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20 Most Stupid Goalkeeper Mistakes In Football - Goalkeeping Fails

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Thanks For Watching. Hit like and subscribe to see more videos. 20 Most Stupid Goalkeeper Mistakes In Football. Worst goalkeeper mistake. Funny football Goalkeeper Mistakes. Subscribe Here : Check out this awesome channel : JakieMT 2nd: Music : Tobu - Colors [NCS Release] - YouTube If you want this video removed, do not hesitate to messege me. I will remove the video immediately.
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Text Comments (4261)
ShishiR (1 year ago)
Share the video if you can, it will help the channel a lot.
Tony England (2 days ago)
ShishiR, these types of videos are so much more enjoyable without adding music in my opinion. I'm speaking only for myself here but the music here was brain-numbing and muted.
john playz (8 days ago)
john playz (8 days ago)
Popangam Chiru (12 days ago)
Ernest Nicholas (13 hours ago)
3:23 hi
Jousef Rawas (1 day ago)
You can make another top 20 just with saudi arabia national team keepers
Jatin G (1 day ago)
5:20 that goal keeper is so dum he just pulled the ball towards the net and it was a goal
UnderTownstruction (2 days ago)
I don't know about you but I feel bad for these
colin harrison (3 days ago)
Passion participant collect herself kill cloud vote wife criticism.
J Mc (3 days ago)
First one was foul o keeper
Dejz SK/CZ (3 days ago)
Dejz SK/CZ (3 days ago)
karto karto (4 days ago)
This is verry stupid........ We verry enjoyed watching the foot ball stupid.......😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
Magnús Másson (5 days ago)
Black goalkeepers are the most stupid ones.
Magnús Másson (5 days ago)
ShishiR = IDIOT
Aarez khushnood (5 days ago)
U remember me
Jalal Ahmed (5 days ago)
connor williamson (5 days ago)
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Christoph Poggemann (5 days ago)
Many goalkeepers are psychopaths
Ahmad Mushthofa (6 days ago)
That 1st one is straight up foul. Fuck that player
PauloDybalaGamer_2569 (6 days ago)
last saturday ajax goalie andre onana made a mistake againts heracles he passed right in the foots of Mohamed Osman
김성현 (6 days ago)
콜기퍼그양 병진세기 ㅇㅈㅇ ㅇㅈ
Mariusz Gumowski (6 days ago)
habibah ahmad (6 days ago)
Aku mahu tengok ceramah ustaz dan lagu p.ramlee dan maharaja lawak
James E.M (6 days ago)
This hurts
Euro Doubt (7 days ago)
1000% certain number 17 was paid a fortune for that
J Chen (7 days ago)
Per Eskelund (7 days ago)
If the sound engineer cannot make anything better than this, then it is just fine with silence.
REICMER Gameplays (7 days ago)
Que idiotas
EinarMaggan Strand (8 days ago)
Liane o reiner kirsten
ChrisInTheNorth (8 days ago)
Some of these are funny, some beg the question who was paying the keeper off
CÙNG CHƠI VỚI BÉ (8 days ago)
video mancity vs chelsea 6-0 (11/02/2019) super sunday video mancity vs chelsea 6-0 (11/02/2019) super sunday @
vivek thakur (8 days ago)
Zing Walker (8 days ago)
What this name song?
Mohamed Khayat (8 days ago)
"stupid mistakes"in Germany we will be say:die Wettmafia lässt grüssen
Mike Housego (8 days ago)
why do these videos have such crappy music playing over them? Always.
Richard Leonard (8 days ago)
#6 what was he doing ? Did he think he was Pele?
imateapot51 (9 days ago)
Back when I was in college goalies could handle back passes. The goalies had no ball skills. Then the ruled changed and even though goalies must have more ball control skills they do not practice that as much as field players and of course mistakes will happen. I played goal for 15 minutes during a college preseason scrimmage when our varsity goalies were at a camp and the third string goalie was late. I volunteered. I came out to intercept a through pass and was outside the box. Pretty much half the other team went after me thinking they would have an easy goal. I dribbled by a bunch and then passed up field. An opposing player says to me you are not a goalie are you. I had too much dribbling skill at that time to be a goalie.
panchakoshi tv (9 days ago)
this very funny
Rahul Messi (9 days ago)
really funny
หนุ่มใต้ ใจเดียว (10 days ago)
Tbobo Muzo (10 days ago)
Number 10 is the dumbest of all. kkkkkkkkk
Wilker RP (10 days ago)
Kojtxiszoonyob Hlubkoj69 (10 days ago)
This is very funny n stupidity! !!
PopeOfDope (10 days ago)
Other than the terrible music this video is kind of ok! :)
Hans Wurst (10 days ago)
50% manipulated games....
Olaoluwa Ajayi (11 days ago)
🤣🤣🤣 dead 💀
Mohamed Omar (11 days ago)
all goal keepers had a fucking wrong they did intentionally
Mohamed Omar (11 days ago)
17 goal keeper is a swindler
__IGROMAN __ (12 days ago)
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nhung dinh (12 days ago)
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Warrior (12 days ago)
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thinkblue (12 days ago)
Sujit Tewari (12 days ago)
Dariusz S (13 days ago)
where is Janusz Jojko?
Mhamad Anwar (13 days ago)
Zor juan bu zor supas
Ndubuisi Okoro (13 days ago)
Rubbish please send your money Thanks 🙏🏽👋
ผู้สนับสนุน ค่าหน่วยกิต (13 days ago)
Patricia Monteil (13 days ago)
Merci j ai ri !! Comme quoi le foot n est pas évident !! lol
Thắng Tạ (13 days ago)
_ Bael (13 days ago)
Ali Elijah (14 days ago)
Youtube,i choose Liverpool to win Premier leauge,for not showing Chelseafc highlight.
Cesar Hernandez (14 days ago)
Pero keilor navas les cayo la boca y esa vez el real madrid gano
Arijit Roy Jeet (16 days ago)
MalamKoy Camara (16 days ago)
estes guatdas redes dois meses sem salários
terence w bird (16 days ago)
another deceptive thumbnail
Varun Singh (16 days ago)
No. 17 the best😂😂
Veli Mgqada (17 days ago)
loolz this is funny come to South Africa for an upgrade.
Eyu tesfaye playing spiritual song mulissa (17 days ago)
I love it
Мира Турсуналиева (17 days ago)
GINGER ALE (17 days ago)
17 He fixed the game
SandStorm XII (18 days ago)
I can do that crazy 😜
789 vpn (18 days ago)
789 vpn (18 days ago)
Brian Kristensen (19 days ago)
You miss this from the Danish League in 1983 (Lyngby-Ikast).
Damir Basta (19 days ago)
LOL For Navas
Yorbis Araujo (19 days ago)
Nuuradiin Naasir (20 days ago)
Faisal Sani (20 days ago)
Lai Vo Quoc (20 days ago)
Không có gì là hoàn hảo cả
RidhagamerTV (21 days ago)
Who here for Lord Karius
claude biessy (21 days ago)
Le joueur qui à casser neymar doit être puni au loin de 5 matchs c est un enculer de merde
JP Movie (21 days ago)
Funny 💋💋💋💋💋💋
ЭМРИС Шукурчик (22 days ago)
ета тупой варотар
Philipp Puchner (23 days ago)
Cool. But for the music you have to be annihilated!
peacebr0 987 (24 days ago)
Poor goalkeepers.
J Scheller (25 days ago)
Should have just made it a compilation of Karius in goal!
Stéphane Barry (25 days ago)
Number Keeper is the most crazy
Tornado IPTV (26 days ago)
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Marleyensen Danovanero (27 days ago)
para kiper makan uang sogok,,
趙殊陽 (28 days ago)
In the first video, the stupid one is the referee
muthana 2018 (29 days ago)
Gary Hu (29 days ago)
no subscribe
rogerabirch (30 days ago)
Good vids terrible music - best watched with sound off.
Жасурбек Гуломов (30 days ago)
Phaiwan Palee (30 days ago)
Aboubakar Touré (30 days ago)
17 match truqé
Gavin Wendt (1 month ago)
Can these people play music that is NOT so repetitive?
Stefano Galetti (1 month ago)
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Tar88as (1 month ago)
Piplica epic is definitely missing. Some are not even mistakes here.
CookieBiscuit (1 month ago)
Apparently, this is my sense of humour.
EGONUSHA FOREVER (1 month ago)
stupid smile Goalkeeper