of safety features and comfortable, makes more money in the long run, easy to use, and it has very good features like climate controled ac, air suspension,air suspended seats,heated and cooled seats, refrigerator and microwave and coffee maker is optional, very good bed , adaptive cruise control, absa and more!!
Juninho Smeet GTi (1 year ago)
Like in Brazil
yodek (1 year ago)
Where is subtitles in english?
ThinkCleverAndSmart (1 year ago)
That voice is so satisfying!
Will (1 year ago)
قاسم جواد (1 year ago)
WillTurner William غبي