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20 Most Stupid Goalkeeper Mistakes In Football - Goalkeeping Fails

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Thanks For Watching. Hit like and subscribe to see more videos. 20 Most Stupid Goalkeeper Mistakes In Football. Worst goalkeeper mistake. Funny football Goalkeeper Mistakes. Subscribe Here : Check out this awesome channel : JakieMT 2nd: Music : Tobu - Colors [NCS Release] - YouTube If you want this video removed, do not hesitate to messege me. I will remove the video immediately.
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Text Comments (3403)
ShishiR (1 year ago)
Share the video if you can, it will help the channel a lot.
Mario Nunes (1 day ago)
Olá Ronaldo eu sou muito
Jon Hole (2 days ago)
Hao Tian Zhang (3 days ago)
Marciel Luiz (13 days ago)
Gostaria de também ser igual o. Cristiano Ronaldo
Anay Sabu (13 days ago)
Chris Platt (2 hours ago)
Thanks, had a laugh!
Amrita Vishvakarma (4 hours ago)
*Bulk Supplier of Promotional T-shirts*
Cyaneyed77 (5 hours ago)
Number 5 is the worst, his brain literally switched off
Luqman Salafi (8 hours ago)
Michael Angelo (11 hours ago)
That last one was hilarious!!!
Tieu Trinhdinh (13 hours ago)
6:02 không trách thủ môn được
quang nguyen (1 day ago)
O.H.A (2 days ago)
This music is cancer
the ghost (2 days ago)
17 is bullshit.
pozzchhun pozzchhun (2 days ago)
I Hate Trolls (2 days ago)
Number 17 that goalkeeper was paid money to throw the game.
Darmesis (2 days ago)
The guy at 5:30 looks like he just got jolted awake from r.e.m sleep mid-dribble 💤 📢
Tony Zhao (2 days ago)
All I have to say is LOL
elizabeth rivera (2 days ago)
Akash Mali (3 days ago)
Ryan Lee (3 days ago)
Curtis Stewart (3 days ago)
Hilarious😁😂🤣Such is life
Young Billy Young (3 days ago)
Who came here after the Karius videos? lol 😃😃
Adarsh vs Vs (4 days ago)
small mistakes happened 😶 I love goal keeparss😍😘
Thangpao Kipgen (4 days ago)
0.53-1.3 goalkeeper got mad?
Aziz Khan (5 days ago)
Your tittle is wrong a goal keeper when made a mistake so he can't called as stupid because human is to error
باقر الاسدي (5 days ago)
Rehan Oktafanda (5 days ago)
Gak usah jadi kiper lo Ok
apriaman marhali (5 days ago)
Perfidious Puffin (5 days ago)
Is it wrong to think most of the strikers who take advantage of these mistakes are dicks? I know they are trying to win but... Especially that one where the goalie is looking to the striker to make sure he is OK and the other striker steals the ball and scores. Seriously, that's not fair play at all. And many seem like this really.
GAME TECH (5 days ago)
three Flover (6 days ago)
Minh Long Nguyễn (6 days ago)
kurpdedurp (6 days ago)
I feel bad for them
Mig Selv (6 days ago)
Janachatana jagau (6 days ago)
The most stupid was 4
Ron Hind (7 days ago)
No. 17 looks like a complete fix ! Wonder how much he was paid - before the investigation.
Bogbreath (7 days ago)
Shite off putting "music". Also don't repeat everything 3 times.
Gazmend Iseni (7 days ago)
Fuck mother and sister who write L ...o ...l ...Are all evil people ...write whats mean in google and see bitches of lucifer ..burn in hell all!!!Jesus christ is our God and Lord!!!
Gazmend Iseni (7 days ago)
Second goal is must stupid!!
Michael Lacore (7 days ago)
Watching these makes me feel better about the stupid goals I've given up.
MrJanos54 (7 days ago)
PLs update with Karius :D
Thomas Huth (7 days ago)
Trius (8 days ago)
17 was a fix.
jj vv (8 days ago)
Music for retards . -1
Fabric (8 days ago)
Next time be better with out the music please.
zoohotelforever chou shinn (8 days ago)
Openheaven Okafor (9 days ago)
Wild life
Stephen Ferebee (9 days ago)
Just wow
Stephen Ferebee (9 days ago)
Lindi kurtaj (9 days ago)
Hasset Yohannes (10 days ago)
good video
Antonio BC (10 days ago)
last video, join us for funny videos;
J McK (10 days ago)
Who’d wannabe a Keeper 🤪
Let's Talk Money Channel (10 days ago)
is this for real? it's amazing!!!!!
Simo Bahhadi (10 days ago)
Simo Bahhadi (10 days ago)
Irwan Susilo (11 days ago)
Wkwkwk WTF
Thebeengolfin (11 days ago)
I like watching these kinds of videos, but after listening to 2 minutes of that music you just wanna find the nearest gun and shoot yourself. That music is THE WORST SHIT IN THE HISTORY OF.... well... it's not music - it's just fuckin shit....... Beyond shit... it's dirty runny diarrhea terrible.. Below the worst of the worst. How can you find that and think "oh yah, i'm gonna use this in a video? Do you have some kind of brain damage?
Laila Hourani (11 days ago)
Arun Waghade (11 days ago)
Stephen Rexford Acquah (12 days ago)
#10 Was out of sympathy to the opponent player
Carina Bajales (12 days ago)
Que pelotudo
Hunyuan (12 days ago)
i know a way to get more likes. u need better music
Daniel Nomme (12 days ago)
17 is match fixing at its worst
Tracy Swisher (12 days ago)
No Steve Clark mistake in the 2015 MLS championship match?!? Valeri's 27 second goal against Columbus Crew
Tracy Swisher (12 days ago)
Need more angles on that boo boo:
aymen Hassan (13 days ago)
Sarmad Ja (14 days ago)
number 4 is a legand 😂😂😂
Алексей Сборщиков (14 days ago)
basketball fan (14 days ago)
Peter Baldrian (16 days ago)
the first mistake wasn't one, it was a clear foul by the forwarder!
Vasile Burciu (13 days ago)
În privința asta
Kong Kumprasit (16 days ago)
ยำวกวกชำยำลำช ยำวำย
Rosyati Rahman (16 days ago)
So funny until i can't stop 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Rosyati Rahman (16 days ago)
Frederik Fabian (16 days ago)
Where is Karius?
Leonardo Martinez (16 days ago)
A me caga cuando pasa eso😠😠😠😠
albert tjade damen (16 days ago)
The 4th blunder to me is most hilarious! Every keeper should hang this text over his bed : "a keeper is NOT a player"
Ak Ak (17 days ago)
What about Karius?
Tequieromucho444 Camac Heras (17 days ago)
Nothing is amzing like CHIQUITO FLORES he is a PERUVIAN GOALKEEPER him...yo are gonna xplot laugh is him.
hip hop Rap (17 days ago)
number 4?? Bradon Stark spoke in his head ?
Lan Anh (18 days ago)
Cười ỉa 🤣🤣🤣
Richard C. (18 days ago)
Number 17 should be number 1😂 and number 4 in 2nd place😂 for comedy value.
Panagiotis Pap64 (18 days ago)
first one was referee's mistake. Keeper was fouled
Yoel Niv (18 days ago)
Like who couldn't stop laughing in 17
Helen Whalley (18 days ago)
Can add Allison for the Leicester goal.
송고 (19 days ago)
걍 또라이
Pro Hise (19 days ago)
Mnumber 18 *slow claps*
seven Fly (19 days ago)
kunal tambat (19 days ago)
I want this trans
katherin rodriguez (19 days ago)
Mi ganzi
Boy four (19 days ago)
Tuan Van (20 days ago)
mikhayla syadelia (20 days ago)
Thats such a cheatter!!!!!
TQ Shen (20 days ago)
Zachy Kun (20 days ago)
4:29 WTF
Chao Min (20 days ago)
Ruben Matute (21 days ago)
The 10 is a fault by The other Team and is not a goal
premjith p (22 days ago)
Good not bad
姚顯熹 (22 days ago)
Volencho (22 days ago)
France - Croatia goal!!!
kristy david (23 days ago)
They did crap
Chitralega Kumar (23 days ago)
Rosy Cortés (23 days ago)
0:50 que pasada jaja😂😂
Biggest Mussels Ever Said (23 days ago)
Argentina's Goalkeeper 2018 is missing
Blues Boy (23 days ago)
Too recent.